strawberry stuff

Little Foods🍴✨💙

- Macaroni and cheese
- Dino/Chicken Nuggets with ketchup
- Fish Sticks
- Sunny side up eggs with toast dipping soldiers
- Pancakes or waffles with LOTS of syrup and whipped cream
- PB&J sandwich
- Alphabet soup or spaghettios
- Pigs in a blanket (baby hotdogs wrapped in buttery dough)
- Lucky Charms cereal with banana

- Baby Carrots and Ranch dip
- Ants on a log (celery spread with peanut butter and raisins for ants)
- Trail mix
- Goldfish Crackers
- Applesauce
- Yoghurt (regular or frozen)
- Apple slices with peanut butter
- Pretzels
- Strawberries

- Rice Crispie Treats
- Oreo cookies and milk
- Jellybeans
- Superman Ice cream
- Mini cupcakes
- Fairy bread (white bread spread with butter and covered in candy balls)
- Gummy bears
- Donut holes

- Apple or orange juice
- Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows
- Milk (warm or cold)
- Fruit smoothies
- Slushies


Sweet strawberry slime🍓

dailymeloetta  asked:


Lead Scientist: Dr. Peter Haunter

Subject: A7-SER

Note: We have reported casualties when separating subject A7-SER and subject TRF-B7. For the best results please keep the two together in further tests.

Test Intention: Was intending to test the durability of subject A7-SER when exposed to fire type attacks while under serum effects. In order to properly test the subject we removed the female human (Subject TRF-B7) only for A7-SER to react negatively lashing and attacking those involved in the test. Casualties were kept low  as we quickly returned TRF-B7 to A7-SER’s side.

Will Solace w/ strawberries.

Sadly, the camera refused to pick up a lot of the glitter and two of my pens died on me :’D