strawberry rhubarb ice cream

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Tiny pies?

omg yes tiny pies ( & hand pies) right here my frienddddd

tis the pie season


Hiya guys!!!

My name is Jamie, and I’m a baby witch from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I’ve been practicing on and off for about four years, but I haven’t had much of anyone to help me learn and guide me. I love making friends and anyone who is interested in talking for any reason, (advice, ranting etc.) is more than welcome to contact me here. So, some stuff about me…

I’m 16 years old (though everyone I’ve ever known has called me an old soul)

My birthday is May 3; Taurus all the days :)

My favorite color is midnight blue.

I love all kinds of plants and animals, and I plan on being a vet in the future, probably working for non-profit clinics. I also really want to make an outdoor garden as well as a hanging garden in my house.

My favorite flowers are morning glories, but my favorite plant is cactus.

My favorite dessert is strawberry rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream.

My favorite drink is absolutely tea (though I am a bit addicted to coffee).

So yeah, just wanted to introduce myself. I’m really looking forward to making friends in different communities and whatever else comes along in the future! :)

Also, I want to let y'all know that it’s okay for you to introduce yourself to me. Just come to my ask box and tell me stuff about yourself. Your pets. Your favorite music. What you had for breakfast this morning. Literally anything you want, I love making new friends :)

WestAllen fic:

Title: Good Boys and Bow Ties
Rating: Explicit
Characters: Iris West, Barry Allen
Word count: 8637

Summary:  Iris West punches Barry Allen in the face and falls in love with him in exactly the same moment: the courtship of E2 WestAllen. (Contains some kink, because, um, it turns out that Iris bossing Barry around is super hot?)


Some idiot tries to hold up Jitterbugs’ and a nineteen year old waitress named Iris West – who barely comes up to this guy’s chest – hurls herself at him, cracks him twice in the head with an ashtray and throws him clean over her shoulder. Keeps him pinned with some crazy arm thing until the cops arrive.

Barry Allen, who ducked inside only five minute earlier just to get out of the evening rain, decides he’s going to marry this girl.

Except he doesn’t know her name and it takes him six months of passing by outside Jitterbugs’ to get up the courage to go in and ask.

(Baby steps).

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