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  • apart of the single dad’s club (Hyungwon is rolling his eyes somewhere at the name)
  • had a long-term girlfriend who he fled from after getting full custody of his son when the gf began turning to alcohol and drugs
  • luckily she hasn’t found Hyungwon and he’s just happy his son is now safe and away from any harm
  • is a super chill dad who takes naps when his son does 
  • and having a three-year old who runs around most of the day means like 3 naps a day tbh
  • Hyungwon’s son, Joowon, sleeps just as deeply as his dad like even Hyungwon can’t wake the boy up sometimes lol
  • Hyungwon doesn’t like dropping Joowon to daycare because he has this fear in the back of his mind that his ex would find them and take Joowon when Hyungwon isn’t around
  • but Wonho and the rest of his friend always reassure him that that can’t happen, especially because the teacher’s would know how to handle the situation
  • but as soon as Hyungwon sees how much fun Joowon has at daycare he feels more relaxed about it
  • one time Joowon fell asleep at the table while they were eating take out and Hyungwon sent a gazillion pictures to the single dads club’s groupchat and all the guys melted lol
  • Joowon takes naps anywhere and on anyone
  • like he once took a nap on the monkey bars at the community park the club goes to?? and one time Shownu picked Joowon up and Joowon passed out as soon as his head hit Shownu’s shoulder?? and Hyungwon is always just shrugging like “that’s my boy”
  • Hyungwon can’t cook but he took up classes after realizing his three-year old son’s diet coudn’t consist of greasy chinese and pizza
  • his classes aren’t actual classes he just visits Kihyun at his restaurant where Kihyun works as a chef and sits Joowon on the counter and is like “dinner!”
  • and Kihyun’s panicking like “HYUNGWON!! KNIVES!! EVERYWHERE!!”
  • but that’s how you met Hyungwon
  • Kihyun hired you as a pastry chef and your main focus was macarons, but you made the occasional cakes here and there
  • and you met Joowon first, his curiosity for the purple macarons you were making took the better of him and he strolled into your section of the kitchen,,, all you saw were little hands gripping onto a macaron that were twice the size of the hands and you look over and there’s Joowon smiling innocently at you
  • and you’re kind of confused because who is this child and why is he in the kitchen but the little boy is already eating the macaron while smiling adorably at you
  • so you’re like, what the hell his parents will come looking for him soon enough, so for the next hour Joowon is sitting comfortably on your hip while you show him how to make the lime icing for the blueberry macarons and you try to show him other flavors but he’s always just like “the purple ones!” 
  • and he’s just so cute and as your trying to ice on of the shells while balancing Joowon on your hip, you just feel his head fall onto your shoulder and you look over and Joowon is passed out with a half eaten macaron in his hand
  • and that’s when Hyungwon runs in looking totally panicked because he was and again, that fear of his ex coming back became a harsh reality when he couldn’t find Joowon anywhere
  • and he stops dead in his tracks at the entrance and is totally perplexed by the scene in front of him
  • it’s just you in the second kitchen icing macarons while humming with Joowon sleeping on your shoulder
  • and although Hyungwon knows full well that a stranger is holding his child, he strangely feels like his son couldn’t be safer
  • and you look up and Hyungwon’s like rushing towards you already and is like “I’m so sorry! I was in the kitchen with Kihyun and suddenly he was gone, sorry if he was a bother!” and you put two and two together that this was the handsome guy everyone in the restaurant always talked about that came almost everyday to get lessons from your boss and this was the adorable son that helped the waiters fold napkins
  • and Hyungwon lifts Joowon off of your shoulder and you’re like “it’s totally fine! He wasn’t a bother at all, if anything it was fun having him around.”
  • and you smile fondly at Joowon’s sleeping form and Hyungwon smiles shyly and thinks of how sweet and pretty you were then he suddenly realizes he hasn’t introduced himself. “I’m Hyungwon, I’m friends with Kihyun.”
  • and you’re like “Right, I’m Y/N, I’m the pastry chef here!”
  • and Hyungwon thanks you for taking care of his kid when he should have been, and again you shrug him off because Joowon totally melted your heart so you had fun teaching him about macarons
  • and Hyungwon has to leave and you just wave goodbye to him and a sleeping Joowon
  • Weeks pass before you see Joowon again 
  • and he (very cutely) just runs up to you and tugs at your apron and you look down and he’s like “remember me?” and you’re like omg I do sbjbdbh so cute
  • so again, you’re pretty sure Hyungwon has no clue about where his son is but you can’t leave the kitchen to go tell him so you just scoop up Joowon into your arms again and finish making a batch of strawberry macaroons with chocolate filling all while Joowon is happily eating the macaroons you pass him and talking about his day at daycare
  • and it’s so cute because he’s talking about a new friend he’s made and how they shared the toy dinosaurs and Joowon has a little lisp and it’s just the cutest thing
  • you’re trying to concentrate on work but most of your attention is on Joowon and then Hyungwon comes running again apologizing profusely and kind of sweaty and his tie is like loose on his collar and he just looks so stressed so you’re like,,,,, have a seat,,,, and Hyungwon is like “What?”
  • and you just glare half-heartedly and say “Sit down.”
  • so Hyungwon sits half out of fear and half out of being out of breath and you pass him a cup of coffee and a fresh macaron all while holding Joowon  who is fast asleep yet again
  • and Hyungwon doesn’t even think to take him off of you?? like this just feels so normal for some reason and you don’t mind it either and as you take a sip of your coffee you look at Hyungwon who is biting into his macaron
  • and wow,,,, he is really REALLY handsome
  • and you put your work to the side but it’s closing time soon anyway and you say “Want to talk about it?”
  • and Hyungwon glances over at you mid-chew with crumbs on the corner of his lips and he’s like “About what?”
  • “Whatever’s got you so stressed.”
  • Hyungwon swallows harshly and he sets down the macaron and you just see him become serious and give him a smile of encouragement
  • and Hyungwon didn’t really know what it was, maybe it was that smile of yours, or the fact that you carrying Joowon in your arms while Hyungwon eats feels a lot like a family but nonetheless Hyungwon opens up to you about his ex and the reason he panics every time Joowon disappears
  • and you don’t want him to feel vulnerable so you tell him a secret of yours too and Hyungwon feels this huge weight lift off his shoulders because you have such a different understanding than his friends
  • so after that Hyungwon comes by more often with Joowon and you don’t mind the company since you’re alone working most days anyway
  • and you and Hyungwon get to know each other a lot better and it’s just become a normal routine for Hyungwon to come in around dinner time and you three stuff your faces with macarons,,,,, meanwhile Kihyun is glaring in the distance because single dads club or nothing am i right?
  • but anyway, one day Hyungwon comes in alone without Joowon and you’re like “oh no is he sick??” and almost immediately Hyungwon is blushing and stuttering over his words
  • ‘N-no, he’s w-with one of my f-friends I-I was hoping w-we co-could be alone tonight?” and you raise your eyebrows because inside you’re like f i n a l l y (not that you didn’t want Joowon around but Hyungwon has taken forever to ask you on a date or something tbh) and you’re like “Like a date?”
  • and Hyungwon’s ears turn red and he nods with that big smile of his 
  • so you guys start officially dating and Joowon is in heaven because ?? endless supplies of blueberry macarons with lime icing ?? hello ?? pure heaven
  • You immediately dive into the parent role without really realizing it like you start dropping off Joowon at daycare or picking him up, or you go over to Hyungwon’s house on the weekend’s and cook proper meals for them while cleaning everywhere and you help Joowon learn about like life jk more like the alphabet all while Hyungwon is falling more in love with you and the idea of being apart of a family with you
  • so one night as Hyungwon is holding you in his arms on his couch and you’re holding a sleeping Joowon, and Hyungwon looks over at you fondly
  • and you’re like blushing and go “What is it?”
  • and Hyungwon shrugs nonchantally and grins and goes “I just can’t wait to marry you and have more of those?”
  • you’re semi-sweating like “Those?”
  • “Kids” Hyungwon laughs
  • and that night after tucking in Joowon into his bed together and going back to Hyungwon’s room you both figured it wasn’t too early to practice for more of those if you know what I mean lol 

Cyril Stacy

Appearance -

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Miqo’te, Seeker of the Sun
  • Height: 6'2″
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Hair Color: Teal

The Facts -

  • Name Day:  26th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
  • Occupation: Slave Trader
  • Sexual identification: Bisexual
  • Romantic identification: waggles hands Aromantic
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Criminal History: hooooooo nelly
  • Relationship Status: “Single

Favorites –

  • Favorite food: Strawberry macaroons (his dirty little secret)
  • Favorite drink: Black Teas, Rum
  • Favorite artist: N/A
  • Favorite scents: Mint, saltwater, tobacco, smoke, rain.
  • Favorite person: Whoever his current favorite slave is, usually.

Randoms –

Ten facts about your muse:

⚫ Cyril will act completely different depending on what setting he’s in, and he is, in general, a brilliant actor. Whatever the case, he often speaks rather poetically and slowly, and is often able to make anything he does look effortless.

⚫ If he spoke with his natural voice, he’d have an very throaty, kinda raspy accent. The voice he speaks with as Captain is entirely rehearsed, including the tone and fluctuations, the accent/lack thereof, everything.

⚫ He has no direct siblings (born from the same mother and sire); he was the only child his mother bore, and both were lucky to survive the birth.

⚫ He has unnaturally high pain tolerance due to the eye interfering with his nervous system and his ability to interpret pain. He’s constantly at risk of taking too much damage because he genuinely can’t judge the amount of harm that’s been done according to the pain he’s in.

⚫ Cyril’s extremely well known in the underbellies of the world for having the best slave stock. The vast majority of his clients are long-term customers and companies/corporations.

⚫ On paper, Cyril has many identities, ranging from a deceased La Noscean fisherman to a wealthy and well-to-do Garlean citizen. None of his paper-trails refer to him as a Miqo’te.

⚫ Incredibly bright, speaks several languages, and can understand most tech so long as he sits down with it for a few hours. (Fun Fact: He’s better with purely Garlean tech than he is with Eorzean Ironworks)

⚫ Ambidextrous, though not by choice. He’s naturally left handed, and will often favor his left, but will catch himself and swap back to using his right.

⚫ He quite enjoys doting on people now and again, and is actually very cuddly with the right person. So thinks like slow dancing and naps tangled up together while the window is open and it’s raining? Cheesy shit like that? He loves it.

⚫ He has no scars save for very, very faint lines on the undersides of his arms, back of his neck, and on the right side of his head (hidden in his hair). These are the only scars he’s retained, and they’re from the surgeries it took to give him his implants.

Five Things -

Things they like:
- Stargazing
- Fiddling around with techy stuff
- His crew/seeing them doing well
- Playing the piano when no one’s around
- Someone in his lap ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Things they dislike:
- Informality/lack of respect
- People who talk too much
- Whining
- Being called a liar (#1 way to McPiss™ him off)
- When people talk back or argue with him

Good habits:
- Organized
- Polite & Charming (when the situation is suitable) 
- Cautious try paranoid
- Excellent leadership skills
- Doesn’t rile up unnecessary conflict

Bad Habits:
Greedy and Manipulative
- Violent temper
- Smokes cigarettes way too much
- On the rare occasion he drinks, it’s always in excess.
Shoulders burdens alone, even when his crew offer their help

Personalities they gravitate toward (depends on the person and how he sees them BUT):
- Proper/Formal
- Shy/Submissive
- Cheerful or otherwise optimistic
- Self-sufficient 
- Confident

Personality types they avoid:
- Prideful
- Long-winded
- In general, those he views as ‘lesser’ to him
- Rowdy
- Unkempt

- Hurricanes 
- Losing his eye
- Losing his mum/not being able to find her
- Feeling powerless or lost
- The original Captain

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