strawberry scramble

Why are you so mean?

A/N: Sorry for the wait guys! But here is the Second drabble from he Valentines Day Prompt List! I hope you enjoy!

Warning: Fluffy Modern Ivar

Requested by: @sunnyfortomorrow @captstefanbrandt @getinmelanin011 @kawennote09

Ivar didn’t like holidays. They all were over commercialized exploits of people’s money. And he went on and on about it every time a holiday was close. But this wasn’t a holiday, this was personal. Your anniversary had crept on you suddenly, leaving behind a trail of memories that lit fire to your entire life. Therefore, the day that you two became a couple meant everything to you, because your relationship with Ivar was everything.

He didn’t seem to notice it was today though. He sat in the restaurant with you staring at the menu with disgust. “Every single thing in this place sounds disgusting.”

You shake your head ignoring his usual cynical antics. He loved this place, he’d brought you here on your second date and said he would never eat anywhere else if he had a choice. “Ivar, what are we doing today?”

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viva-la-fucking-nerd  asked:

Hm. Maybe.. Jason or Dick trying to surprise their s/o with breakfast in bed and completely bombing at it. Adding something like "that's not burnt! That's.. Toasted." That would be fckn hilarious 😂😂

You awoke to the sound of crashing plates, followed by a muffled curse.

The bedsheets next to you were cold and you panicked for a moment, before you heard another sentence.

“Shit that’s hot!”

You grinned, settling back into your comfy bed.

You didn’t know why Jason was up so early, but as long as it was him out there making all that racket and not a criminal, you were content to lay in your bed until you felt like getting out of it.

You were barely awake, just about to fall asleep completely, when the smell of smoke assaulted your nostrils.

You bolted upright and jumped out of bed.

“Jay?” You called hesitantly, tiptoeing into the main room.

“No! Go back to bed, Y/N. Everything’s fine!” He cursed again and you heard a thud, probably him running into the counter.

“Jason what’s going on?” You stopped outside the kitchen as Jason barreled out.

“Bed!” He demanded, putting his hands on your shoulders and gently but firmly steering you back to the bedroom.


“Ten minutes.” He pleaded, tucking you in.

You reluctantly oblige, and have almost drifted to sleep again when he barrels through your bedroom door with a tray.

“Either let me sleep or-” you pause. “Is that breakfast?”

“Yes it it.” He states proudly, setting the tray down in your lap. “Breakfast in bed. And you almost ruined the surprise by going into the kitchen.”

You stared down at the blackened lump that vaguely resembled toast, deformed strawberries, scrambled eggs that weren’t fully scrambled, and a perfect glass of orange juice.

“Yep. I almost ruined it.” You pickup the lump. “Is this toast?”

“Duh.” Jason settles on the edge of the bed and stares at you expectantly.

“Don’t you think you might have overdone it a little?” You suggested delicately. “It looks a little burnt.”

“It’s toast! It’s supposed to be like that.”

You cringe.

“Okay, I may have toasted it a little heavily, but it’s still fine.”

“Of course, Jay.” You reassure him, moving on to the strawberries.

“And these?”

“Well I wanted to chop them up, but all our knives were dirty so I put them in the blender. It got a little out of hand.” Jason explains a bit sheepishly.

“Mmhm. And the eggs?”

“I only had ten minutes!” He protests.

You survey your meal, trying to find something to compliment.

“I like the glass you put the orange juice in?” You say hesitantly.

Jason’s face falls.

“I fucked up didn’t I?” He groans. “I just wanted to do something for you because you deal with my bullshit daily but then I go and mess it up. God I’m a fucking disaster.”

Your face falls and you move the food onto your table, reaching for Jay.

“You didn’t mess it up. And you’re not a disaster.” You envelop him in a hug and he sighs. “You did something wonderful and it was very thoughtful.”

Jason grins at you thankfully.

“Just maybe don’t cook next time?”

anonymous asked:

Dude! I love your strawberries klance gif. How do make your art like that????

Welp. Here goes:

1) Loose sketch
Initial sketch just to get ideas out of my head onto the page

2) Lineart
This is much more slow and precise. Also, I might rework the sketch a couple times before I feel it is ready for lineart. 

3) Flat colors
I normally can’t use the fill-in bucket because my lineart isn’t closed. So I manually border the edges with colors and then use the bucket.
(note that there was no lineart for the strawberries and infinity sign. That means they belong to the coloring section, not lineart. I think part of the reason they look cool is because they stand out from Keith and Lance since they don’t have lineart) 

4) Final Touches
This is one of my favorite parts! It’s almost magical. But don’t be scared! The process is actually pretty simple:

All I did is:
 - Add a paper texture I got off Google by searching “paper texture”
 - Add a gradient to the background 
 - Add shadows on a Multiply Layer
 - Add highlights on an Opacity Layer

5) Turning it into a gif
I created 2 versions of the same image by scrambling the strawberries and rewriting the words. Then I followed the instructions here to loop those 2 images into a gif on Photoshop. 

My process probably isn’t that different from anyone else’s since I learned everything I know about digital art simply by looking at online tutorials. So if you didn’t get some of the terms or tools I mentioned, no biggie! 

I’ve literally never taken an art class in my whole life and learned all this just by Googling stuff. 

So go forth and Google stuff! You’ll learn so much. 

As Shiro would say. Go. Be great. 

After Care

Synopsis: After finally getting handed her punishment for leaving Erik, Angel gets her favorite aspect of sub life. After care.

Note: This was supposed to be nasty, sensuous, smutty smut, It turned into soft, romantic, girliness with no smut at all. Idk man, Erik and Angel won’t let me be great sometimes. I have one more soft fic planned called Aya, then after that is pure wifey mayhem including the last two chapters of my origin story. The Killmonger will jump out but so will Angel’s dark side.

I had been in a deep sleep when I felt wide stubby hands massaging my tired body with long strokes. Starting with the tight muscles along my back, Erik was giving me a pregnancy safe massage, making sure that I was lying on my side with pillows supporting my body. “Punishment” for a woman nearly 16 weeks along in her twin pregnancy was no joke, so Erik knew after care was especially important  for me. I’m just thankful he waited until after my terrible first trimester was over before he did so. Ever the dom, Erik was never going to let me get away with separating from him for two months without me paying for it. Even if he knows my submission starts & ends in the bedroom.

Long, gliding strokes were left on the tight muscles of my body in the direction of my blood flow making me moan in relaxation. Ever the genius, it seemed Erik had learned the swedish massage technique just for me, warming my heart. He knew that I would much rather he give me a massage than anyone else. That was kind of our thing, we preferred doing things for each other rather than hiring someone to do it. It’s why I like being the one to re-twist his hair and he liked cooking for me once a week if his schedule permitted. Erik had been devouring as much information about twin pregnancy as he could since he had been given the news, which made me proud. Massage therapy exponentially enhances ones pregnancy. Reducing anxiety, relieving muscle aches and joint pains, and even improving labor outcomes and newborn health. Erik may be a lug head, but he really is a great husband and it’s clear he’ll be a great dad too.

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Dadbod: Part 6

The next morning Kevin awoke to me strapping a cock ring around his junk.

“What this?” he asked.

“You’re not allowed to come today until I’m finished stuffing you. You will eat everything I give you. However, you cannot touch you cock. Only I’m allowed to do that. If you orgasm before I let you, then we’re done here. I’m going home,” I allowed for a dramatic pause. “Now get to feeding.”

I strapped the funnel feeder to his face and began pouring the melted ice cream. When I was done I returned with four breakfast burritos smothered in cheese and sour cream. Kevin downed them like it was nothing. His stomach had definitely stretched enough to handle more food than usual. After the burritos Kevin consumed half a strawberry shortcake, six scrambled eggs, the majority of a jug of orange juice, and two packages of bacon. His gut was getting swollen and he began emitting moans and sighs. By the time all of that food was gone it was already time for another pint of ice cream. As I began strapping the device to Kevin’s head a look of exasperation flashed across his face and he shook his head. He was getting worn out. I grabbed his chin and strapped on the funnel.

I poured the ice cream a little faster than normal and he began to choke and plug the hole with his tongue. I patted his belly and reassured him I would pour slowly. Midway through the pint I took a break to massage his belly, leaving him moaning in relief and ecstasy. When I returned to the funnel he muttered, “don’t stop.” I ignored this request and strapped the swollen hog back up.  

By the time all the ice cream was inside of Kevin, his belly was tight as a drum and his dick was pointing to the ceiling. I began to massage both. I could feel his muscles relax and subtle moans escaped his mouth. I wrapped my lips around his cock and began to explore the salty curves of it’s head. I was surprised how hard he could get with all the blood rushing to his distended midsection. After a few minutes I got his whole dick down my throat to the point where I could taste the leather of the cock ring. I then stood up and walked away.

“Hey!” he shouted.

I returned with an unopened family sized bag of potato chips and dropped them on the couch next to Kevin.

“I’m gonna shower. When I get out I want that bag to be empty.”

When I returned the bag wasn’t quite empty so I sat on Kevin’s lap and forced him to finish it. When he was done I poured a glass of beer from the keg and made him chug it. He downed it fairly quick and belched aggressively in my face. It was obvious he was getting irritated. I poured another glass. This one he drank slowly. I began massaging his cock and balls which seemed to make the beer go down quicker. I became erect as well and began grinding my cock into his soft and padded love handles. I kept pausing to fill up his glass, which was clearly irritating him, but I didn’t care. I got him on the edge of coming and then left to the kitchen.

“What the fuck, man!” Kevin shouted after me.

“Ice cream time,” I shouted back as I stuck a pint in the microwave.

“Christ!” he yelled.

We were both still erect when I returned. I set the pint on the coffee table in front of Kevin and began jerking off. He leaned forward towards me but I pushed him back onto the couch. He watched me stroke my dick and occasionally would reach for his own, but each time I would push his hand away. After a few minutes I was close to orgasm and shot a massive load into the pint of ice cream. Kevin stared in shock and I wasted no time strapping him up and pouring the creamy cum mixture down his throat.

The rest of the day I relentlessly fed Kevin. There was hardly a twenty-minute span where I wasn’t encouraging him to gorge. The house was still stocked with every snack imaginable: chocolate bars, cupcakes, french fries, the list went on and on. I was beginning to realize that getting Kevin to consume all this food before his wife got home was truly going to be a feat, but it was a challenge I was up for. As evening approached, Kevin looked like he was going to explode. I wasn’t sure if it was just bloat, but I felt I could already see the added pounds. He was breathing heavily at all times and had to stretch his whole body across the couch to get comfortable. The entire time his dick was erect, and I would occasionally suck and play as to keep it that way. He was also constantly scratching his stomach, which I hoped was the result of new stretch marks forming. Around nine o’clock I prepared a dinner of two large, frozen, pepperoni pizzas.

“Fucking shit!” Kevin exclaimed. “This is torture. I’m so bloated I can’t get comfortable to save my life, I have a record-setting case of blue balls, and you’re about to shovel enough pizza to feed a family of Mormons inside me!”

I looked at the clock and said: “Funnel time.”

“Fuck your funnel. I’m sitting here dying of heartburn and acid reflux. Fuck your funnel and your ice cream!”

I tried to strap the funnel to his face and he flung it across the room. Was this a game or was he truly upset? I grabbed his face and shoved the pint of ice cream to his lips. He took a few big gulps and then spit it all over me. Shocked, I took a step back. He wasn’t playing around. Kevin’s stomach had reached capacity, and there was little I could do about it. I proceeded to remove the pizzas from the oven, and dropped them in a greasy pile on the coffee table. No plates. No pizza cutter.

“Fine,” I said. “We’re done for the night. Finish these pizzas by morning and keep your hands off your pecker. Do that, and I’ll give you the best orgasm of your life when you wake up.”

Little Dunbar *Chapter 5*

request? Liam has a younger brother around the age of Two and he always has to look after him as his parents went away and left him so he has to do everything and they are really close as Liam had practically raised him and Liam maybe teaches him lacrosse in the garden and all the pack find out some how and his little brother is scared and runs to Liam wanting to be picked up and holding on tight to him. Maybe make it into a series?

requester? anon LiLi originally.

word count? 1,044

A/N: okay first of all that gif is hella bigger than i thought so whoops lol XD. and also sorry for such the long wait for this! also thanks @beaconhills17 for proofreading this for me!! xxx

masterlist where you can find the other chapters!

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How to Be Productive on the Weekends

Ahh, it’s the weekend. For some people, that means 30% studying and 70% wondering where the time went. I use this method to help keep me on track when I need to stay productive!


So, it’s Friday night. In order to be productive on the weekends, it has to start with your mindset. And it has to start Friday night. Start by promising yourself that you’re going to have a productive day tomorrow. Set your alarm for an early hour (different times work for different people) and aim for a full 7-8 hours of sleep (or whatever works for you!). When your alarm goes off in the morning, sit up in bed for a minute and think about how you’re 100% ready to tackle the day and are ready to get things done! Congratulations, your day has just begun! :)


The first thing I do to feel motivated and ready to accomplish tasks is take a nice shower. For me, this is a big productivity boost because it helps wake me up and makes me feel clean. After that, I put on some perfume, and I pick a scent that matches my mood that morning, so I try to pick a fun, fresh scent.


After my shower, I plan to make a healthy breakfast. This is, of course, easier said than done. I have a huge sweet tooth, so I really have to force myself to eat healthier, but once I start my day with some strawberries and scrambled eggs, it becomes a lot easier to eat healthier during the rest of the day. Eating sugary foods will give you a boost for about half an hour to an hour, but after that, you will become droopy and sluggish, and you won’t want to work for extended periods of time. 

I made a plan for myself: eat at least one fruit with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, for example, I’d eat strawberries with my breakfast, an apple with my lunch, and a banana with my dinner. That way, I can ensure that I’ve gotten 3 fruits into my day, and it makes me feel really accomplished. I also like to save any sweet things for Mondays and Fridays. That way, I can eat healthy foods the whole week and weekend while saving that sugary snack for the beginning and end of the week.

Weekend Planner

So, after you’ve had breakfast, it’s time to work. But before you get started on that essay for English, grab a sheet of paper and your favorite pen. Draw a line down the middle all the way to the bottom. At the top of the left column, write, “Saturday.” At the top of the right column, write, “Sunday.” 

Now, grab a different sheet of paper and write down everything you need/want to do this weekend. Whether it’s finishing your math problem sets, or outlining an essay for history, or picking up some craft supplies at Michaels, or organizing your desk drawer, write everything down. 

Once you’ve written everything, highlight the things that need to be done by Sunday night. Then, box/circle the things that would be nice if you got them done, but aren’t that urgent. Now take the paper that says “Saturday” and “Sunday.” In the “Saturday” column, write down everything you feel like you can or would like to accomplish today, in no particular order. Include at least one or two of your boxed/circled items. Once “Saturday” is finished, everything else can go in “Sunday.” Remember, be realistic. If you have 52 items on your big list, you probably need to cut some things down.

Since these tasks are written in no particular order, I like to go back and number all of my tasks. Number 1 would be what I feel like doing most in about five minutes. What do I want to do after that? Mark it as number 2. Remember to give yourself breaks in between every two or three tasks. A break could be calling up a friend or reading a chapter of a book. If you just have too many things to do and not enough time to take breaks, consider putting the “want” tasks (like going to Michaels, organizing your desk, or buying stationery) in between your major ones. That way, you’ll be checking things off of your list and taking a nice break!

Hopefully these tips will help you stay productive on the weekends, or even any day! If any of you use this method, I’d love to know what you’ve done and what did or didn’t work for you!

Have a great weekend! :D

“Home” - Kurt/Blaine

Based on a brilliant idea from snowystylesx <3

Part 14 of the Wax Verse. Kurt’s a vampire, Blaine’s a werewolf, etc. For the rest of the out-of-chronological-order verse thus far: Wax Masterpost

Warnings for: a little blood, emotional h/c

2400 words


“Hey, Blaine, how you doing this morning?”

“I’m great, Mr. Hummel, how are you?”

Burt stepped aside to let Blaine in and shut the door behind him. Blaine immediately sensed that something was wrong; the house was oddly quiet and tension rolled thick off of Burt as he looked wearily at Blaine from under the brim of his Buckeyes cap.

“Where’s Kurt? Is he okay?”

“Well, he’s not happy about all this, but I haven’t gotten much else out of him. He’s in his room and he won’t open his door, said he wanted to go back to sleep since he wasn’t going to school.”

They exchanged a look; once Kurt was up, he was up. So, to answer Blaine’s question: no, Kurt was not okay.

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You don’t mind sharing a bed, do you? (Prompt request, pt 3)(Steve Rogers X Reader)

Hi guys!! I feel like I’m going to be eternally apologizing for being late all the time with my writing, but here’s part 3 of the latest fic, sorry it took so long!! I feel like I’ve been dragging this on and this part’s pretty freakin long so I’m going to take a break with it to move onto other requests and write the bonus part I have in mind at some other point. So I hope you guys enjoy, and thanks again for the request! :-) 

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Special Friends: Chapter Twelve

Um, this is slightly angsty? I guess, maybe? Anyway, as always, let me know what you think lovely people.

“So you and Stiles…’’


“Making out and…’’

“Yeah… and stuff…’’

Allison and Lydia lay side by side on the brunette’s bed, their eyes wide and staring at the ceiling. The banshee let out a slow exhale as Allison’s cheeks hurt from grinning. She dropped her head to the side, looking at her friend. The girl raised her eyebrows suggestively, her eyes twinkling.


Lydia frowned back, “Well, what?’’

“How was he?’’

Lydia tried to suppress a coy smirk but failed, instead choosing to bite her lip as Allison laughed gleefully.

“Which time?’’ Was Lydia’s reply. Allison shrieked in delight, rolling off of the bed to her feet and throwing a cushion at Lydia playfully.

“Lydia Martin, tell me now!’’

The strawberry blonde laughed freely, burrowing her face in the pillow that she caught from Allison and squealed.

She surfaced, facing Allison with pink cheeks and glittering eyes.

“Amazing’’, she said truthfully, her voice breathless.

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