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Prompt meme thing for you: Doctor/Rose, 10 - Palace, F - Jitters, ☁ - Lipstick.

“You were knighted by Queen Victoria in less than that,” the Doctor points out as he lounges against the wall just outside Rose’s en suite, hands stuffed in the transdimensional pockets of his overcoat.  He’s been ready for forty-three minutes and seventeen seconds but Rose is still getting dressed.  Well, he says getting dressed, but right now she’s locked in her en suite presumably putting the finishing touches on her hair and make-up. 

“Yeah, ‘cause of your bad driving,” Rose replies, voice slightly muffled through the door.  “This is Princess Diana’s wedding and we’re going to be there!" 

He rolls on his shoulder so his cheek is pressed against the door.  "Not if you don’t come out soon.”

“Time machine!” she shoots back and he regrets ever using that excuse.  After what seems like an eternity she opens the door.  Rose is always beautiful, even when she’s covered in foul-smelling green goo (which may or may not have been his fault–oh who is he kidding, it totally was), but she looks particularly lovely in the deep blue dress the TARDIS picked out for this occasion.  He tried explaining to Rose that She is a dimensionally transcendental eleven-dimensional being and so had absolutely no interest in dresses but Rose, as ever, knew him far too well to listen.  Besides being sentient and time-sensitive the TARDIS is telepathic and in close communion with the only other telepath on board–namely, him.  Rose may not have been privy to the thousand thoughts flying through his head but the TARDIS was and She apparently remembered the several fantasies that particular dress conjured when Rose touched it. 

“You look gorgeous,” he says and she smiles a small, shy thing, quite unlike her usual wide grin.

“Thanks."  She passes the matching clutch from one hand to the other restlessly.  "Time to go, yeah?  Don’t want to be late.”

“We won’t."  He leans in to kiss her but she turns her head and his lips brush against her cheek.

"Don’t want to get lippy all over you."  She says when he pouts at her. 

He frown.  "Rose Tyler, are you nervous?”

Rose looks away.  “Nah.”

“You are, though."  He threads his fingers through hers and pulls her closer.  "Why are you nervous, Rose?”

“It’s just–” she breaks off and searches his face intently.  “You’re going with me.  To a wedding.  To a wedding I’ve wanted to see since I was a little girl.”

He nods. 

“Doctor, that–that means something to humans."  She speaks slowly, like she’s explaining something to a child.

"Yes,” he huffs.  “I know.”

Her eyes widen.  “Oh.”

“Yes."  He swallows.  "Oh." 

Rose takes a deep breath and lets it out with a little laugh.  "Okay.  Um.  I’m going to kiss you now, if that’s okay?”

“Yes!  I mean, yes, of course."  He licks his lips and watches the way her eyes follow his tongue.  "But, what about your lippy?”

“I can reapply later.”