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Source: Mimine Miniature 

Another mini comic!! When our group got back from the bakery to our caravan/wagon, our DM prompted everyone except Gal to make a perception check and this happened. Turns out that the drink Gal had at the bakery had a special side effect on her: the drink turns to air molecules as soon as it hits the tongue, and with Gal being part air…well, it’s now part of her too. She’s stuck smelling like strawberries. - @adriana-likes-tea


I still cannot even C O M P R E H E N D the estate sale I went to today! It was an ENTIRE bedroom of Strawberry Shortcake stuff! There was a SSC canopy bed, all the furniture was SSC too. The two big shelves were stocked with all of this stuff and I was in such a rush to grab things that I couldn’t take a photo. Yes, those are four Berrykins I picked up! I got them all in a bag together. I just can’t believe it!! 🍓🍓✨✨😵

Being really short and dating Gibbs would involve:

  • Before and in the beginning of the relationship, Gibbs barely even mentions how short you are. Maybe little comments here and there like “you can’t even reach my coffee cup,” but nothing too bad
  • But Gibbs is like a dormant tumor or something; one day, he’ll start relenting teasing you about your height
  • Very obviously bending down to give you a kiss
  • Putting things on the highest shelves just to piss you off
  • Stupid nicknames like Shorty, Strawberry Shortcake, Mini Mouse; the list goes on, honestly
  • Always has his arms over your shoulders while you’re talking together
  • He’ll probably feel a lot more protective than usual because you’re so smol and tiny and he’s so big
  • Finds pretty much everything you do adorable
  • A lot of lap-sitting
  • The only downside that Gibbs can see is that whenever you wear his shirts, they completely cover up your ass so he can’t get any ass shots while you’re reaching up for a cup or something
  • But on the other hand, his shirts are so big that your entire collarbone and upper chest will be visible, so there’s that
  • He’s a little shit when it comes to your height, but he wouldn’t want to change it for the world

Requested by Anon~

Sonny Carisi having a short s/o would involve:

  • He is so tall with giant legs and arms and everything so having a short, smol s/o would be kinda funny
  • Just imagine his long-ass arm over your shoulders while you’re walking down the street, or his legs easily wrapping around yours while in bed
  • He will definitely make your life harder with all the teasing
  • Calls you pet-names like Shorty or Strawberry Shortcake or Mini Mouse. They honestly start to get kinda ridiculous
  • He’s also the type to purposefully put cups on the highest shelf so you have to climb all over the counters to get to them and he’s standing in the doorway grinning
  • But he’s also really adorable about the height difference
  • Kisses on the top of your head because it’s easily accessible. Pulls you tight against his chest during hugs. Bends down to kiss you so you don’t have to go up on your tiptoes
  • And because you’re smaller than him, Sonny would get kinda protective, and it does have to do with your size because you’re his small little s/o
  • Lap-sitting and falling asleep on top of him and not even covering his entire body with yours

Requested by Anon~


Preparing a cake for a tiny friend.