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Free! Novelize Chapter 6: It’s Meaningless Without You

I cannot impart to you the miracle that happened for me to get this to you. It’s actually been ready for a couple weeks, but I haven’t had the time to type it up. SO before we begin, a couple notes:

-I apologize for the blatant irreverence for verb tense; it switches from present to past and back again. So I tried to leave it as similar as possible so it can drive all of you crazy too I apologize for that in advance.

-Also again with the spacing, practically everything has its own paragraph in the book.

-‘Dice Talk’ is literally what the phonetic vocabulary word is for the dice game in the chapter.

-There are a couple lines it is a bit hard to tell who is talking without seeing their speech pattern, so I added the first letter of their name in a bracket after the line just as an aid.

-And finally, the Japanese language frequently doesn’t believe in periods, causing a lot of run on sentences. I adjusted accordingly, but if anything seems overly long, that’s why.

Now then:

Chapter 6: It’s Meaningless Without You

~Haru’s Point of View~

It’s meaningless without you.

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Imagine pocket-sized Dino trying to get you to give in and give him one of your strawberries.
“Y/n~~ can I have a bite of your strawberry??”
“Dino you finished your strawberries already, these are mine..”
*starts acting cute*
“…” *gives him another strawberry*

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Fairies use flowers for their charactery

Whatsit and other imp info:
 A re-whipping of (certain parts of) the Bleach novel (you know which one!). Creative license taken. Uryuu POV. 522 words. Spoilers for the novel. See below for A/N. Translations courtesy of this blog bc I’m extra-salty even now and Imma throw your own ridic words at you :P Strap in, peeps. 


Uryuu is no fool.

He knows exactly what those strawberry flowers they’re all embroidering on Rukia’s veil mean.

“– in hanakotoba, means ‘happy family’, and I’ve loved–” Orihime chatters, rather innocently as she works on the veil, when he cuts in, “as well as 'respect and love’, Inoue-san.”

Everyone gasps collectively. Not the reaction he’d hoped for from such an innocuous statement. Of course, if he’d let on that he knows any more

“Well, it means other, more obvious things, too,” he says carefully, fixing his gaze on Ichigo. He doesn’t look up from his sewing.

Orihime does. “Whatever do you mean, Ishida-kun?” There’s a light in her eyes he can’t quite reconcile himself to, though her voice remains deceivingly soft.

He lets the question hang in the air.

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