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We will laugh, we will cry as the years all pass by

Well, this is a thing that I wrote a long time ago inspired by the great Oh baby series by the one and only Nicola ( @theherondaels ) Hope you like it and tell me what do you think, I know I haven’t post a fic in a long time, so sorry :) 

The things have been a little tense up in the Balsano’s house, they thought it was normal because they have a baby girl now in their home and a two year old is never easy to handle. But lately everything just seem too much for Luna to handle, and the fights with Matteo have been more often. 

That day Luna spent the whole afternoon cleaning the living room because she want to invite her parents to have dinner the next day, and when Matteo arrived from work and took off his shoes and socks and left them on the living room Luna lost it.

-ARE YOU REAL MATTEO? FOR FUCK SAKES -She screamed ranging

-Wh-what happened dear? -He asked clueless and shocked by her tone

-I SPEND THE WHOLE FUCKING AFTERNOON CLEANING THE HOUSE FOR YOU TO GET HOME AND LEAVE A MESS INSTANTLY -She stoped when realize what Matteo had in his hands -And you are eating the last cupcake? The one I’ve been saving the whole day so I can eat before go to bed with some cocoa? -She asked low in a deep and slow tone that made Matteo shrivel

-I am so sorry, I didn’t know -He was approaching to get his shoes and socks leaving the cupcake in a table near by -Dear I’ll pick up the mess and I’ll go right now to the bakery to get you a cupcake, no, a whole dozen


-Well, why don’t you calm down and low your tone, you are going to wake up Stella and our neighbors-He said now starting to get a little mad for Luna’s rage against him


-Luna what is happening? What are you acting like this? You need to calm down… -Matteo said confused by Luna’s attitude

-YOU DON’T GET TO TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK I NEED WHEN… -She was still raging when a little girl’s cry interrupted her -GREAT! Look what you did

-I did? For god sakes Luna, you were the one screaming -Matteo said laughing exasperated

-Yes, ¡BECAUSE OF YOU! -She said loud -You need to go

-Sure I’ll go, but please calm down -He said leaning to Stella’s room before Luna stoped him-No Matteo, you need to go away from me now, I’m tired and I want to be alone -She said calm but with a very tired tone in her voice

-Are you serious Luna? -Matteo asked shocked, he couldn’t believe that such thing like leaving his shoes and socks at the leaving created that big of a mess, he always do that

-Yes, I’m talking very serious -She said without even looking at him, but she could feel how he smirked the way he always do when is disappointment, put his shoes and walked out of the house slamming the door.

Luna ran to Stella’s room, with tears bursting down her face, she was tired indeed, but that wasn’t Matteo’s fault, she knew he would never do anything to hurt her, and even thought they had fights before, never like this, she never thought about telling him Matteo to go, because she wanted the opposite, Matteo was the only one who could calm her, she was never this furious, except that time a couple of years ago but that was because a valid reason, then realization hit Luna like a wrecking ball. 

Once she managed to make Stella fall sleep again she ran to the bathroom and took one the pregnancy test she has for emergency, ten minutes later she knew why she was so moody lately and needed her husband more that anything, but when she tried to call him she went directly to the voice mail, of course he turned off his phone, tried lucky calling Gastón but had the same faith with him, then try to call Nina who answered at the second ring.


-Hi Nina, it’s me Luna, is Gastón there?

-Hi best friend, I’m fine thanks for ask, the babies are great too- Nina answered sarcastic

-Sorry Nina, I’m in a bit of a rush and I can’t localize Matteo and thought maybe Gastón knows where he is -Luna said and Nina could notice the concern tone in her voice

-He called me because his phone died to tell me that he was going to go out with Matteo for some drinks, but why? Is everything okay? -Nina asked really worried

-Yes, just that Matteo and I kind of had a fight and I need to talk to him, but if he is with Gastón I’m more relaxed-Luna said trying to not sound very worried and don’t give many details about their marriage problems -Just if Matteo goes there later tell him to come home, please

-Sure no problem, are you sure everything is okay? -Nina asked again

-Yes, just a silly fight and I miss my husband already

-Okay, I know things will get fine again -Nina said trying to comfort her, after that Luna hang up hoping that Nina was right and things get fine again.

Luna fell sleep on the living room waiting for her husband when the noise of keys trying to fit on the door woke her up, she was still waking when the door slammed letting her see a very drunk Matteo hanging from his best friend shoulder.

-Oh my god, what happened? -Luna asked rushing to receive him

-I don’t know, we went for a couple of drinks, but Matteo’s definition of couple is way more wide than mine -Gastón said apologetically helping Luna to put Matteo on their bed -I hope you rest and don’t make you wife get mad again okay buddy, I’ll talk to you tomorrow- Gastón said to Matteo after leaving him in their bed and Matteo laugh loud at Gastón in answer -and sorry for this Luna, but I hope you don’t get mad to him, was devastated about your fight earlier and I don’t want to see him that way again -Gastón said to Luna while they were walking to the door

-That was just a rush of mine, trust me I’m not a big fan of being mad at him nor having him away from me -She said smiling sincerely at Gastón

-I know, sorry I can’t stay talking but a taxi is waiting for me, but dinner the two families later this week?

-Will be perfect -She said smiling wildly as she saw Gastón go away in the taxi, the she closed the door and rushed to her bedroom where her husband was lying wasted, she walked and sat next to him, contemplating that perfect men, she couldn’t know how can she love someone so much and how dumb was for fight with him instead of realize what the big picture was.

-I don’t know what I did in my past life, but I definitely was so good to deserve such a beautiful wife in this life- Matteo’s words took her out of her trance

-What am I going to do with you? -Luna said smiling at him

-I don’t know what do you want to do, but don’t push me away, I need you close, I can’t be without you Luna, you are my soon and my moon, you are the whole universe to me, and I tried to forget all in a bottle of rum, but then I got homesick and I couldn’t think of go anywhere but where you are Luna, because you are my home, and I-I just-He voice cracked when he get close to hug Luna by her waist, she just kept caressing his hair but tears in her eyes warning to burst.

-Hey, no, Matteo I love you more than anything, I love you in a way I didn’t believe it was possible, and just this couple of hours you were away I felt so bad -She stopped because was already crying- And made me realiza I don’t wanna be apart from you again.

-Me neither, its gonna be me, you, and Stella against the world from now on, okay?

-Great, but I think we’ll have to add someone else… -Luna said doubtful

-What do you mean? -Matteo raised his head from Luna’s lap to see her directly to her eyes

-You know how we’ve talked about another little person to join our life so Stella won’t be alone, but maybe will arrive earlier than we thought-Luna said with an apologetic smile, all the alcohol that was in Matteo’s system seem to disappear half second after Luna’s words

-Are you-are you saying that..? -Matteo asked swallowing hard

-Yes, you are going to be Papa again -She said smiling wildly with tears inunding her eyes, Matteo hold her in a very tight hug kissing her all over her face.

-Oh my god- Kiss- know I get you mood love- Kiss- How did we not realized it earlier?-Then he took Luna’s face between her hands and looked at her directly at her eyes trying to capture that moment- I’m going to be Papa again- He repeated in a whisper to himself before pulling Luna into a passionate kiss. 

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I LOVE UR NOCTLUNA + RAVUS HEADCANONS pls more my family is starving


Let’s see what I can do….

-Fruit, and particularly berries, are like the only healthy food that Luna can get Noct to eat with any regularity. She walks into her kitchen one day when Ravus is over, and he’s standing in front of the fridge eating berries. She shoos him away and pouts over it and lays on some guilt because of that. The next day Ravus comes by with fresh strawberries and Luna thanks him, but she’s still a little distant, and Ravus is standing in the entryway like “Shit, wow, she’s really upset over these strawberries.” Noct walks up and just goes “She’s not really mad at you. She probably just wanted some blueberries too or something.” They have a laugh and Luna comes out all suspicious cause the boys are laughing what are they planning but it’s all good

-Ravus goes over one or two nights a week to join them for dinner and watching their favorite shows that they’re all following. If he misses a night, sometimes he can be found in their place sitting in front of their tv cause they have dvr and record everything at first and clear it out later lol. They’re not even sure if they gave him a key. They forgot and they don’t care to ask. Ravus just is there a lot

-Luna admonishing Noct for introducing Ravus to some comic cause he forgot that Ravus can get a little too attached to characters and later finding him on their couch at 2am, wrapped up in a blanket, watching a Lifetime movie, eating Noct’s ice cream (it was all deliberately chosen. it’s petty revenge not really being that strongly affected by the story lmao. but Ravus watches too many sitcoms so here he is, acting them out XD)

If They Had a Kid - Harry x Luna

If Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood had a child it would be, without a doubt, an intelligent child. They would be empathetic, kind, and a good listener. They would not be rude, or snide, but would stand up for what was right. 

Harry and Luna’s child would most likely be a Ravenclaw. Maybe even a Hufflepuff. They would be somewhat out of touch with technology but would be the biggest comic book nerd in all of the Wizarding World. 

If Harry and Luna had a child, it would have strawberry blonde hair and Luna’s blue eyes. Their body would resemble Harry’s, though, their face would resemble Luna’s.

If Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood had a child, they would be beautiful, smart, and relatively shy. They would get more enjoyment from animals and comic books than people. A Potter-Lovegood could rule the world if they wanted to.

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For the ask thing: lemon, strawberry and tangelo :)

lemon: do you have any pets? what are their names?

2 cats 2 dogs

strawberry: favorite desserts?

Cheesecake ?? Probably??

tangelo: if you could be any mythical creature, which would you be?


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      Spending her morning at the weekend’s farmer’s market was always her ideal perfect day. Fresh cut sunflowers rested in the crook of her arm while she bit into a large strawberry. Luna was and without a doubt a woman that oozed simplicity mixed with this beautiful natural quality. Of course, she’d never see such a thing. She thought of herself to be 90 years old at heart, spending her time gardening or seeing what’s new at places like this. How she convinced her next-door neighbor to go with her, she’ll never know. But it was nice to have some company for once. “I feel like you think less of me now that you know this is what I do for fun,” she teased with a small chuckle.

( from x to jack ) Names : X, Valarie, Rust, Crystal, Cody, Strawberry, Luna, Jack
( from x to jack ) Ages: Unknown, 8, 4, 4, 7, 6, 8, 7
Flying? Magic or ground trickster?: ground tricksters, except for Jack and X, Jack has Halloween magic, and X has Anubis like powers.
( from x to jack ) Candy trickster? : Unknown, cotton candy, cherry, marshmallow, cookie, strawberry, chocolate syrup, candy corn
( 1 per cat ) Advantages: Super Smart, Sticky Fur?, Speedy, Resourceful, Strong, Creative, Loyal, Honest.
( 1 per cat ) Disadvantages: Stressful, Distracted, Naïve, Liar, Stubborn, Too Energetic, Greedy, Dishonest
Smol or tol?: all are smol
Species of monster/human?: cats
( from x to jack ) Gender: Unknown, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Girl, Boy

(X is the one who informs TheCatz from the sidelines like strategy and where the enemies are, but if needed will come out to fight alongside TheCatz )


All the cats are making his allergies worse. He quickly runs away.


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