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Remember when I mentioned how narrow the bridge was at Deception Pass? When cars and especially large dump trucks drive by you, the air displacement is very unnerving. The last one was actually an accident but helps to describe just how small an area one has.


Jellal’s Sweet Surprise (A Jerza Family Fanfic)

Summary: Jellal surprises Erza in the morning with the help of their 6-month-old daughter Juliet

Author’s Note: Now it’s finally time for a Jerza story. I’ll admit that Erza’s a little OOC in this, but to be fair I do explain why and I believe it’s a valid reason lol. Enjoy!

Jellal and Erza were awoken in the morning by their baby daughter’s cries. Both stirred and moved to get out of bed to take care of the baby. Erza felt a hand wrap around her arm to restrain her.

“It’s my turn to take care of her this morning, Erza,” Jellal said softly. “Go back to sleep.”

“Jellal, you’ve said that for the last five mornings,” Erza said with a sigh. “It’s actually my turn to take care of Juliet. If this is another way of you atoning for your sins, I’ve already told you it’s not necessary.”

“Erza, I want to do this. What kind of husband and father would I be if I didn’t do as much or more for the baby as you? Besides, Juliet and I have been talking for the last few mornings and we have a little surprise for you.” Jellal smirked at the last sentence.

Erza raised a sleepy eyebrow; what could Jellal and a 6-month-old child possibly be “talking” about? “What do you me-“

“Shh, let me take care of Juliet and you’ll see. For now, just get some more rest.”

Erza decided to relent; normally she would be more stubborn, but she had to admit that motherhood was more tiring than she had anticipated, so she let Jellal take care of the baby for another morning. She was also very curious about this “surprise” that her husband and daughter supposedly planned. She kissed him on the cheek.

“How did I get so lucky to find a husband like you? Erza asked sleepily before settling back down on her pillow. Jellal just chuckled and kissed her hand.

“I ask myself the same question every day, but replace ‘husband’ with ‘wife’” he replied. He heard Juliet’s cries become louder and more agitated. “It sounds like Juliet’s losing patience, I’ll go take care of her now.”

Jellal left his bedroom and walked into his baby daughter’s nursery. He smiled at the red-headed girl who was crying in her crib. He was still amazed at how much Juliet looked like her mother. It was the first thing everybody commented on when they first saw the baby (“It’s a little baby Erza!” Jellal remembered Meldy squealing when she was introduced to Juliet.)

“Shhhh, Juliet, it’s all right,” he said gently as he walked over to her crib. He took the baby out and hugged her to his chest. Juliet’s cries died down a little, but she was still whimpering in discomfort. “Let’s get you changed and dressed for the day, all right?”

Erza was half right regarding what she said earlier; Jellal went out of his was to care for their daughter as a way of atoning for his past crimes. Erza swore that Jellal changed more diapers than she had since their daughter had been born.

But Jellal also took extra special care Juliet because he still couldn’t believe that this was his life; he had committed countless atrocities, he was completely undeserving of happiness (in his eyes anyway,) but he still ended up with a perfect wife and daughter. He wasn’t going to take his family for granted. He would love and protect them in every way imaginable for the rest of his life. That’s why he went above and beyond to take care of his new little girl.

Jellal had finished changing Juliet and noticed that she was now smiling, happy to be dry again. Jellal smiled back at her and placed a hand on her stomach so she wouldn’t roll off the table.

“There, now that that’s taken care of, let’s get you ready for the surprise I told you about.” Jellal said fondly as the baby gurgled in happiness. He took out a very special looking onesie that he had hidden on one of the changing table shelves. “I can’t wait to see your mother’s reaction to this.”


Erza was now awake enough to sit up in bed and was about to go into the nursery to check on Jellal and Juliet. She was about to get out of bed when the pair came into the bedroom to meet her instead. The sight of her husband holding their daughter made Erza smile warmly.

“Good morning, my little sweetheart.” Erza said in a tone that she only reserved for her baby. Everyone in Fairy Tail would have been shocked to hear the gentleness in Erza’s voice, since they were used to her either yelling, barking orders, or beating up anyone who became too rowdy. Although she was still sweet to her daughter whenever she and the baby visited the guild hall, Erza was much more relaxed in the privacy of her own home than she was in public places. She still had a reputation to uphold after all.  Jellal considered himself lucky that only he and his daughter had the privilege to see this motherly side of Erza.

Jellal had an arm wrapped around Juliet, so Erza could only see her daughter’s face and not the onesie she was wearing. “Are you ready for the surprise?” Jellal asked, excitement evident on his face. Erza, who was extremely curious at this point, nodded her head.

“Ta-Da!” Jellal said as he held Juliet under her arms and faced her towards her mother. The baby giggled and kicked her feet as she showed off her newest outfit. Juliet was wearing a footed strawberry onesie; it was red with black seeds and had a green leaf pattern along the collar. Erza’s eyes sparkled and her jaw dropped.

“Oh… my… Mavis,” Erza said in wonder as she stared at the little girl. “She is absolutely ADORABLE! Jellal, where did you find that onesie?! I’ve bought countless outfits for Juliet and you know as well as I do that I would have gotten this one if I found it.”

Jellal laughed and knew that his wife spoke the truth; Erza pretty much bought every baby-related item in Magnolia when she found out she was pregnant. It was very fortunate that she had an S-Class stipend.

“Remember when I met with Crime Sorciere in Crocus the other day?” he asked as he approached his wife and handed her their baby. “A new baby boutique opened in the middle of the city. I decided to pop in to see if there was anything interesting and I found the strawberry onesie. I knew it would be perfect. So what do you think? Do you like it?”

Jellal already knew the answer to his question. He watched as Erza held their daughter, a big smile plastered on her face.

“I think she’s the sweetest strawberry I’ve ever seen in my life, yes I do, you’re so sweet I could eat you right up!” Erza said playfully as she blew on her daughter’s tummy, causing the baby to erupt into wild giggles. Again, Jellal felt honored that he was one of the only people who saw this side of Erza. He felt his heart grow warm at the sight of his girls bonding.

“And when you’re old enough, I’m going to give you your very first strawberry, and you’re going to love it because you’re my daughter and any child of mine should love strawberries without question.” Erza continued. Jellal sat back on the bed and wrapped his arm around Erza’s shoulders. Erza planted a big kiss on his lips.

“You know me so well,” Erza said softly. “Thank you, Jellal. I love my surprise.”

Jellal tenderly returned the kiss. “I’m glad you like it.”

“And Jellal?”


“Now you’ve taken care of Juliet five mornings in a row, plus you got her this onesie and surprised me. You’ve done more than enough this week. Tomorrow it’s my turn to take care of her, got it? I’m not taking no for an answer. Do we have a deal?”

Jellal knew that tone; he knew that there was no arguing with her, so now it was his turn to relent. “Deal.”

“Hello? Hi this is Jana Kramer, calling to confirm my appointment for tonight. Yes that’s J as in…yes that’s it. Yes I’m calling to confirm my 8 PM slot tonight, one relentless tickling without hope or mercy with Mistress Xana. What was that? Yes, the Deluxe Package. A pedicure? Just this morning, that’s correct. Yes I am wearing the strawberry foot lotion as instructed. Yes could you tell me again what exactly amounts to the deluxe package? Four hour session…stocks and pillory…straight jacket yes…I’d prefer a bit gag, but if she insists I won’t question…yes…yes…great that all sounds good. What’s that? Where am I most ticklish? Definitely my toes, if she uses her nails under them, God forbid if she starts nibbling on them like last time. Also, in our last session when she had the brush, that was pretty bad too, though the sides of my feet were a lot more ticklish than I had expected.

Yes I will get there early as always. I am most definitely looking forward to it! Thank you and I will be there in half an hour…”

A shy author who writes a novel series which are super popular but is on indefinite hiatus. Soon after the ruler of hell appears in front of them in a dramatic burst of smoke demanding for them to continue because apparently demons are also very fond of popular literature.

Being a demon wasn’t so bad. All Stiles had to do was meet his monthly soul quota and other than that, he could pretty much do whatever he wanted. Stiles was very good at his job, he was the only demon in history to be named Soul Collector of the Year ninety-nine times. The year Greenburg won is still a sore spot for Stiles, it was 1967 the Summer of Love was in full swing and Stiles got a little… distracted. There were more than enough people out there willing to give up their souls for something and Stiles was more than happy to oblige them.

Stiles’ journey to becoming a demon was something of a cliché. He didn’t sell his soul to save some poor person’s life; he didn’t even sell it for riches. No, Stiles sold his soul for love. Her name was Lydia Martin, a 5 foot 2 strawberry blonde goddess. He didn’t even have the sense to negotiate himself a good deal. Blinded by infatuation, Stiles thought three years was an enough time so fifteen and stupid he agreed. In return for his soul, Lydia would fall in love with him.

But things didn’t exactly go to plan. Stiles quickly figured out that Lydia wasn’t really the perfect girl he thought and there was also that whole life-changing moment when he turned sixteen, and realised that boys were actually more of his thing. It turns out that demons don’t really care if things don’t work out so, when Stiles was eighteen, the demon came to collect. Faced with the prospect of burning in hell for all eternity, Stiles proposed an alternative – make him a demon instead, with his smart mouth and quick mind he’d definitely be an asset to the team. So here he was, a hundred years later and collecting souls for a living.

There was one big problem with the job; it got a little repetitive. You meet some poor shmuck down on their luck and desperate and it’s pretty easy to entice them with offers of a better life. You give them five or ten years, collect on the debit, and then their soul is yours forever. And so on and so on. Honestly, Stiles was bored; a hundred years of collecting souls is enough to drive even the finest demon a little crazy.

Away from collecting souls, Stiles had one pleasure in life and that was reading.  Wolf Moon, a series of novels written by the mysterious author D. H. Sales were Stiles’ particular favourite. The teenage misadventures of the titular character Scott, a werewolf, and his best friend Dylan were Stiles’ only escapism from his tedious life as a demon. It had been two years since the release of the fourth instalment and Stiles was getting a little frustrated.

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