strawberry island


Remember when I mentioned how narrow the bridge was at Deception Pass? When cars and especially large dump trucks drive by you, the air displacement is very unnerving. The last one was actually an accident but helps to describe just how small an area one has.


louis wishing harry happy birthday on social media isn’t important to me because i know he’s doing it while they lie on their picnic rug on a beach on some tropical island eating strawberries but that doesn’t mean i’m not gonna be sad about it

ahhh guys im screaming!!!!! thank you all of y’all so so so much for getting me to 1.5k! this is absolutely incredible for me who has like ten friends irl ahaha but i thought i’ll do a big celebration for this milestone since i haven’t done one in a long time and i have more time now to do these since im on summer vacay! <33 also thank you so much to @lunalovey and @mcgonnagal for giving me the hp aesthetic format


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This is Why Mommy Cooks...

“Could you do one where emily and the reader’s daughter tries to make breakfast for her moms for mother’s day and it doesn’t turn out so well. Thank you.😄” - @milkandcookies528

**gif not mine**

“Y/N,” she woke you, drawing you from your far needed slumber. “Y/N, do you smell that?” Tired, weighted eyelids fluttering open, taking in the bright bedroom around you, you purposefully inhaled, the chill of morning rising bumps upon your skin. You could smell it, you just were very uncertain to what it was, but before you could think of the possible causation, you noticed your wife pulling her black robe around her naked, fair body just beyond the threshold. “Em!” 

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