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reader learns to cook to impress Rick? ^ ^ she cooked the dish specially for him? ( i don't know something like that it's up to you :D) i love your writing <3

Rick looked up to find your beaming eyes looking down to him as you held an anxious, yet large smile on your lips. You fidgeted your fingers together and moved around a bit clearly indicating to him that you were nervous. He looked down once more at the cause of such situation.

A Chocolate-Coconut Crêpe with strawberries in the corner of the plate to accompany the pastry dish

You thought that well, he really enjoyed Beth’s pancakes so you figured that you would make him pancakes of your own. However, that idea quickly escaped your mind since honestly, no one can compete with Beth’s pancakes and you didn’t seem fond of stealing her spotlight. You’ve always watched how she reacted towards things and when someone tries to swoop on down to take her titles or things she never responded well to it.

Especially when it came to her father.

You also debated on making Belgian Waffles,but like you said, Rick always liked Beth’s pancakes a lot better, in general he preferred pancakes. With no ideas to come up with you became undoubtly defeated when something popped in your head while scrolling for any pastry ideas on your phone.


Your plan was set in full-swing as you gathered all the ingredients you had in mind to use. You spent quite a bit of time trying to master how to make a damn-good Crêpe and the results were marvelous. You thought so at least, it better be.

The light and thin pastry made out of flour was neatly made into a triangular shape with layers. The delectable dessert had chocolate drizzled on with coconut-sheddings to follow along with it. Then just a few shakes and white-powdered sugar was also coated on top. You placed a few strawberries in the corner of the plate and you had to say, it was simply mouth-watering.

When you presented it to Rick he simply stared at it. He was about to open his mouth to say some sort of sarcastic response to your despair but he closed his mouth again. Weird. But, you weren’t complaining as you still stared at him while he grabbed the fork and cut through the crêpe.

You held your breath, and hoped that he would at least like some of it. You would be so angry at the fact that you tried so hard to please him just to get it thrown back at your face. It’s not like your not already mad at the fact that you try so hard to please him. You continued to watch as he brought it up to his mouth and began to chew.

You weren’t gonna lie, the second you saw his mouth quirk up for a second gave you a great bit of relief. What really made you smile was that he went in to eat more. Rick wasn’t going to waste this.

It was a damn-god Crêpe…

Who was he to say no when you gave him those stupid eyes that always made it so damn hard to say no to.

TAZ FIC: Walls (~2000 words)

[AO3 link]

The end of a raucous evening out on the town of Goldcliff takes a turn for the therapeutic.

Taako is honest for once. Kravitz confesses a fear. A promise is made, and kept.

Kravitz stirred, breathing in the scent of clean sheets and lingering hints of Lobster Thermidor. He opened his eyes and was surprised to find the sun hadn’t risen yet. He turned over in the bed and finding it empty, sat up and glanced around the room.

The Goldcliff Hotel and Casino was a five-star establishment by any reasonable metric, and their room was no exception; two-room suite with a king-size bed, dining table, even a wet bar in the corner. Kravitz half-expected to see Taako picking at what remained of the feast they’d ordered at the close of the evening; an evening spent gambling, drinking, dancing, and carrying on in all the ways Kravitz had come to love during his extended stay in the material plane.

But Taako wasn’t there. It wasn’t until Kravitz looked out the window that he saw him, clad in the hotel’s soft cotton bathrobe, and leaning on the railing of their eleventh-floor balcony. Kravitz pushed himself to his feet and slipped into his pajama pants. Then he slid open the glass door and stepped out to join him.

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Lay loves you 😙


A short thing I wrote for femslash week, written during my ten minute break at work. Don’t judge.

“I could do it, you know.”

Darla looked up from the book on her lap to glance at Anyanka.

“What’s that?”

“If you wanted.” Anyanka rolled to her side, plucking a strawberry from the bowl on the bed between them. “I could curse him for you. Wreak vengeance on your behalf. It could be considered a conflict of interest, but I don’t think D’Hoffryn would mind.” She shrugged casually and popped the strawberry into her mouth.

Darla looked at her impassively for a moment, then set the book carefully on the bedside table.

“Angelus, you mean.”

Anyanka nodded eagerly, leaning closer.

“I could give him boils, or curse him bald.” She smiled wickedly.

Darla returned the smile. “You could make him a eunuch. Or blind.” She climbed on top of Anyanka, knocking the bowl of fruit over, and kissed a trace of strawberry juice from the corner of her mouth. She worked her way down, trailing nips and kisses across Anyanka’s collarbone.

“I could curse his soul away.”

Darla snapped her head up at that.

“You could?”

“Of course. If you wished it.” Anyanka bit her lip nervously. “I could make him as he was, if you wanted.”

Darla looked into her eyes intensely, brow furrowed, as she considered Anyanka’s offer. After only a moment’s hesitation, she smiled again.

“Let my boy suffer with his soul.” She ran a hand through Anyanka’s hair, tugging it affectionately. “I have my girl now.”

@ my debit card company: buying a bottle of strawberry fanta from a corner store at 1 am isn’t “suspicious activity”, it’s me living life the way god intended, thanks. 

[ best friends ]

you love being best friends with wonwoo but lately he’s been acting rather cold. you’ve tried to see if there’s a problem but he won’t budge and eventually things start to crumble.

You loved having Wonwoo as your best friend. There were many benefits to his presence such as getting free strawberry milk in the cafeteria or sinking underneath the covers in his fluffy sweaters. On bad hair days he would lend you his bucket hat and whenever you were upset his long arms always caged you in the perfect hug. Occasionally, you couldn’t bring yourself to fall asleep so you would roll out of bed and toss on a jacket along with a pair of shoes and wobble out the door. Pulling out your phone you would send him a simple text and the next thing you knew loud cackles of laughter were escaping your mouthes from the night streets. Sometimes you would study at his place, your limbs sprawled out across the carpet while you propped a text book on front of your face.

As you asked him questions you would focus on the sound of his deep voice giving mostly the wrong answers until you fell asleep and the boy had to shift you into his bed. Today you were rushing to school, flinging out of your Dads car with a heavy backpack slung around your shoulder. You easily identified the bucket hat that belonged to the boy sitting on the steps, his friend mindlessly chatting away in his ear. Collapsing next to him you yanked out your notebook and dropped it in his lap with the page open to a list of questions. “Quiz me real quick.” You asked sharply with clenched fists. Wonwoo scrunched his nose and glanced at the questions while Mingyu hovered by his shoulder. “You don’t have to worry, sometimes over studying can make you forget.”

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northern california gothic
  • You have taken a wrong turn. The road has gone thin and curvy, wandering up and down deep wooded hills. Signal is intermittent, but you manage to call your friend. Where are you? they ask. There are no hills in this area.
  • The sun is shining; you can see your breath. The sky is gray; you sweat through your shirt. People look at you. Aren’t you hot? Aren’t you cold? You don’t know anymore.
  • There is a man on the corner selling strawberries. There is always a man on the corner selling strawberries. You think it is the same man, but you can never remember his face. Even when you are looking right at it.
  • Cows and horses graze on the hills. The fence is ancient, weathered. The grass dead. You have never seen a farm. You have never seen a handler. You wonder how long they’ve been here.
  • The fog rolls in. The world is grey. You turn on the radio; every station is white noise mixed with distant Spanish. You hear your neighbors car start up and drive off. The fog rolls out. You do not see them again.
  • Brown flashes in the corner of your eye. Leaves rustle. Eyes flash in the dark. Staring. The deer have found you.
First Kiss Fumble

[Request]-Mine: For crazyfangirl4633
Imagine Arthur walking in on yours and Merlin’s first kiss.

Title: First Kiss Fumble

Fandom(s): Merlin BBC

Pairing(s)/Relationship(s): Merlin X Reader -x- Arthur

Warning(s): Fluffy fluff, kiss scene, secretive relationship

POV(s): Merlin

Word Count: 1043

Summary: You and Merlin had been secretly courting for about six months, when he finally takes you on a midnight picnic to The Lake of Avalon. You have a romantic candlelit dinner and… your FIRST KISS! It is wonderful and amazing and purely magical, until Arthur falls out from behind a bush from where he was spying.

Note(s): I loved doing this one! It was so adorable to imagine. I could literally play it out because there is a river that forms from the ocean at the campground I stayed at, so I used that as my scenery! So inspirational, plus writing this helped me sleep better!

Y/N: Submit your name
Y/E/C: Submit your eye color
Y/H/C: Submit your hair color
Y/SK/C: Submit your skin color

Merlin’s POV:
Finally the day had come! The day I got done with chores early enough to plan a wonderful date with Y/N for our six month anniversary. She had always told me of her dream midnight picnic on the shores of Avalon Lake, and I was going to give her just that! I had told her to meet me at the edge of the forest near the lake at precisely 11:30.

I stood over the place where the blanket laid out, three plates of delectable food on top of that, centered by two romantic setting candles. One plate consisted of her favorite, open flamed pork seasoned with sage, rosemary, and some other spice I couldn’t pronounce the name to. The other held her favorite fruits, fresh, purple grapes that are usually made into wine, however I had been able to snag a few from the royal garden; fresh strawberries bathed in sugar and cinnamon; and finally, gorgeous orange wedges peeled, and filled with delicious juice. And the last plate served dried tomatoes dressed in a white wine, lovely string beans steamed to a soft texture, and few slices of bread fresh baked and covered with freshly churned butter. Rose petals surrounded the outer edges of the blanket creating a soft, romantic aroma in the air. It was perfect, exactly how she described it would be. The moon was full and the water was sapphire blue.

I gave out a sigh of relief and satisfaction and then I heard a rustling in the bushes and Y/N’s voice calling for her horse to stay. I ran into the small path to meet her before she reached the clearing. When she came into my view I stopped. “Hello beautiful.” I looked down at her and smiled. She looked more gorgeous than ever, though I hadn’t the slightest idea how that was possible. Her Y/C/H hair curled into gorgeous waves and her eyes shone Y/E/C in the light of the moon. Her Y/SK/C skin glowed in the darkness, lighting my entire world.

“Merlin, why did you bring me out here at such an hour? ” She asked quietly. “It’s nearly pitch black outside and it’s absolutely freezing.” She put her hands on her shoulders and rubbed them to keep warm. I took off the fur cloak I wore and threw it around her.

I looked down at her and wrapped my arms around her waist. “I have a very special surprise for you my love.” I looked deep into her Y/E/C eyes, that filled almost instantly with anticipation. “But you have to let me blindfold you.” She looked at me with suspicion, but agreed none the less.

Once I placed the blindfold over her eyes, I placed a kiss on her forehead. “Just follow my lead.” I whispered into her ear and she gave a small devious smile and bit her lip. I led her along the path out to the clearing near the lake.

“Alright Merlin, can I see now?” She asked putting her hands out in front of her trying to feel around.

“Yes, you can take off the blindfold.” I whispered and then stepped away from her, guiding myself towards the blanket. Her eyes opened wide, looking as though she would soon be in tears…

*Two hours later*

We had just finished eating when Y/N crawled over, climbing into my arms. I heard a rustling in the bushes so I looked back, but nothing was there. I shook of the eerie feeling and returned my attention to my beloved. I looked down at her as she rested her head on my chest. I had never been happier in my entire life. “Happy anniversary my dear, I love you so much.” I leaned down softly calling to her.

She looked up at me and smiled. I pulled a stray curl from her face and placed it behind her ear. “Happy anniversary, Merlin. I love you too.” I looked down, simply gazing at her lovely face, her gorgeous presence, her soul was absolute perfection. I huffed at the thought of how a man like me could simply hold such a woman as her. “What?” She called. “Is there something on my face?” I looked on her skin, there actually was a trace of strawberry left on the corner of her mouth.

“Yes, allow me to get it,” without thinking of what I was doing I leaned over and slowly, intimately, licked the piece of berry of the corner of her mouth. I could see her blushed cheeks in the candlelight. I remained close to her. I didn’t realize until just then, that we had never shared our first kiss. I looked up into her eyes, searching for the permission. Though I was no mind reader, I could translate the desperate need in her eyes.

I began to lean in, very, very slowly, I looked from her mouth to her eyes, to her mouth again, and needingly pushed my lips firmly against hers, my hands reached up to cup her delicate cheeks and her arms locked round my neck.

The kiss was amazing, and so long overdue. It was beginning to grow more intense when suddenly, “Ouch!” A manly voice called and a loud thud startled us.

I jumped up, grabbing the meat dagger in my hands. I motioned her to stay back. Walking over to the figure whom was shadowed by the night I heard a familiar voice ring in my ears. “That’s going to leave a mark.” I heard my king say as he stood.

“Arthur?” I called. It was him! Had he been spying? “Arthur what the hell are you doing here?”

“Well Merlin, I saw you so happy to be let off early, then later I saw Y/N sneaking out of the castle. I followed her and found you two here snogging! Is there something you and my ward would like to tell me?” He sent questioning glances between me and Y/N who was now at my side.

I looked to her and she nodded, so I took her waist and took a deep breath. “Arthur, Y/N and I love each other………………………..”

(Sorry bout the ending, wrote it late while very very tired, and scared because something was lurking about outside my tent, do here you go)

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Why can't you ever stay still for the prompt!! And drarry ofc

Draco closes his eyes, inhaling a slow deep breath and willing away the sarcastic words on the tip of his tongue.

Which works for about five minutes until the jangling of Potter’s leg and the way he is tapping his fingers on the desk becomes too much and before he can stop himself Draco is slamming his hand down on the stack of papers in front of him, knocking several to the floor as he shouts “Why can’t you ever be still?!”

Potter stops, his fingers held above his desk in mid air and his mouth falling open almost comically.

“I didn’t think-”

“Oh so you do think on occasion I wasn’t sure.”

This makes Potter’s features turn up in a frown, the tips of his ears going red and Draco has an immediate flash back to last night; to the empty bottle of Firewhiskey they’d shared after finally cracking their case and his not so empty bed after, and especially to the other parts of Potter that flush a delightful shade of red when he is worked up for entirely different reasons.

“Jesus Christ Malfoy you’re such an asshole sometimes.”

“Yes well, way to state the obvious. Thank you so much for your astute observations Potter I’ll be sure and relay them along to Kingsley today during our partner review.”

“Is that why you’re being such-”

But Draco doesn’t let him finish, instead he grabs his wand off the top of his desk and casts a quick silencing charm at the door.

“What the hell are you-”

But again Draco doesn’t let Potter finish. Instead he strides across the room towards the other man’s desk, grabbing the front of his slightly wrinkled Auror robes and pulling him to his feet.

“God you’re insufferable. Your desk is a mess, you’re wearing yesterday’s robes, your hair looks even more ridiculous than normal, you’re always drinking my tea, and you have strawberry jam on the corner of your mouth,” he shouts, restraining himself from licking said jam off with his own mouth.

Potter just blinks, opening and shutting his mouth a few times before shaking his head.

“Stop trying to make me mad I’m not going to ask for a partner change no matter how many times you insult me today.”

“I have no idea-”

Only this time it’s Potter who is cutting him off, jabbing his finger into Draco’s chest and backing him up until Draco feels his back collide with Potter’s desk.

“No you listen to me. I’ve had enough of your insults so you can stop trying to pretend you don’t want me in your office, or in your bed.”

Draco splutters a bit about to protest but Potter puts his hand on Draco’s chest, and something about the feeling of his fingers tangling in the front of Draco’s robe makes him lose all thoughts of disagreeing with the other man in front of him.

“I know it was only supposed to be temporary and that you’re worried we’ll get new partner assignments today but…look I wasn’t gonna tell you but I came in early this morning and spoke to Kingsley already. I told him I don’t want anyone else as a Partner. We work well together despite everything and Kinglsey agrees. So we’re staying partners. That is if you wa-”

Draco can’t stop himself from what he does next, grabbing Potter and slamming their lips together. It’s desperate and messy, but Draco thinks it’s the best kiss they’ve shared yet.

“Don’t ever change, Potter,” he whispers.

Silent Retreat - Ch. 27

So, this is it, the final chapter. Thank you so much for reading and putting up with my updating delays at the end. I hope you enjoyed it. :)

Also on and AO3.

When we got back to the resort that night, after what seemed a long, dream-like trip in the boat through the dark, we climbed back up the hill slowly, comfortably and sweetly quiet.  We got back to the cabins, and I drew her into mine, where we kissed in the dim light of the lantern, undressed each other with care, and made love.

It was different this time: calmer, slower, but somehow deeper, still.  We worked together, bodies sensing the other’s movements and changes of need, enjoyment, fulfillment, desire.  When I entered her soft, slick warmth, and she moved her fingers inside me, it was like I lost track of the difference between her sensations, her pleasure, and mine.  We weren’t goal-driven, because we knew we would get there, knew we were where we needed to be at that moment, and felt it all in full.

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