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Endeavor, And I'm Thinking Of Characters That Are More Evil But All I can Think Is Umbridge. And because I'm not pure evil bit also fluff, the third character is Enma.

this was easier than expected but then again most of it usually ends up with murder and eloping with anything with value, as per my creed since age 12, this ask meme allows a peek to my aspiring gold digger self

slow burn: Endeavor until I slip poison into his food and make away with all his worldly possessions and custody over my strawberry shoutocake

enemies to lovers: Umbridge until I slip poison into her food and make away with all her worldly possession especially all the pink-and-cats decor that’s a must-have okay?

fake date: Enma because of course. no I’m not going to murder him and make away with all his worldly possessions :D

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Gloss 💋

list 10 songs you love right now

Something for hula hooping in the yard and eating strawberries, laying in lovers’ laps:

•Dream Lover ~ Bobby Darin

•Music to Watch Boys to/Cherry ~ Lana Del Rey

Candela/Dos Gardenias ~ Buena Vista Social Club

•Ave Cesaria ~ Stromae

•Moon River ~ Audrey Hepburn

•Moonlight On the River ~ Mac DeMarco

•Fly Me to the Moon ~ Frank Sinatra

•Summerwine ~ Nancy Sinatra

•Le Temps De l'Amour ~ Françoise Hardy

•Turn Off the Moon ~ Sue Lyon


Reading, sketching and eating fruit🍓 
Spring 2017 

‘’Said you’re mistaken if you’re thinking that I haven’t been called cold before
As you bit into your strawberry lace
And then a flip in your attention in the form of a gobstopper
Is all you have left and it was going to waste


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The art you did for Ichihime week (Protect) is so amazing I couldn't hit that follow button fast enough! I just love your style to bits!

Omf danke! I’m so stoked you liked it enough to follow me! 

Also I may or may not have stalked your blog when I got back into Bleach last month, so I’m kinda honoured.


2 4 t h  b i r t h d a y  //  Y a m a d a  R y o s u k e

Happy birthday to the handsome, beautiful, adorable, amazing, hardworking–Just ineffable, really, strawberry lover boy, Yamada Ryosuke! Thank you for blessing us with your amazing acting and singing skills, for being who you are, for making us laugh and smile, for always making our day even when things get rough and a loooot more. We love you so much and we, your fans are always there for you! Have an amazing day, dear! Keep slayin’! 

NCT as Ice Cream Flavours and what it says about them (As Requested)

Chenle: Coffee. I swear sometimes he has coffee rush because he’s so full of energy. He’s also dramatic and obviously lives for the moment. 

Doyoung: Mint Chocolate Chip. Because a study found lovers of this flavour to be ambitious and confident but also slightly argumentative. 

Haechan: Rainbow Sherbet. Found to be pessimistic much like Haechan’s humour but can also be decisive and analytical which I think suits Haechan as he’s often coming up with pranks.

Jaehyun:  Vanilla. Because vanilla lovers usually focus on intuition over logic and are emotionally sensitive.

Jaemin: Cookies and Cream. His laughter is infectious and has a heart of gold but can be a troublemaker for the older guys because he’s still a kid. 

Jeno: Cookie Dough. Because he’s a child and still gets excited about things that older people are dubious about. He’s always happy and joyful. 

Jisung: Bubblegum. Because he’s young and energetic. 

Johnny: Banana. Empathetic and easy going. People often go to Johnny for advice. 

Kun: Butterscotch. Enjoys alone time but is also willing to explore. He’s hardworking and relaxed. 

Mark: Chocolate Chip. He’s generous and kind. But also competent and a go-getter. He makes everyone happy. 

Renjun: Rocky Road. People who like this flavour found to be aggressive much like Renjun’s play fighting. The boy almost sent Chenle flying across the room. They are also found to be better listeners than talkers. 

Taeil: Pistachio. Because he might come off as reserved but the stories the members have about him are wild which means he must have a rather unique personality off camera. 

Taeyong: Strawberry. Because a study found that strawberry lovers are usually introverts much like Taeyong who has said on multiple occasions he needs alone time to recharge. 

Ten: Chocolate. Because lovers of this flavour are described as flirtatious much like Ten’s not to Johnny ;) But they are also described as dramatic and gullible which suits Ten perfectly. 

Winwin: Green Tea. Seem calm and reserved on the outside. But you’re always thinking and plotting.

Yuta: Butter Pecan. He always gets things done with out a mess and is into sports and logical thinking.