strawberry cheetos

Top of the World Prices

Here in Barrow, it’s literally the most northern city in the United States. it takes a bit to ship or fly things here as there are no roads leading to town. Because of this, goods cost a bit more than most of us might be used to. For instance, a gallon of milk costs $10.49

Here’s a few more cost examples below:

58 fl. oz. (1.75L) of orange juice costs $12.79

a 12-pack of Coke costs $12.95

a 1 lb 8 oz (686 g) tin of coffee costs $17.99

a 65 fl oz (1.89 L) container of grapefruit juice costs $10.99

a container of strawberries is $9.99, blueberries are $7.99

a head of iceberg lettuce is $5.49

a single 5.3 oz (150 g) Chobani Greek yogurt is $2.49

lean ground beef is $6.69 per pound

a loaf of bread is on sale for $5

a 9 oz (255 g) bag of Cheetos costs $8.33

a dozen donuts are $10.49