strawberry daquari

Cute Little Crush | Riverdale

 Request: I saw this somewhere and I was wondering if you could write it. “Do you think you could do something cute with Fem reader and core four + cheryl. Like the reader has the most innocent crush on Veronica’s mom and her friends find out and just innocent teasing occurs. Please and thank you.”

Hermione Lodge x Female!Reader, Core Four x Female!Reader (platonic)

A/N: Not really romantic, just fluffy and cute.

You grinned at your mother and waved as you walked out of the front door, yelling out a quick “I love you” as it slammed shut. You were getting ready to walk to Pop’s with Archie and Betty who you lived directly across from.

You had been friends with the pair for as long as you could remember, always going over to each other’s houses and having movie nights for as long as you could remember. Betty, Archie, and Jughead had been your rocks all throughout your 16 years of life. 

Plus Cheryl and Veronica who you had only recently become friends with, it was safe to say that your support system was pretty strong.

You smiled at Betty and Archie who stood chatting at the end of your driveway, both of them sending a small wave in your direction. You skipped over to the pair, slinging your arm around Betty’s shoulder as you began walking down the street to Pop’s.

From your house, it was about a seven-minute walk, not including all of the times that Archie would probably get distracted which always ended up happening. And if Betty saw a dog, God help you and Archie because she’d play with it for hours if the owner would let her.

The three of you chatted aimlessly as you walked to the diner. Mostly about Archie’s music and Betty’s Blue and Gold. You loved the way your friend’s eyes lit up at the mention of the things that they were passionate about.

When you finally arrived at Pop’s, Veronica, Jughead, and Cheryl were already in your signature booth. Though you assumed that Jughead probably never left in the first place.

There was already a chocolate shake sitting at your seat, Cheryl munching on the cherry that came with, knowing how much you disliked them.

Veronica and Cheryl were gossiping as per usual, Jughead just rolling his eyes at their antics as he typed away on his laptop. 

When you sat down you were greeted with wide smiles, Veronica gesturing for Archie to sit beside him while Cheryl did the same for you. You were Cheryl’s best friend out of the little group, she really only tolerated them for your sake. 

“I heard that Jamie just broke up with her girlfriend, Y/N! You like her, don’t you?” Veronica asked with a smirk, taking a sip of her vanilla shake.

The entire group aside from Jughead turned their attention to you causing your cheeks and ears to heat up. “I- uh- not really. She’s not exactly my type.” You stuttered.

Cheryl smiled deviously, glancing at you, in all of your flustered glory, from the corner of her eye. “She’s more into older women. I’m surprised you didn’t know Veronica.” Cheryl allowed her eyes to wander to Hermione Lodge who stood behind the counter at the diner.

Betty was the first to catch on, her mouth agape.

“Close your mouth, Betty Draper. You’ll catch flys.” Cheryl smirked.

“Wait, you seriously like -”

“Oh my God.” You groaned, cutting off the blonde. You buried your face in your hands in hopes of saving at least a little bit of your dignity. Cheryl patted your back sympathetically, even though you could hear her soft giggles.

You hadn’t even meant for Cheryl to know about your crush on Veronica’s mom. It happened when she was sleeping over at your house. You had one too many of her famous Strawberry Daquaris, and you weren’t the best drunk. Your usual caution flew out the window, along with your filter when you had too much alcohol in your system.

“I’m completely lost here,” Veronica admitted. “Who does she like?”

“Your mom, obviously.” Jughead rolled his eyes, never once looking up from his laptop.

Veronica faked laughed, glaring at the writing-obsessed boy. “I’m being serious.”

“Oh, so is he!” Cheryl grinned, sitting up straighter in her seat. She laughed to herself as Veronica’s expression shifted from one of understanding and then disgust.

Meanwhile, your head was still buried in your hands. Archie had taken over rubbing circles on your back. His eyes shifter between Cheryl and Veronica and then back to you. It was like watching a live trainwreck right before his very eyes.

“Oh my God, Y/N. I honestly thought you had better taste than that. I love my mom, but she is a snake dressed in sheep’s clothing. You could do much, much better.” Veronica reassured.

You peaked your head back up sheepishly. “So you’re not mad?” You questioned the girl quietly.

“Of course not! We can’t help who we’re into. My long list of regrettable ex-boyfriends can attest to the one.”

You laughed lightly, your blush dissolving from your cheeks.

“All is well that ends well.” Cheryl nodded, popping the cherry from Jughead’s shake into her mouth.