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Drawing-break: Sophie Hatter, from Diana Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle. I love the film, but I love how she talks to the hats in the book!

Another mini comic!! When our group got back from the bakery to our caravan/wagon, our DM prompted everyone except Gal to make a perception check and this happened. Turns out that the drink Gal had at the bakery had a special side effect on her: the drink turns to air molecules as soon as it hits the tongue, and with Gal being part air…well, it’s now part of her too. She’s stuck smelling like strawberries. - @adriana-likes-tea


Oblivious dragonborn is oblivious.

A friend was talking about how fast courtship is in Skyrim, and I was like, no, my follower and I were together for like 30 levels before we got married. Mostly because I was really slow to learn that marriage was even a thing in this game. That poor woman.

But here’s to you, Jenassa, the follower so determined that she once defied gravity to force herself over a locked gate and murder some things that maybe looked at me funny. I tried travelling with some other people, but none of them seemed to share her passion for killing the shit out of everything. I really liked that about her.

I am excited to announce my new upcoming comic series, Love Not Found, which will launch some time in May 2014. It gets back to the roots of what I do best, romance comics! The series will update two days a week to start, on Mondays and Fridays. I will have more information as the launch day comes closer. Demon Aid will continue to update, but as a side project. It will move to a once a week update schedule by the time the new comic launches. I hope you all will join me in this exciting new journey!

“Planet Monotropa. Human population: 2,408. While technology has advanced in ways most could never imagine, humankind seems to have regressed. People have forgotten the need for the touch of another person. Love Not Found is the story of Abeille and her quest to find that missing human connection.”


Ruby loves her strawberries <3

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Blueberry, look what have you done to the poor Strawberry! :(

Okay, so I did a thing. I’ve kinda recreated the Maul/Ezra scene from “Visions & Voices” and added a few lines to… hurt my own feelings, apparently :’) For the drawings I used @soupery‘s expression meme as a base, so giving a credit! Btw I actually think that Ezra did hurt him back then a bit. Cause c’mon, he wasn’t even blabbering about revenge, he just wanted to feel less lonely. 


So I’m slowly working on a comic about a small gardener and the Snail Queen. It’s really just an excuse to draw something gay with my girlfriend ( @beetlescrub ) and me in it lol, I miss her a lot ATM 😢 but I finished the front cover and the first 3 pages so here ya go!! I hope you guys like it!!

Backstory: my gf loves snails and we call her the snail queen and I started drawing her as the snail queen in cool dresses I saw and the other day some snails were eating my berries in my garden and she defended them so I’m making a comic about it

Strawberry-Flavored-Spunk (feat. MusicMushi)

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Toy Bonnie, Toy Freddy - @strawberry-flavored-spunk

Toy Chica, Cupcake - @musicmushi


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