strawberry crown

helen + orla = hella  ~*✧*♡♡(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)♡


Happy birthday to our recently crowned strawberry prince Sunggyu! 
He might act like a grandpa, look like a hamster and suck at almost every game played on variety shows. This man also leads 6 boys with a burning passion and a wit to no end. A face so dazzling it makes all the maidens swoon and a voice as sweet as strawberries. He will make you know him!


uGH my mom found a needle i used for a stick n poke (probably the strawberry or tooth and crown since theyre the most recent ones) and she went off on me because she thinks im doing heroin
this is like the 3rd time shes randomly accused me of doing heroin and im HIGHKEY upset that she would even think that id be doing anything like that and not telling her (bc like im super open w her)
i was like “i used that for tattoos” and shes like “I DONT BELIEVE YOU!!!” and im like
holy fuck calm down
theres nothing in the syringe
i used the needle because it went in easier than a sewing needle and was less painful
and shes still fucking assuming and imagining signs where there arent any because im not fucking doing heroin
at this point im like if you really think im doing something fucking drug test me because im not and when it comes back clean you can feel bad about accusing me of this shit for no reason
Its exhausting to constantly have to prove youre not doing anything wrong to someone who suspects it entirely baselessly

Fruity French Toast for Panda
A step by step instruction (Don’t worry. This one will be short since this is just your regular French Toast recipe.)

Makes 2 human serving or 1 bear serving
(I eat 4 French toast at a time. Don’t judge me…)

For the egg mixture you need:

2 large eggs
1 loaf of thick-cut toast (ideally. I only had normal thin toast. But it works, too. You’ll probably use up 6-8 slices)
2/3 cup of milk
a pinch of salt (It’s to bring out the flavor)

optional, each about ¼ tsp (or whatever rocks your boat):
ground cinnamon
ground nutmeg
vanilla extract or vanilla sugar (I only used half the vial of vanilla extract.)

Well, you’ll want to beat the eggs before you add the milk. It’s easier.
*whispers* You may think it’s common sense, but people make all sorts of mistakes.

Now, add all the other ingredients (except for the toast) and mix!

Here is a visual aid on how much ¼ tsp and 1 pinch of salt looks like.
It may look a lot on these pictures, but it’s not. The taste was just right. Could have even used more cinnamon.

For the fruity garnish:

You’ll need:
A handful of strawberries
a handful of blueberries
less than a handful of green grapes
1 banana
1 orange

Wash all your fruit! (Except for the banana) ..and drain the water.

Peel the banana and cut it in slices.
Rip out the green leafy strawberry crowns and carefully cut off whatever green is left on the top center.
Cut orange into wedges by placing it on a side; allign top and bottom of the orange with your knife. Cut in half.
From there on, tilt one half of the orange to the angle you want your wedge to be. Set your blade right beside the white stringy part and cut your wedge. Do so for all wedges. That way you won’t have to peel off white stringy stuff each time you want to enjoy an orange wedge. ;)

Set fruit aside. If it’s really hot where you live and you think you may not get the toast right the first time, put the fruit in the refrigerator so it stays fresh.

Dip each toast in the egg mixture then fry in a pan with a tiny bit of oil or butter. Make sure to spread the oil evenly. I used PAM cooking spray.
If you don’t have cooking spray you can use a pastry brush. Cover the bristle tips in butter and evenly apply to the pan.

This is how I get my toast golden brown:
I start with a high temperature, then once it has heated up, I drop it down to medium temperature. Then I watch closely until see just a hint of smoke. When you see that bit of smoke and the toast starts to smell great, flip it!
Do the same for the other side.

Arrange your French Toast on a plate and pour the maple syrup.
Decorate with the fruit you have prepared.

Dig in!!! >=D

ALL DONE! \(^o^)/ “Serious Steven” is by far the best episode! The new info about the Gems’ past was great! Namely the Strawberry Battlefield! Something sweet emerging from bitter struggles. ‘Tis beautiful. :,) I would guess after their temple run, the Gems would sit down for a strawberry-themed picnic. Steven has strawberry jam sandwiches, Amethyst is munching on a giant strawberry, Pearl is drinking strawberry tea (That exists, right?), and Garnet is sporting a strawberry crown because she’s the Queen. :3