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Drawing-break: Sophie Hatter, from Diana Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle. I love the film, but I love how she talks to the hats in the book!


making curry on strawberry’s online cooking show with special guest, cress (who belong to @carbonrollerfucko)

Another mini comic!! When our group got back from the bakery to our caravan/wagon, our DM prompted everyone except Gal to make a perception check and this happened. Turns out that the drink Gal had at the bakery had a special side effect on her: the drink turns to air molecules as soon as it hits the tongue, and with Gal being part air…well, it’s now part of her too. She’s stuck smelling like strawberries. - @adriana-likes-tea


A comic based on this translation (x) by @bobaaddict who translates a lot of skits from the Osomatsu san mobile game Tabimatsu. I really enjoy reading them. This one is the very first one they translated it always stuck in the back of my mind because of how cute Jyushimatsu and Osomatsu are in the middle and I’ve always wanted to do a comic about it.


Oblivious dragonborn is oblivious.

A friend was talking about how fast courtship is in Skyrim, and I was like, no, my follower and I were together for like 30 levels before we got married. Mostly because I was really slow to learn that marriage was even a thing in this game. That poor woman.

But here’s to you, Jenassa, the follower so determined that she once defied gravity to force herself over a locked gate and murder some things that maybe looked at me funny. I tried travelling with some other people, but none of them seemed to share her passion for killing the shit out of everything. I really liked that about her.

I drew a promo/cover for my comic, so far it doesn’t have a name but “The return of Black Diamond” sounds pretty clear and hints what’s going to happen :’)

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