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Can you imagine the avengers going to a fair or a carnival and right when they get there Steve,Bucky,Thor,Clint and Bruce all decided to play a game to see who can win Tony the biggest stuff Animal and they try their best and they all go look for Tony afterwards just find him sitting down sipping on lemonade with a faint bunny( like the one from im3) and they ask him where he got that from and all Tony does is shrug his shoulders and just says "Natasha won it for me" leaving the rest speechless

Eek I didn’t see Bucky in there until after I posted! Sorry!

It all starts with Thor bragging about the hedgehog he won for Lady Jane. It took several tries, but he eventually got enough small toys to work up to a large green hedgehog which she affectionately calls Bruce. (Bruce flushes bright red even if he’s somehow flattered.)

“I won Natasha a stuffed banana wearing sunglasses,” Clint butts in smugly. “She still has it.”

“I do,” Natasha allows, but does not add anything else.

Thor stares, and does not know how to ask whether the banana looks as stupid as it sounds without insulting either of them.

“I once won a little white teddy bear at Coney Island,” Steve muses. “Where you threw the ring over the bottlenecks? I gave it to my date and she really warmed up to me. She went on to move to LA and live in sin with a woman. God, she was cool.”

“I won Betty a stuffed snake,” Bruce muses. “Or, well, she helped me win. You know that trick where guys put their arms around a girl to help her aim? She did that with me.”

“Aw,” Clint cooed. “That’s sweet.”

They all turn to look at Tony expectantly. He glances up from his tablet and jumps when he notices them staring at him. “What?!”

“Haven’t you won a prize for someone?” Bruce asks patiently.

“Oh. No, there’s no challenge in carnival games, and eventually the carnies get mad at you for figuring out how they’re rigged,” Tony says, looking back at his tablet. “And no one ever wants to win something for me.”

“We’re going to the carnival for our next outing,” Clint hisses, and everyone agrees.

(”This is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen,” Tony says when Natasha shyly shows him her stuffed banana, sunglasses hanging on by a thread. “I love it.”)

Tony eventually catches wind of what’s happening and when they arrive at the carnival he says, “I am going to eat my weight in elephant ears and lemonade and whoever brings me the biggest prize gets a kiss on the cheek and gets to be talked up at the next press conference.”

The other Avengers scatter, except for Natasha, who wants a strawberry funnel cake, and she knows Tony will buy it for her if she lets him have a bite.

Bruce returns with a little stuffed duck because he knows he’s not very good at carnival games. Tony names it Peep and he tucks it on his lap while he eats.

Clint, Steve, and Thor arrive, pretty smug with their giant teddy bears and giraffes they’ve won, but then their jaws drop when they see Tony carefully fixing Peep onto a giant yellow rabbit’s shoulder with his tie.

“What the fuck!?” Clint sputters as Steve and Thor make offended noises because what stall was even giving those out?!

“Natasha won it for me,” Tony says, smitten.

Natasha appears from behind the rabbit smugly and points at her cheek. “Pucker up, lover-boy.”

Tony leans in to kiss her cheek. “Muah! And you get credit for saving the day next time regardless of who actually does.”

“I win,” Natasha informed everyone, and would probably be smug about this for decades.

Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread from Sleepy Hollow located in Magic Kingdom.

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Hi Leo, Just Tried Strawberry Funnel Cake Yesterday, Was Awesome but hurt my stomach Just thought of you

Mmm. Delicious!

Wait…were you thinking of me because of the funnel cake…or because of the tummy ache?


‘Not that I’m complaining but why are we here?’ Isaac asked.

‘Because I won three all day free passes to this expensive fair, Emma has been wanting to come for two weeks. Plus we all love heart attack causing fair food. Isn’t that right Emma.’ you smiled as you bent down and pinched your sister’s cheek.

Your three year old little sister giggled and gave you a quick kiss before grabbing your hand and lulling you toward the first food stand of the day.

You in turn grabbed Isaac’s hand and pulled him as well.

‘Funnel cakes, classic fair food, good choice Emma. Which one do you want?’ you asked while looking at the menu.

‘I can’t see.’ Emma pouted.

Before you could say anything Isaac had picked her up and put her up on his shoulder, Emma squealing with joy at this new view of the fair.

‘How about now Shrimpy? Pick the funnel cake and we’ll get it.’ Isaac smiled up at the little girl.

‘Ummm…the one with all the str’berries.’ Emma pointed to the picture of the funnel cake  with glazed strawberries on top.

‘We’ll take one of the strawberry glazed funnel cakes.’ you said showing the vendor your all free pass bracelet proudly.

‘Someone lucked up…’ the woman smiled before looking up at Isaac and Emma.

‘In more ways than one.’

‘What do you mean?’ you asked in confusion.

‘No need to be modest or shy, there are plenty of girls like you.’

‘Girls like me?’ you asked even more confused now.

‘Teenage mothers, though most teenage fathers would sooner run for the hills than claim their offspring. You have a beautiful family.’ she smiled as she handed you the fresh funnel cake.

Your face went full red and so did Isaac’s, Emma was simply waiting for you to hand over the funnel cake.

‘Oh, oh no,we’re not. She’s my- me and him are not-’ you babbled.

‘Thank you so much for the compliment.’ Isaac said before pulling you away.

‘She thought we were young parents.’ you hissed while blushing.

‘I know, easy mistake, I mean Emma does look like me, and you are old enough to have a three year old kid (Y/N).’ Isaac said.

‘Shut up.’ you blushed.

‘Can we eat now?’ Emma asked as Isaac sat her down at a table.

‘Sure Sweetie.’ you said before you could think about it.

‘What a cute family.’ a random girl walking by with her friend said.

‘Nice looking DILF too.’ the other giggled before they both scurried off when you looked over at them.

‘I can’t believe people think we’re parents, they think we…you know, reproduced.’ you blushed.

‘Well if they think it already we might as well sell it right?’ Isaac grinned as he put his arms around you.

‘Isaac!’ you gasped.

‘Emma, you can have all the strawberries if you call us Mommy and Daddy all day.’

‘OK…Daddy.’ Emma giggled.


Request: What about one where Y/N YOUUU go to a carnival and then we run into Robbie and Thomas who were spending the day together and we all hang out.In the end you get Thomas and Y/N gets Robbie to go on a double date.I think that would be adorable.

Warnings: none

Notes: Oh shit, you want me to include MYSELF in this imagine?! This is gonna be weird using my own name….

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You and Rory wandered around the carnival floor. The county fair was in town, and it was the first night of it being open. You and your best friend, Rory, decided to go. You had nothing else to do, and had some extra money to go. So you both went.

The place was lively, full of families and friends. Numerous smells filled your noses, all the food frying or being grilled. The first thing you and Rory absolutely had to do though was go and get funnel cake. It was tradition for you and Rory to get funnel cake first thing when arriving at the carnival.

“I found it!” You pointed at the stand, rushing to it.

“What should we get this time? Regular? Strawberry? Maybe zebra funnel cake!” Rory licked her lips at the thought of the possibilities.

“Ooh, zebra funnel cake seems amazing.” You groaned in delight. You both walked up to the line, falling behind two boys. Both were taller than you and Rory, and they had similar hair colors. Neither of you thought anything more of it. Until you heard them speak.

You could barely hear them, but once they placed in their orders, you and Rory looked at one another. 

“Is that… Robbie Kay, and…”

“Thomas Brodie-Sangster.” Rory finished your sentence. 

When you both turned your attention back to the boys, they were looking at you both. Blush rose to your’s and Rory’s cheeks. They must’ve overheard you say their names. 

“Hey,” Rory smiled wide, waving at them. Both of you were so awkward. “How ya doing?”

“Hi,” Robbie and Thomas said at the same time.

“Just getting funnel cake?” Thomas answered awkwardly.

“Right…” you replied nervously. “I’ll just order the cake.”

You went and ordered. Rory stood next to you as you did so, smiling at the two boys. They were standing there as well, waiting for their orders. You could overhear Rory trying to spike up a conversation with them. The two boys engaged in the conversation, but Rory was so nervous. You could tell. Hell, you were nervous and you weren’t even talking to them yet.

“Alrighty, zebra funnel cake, coming right up,” you smiled at Rory.

“Zebra funnel cake?” Thomas asked.

“What is that?” Robbie questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Zebra funnel cake. It has the powder with a dark and white chocolate drizzle. It’s the best.” Rory explained, her mouth watering at the thought of it.

The two boys nodded. “Sounds good,” Robbie commented.

“It’s so good. We always get it when we come here,” you gushed.

Thomas looked at the two of you. “I’m sorry, what were your names?”

You told them your names,shaking hands with them. When both their orders were ready, they asked if you’d like to join them. You and Rory were both shocked beyond belief. These were two of your favourite actors asking if you and your friend wanted to join them? Of course you both said yes. They walked away, grabbing a table for four.

“I didn’t even know they were friends,” you exclaimed.

“I know, how cool is that? And now we’re going to be joining them!” Rory grinned, trying to contain her excitement. 

Once the funnel cake was ready, you grabbed the plate while Rory grabbed two forks. You found the boys sitting at a round table, eating their cakes.You sat down, setting the funnel cake in between you and Rory. You both started eating.

“So, what brings you boys to a fair in California?” You asked them.

Thomas shrugged. “I like the fair.” He was so simple; one of the many reasons why Rory liked him.

“Thomas and I haven’t spoken in a bit, he was in California, so thought we’d both spend some time at the fair.” Robbie further explained. 

You and Rory nodded.

Throughout the time of eating the delicious dessert, you and Rory talked with the two boys. You thought that once everyone was done eating, you’d go your separated ways. That wasn’t the case. Robbie asked if you and Rory would like to join them. Go on rides with them, play some games, maybe buy a thing or two. Of course you both agreed.

“Let’s go on that,” Rory pointed at her favorite ride. It was called The Zipper, where two people were locked in this cage-like seat, and then it would swing in circles.

“Sure. Seems like good fun,” Thomas grinned. You and Robbie agreed as well.

The four of you got in line, which was short. The employee scanned your ticket cards, letting Rory and Thomas in one cart, and you and Robbie in the other. You sat down in the seat, scooting over so Robbie could join. The man closed the cart, you both trapped in. You held onto the bars connected to the gate.

“I’ve never been on this ride before,” Robbie commented.

“It’s so much fun. Rory and I always go on it. It’s one of our favorites.”

When the ride started, you and Robbie screamed. You were screaming out of joy and fun while Robbie was creaming from slight fear. He was up so high, and he hated heights. He was having fun, he just didn’t expect this ride to be so quick and dizzying. 

“That was so much fun,” Thomas smiled wide. 

“Wasn’t it? See why it’s my favorite?” Rory gushed. “How’d you like it, Robbie?”

“It was… something. I had fun though,” he laughed.

Throughout that entire night, you and Rory went on all kinds of rides with Thomas and Robbie. At some point, you and Robbie went off on your own while Thomas and Rory went off on their own. 

You and Robbie went down the big slides, played stupid carnival games, went on more rides. You did it all. As you two were walking down to see what else more the carnival had to offer, you heard your names being called.

“Y/N, Rob! Up here!” It was Rory. You and Robbie both looked up to see her and Thomas waving down excitedly. They were on the people mover thing where people would sit and enjoy the view of the fair.

“Hi,” you and Robbie shouted, waving back.

“Rory seems to bring out Thomas’ louder side,” Robbie commented. You looked at Robbie with a confused look. “Thomas is naturally a quiet and shy person. She seems to bring out his more extroverted side. Get him out of his shell>” He furthered explained.

“Oh, yeah, I can see that. She’s only that hyper when she’s comfortable with the people around her. Normally, she’s quiet, too.”

“Are you the louder friend then in the mix?” You nodded. “Thought so.” You both chuckled.

At the end of the fair, you and Rory didn’t want to leave the boys. They secretly didn’t want to leave you two, either. They had a lot of fun hanging out with you. You treated them like normal people, and not actors. You or Rory didn’t even bring up their careers once like a lot of people do. They appreciated it.

“I think it’s safe to say this was the best carnival ever,” Rory smiled.

“Agreed.” Everyone else said.

“Also, Y/N,” Robbie turned to you. “Do you want to hang out tomorrow?” Your eyes went wide, but you nodded your head.

“Y-Yeah, that’d be great.” 

“Perfect. See you tomorrow?” You nodded your head. Robbie informed you that he’d text you a time and date since you two exchanged numbers earlier.

Thomas then turned to Rory. “I’d also like to hangout with you tomorrow as well.”

“Wait, really?” Rory said in shock.

Thomas nodded his head. “Yeah. Tonight was really fun. You’re a fun person.” 

You smiled at your best friend. You knew how much she liked Thomas. They exchanged numbers, and that’s when goodbyes came. Everyone hugged goodbye, you and Rory walking away. You got in the car with her, and that’s when you both shouted in delight.

“They like us!” You both shouted.

“This is the best day of my life. They’re so sweet.” Rory breathed.

“They really are. Oh my God, I can’t believe they asked us to hangout tomorrow.”

“I know! I’m so excited,” Rory gawked.

You both couldn’t hold in the excitement. Smiles were displayed on both your faces the entire way home. You each shared things about tonight’s events. You each kept telling one another what happened during the time it was just a group of two. Tonight was perfect for the both of you, and tomorrow would be better.