strawberry ferris wheel

landmark aesthetics
  • sun veins: dipping your feet in the ocean, flowing white dresses, light sunburn, locked fingers, butterfly kisses, lounging around all day, gazing at the person you love
  • way it goes: an organized day planner, bare feet on hardwood, your face hurting from smiling too long, black coffee, ballroom dancing, burning your fingers on a curling iron, a nineteenth century mansion
  • vines: bleached hair, laying under a willow tree, chapped lips, screaming to the moon, bruises on your knees, eating frosting with your fingers, the smell of your first car
  • epitaph: dark blue eyeshadow, fingers tangled in your hair, ripped jeans, the crinkles around you eyes when you smile, curly hair with glitter in it, stretching your back, happy crying
  • simple season: strawberry lemonade, a rickety ferris wheel, the sound of children laughing, two boys falling in love, the little sparks of light after you open your eyes
  • tuesday: strong bourbon, dark lipstick stains on collarbones, pancakes being flipped, waking up early, lacy underwear, the cold side of the pillow
  • western kids: neon signs, glitter that looks a lot like tears, the smell of sweat and deodorant mixing, gucci clothes, a wedding where no one knows the bride and groom, catching fireflies in your front yard while the sun sets
  • poems: stop-motion footage of a cherry tree blossoming, sailing in sunny weather, striped shirts, an old leather watch band, laughing softly, antique photos of your grandparents, getting your socks wet
  • vacation: sticking your hands out the window of a car, pushpins, handstands in the grass, orange soda, candy wrappers, the click of a camera shutter
  • boyish: cutting all your hair short, freshly starched collared shirts, cinching your belt a little too tight, the smell of sandalwood, a flat chest
  • buttercup: the smell of rain on flower petals, firecrackers sizzling, spinning around til you get dizzy, vanilla ice cream, fluffy clouds, clear lip gloss, putting stickers on your cheeks

3JSB and the things they remind me of

Iwata: Sleeping in during the weekends, bubble baths, wool sweaters, breakfast in bed, bed hair, sweats & hoodies, bubblegum, baby pink, peaches, sitting on a swing, clear skies, doodles, snapbacks, cinnamon, the smell of freshly baked cookies, acoustic guitars, making wishes on dandelions, cycling down a steep hill. 

Elly: The distant thrumming of music from outside a club, late night drives, fast food, neon lights, gold, bear bricks, remembering all the words to a song you have not heard in awhile, high tops, bathrobes, video games, basketball, bean bags, chain necklaces, morning cartoons, hoverboards, grapes, the heavy bass or a beat drop in a song. 

Kenjiro: Stone skipping, the ocean’s breeze, hairspray, plaid shirts, doing a cannonball into a pool, green, freshly cut grass, the sound of an engine revving up, impromptu road trips, maps, summer, fishing rods, drunk karaoke sessions, camping, the sound of laughter, punching gloves, eating a slice of watermelon during the summer to cool down.

Omi: Sunsets, art galleries, instagram filters, skyscrapers, beanies, leather jackets, chandeliers, red, champagne, tailored suits, scented candles, autumn, lollipops, black cats, blurry photos, milkshakes, stained glass, love ballads, black cats, the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair as you drive with the roof or the windows open.

Ryuji: Fairy lights, piano keys, lemonade, big sunglasses, studs, cuff links, people watching from a cafe with a cup of coffee, jumping into rain puddles, yellow, strawberries, messy handwriting, ferris wheels, lullabies, the feeling of the waves crashing against your feet as you walk on a beach barefoot, the first ray of sunshine that appears after the rain.

Naoto: Laced up boots, popsicles, fireworks, candid polaroid photos, fedoras, spray paint, the smell of citrus fruits, denim jackets, iron on patches, skateboards, graphic novels, winter, trench coats, black & white films, cassette tapes, sketchbooks, movie stubs, the smell of cotton candy, balloon animals, watching the sun rise from a rooftop. 

Naoki: Cherry blossoms, libraries, reading glasses, history museums, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, paper cranes, stargazing, wind chimes, handwritten letters, white, spring, early morning strolls, the sound of rain falling, falling asleep during a train ride, sharing a blanket with a loved one, a piano melody. 

Yooran week day 5

Day 5:   Vacation // Strawberry Festival

(2456 words)

“C’mon, Saeran, you have to come with us,” Saeyoung complained to his brother, attempting to drag him out of the door.

“It won’t be the same without you,” MC contributed to the campaign, smiling cheerfully.

“I don’t want to go to a stupid fruit festival,” Saeran grumbled, trying to check the text that had just come through on his phone.

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