strawberry schnapps

The Signs as Liquor
  • Aries: vanilla rum
  • Taurus: strawberry shortcake vodka
  • Gemini: cinnamon tequila
  • Cancer: whipped cream vodka
  • Leo: raspberry vodka
  • Virgo: passion fruit rum
  • Libra: cotton candy vodka
  • Scorpio: fireball whiskey
  • Sagittarius: lime tequila
  • Capricorn: absinthe
  • Aquarius: peach schnapps
  • Pisces: cherry brandy

Since iv been unable to finish my December Pokemon challenge before the new year, i decided to ring in the new year with a Pokemon cocktail!

A friend sent me recipes for all the eeveelution frozen cocktails and i decided to make the Flareon!

¼ Fireball whiskey
¼ peach schnapps
¼ iced tea
¼ lemonaid (replaced with lemon-lime juice in my case)
small squirt of strawberry syrup
blended with ice

Happy New Years