strawberry street cafe


strawberry street cafe

a fan tradition, its slogan reads. and what a good one it is. since 1976, strawberry street has been serving richmond delicious dishes like white cheddar mac & cheese, chicken pot pie, fish tacos, and pasta jambalaya. 

strawberry street is also a perfect distance from many richmond destinations such as the vmfa, landmark, and historical society. it’s easy to make a day of it ~ perusing the museum, followed by a delicious meal on the quaint strawberry street. 

their famed salad bar is filled with fresh ingredients, and part of it is located in a vintage bathtub! on the walls are beautiful chalkboard drawings that change with new exhibitions and events in the richmond area. it’s unique touches like a bathtub salad bar and tediously created chalkboard artistry that make strawberry street cafe a fan tradition yet attract newcomers all the time.

and they have a brunch. who could ever refuse a brunch?

day 9.

again, im a day late. anyway, while walking to meet up with @MissShanice and @Tenoiya at Strawberry Street Cafe, I decided to snap this photo of Strawberry St. you can’t really see all of the stores from this angle, but this block is so quaint! there’s a pizza shop, a market, & cafe right across from the most cozy homes I’ve seen in RVA. love this street!