strawberry smirnoff

bad seed - m.c fluff

pairing: michael + y/n

rating: pg-13 

warning: cursing, violence

summary: bad boy!michael has finally met his dream girl. she’s his anchor and helps him stay leveled….and out of jail if I’m being honest. be that as it may, they attend the biggest party of the year and y/n has a small encounter with another guy who decides he wants to sexually harrass the hell out of her. read more to find out how michael handles it!

a/n: this request has been sitting in my inbox for awhile and i felt it was finally time to sorta break free from my little writer’s block phase! hope you all like it. please tell me what you think. i made this sort of like a sequel to this little blurb!

wc: 1.7k+ / masterlist

- - -



There was something about Michael Clifford that you found utterly undesirable. It could’ve been anything from his careless attitude and reckless behavior to the uniform he wore at the car shop where he worked. You didn’t know what exactly it was, yet you couldn’t help but be completely mesmerized by it. He acted as if, you were the only person he had a soft spot you were his kryptonite. 

To the streets of your town and halls of your high school, he was the man .. but to you he was a perfect gentleman. You had only met the boy a year and a half ago during sophomore year, yet within just a few months of being friends and gradually falling in love with you, he finally mustered up enough courage and asked you to be his girl. You. The plus sized, innocent, kinda nerdy, and very regular, girl. You quickly said yes and your heart could’ve fluttered at the sight of how giddy he got. 

Michael was your first everything. He gave you your first kiss, he was your first boyfriend as well as your first lover. Everything seemed perfect when you were with him. On the other hand, after everyone became aware of your relationship, you were treated a lot differently. It seemed as though you two were the Bonnie and Clyde of your high school. People would go as far as moving out of the way when you both walked the halls, hand in hand. It wasn’t a bad thing, but it was definitely different.

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Hey, drinking-aged fandom kids!  I have another fic rec/cocktail recipe for you!  The fic in question is another Kylux fic.  I read this a few days ago, and it was such a fun twist on a modern AU, with a sweet ending, and it made me crave a tasty tropical-inspired beverage.  So here’s a little something I whipped up in honor of “Something About Volcanoes” by @bettydays.  This is what I would consider a “semi-layered” drink?  So the recipe is listed in parts, and directions follow.  It’s sort of a variation of a piña colada with a little bit of a pink lemonade twist.  The recipe is in 3 parts for visual effect, but if it seems too complicated you can just just stir everything together in a glass with some ice, and it’ll taste lovely.

Something About Volcanoes

Part one

  • 1.5 oz UV Lemonade vodka
  • 1.5 oz Smirnoff Strawberry vodka
  • 3 oz of pinapple juice

Part 2

  • 2 oz coconut milk (regular canned coconut milk.)
  • 2 oz rum

Part 3

  • 1 oz Southern Comfort
  • a dash of grenadine

Mix part 1 in a cocktail shaker with some ice and pour it into a glass (I used a large wineglass, but just make sure your glass will hold at least 12 oz.)  Mix part 2 with some ice and pour, using a spoon to direct it against the side of the glass so it forms a layer over the top (it doesn’t matter too much if it’s a clean layer or not.  This is just to add visual interest.)  Mix part 3 and drizzle over the top.  The idea is to serve it unevenly mixed, in the colors of a tropical sunset with a touch of red for drama (or “lava” in a nod to the fic’s title.)

Best enjoyed while sitting in the sun and reading about office-worker kylux working through Skywalker family wedding-drama in Hawaii.

Hope you enjoy, and drink responsibly. ;)