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I’m really proud to announce my first fursuit, Strawberry Cheesecake! She’s been a labor of love since September and she’s finally (mostly) finished!! She’s a pink, white, and yellow akita with wicked eyeliner and puffy paws!!!  I did her mostly by myself but with a lil help from @druidpup, my partner in LEMONBITE a new fursuit company by the two of us! Check us out!!! We’re gonna be making a ton more suits in the future and we’re super excited about it!! >:3c

If you want to keep up with our fursuit making progress, make sure to follow our twitter account!

(Handsome brown akita cameo by @druidpup of course)

Winter in the City (RusAme oneshot)

Just a small rusame oneshot for Russia’s birthday

Winter in the City

“America, can I at least fix the blindfold?”

“No! You’ll peak!”

“America, it’s starting to cover my nose.”

“I’ll do it then.” There was a pause. “Stop scrunching your face, man.”

“Your touches are tickling.”

“Shouldn’t have told me that.”

“Don’t you dare.”

A mild scuffle ensued in which America attempted to tickle his blinded boyfriend. Russia retaliated by landing a firm smack to America head.

“Ow! Hey- can you see through that? How’d you hit me?” America rubbed at his nose, giving Russia a wide berth for fear of another hit.

Despite his predicament, Russia gave a sly smile. “I can smell your last meal on your breath, solntse.” He took a loud sniff. “Double cheese pizza, extra garlic, and pineapple. The toppings you reserve for a special occasion.” Russia’s oversized nose crinkled in disdain.

America scowled, flicking at said nose, causing Russia to make a swipe for his hand. “Hey, I brushed my teeth.”

“I can smell your shampoo too.” Russia took a step forward, bumping into him. “Strawberry. It suits you.”

Though America rolled his eyes to his unseeing boyfriend, there was no holding back his grin. It stayed with him as he once more grapes Russia’s shoulders and continued to guide him to his birthday surprise. “Shucks, that’s sweet of you to say. But now it’s back to no talking- c'mon, I want you to see this!”

“It would have gone faster if you just let me see.”

“What did I just say about no more talking?”

Russia shook his head, but allowed America to lead him on, warning him of any steps or turns he needed to make along the way. In truth, Russia had been quite surprised America had planned so much for his birthday- and had kept it secret for so long. When excited about something, Alfred couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it. Strangely, he seemed very excited about giving Ivan his birthday gift. It perplexed Russia even now that the American would be so anxious to do something like this for him. When questioned about it, Alfred had merely shrugged, throwing in that blinding smile for good measure as he said “Hey, a hero lives to see his lover happy.”

America was always doing things like that, Russia mused as he was led around another turn. Always throwing in comments that seemed too kind to be true, with no hint of a lie detectable.

“Any guessed as to why I had us come to the Big Apple?” came America’s confident drawl as they came to a stop. Strong fingers reached up and began undoing the fabric covering Russia’s eyes.

Russia shook his head. “I’m sure you’ll tell me though.”

The blindfold was pulled aside and Russia’s gaze was filled with dazzling lights, but strung from the massive Christmas tree, and sparkling in Alfred’s eyes. “You’ve never seen the Rockefeller tree, babe! We’re going ice skating right in front of it, then having a stupidly fancy dinner, then I got us tickets to see the Radio City Music Spectacular!” Alfred gave one of those infectious smiles that made Russia want to cover with his own lips. And so, that’s exactly what he did.

“Thank you, dorogoi,” he murmured into Alfred’s mouth.

“Mmm. Don’t thank me yet, babe.”

Russia pulled back to eye the other nation closely. “I admit I’m slightly surprised you did not take us to the ballet. That’s your usual surprise for me.”

Color blossomed across America’s cheeks, staining them an attractive pink. “I got tickets just in case.”

At this, Russia’s amethyst eyes widened. “America, how much did you put into this? A night at home would have been fine!”

But America waved away the protests, not wanting to hear any of it. “Hey, your job is not to question me and just enjoy tonight. Besides, we’re heading home after all this for cake and your present.

“And what would that be?”

“Top secret, sorry, babe.”

Russia found out why America told him not to thank him during the performance, when the participants lined up and held up signs reading “Happy Birthday Ivan” and a spotlight shone right on him. Even with how cool the building was, Russia felt his cheeks blaze with heat. He slid down as far as his large frame would allow, face buried in his hands, mouth uncovered only enough to recite a whole slew of threats against Alfred, who merely grinned merrily beside him, flashing the performers a thumbs up.

Dinner turned out to be the Russian Tea Room. Ivan felt a stab of satisfaction; Alfred loved using these little cultural nods as parts of his presents. But his sympathy for America wallet made him insist on covering tips. Back home, the two curled up by the fire, where Alfred presented his gift of a handsome silver pocket watch, an ornate floral design covering both sides; on the face behind the hands was a brilliant yellow sunflower. Russia wasted no time in enveloping America in a fierce hug, placing kiss after kiss in those honey colored locks he so loved. America took it all in stride, beaming at Ivan’s joy, rubbing his back and breathing into his ear, “Happy Birthday, big guy.”

Taste Test

wanted to try writing a tsukyam drabble within an hour, and here is the finished product! it was a fun exercise ^_^ this is ~600 words in length! ao3 link

“It’s done.”

“Do you think so, Tsukki?” he asks as he peeks behind his friend’s shoulder and stares at the small round cake on the kitchen counter. “Are you sure you don’t want to add more strawberries on it? You still have a bunch left over.”

“If I put any more toppings, then the cake would look too cluttered,” Tsukishima replies with a frown.

“So what if it doesn’t look as good? You like it better when there’s more strawberries on it, right?”

“Not really,” the boy shrugs. “There should be a balance between the strawberry and the cream. If there’s too much of the other, then it wouldn’t be as good anymore.”

“You sure are an expert on strawberry shortcakes, Tsukki.”

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Get To Know Me

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Favorite Song: Currently: Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce,Scarborough Fair and The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel 

I really just tag anyone who sees this and feels like doing it.

Rainbow Hair [NCT Taeyong Scenario]

REQUESTED: Hello~ i really love your scenarios! Please give us more taeyong scenariosㅠㅠ i won’t force you,so just make it when you’re ready~^^

Taeyong’s P.O.V.

Today’s my first day of starting a new year at college and there’s this girl that has caught my eyes the moment I entered class. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her and I think Jaehyun realised it.

“Hello? Earth to Taeyong!” I heard Jaehyun exclaimed - but not too loud - as he waved his hands in front of my face.

“What?” I turned towards Jaehyun to see him looking back and forth at me and the girl that I’ve been watching.

After a while, he had a little smirk and began to tease me. “Taeyong likes someone.”

“W-what, I don’t,” I said immediately and looked at my laptop.

“She’s pretty, are you sure you don’t like her?” Jaehyun asked and Taeyong hit him lightly.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“Well, if you like her, you should try to talk to her,” Jaehyun suggested me.

“Nah, she’s too busy with her friends,” I replied and the teacher came in - saving my life.


It’s been a week and I still haven’t talked to the girl - but we’ve made several eye contacts and returned smiles at each other. It made my heart race every single time I see her smile. She looked so pretty and her smile warms my heart at times.

After taking out my laptop, the girl entered the room with a new hair colour - specifically light brown.

“Wow,” I said softly.

“Wow, what?” I heard Jaehyun asked as he sat beside me.

“Nothing,” I replied quickly and looked away from the girl.


The next week, she recoloured her hair - and this time, it was Strawberry Blonde.

“This colour suits her a lot,” I said to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun has acknowledged my feelings for the girl.

“Definitely, too bad you haven’t talked to her. Then maybe you can see it closer,” Jaehyun said and I just rolled my eyes.

“I’m not blind, Jaehyun. I can see it perfectly from here,” I said.

“But still, don’t you want to touch it?” Jaehyun asked and I just ignore him.

“Hey! Don’t ignore me!”


This girl changes her hair colour every single week! Why would she do that? Wouldn’t that spoil her hair? How is her hair still soft looking and nice to look at!?

“Wow, pink hair,” I said in a shock.

“Yeah, but it’s not the striking pink - it would have made her look like some kind of lunatic or something,” Jaehyun said.

“Don’t say that,” I scolded Jaehyun and looked at the girl.

I spotted her looking at me too and smiled. I smiled back and she turned back to talk to her friends.

“Seriously, you need to talk to her man,” Jaehyun said.

“Not yet, I’m not ready,” I replied.

“You don’t need to be ready. You’re Lee Taeyong, you’re always ready,” Jaehyun said and I just laughed at his words.

“I’m not always ready,” I replied. “But, I will be, one day.”


Her hair is back to her original hair colour this week. Maybe she’s no longer dying her hair.

“Want to talk to her?” Jaehyun asked and I shook my head.

Jaehyun just sighs and plays with his tablet. “You might regret not talking to her.


This week, she’s been covering her hair with a turban. I wonder why maybe she coloured her hair but doesn’t want to show it to anyone?

As I was walking to the library, I accidentally bumped into her and dropped her books.

“Oh my god,” I said and immediately picked up her books for her. “I’m sorry, it was an accident.”

The girl just laughed a little and replied: “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”

I gave her back her book and she thanked me. I wanted to say something - but nothing came out.

“I’ll get going first, see you soon,” the girl said and walked.

I suddenly grabbed her by her wrist and she immediately stopped and turned around.

“Wait,” I said. “Do you want to, come to the library and maybe we can like hangout or something?”

The girl’s lips formed into a smile and she replied: “That’ll be lovely.”


While hanging out at the library with her, I found out more about her and I was happy to finally find out her name. However, there was one question that I haven’t asked her and I was determined to ask her now.

“I’m sorry if it’s a little sudden to ask you this, but why do you colour your hair every week and suddenly wear a turban this week?” I asked trying not to sound rude.

“Well, earlier this year, I was diagnosed with cancer,” Y/N said. “The doctor said I won’t have around a year - give or take. So, I decided to colour my hair in every single colour that I’ve always wanted to try since I was a little girl - and one day, my hair was beginning to fall. So, I immediately recoloured my hair back to its original colour and now, my hair’s almost gone.”

I was in total shock and I could see Y/N trying her hardest not to break into tears. She just smiled and continued to read her book.

“I-I’m sorry for asking,” I said and she just shook her head.

“It’s okay, there’s nothing for me to hide it anyway,” Y/N replied.

“I know it’s late, but do you have anything that you’ve always wanted to do? Like a bucket list?” I asked and Y/N nod.

“I have a few,” Y/N said.

“Let’s do it,” I said eagerly.


“Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s complete all of your bucket lists.”

“A-are you sure?” Y/N asked still in shock.

“Come on,” I said as took her hand. “I’ll make sure you complete all of your bucket lists - no matter what.”


Taeyong scenario! I know it’s short and not the normal length I usually write, but I wanted to post something desperately. I’m sorry for not being as active as I am before but I hope that you all will still support my Tumblr because I love writing for all of you, even though they suck, and it’s one of my ways of supporting NCT <3