strawberry scented candle

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name: teresa

nickname: i don’t have one 

zodiac sign: leo 

height: 1,53m 

sexual orientation: bi

ethnicity: brazilian

fave fruit: mango

fave season: winter and/or fall 

fave book: i don’t really have one but if i had to choose maybe the hp series

fave flower: roses

fave scent: lavender, vanilla, strawberries, popcorn, scented candles, fresh sheets 

fave colour: pink, yellow, red

fave animal: dogs

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea and only tea 

average hours of sleep: 8 to 10

cat or dog person: dog person 

fave fictional character(s): alison dilaurentis, kara danvers, lena luthor, diana prince, moana, hermione granger, sansa stark, amy dunne, phoebe buffay, elle woods, spencer hastings, alex danvers, buffy summers, mylene cruz, commander lexa, veronica lodge, reese witherspoon’s character in big little lies

number of blankets you sleep with: definitely more than 1 

dream trip: me and my future girlfriend chillin at the beach in são paulo, playing men and eating mangoes 

blog created: i made my first blog in 2012 but then i moved to this one in february i think 

number of followers: not a lot lol

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Ride With the Moon In the Dead of Night

               Phil hurried through the crowded street, nudging aside other life forms with muttered apologies. He wanted to get in and out of the shops quickly, okay? Already, Phil was carting around several bags of miscellaneous materials; Rhododendron Petals, Bottled Spiders’ Legs (no spiders were harmed in the making of this product, the label assured), a few jars of Frankincense, Frog Saliva, a small bag of Lion Fur, the list went on and on. He had a lot of jobs this time a year, and those jobs required a lot of ingredients. And of course, Phil still had to cleanse his own home before next Saturday, so he should probably grab a few things for that, too.

               Phil breathed a sigh of relief as he finally bustled his way into his favorite shop in the plaza: The Doctor’s Order. The best potion shop in London, in Phil’s humble opinion. Phil darted around the shop, quickly loading a basket with even more ingredients and supplies, mumbling quietly under his breath as he went. Nightshade, Jerusalem Cherries, Yew Seeds, a carefully-wrapped, clear container of Poison Ivy. Finally, Phil had everything he needed. Well. Almost everything.

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But can you imagine the Karasuno crew’s first trip to Ikea and:

  • Tanaka and Noya jumping and doing flips from bed display to bed display
  • Saeko yelling at them to knock it off but not more than ten seconds later, she’s joined in the idiocy
  • Suga panicking because “oh my god, WE LOST ASAHI” and frantically runs off with an exasperated Daichi in tow.
  • Yamaguchi getting lost in his own little world of aroma therapy feat. Tsukki trying not to, but the strawberry scented candles are beckoning him
  • Takeda managing to get a flustered Ukai to look at curtains with him
  • Asahi stumbling into the garden area after getting lost and instantly being calmed by the variety of flowers. when Suga and Daichi finally find him, he’s extremely reluctant to leave
  • Hinata getting mistaken for a child while he wanders the kid’s furniture area
  • Kageyama spiking a lamp
  • Ennoshita, Kinoshita, and Narita being done with everyone’s shit before they’ve even walked in, so they just wait by the entrance
  • Yachi and Shimuzui contentedly exploring the cafeteria, Yachi getting excited about the cutely wrapped cookies and jams and Shimuzui giving her fond looks
  • they all manage to get grab a hot dog before they leave and eat in silence until Noya comments on how “this hot dog tastes like ass”
  • everyone silently nods
Today I discovered what my Amortentia smells like

I’ve had a sugared strawberry scented candle burning since this morning, and my best friend, my favorite person in the whole world, came over and we sat in my bed watching standup comedy and eating gyro pitas, my absolute favorite food. After driving him home, I stepped into my room and the overwhelmingly pleasant smell of strawberry candle smoke, Greek food, and my favorite human being was combined all in the air, and I just cried. I hope everyone gets a moment like this, at some point, and soon :)

Hello my friends its time for some shitty headcanons for suicide squad bc I am trash and its not getting enough love:

  • Digger Harkness (Captain Boomerang) being an asshole and australian definitely trolls the team
  • Never play truth or dare with Digger, if you do never pick dare
  • “I’m not here to fuck spiders” - Digger at one point probably
  • He sits down in the middle of rooms like a bloody savage goddamn digger there are chairs and you are blocking the walkway
  • Floyd carries one of those tiny bluetooth speakers with him, no one is sure which pocket it came from but its here now
  • Diablo trying to learn to use his cool ass power but not hurt anyone (except the enemies) when using it
  • Diablo lighting candles everywhere
  • I mean everywhere there are candles in every room
  • Killer Croc find three strawberry scented candles next to his sewer pool thing
  • He keeps them
  • Diablo is a boss ass at cooking and everyone respects him so much more when he gives out little muffins to the team
  • Do not let Rick Flag cook under any circumstances
  • Rick Flag once burnt a bag of cookies while trying to make homemade ice cream (”homemade is always good :) ”)
  • The team comes up with increasingly ridiculous things that Rick has done
  • “I once saw Rick have a conversation with a cat”
  • “I saw Rick shoot a squirrel out of a tree with a slingshot”
  • “I heard Rick sleep talking and he recited the first half hour of Back to The Future before switching to Beauty and the Beast”
  • “Well I once saw Rick Flag abseiling from the top of an unstable cliff whilst carrying a bag of turnips and wilting lettuce”
  • Just the team doing stupid shit and Rick having to deal with these children and “I didn’t want to adopt these assholes yet here I am”
  • “Hey don’t say that Diablo heard you call him that”
  • “What no! I didn’t mean Diablo!”
  • “Oh so he’s your favourite huh?”
  • “No! Wait! Uh? I don’t have favourites”
  • “So if Diablos not your favourite do you hate him the most?”
  • “!!!!!Save me!!!” - Rick Flag, constantly

Okay this got really long whoops but I had fun enjoy my stupid ideas

No More Bloody Secrets

Title: No More Bloody Secrets

A/N: Co-written with Cecily (and by co-written, I mean she had the ideas and cracked the whip from her side of the sofa while I wrote all the words, and then we fought over who should get to post it on their blog to the point that she nearly kicked me out of the house, but that’s just the price to pay for art, kids) I STILL WAN TIT  cecily shhh. Also thanks to Gina for beta-reading.

Word count: 1900

Warnings: None really, except for ridiculousness and supernatural themes.

Genre: Humour/fluff/crack-ish

Disclaimer: The following is a completely and utterly fictitious account of an imaginary situation for recreational use only. Not intended as a substitute for imagining others complexly. Please idolise responsibly.

Summary: How long can Vampire!Dan keep his supernatural secret from his boyfriend? (Happy Halloween!)



“We need to talk.”

“What about?”

“About these dental bills you’re racking up.” Phil held up a stack of papers, raising his eyebrows to his friend.

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Smell Aesthetics I think of for MCR albums

Bullets: fresh rain on autumn leaves, taking a old Halloween costume out of storage, opening a window on cold October nights, burning paper in your backyard, rotting pumpkins.

Revenge: coffee that’s been sitting out too long, a light floral perfume, burning a strawberry scented candle, old sketchbooks you’ve had for years, taking a walk in a park or trail at the beginning of the school year.

The Black Parade: melted snow, worn out dryer sheets, cleaning out a school folder, buying a new record at your favorite record store, a glass of water with lemon wedges, green or white tea on a snow day.

Danger days: various art supplies, your elementary or high school art room, bright and fruity perfumes, going around town on a sunny summer day, using brand new cherry chapstick, being near a lake or ocean.

So I read you Ship Loki with Artichoke! Here it is! I thought I’d do this While this version of my Siege Loki is still around. Since in the Spirit of Ragnarok I will be killing off this Persona/Cosplay/version of Loki forever.

Happy Ragnarok!


lets-be-sinners-together  asked:

I feel so stupid for asking this but I have a question about candles for spells, do they have to be certain candles to work the right way? I've tried looking it up before but have gotten no where. I've tried charging a scented candle but I'm not entirely sure if it worked fully. Would scented ones work the same of an when charges... Oh I really do feel stupid.

You dont have to feel stupid about asking this. It’s normal to have doubts about these things.
It doesnt have to be a specific candle to make your spell work. 

White is a color that has all colors in it. Therefore a white simple candle can work for any type of ritual. What matters is your energy connecting to the candle. Focus on the visualization of your goal, when working with the candles

Scented candles or color candleds can be used to specific stuff, but its not necessary, as i said before white can replace it. 

scented candles should be used according to what the scent relates to. For example, an strawberry scented candle should be used if the goal of your spell is happiness, openess, joy, friendship… 
So when you decide to use a scented candle, try to discover what that scent relates to. 

if you wanna work with color candles here are some meanings:

  • blue: peace, harmony, healing, 
  • green: abudance, money, health
  • black: banishing, protection
  • red: power, sex, strength
  • pink: love, friendship, relationship
  • yellow: strength, communication
  • purple: spirituality, psychic, creativity