strawberry lover


Reading, sketching and eating fruit🍓 
Spring 2017 

‘’Said you’re mistaken if you’re thinking that I haven’t been called cold before
As you bit into your strawberry lace
And then a flip in your attention in the form of a gobstopper
Is all you have left and it was going to waste



2 4 t h  b i r t h d a y  //  Y a m a d a  R y o s u k e

Happy birthday to the handsome, beautiful, adorable, amazing, hardworking–Just ineffable, really, strawberry lover boy, Yamada Ryosuke! Thank you for blessing us with your amazing acting and singing skills, for being who you are, for making us laugh and smile, for always making our day even when things get rough and a loooot more. We love you so much and we, your fans are always there for you! Have an amazing day, dear! Keep slayin’! 

soychai  asked:

ideal summer: standing at the open bay window eating chocolate covered strawberries in my lover's white shirt after soul searing sunday afternoon sex. we smell like each other. there are tropical plants and books on every flat surface. there is a fig tree in the kitchen. the sky is grey and the air is heavy with a storm. my lover comes up behind me naked. he wraps his arms around my shoulders and I feed him a strawberry. we pull each other down as the storm comes in.


Haven’t been posting. However I decided to make a Orihime anime wallpaper trying to depict her throughout the series.

.Early age, Soul Society, Arrancar timeline, Fullbring timeline, and both Ichigo/Orihime being the sword/shield against Yhwach.

Also I wanted to show Orihime in her school uniform, because I just think she is so cute in that. ^_^

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Dom/Sub Taehyung....? (Ff talk pt.1)

For me, Taehyung is hyperactive baby lion trapped in grown ass man body (with (very) good acting skill), who’s trying hard to look mature and manly (but still, sorry son).
He has soft tummy, pretty eyes with more pretty eyelashes, strawberry lovers, cute smile and cute laugh, is weak for cute stuff (baby, kitten, puppy, hoseok, etc), more clingy than a baby koala (go ask jungkook… or hoseok… or yoongi), can’t drink alcohol (please just give him strawberry juice).
jungkook said taehyung is the prettiest like 2times or more (he’s too whipped), and jimin (a.k.a taehyung’s platonic bro for life (but sometimes treat him like his baby)) said he’s the most not-so-manly in bts, parents and friends 1st 24/7, all the hyungs (like… every hyung he know, not just in bts) treat him like a puppy..
and you still don’t get why I look tae as sub? Then sorry bro, I just have my way