strawberry line


by purplethinks

- “Hi! I’m giving myself a sort of challenge where I’m going to draw every single cookie as human, so here’s the first batch!  Hope you like ‘em and I’ll post the next ten when I finish them. :)”

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Nothing Is Haunted

by Sandy Longhorn

in quite the way small Midwestern farms
are haunted. Girls, whip-thin in cotton
nightclothes, lie awake through summer’s

liquid heat and listen to the rattling window screens,
the drumming warp of pie tins meant to drive
blackbirds from the strawberry beds. Lines

of sweat bead along their skin as the stalks bend
under the weight of whatever animal skirts the edge
of the field planted right up to the shed,

not a penny’s worth of good dirt wasted by the men
who sleep the sleep of the damned or the nearly dead.
The handful of cattle corralled in the pen shuffle

and huff, gnawing on rotten apples, eating
until they bloat and moan. The girls throw off
their bleached sheets and untangle their legs.

Their muscles urge them to bolt, yet they huddle
and guard themselves with the flick of the lamp’s
loosening switch, quivering in one weak circle of light.

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Hostile Takeover (RWBY Snippet)

Weiss folded her hands together on the table and glared at the other people in the boardroom. These people had hurt Ruby, and they would pay for that. But first she needed to fix their mistake.

“It has come to my attention,” Weiss began. “That this company has recently discontinued a certain line of strawberry-flavoured cookies.”

“Um…” One of the board members gulped. “I think I know the product you’re referring to. It wasn’t profitable enough to -”

“Was I talking to you?” Weiss raised one eyebrow. “Well?” The poor fellow winced and did his best to disappear before finally shaking his head. “Then be quiet.” Her lips curled. “As I was saying, you have recently discontinued a certain product. As of tomorrow, you will be resuming production of that product. I expect it be on shelves by the end of the week.”

“You can’t do this!” someone shouted. “You don’t own this company!”

Weiss sneered. “Actually, I do. If you would all check your scrolls, you’ll find that I now hold a controlling stake in the stock of this company. For all intents and purposes, I am this company, and I am telling you to make those cookies! Am I clear?” Silence reigned over the boardroom. “Good. Then get to work.”

X     X     X

“Wow!” Ruby darted over to the shelf and waved something at Weiss. It was a pack of her favourite strawberry-flavoured cookies. “I thought they stopped making these.”

Weiss regarded her twenty-year-old fiancee with an indulgent smile. “I’m sure there was just a small hiccup in supply. I doubt it will happen again.”

“Hey… you didn’t do something crazy like buy the company and force them to make more of these, did you?” Ruby laughed.

Weiss somehow managed to keep a straight face. “Of course not. That would be crazy.”

Ruby grinned and threw one arm around Weiss. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. It must be my lucky day then.”