strawberry crown


I wanted to share these amazingly cute #oneofakind totes bags with you lovelies that I’ll be releasing for my Rainbow Etsy Release on June 30th at! 😊🌈 Aren’t they darling?! My shop coordinator Asami is posting lots of fun sneak peeks @thecamillastore on IG & Twitter and 💖 Hope this kicks off the new week with a fresh dose of cuteness for you! 😘💕


Happy birthday to our recently crowned strawberry prince Sunggyu! 
He might act like a grandpa, look like a hamster and suck at almost every game played on variety shows. This man also leads 6 boys with a burning passion and a wit to no end. A face so dazzling it makes all the maidens swoon and a voice as sweet as strawberries. He will make you know him!


Progress pic time while it’s drying! I still have a long ways to go, but I’ve got most of one of the characters I’m going to be putting in it done! It’s a pretty big painting, so I’ll be able to put more detail into this one! I’m especially excited for when I can add the vines to the legs and leaves and strawberries to the crown! ^-^

In this picture, I’m hoping to have 2-4 more. If I can, I’d really like to add @twinklephoenix and @missladytale off to the side under a tree to symbolize that they are who they are, not the characters themselves. But I would like permission before I put that part of the idea into motion. So, what do you two think? If not, it’ll just be Marubi, Rotten, and Melon in the painting once it’s done. :)

Marubi belongs to @twinklephoenix
Mentioned Rotten and Melon belong to @missladytale

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imagine where (Y/N) really wants to get married but she's too afraid to mention anything because she thinks that Harry won't want to because they're young, even tho Harry loves her

Three years after your twentieth birthday, you were still mulling over the night that brought you here. You thought about it when you woke up until the time you fell asleep. It just astounded you how lucky you were.

You were traveling, taking a semester off of school, and found yourself in London the first week of February. You wandered into a pub and found it full of young adults, people mostly your own age. There was a giant standing on the karaoke stage in the corner, belting out an old Backstreet Boys song, and getting so into it that he looked like he might make love to the microphone. He was clearly drunk and very, very amusing. You headed up to the bar and ordered yourself a drink. When the giant finished his song, he joined a loud, carousing table in the corner that started singing happy birthday to him, naming him as Harry. A few minutes later, Harry strutted up the bar, grinning at everyone he passed on the way. He stopped next to you, an easy smile lighting up his face, and ordered a round of shots for his table.

“Hello!” He said, turning his one hundred watt smile on you. You smiled back automatically, some of his happy leaking into you. 

“Happy birthday,” you said, nodding to his table.

“Hey, thanks!” the bright lights over the liquor bottles caught his eyes, shining green like natural things, grass and leaves and summer. The bartender sent a waitress with his tray of shots over to the corner. Harry didn’t budge though. “You’re pretty.”

“I know,” you said, raising an eyebrow to him and smiling. “But you are too.” He really was. His eyes were lovely and his hair, long enough to tie up into a secure bun, had a slight curl to it. It was his smile that caught you though.

“How about a birthday kiss?” he asked, giving you that smile. How could you resist that? You stood on the bottom bar of the stool to meet his lips. That was the first time you kissed but you and Harry would share more kisses than you could ever count. Three years worth of kisses. So tonight, on your twenty-third birthday, you couldn’t help but think back. You’d been with Harry for three years and you never wanted to leave him. You wanted every part of him, forever. You wanted to live in a cozy little cottage up near Wales and you wanted to raise your children in the idyllic countryside and you wanted to grow old and crotchety together. But how could you tell Harry that? He was in the prime of his life, doing great things and growing into himself every day. You were both so young… Your cell ringing brought you out of your ruminations.

“Hey, love,” Harry said, his voice awake and cheerful. You were in the process of getting ready for the day, currently perched on the counter and contemplating putting on eyeliner.

“Morning,” you answered, a small yawn escaping.

“It’s nearly eleven,” he said, laughing.

“It’s my birthday; I can sleep late if I’d like.” You leaned back on your heels and cradled your phone between your ear and your shoulder.

“I’m still picking you up at six, right?” He asked. 

“Yeah, where are we going??” Harry had kept all your birthday plans a secret, only telling you when things would be happening, not where or what they were. All you knew was that you needed to be ready by six. You were going to lunch with your sisters first though. 

“Nice try. See you in a couple hours, love.” He laughed before hanging up. Lunch was fun. You missed your sisters; you didn’t see them nearly enough.

“So, do you think he’ll pop the question?” Your older sister Cate asked, leaning forward across the table.

“Better question: do you want him to?” Your younger sister Andi returned. You heaved a deep sigh before answering.

“We’re still so young… I mean, I know he loves me. But… no, he’d never ask.” You couldn’t meet their eyes though, just staring down at your plate.

“But you want him to,” Cate finished, giving you a bittersweet smile that you returned. That was the end of that talk though. The rest of lunch was lighthearted and fun and lasted nearly three hours. When you got back to the apartment, there was a long box sitting outside the door.

You brought it inside and unwrapped it in the bedroom. In it, you found a beautiful cocktail dress in a deep ocean blue that would look beautiful on you. Putting on your favorite playlist, you hopped into the shower to shave, taking all the time in the world (because you had it). You did your hair and redid your make up and when Harry got home, already dressed in a well-cut black suit, you were just sliding on your heels.

“I knew it,” Harry said as soon as he saw you, his eyes raking down your body.

“Good choice,” you responded, doing a slow twirl for him. He caught you mid-twirl and wrapped you up in his muscular arms.

“You’re pretty,” he breathed, his cool, mint-tinged breath washing over your face. You caught his mouth with yours and kissed him so hard, you nearly fell over in your heels. But he kept you upright. As he always did.

Dinner was at the nicest restaurant you’d ever seen. The suit and cocktail dress made sense now. Your waitress was in a elegantly cut black suit herself and dinner started with a fine red wine, perfectly matched to your beautifully presented meal. You two laughed and talked and he teased you about getting old. There was nothing out of place at all. It was a wonderfully, simple perfect evening.

“Are you ready for dessert, sir?” The waitress asked Harry after the entree plates were cleared. She gave him a bright, friendly, knowing smile, which threw you off.

“Yeah, I think it’s time,” he answered. She walked off and he turned to you, grabbing your hands across the table. “How long have we known each other?” 

“Three years,” you answered suspiciously.

“And then some. Have I told you how quickly I knew I loved you?” 

“Okay, thinking I was pretty when you were that trashed on your birthday doesn’t count as loving me,” you argued, kindly. You loved to tease him about how he insisted it was love at first sight and you insisted it was the whiskey.

“No, I did. I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.” Your breath caught in your throat. This couldn’t be. “Look, Y/N, I know we’re young. We’re still discovering ourselves. But I want to do that with you. I want to spend the rest of my life discovering myself and discovering you, together.” Your waitress returned, setting a small chocolate cake in front of you, garnished with a small strawberry. Fitted around the crown of the strawberry was a ring. “I want to spend every minute of the rest of forever with you be my side and me by yours.”

Tears started flowing down your cheeks and your hands were covering your mouth. Harry removed the ring carefully and knelt in front of you. “Please, marry me?”

A dream. A fantasy. An unbelievable wish. And it was yours.

Fruity French Toast for Panda
A step by step instruction (Don’t worry. This one will be short since this is just your regular French Toast recipe.)

Makes 2 human serving or 1 bear serving
(I eat 4 French toast at a time. Don’t judge me…)

For the egg mixture you need:

2 large eggs
1 loaf of thick-cut toast (ideally. I only had normal thin toast. But it works, too. You’ll probably use up 6-8 slices)
2/3 cup of milk
a pinch of salt (It’s to bring out the flavor)

optional, each about ¼ tsp (or whatever rocks your boat):
ground cinnamon
ground nutmeg
vanilla extract or vanilla sugar (I only used half the vial of vanilla extract.)

Well, you’ll want to beat the eggs before you add the milk. It’s easier.
*whispers* You may think it’s common sense, but people make all sorts of mistakes.

Now, add all the other ingredients (except for the toast) and mix!

Here is a visual aid on how much ¼ tsp and 1 pinch of salt looks like.
It may look a lot on these pictures, but it’s not. The taste was just right. Could have even used more cinnamon.

For the fruity garnish:

You’ll need:
A handful of strawberries
a handful of blueberries
less than a handful of green grapes
1 banana
1 orange

Wash all your fruit! (Except for the banana) ..and drain the water.

Peel the banana and cut it in slices.
Rip out the green leafy strawberry crowns and carefully cut off whatever green is left on the top center.
Cut orange into wedges by placing it on a side; allign top and bottom of the orange with your knife. Cut in half.
From there on, tilt one half of the orange to the angle you want your wedge to be. Set your blade right beside the white stringy part and cut your wedge. Do so for all wedges. That way you won’t have to peel off white stringy stuff each time you want to enjoy an orange wedge. ;)

Set fruit aside. If it’s really hot where you live and you think you may not get the toast right the first time, put the fruit in the refrigerator so it stays fresh.

Dip each toast in the egg mixture then fry in a pan with a tiny bit of oil or butter. Make sure to spread the oil evenly. I used PAM cooking spray.
If you don’t have cooking spray you can use a pastry brush. Cover the bristle tips in butter and evenly apply to the pan.

This is how I get my toast golden brown:
I start with a high temperature, then once it has heated up, I drop it down to medium temperature. Then I watch closely until see just a hint of smoke. When you see that bit of smoke and the toast starts to smell great, flip it!
Do the same for the other side.

Arrange your French Toast on a plate and pour the maple syrup.
Decorate with the fruit you have prepared.

Dig in!!! >=D