strawberry of doom

And here’s the second (and last) part of our devious Superhero/Yoghurt AU shenanigans! \(-_-)/

>>>PART 1<<<

Like the last, this is a fictennis collab with @mslead!!!

Despite the cuddles with Natsu and the near forgiveness over the travesty in her fridge, Lucy wasn’t completely willing to forgive her boyfriend just yet.

Strawberry-banana was her favorite and as a proud member of the Supervillian’s club, it wouldn’t be in Lucy’s nature if she didn’t take revenge in some way.

Carefully, she filled a syringe with tobascco sauce and chili powder. With light fingers, she plunged the thin needle into the far edge of the foil in the packs of yoghurt she bought.

A tear almost rolled down her cheek at the criminal act she was committing against the innocent yoghurts.

“I’m so sorry,” She whispered to them, expression pained as she laced each cup with her chilli sauce concoction, “It’s for the greater good.”

How ironic was it, that the only opportunity she had to actually eat the yoghurts, she was deliberately making them inedible. But for the sake of getting revenge on her boyfriend, it was well worth it.

She could hear him thumping around in the shower, and Lucy knew she had to hurry otherwise she would be caught.

Already she was wondering if the pay off of the prank would be worth it in the long run. She was missing an early morning shower with Natsu, she was ruining perfectly tasty sweets, and she was slinking around her own house like she was a criminal.

“You will suffer as I have,” Lucy’s dramatic whispers were cut off when the sound of running water through the pipes trailed to a finishing halt.
Hurrying, Lucy crammed the yoghurts back in their place, arranging them carefully in a neat stack and hurtling the syringe into a nearby potted plant.

“Ahh,” Natsu sighed as he entered the kitchen mere moments later, clad in nothing but a towel, “You really should have come, Lucy!”

Oh, she really should have come. Now more than ever, she regretted having wasted this opportunity. Little droplets of water ran down his bare, freshly shaven chest, disappearing in his bellybutton. She refused to follow thier descend any further.

“I showered yesterday evening,” she reminded him, “Besides, I was really hungry. I had breakfast, so… everything in the fridge is yours, now.”

She smiled a deceitfully sweet smile, hoping her stomach would not choose now to rumble angrily. Luckily, it showed mercy for once, and remained quiet. She’d really have to stop at a bakery on her way to… whatever evil deed she would be doing today.

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Hello again, Octii Here with the first REAL update for Memoirs of Magic!

This is the first footage of my Project, Memoirs of Magic!

In this video, the Warrior Gear is Showcased. This consists of The Axe, Shatter Shotty and the Water Tome and all its spells. For the purpose of this video, all weapons are shown at their level 3 variations, to showcase the full potential of the skills you can utilize with these weapons. It should be noted that the only weapon that is truly Exclusive to the Warrior Class in this video is the Axe, as the Shatter Shotty and the Water Tome can be learned by other classes; but these weapon overall fall into the Element of this Class, which is Water.

The Axe is the Signature Tier 1 Weapon of the Warrior, which is the slowest of all of the tier 1 weapons, but also the most powerful, being able to one shot skeletons, and in some instances, gib them in a single shot due to the power of the weapon. The axes special attack, which it acquires at LVL2, varies from from its LVL3 Counterpart which is featured in the Video. The Level 2 Axe does not act as a boomerang, but simply a penetrating projectile that goes through masses of enemies, eventually hitting the wall in which the axe becomes embedded in. You are able to receive the axe again to regain some of your Mana Points.

At LVL3, the axe becomes a boomerang which has the ability to suck in enemies into the vortex and perform constant damage. However, if they are a bunch of enemies close together, it can get pretty hectic and they start all flying about!

The Second Weapon featured in this video is the Shatter Shotty, which is an Alchemical Tier 2 weapon which uses Alchemy instead of Mana for Ammo. Due to the weapon being a Sawn Off Shotgun,  it fires 16 pellets, which do immense damage at close range; further away however, the bullets suffer from severe spread, weakening the blow of the Shatter Shotty. At LVL2, the Shatter Shotty gains the ability to freeze enemies with Ice Pellets with the Alt Attack, which the duration is Increased at LVL3. The Ice Pellets are generally weaker then the average shots, so its advised not to use it as a overall method for defeating enemies.

The Shatter Shotty is the only weapon in the game that reloads, and at LVL1, it Reloads Per Shot; at LVL2, it Reloads every 2 Shots; and at LVL3, Reloads every 4 shots, which is shown in the video.

The Last Weapon Showcased in this Vid is the Water Tome; all tomes have a total of 3 Spells, which you gain with each level, in addition to upgrading the effectiveness of said Tome. The first spell showncase here is “Ice Sentry”, which summons Ice Sculptures of Cherubs to fire arrows at your enemies. At LVL1, you summon a Single Ice Sentry, LVL2 you summon 2, and at LVL3, you summon 3. At Water Tome LVL2, you gain the ability to freeze time, and at LVL3, you increased the duration in which you can freeze time in. When Time Freeze is active, you have the ability to throw out attacks which will all resume at once when the Time Freeze period has ended.

Stay Tuned, as they will be more videos to come as I showcase the other Class Gears in Memoirs of Magic!

PS: for all of the gear class showcases, the HUD will use Temporary Icons which will changed very soon, so don’t mind that little guy in the corner!

PPS: Due to the amount of content in each class gear types, I will be uploading a video per day (HOPEFULLY) so it is much easier to follow the amount content I will be discussing!