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I’m Still Not Cute

Yes, a part 3. There will be a part 4 and then it will be finished. There were just so many things on this trip that brought these situations to mind. Hope you enjoy! 

Part 1 | Part 2

Summary: After a Busan vacation, will Yoongi want to snuggle on the train?
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Reader/Suga
Words ~1,400

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“No,” Yoongi said to you, his eyes still closed, his head resting on the seat of the KTX train.

The trip had been amazing so far. Busan was beautiful this time of year. The days had been sunny and warm, but not too hot. The nights had been breezy, but not too cold. It didn’t hint at rain once.

The one day you all spent at the beach, Taehyung and his girlfriend had splashed each other in the waves, Tae taking every opportunity to trip and dunk her under the water. She tried to get mad, but her laughter gave her away. You watched from under an umbrella, lying on a blanket next to your own boyfriend, Yoongi.

He was passed out, his sunglasses covering his eyes, but you were okay with that. You had no desire to go in the water, not relishing the thought of washing the sea out of your hair later. You had your book and your boyfriend, even if he was snoring quietly next to you. He had spent a good five minutes rubbing suntan lotion on your shoulders earlier, so you were content.

Tae and his girlfriend stumbled back from the water, flopping in the sand nearby where their towels were. Tae wrapped her towel around her, rubbing it on her hair, getting sand everywhere. She squealed and tried to stop him, and they ended up in a heap at your feet, a giggling mess. Sand splashed up and covered Yoongi’s foot, but he was still snoring away. The boy could sleep through a hurricane.

Tae noticed that Yoongi didn’t stir. He covered Yoongi’s foot with more sand; still no response. He whispered something to his girlfriend and, still giggling, they began shoveling more sand over Yoongi’s feet…then legs.

“What are you-“ you started to ask but you were cut off by Tae’s sharp,


They were trying to bury Yoongi in the sand, while he was sleeping. “You’re gonna get the blanket dirty,” you whisper-complained, but found yourself scooting over and scooping some sand onto your boyfriend’s arm.

He snored through the whole process. At some point, you lost your apprehension and the challenge became fun. How to bury someone while they were still asleep…just make sure they were really tired and could sleep through everything. With a smile, you scooped the last bit of sand up over his chest.

Taehyung, satisfied with his mischief, took his girlfriend to work on a sand castle nearby. You tried to focus on your book, but you kept looking at your boyfriend, buried up to his neck, and giggling. Served him right for sleeping through the first part of the vacation.

You knew the moment he woke up, because his snores got louder and turned into a “What the hell…” You looked over and saw him look down at his sand covered body through the sunglasses. You couldn’t hide your snort of amusement at the expression on his face. He wiggled one arm free to take the sunglasses off his face. You recognized his frown of disapproval before his gaze wandered over and rested on Tae and his girlfriend. Disapproval turned to irritation.

“That kid,” he muttered under his breath. You saw him start to shake free of his sand casing and covered your mouth to keep from laughing aloud. You watched him stand and march over toward Tae, sand still falling off Yoongi’s shoulders when he reached the two of them. You couldn’t make out what he said, but in the end, it finished with Yoongi’s foot in the middle of their sandcastle, Tae laying on his side in a fetal position from laughter, and his girlfriend pouting up at your boyfriend for destroying their creation. You couldn’t contain your own laughter at the sight. It was a memory burned for eternity in your mind.

Yoongi wasn’t actually mad; he was completely chill for the rest of the time. The vacation was a blast. All four of you laughed, ate, danced, and sang at appropriate times. It felt like an actual break from life, where you didn’t have to worry about anything, and everyone was just happy to be. By the time you were getting on the train to go back to Seoul, you were wiped out tired, ready to sleep the whole time.

Tae and his girlfriend were across the aisle from Yoongi and you. Due to a loss at a wicked game of rock, paper, scissors, Taehyung had a strawberry curler in his bangs; he had to leave it there for the whole KTX ride.  Despite that, when the train started, Tae and his girlfriend were sharing ear buds, lip syncing and dancing along with whatever music was playing. They were cute, and having a good time.

You were in the window seat, Yoongi in the aisle seat. His head was leaned back, his eyes closed, his mouth slightly agape with sleep. You noticed the earbud in his closest ear had fallen out and was resting on his shoulder. You looked past him at the two fools doing Twice’s TT dance together and felt the need to vomit. It was sickeningly cute.

Then you looked at Yoongi’s exposed ear. It did kind of look like fun though. You took your one earbud out and slowly inched it toward your boyfriend’s ear. You were moving slow enough that you might have the chance to back out, but you really wanted to share earbuds like those two across the way.

The second you got the earbud in his ear, you smiled. His eyes shot open and he turned to look at you as though you had lost your mind. “What are you doing?”

“We’re sharing music,” you grinned. You pointed across the aisle at your two friends. “It’s fun.”

Yoongi turned to look at them, before turning to look at you. “They look like idiots.”

“Don’t they always?”

“Yes,” he said, leaning his head back again. “Which is why I don’t understand why you have the sudden need to be like them every once in a while.”

You pouted, even though his eyes were closed. “They’re cute.”

“I’ve told you about cute,” Yoongi said. “Still not doing it.” He popped the earbud out of his ear and held it out for you to take. “And really? Astro? You had to put Astro in my head?”

“You know I love them,” you poked his shoulder with your finger.

“I know,” he replied, before putting his own ear bud back in his ear. “Good night.”

With a shake of your head, you turned to look out the window, wondering why you ever put up with his grumpy ass when you asked so little in return.

A while later, you turned again to see what Tae and his girlfriend were up to now. He was sitting in his seat, head back, curler bobbing on his forehead, passed out cold. She was curled up sideways, her head in his lap, sleeping with his coat around her and his hand on her arm. It was the cutest thing you had seen the whole trip.

You looked at your boyfriend, also asleep. His hands were folded in his otherwise empty lap. You could totally lie there. It would be totally ok. You looked over at Tae and his girlfriend one more time to make sure to get the positioning right. You shifted in your seat, and that was when you heard it.

“No, “ Yoongi said to you, his eyes still closed.

You exhaled loud enough for him to hear. He opened one eye to look at you. “Really?” he asked.

You nodded, your bottom lip coming out to pout a little. “Every time we do something with them…” Yoongi griped, turning to look at Tae and his girlfriend. Now, Tae’s head had fallen forward, his chin tucked into his chest, but still asleep. “It doesn’t look comfortable,” Yoongi said, turning to look at you.

“It’s so sweet though,” you argued.

Yoongi shook his head. “I’m not that cute. I have my limits you know,” he replied, closing his eyes and resting his head back against the headrest.

Three seconds later his arm was up, an open invitation for you to lie on his lap. You snuggled down in a hurry, using your coat as a pillow. Yoongi wrapped the corner of his coat and his arm around your shoulders, tucking your hair behind your ear, before giving you a little squeeze as a hug.

“The things I do for you,” he grumbled. By his tone, you knew he was smiling.

“I appreciate them,” you replied, your smile evident as well. “It’s because you’re sweet.”

“Exactly,” he said. “Remember that. Sweet.”

“Not cute,” you agreed.

“Anything but that,” he murmured, already half asleep, his hand still rubbing your arm absently, the gentle motion and warmth he shared, lulling you into a contented (but not cute) sleep.