strawberry bush

other versions of sunshine:
  • lying on a sunflower field with muddy feet and giddy heart, the weather is humid, your eyes are dozing, and you feel the coolness of sunflower leaves and grasses on your back.
  • watching the waves on the ocean dancing in rhythm, its serene sound harmonizing miraculously on your ears and you feel the water kissing your legs
  • waking up on the wrong side of the bed yet seeing your cute dog still sleeping so soundly, solemnity and the smell of lavender candles in your room
  • picking strawberries and trimming bushes on a fine, fine weather while wearing a cute straw hat with an embroidered flower on the right, and a cute yellow dress
  • the collection of happy memories in a cute bottle with sands from all over and seashells, jar painted with mustard yellow and a pink ribbon
  • smelling like an angel while having a lush bubble bath after a long, tiring day and sleeping on a newly changed sheets
  • hot chocolate and black coffee on a winter evening, eating christmas cookies while dipping it in a chocolate, and smelling like a bakery
  • knitting cute things and embroidering on new stuff while smelling like orange after peeling heaps of pomegranate for grandma
  • smelling like paint after working on a nice sheet of canvas, drawing multiple strangers, sketching cute sceneries, and having paint smudges all over your fave shirt because of acrylic.
  • classical music in a coffee shop while waiting for somebody special (may or may not be a friend) smelling like a cup of coffee and embracing the solemnity of the atmosphere

A lot of people, under various contexts, are going “okay… so, where is White during all of this?”

And I’m just sitting over here like..

[Two screenshots from Serious Steven: one of the obelisk in the center of the pyramid, and another of Steven, sitting in a strawberry bush, holding up the large, pale, diamond-shaped gem that they retrieved in that episode]

…I have a few ideas.

Strawberry Village|1|M

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Chapter 1: Kissing the Tip of the Gun

Pairing: JungkookxReader

Genre: Angst, Smut (later), Gang!au, some (dark) Humor 

Warning: Violence(!), Mature language and themes 

Words: 8,227

A/N: Strap in and get ready for this one it’s gonna be a ride. This is just the beginning folks so I hope you like it. This will be a 12 part series and I am about as ready as you are. 

Summary: Growing up as the daughter of an infamous Mob boss isn’t particularly easy or full of sunshine and skittles. Still, you hold yourself together pretty well and get by without too many issues. That is until you get kidnapped and dragged away far from the safety of your home, the brutal mobster-filled estate disguised as an orchard. Escaping from your kidnappers isn’t the hard part. That part is almost too easy. No, getting home to your concerned father and your overprotective, and now very worried, “family” is the problem. Luckily, you find your salvation in a kind, though not so innocent, stranger who saves you from the wrath of gunfire. You then “convince” him to help you home, though the road towards Strawberry Village isn’t as smooth as you both hope.

Part Two: Don’t You Have Any Fear?

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Say Yes to the Dress

A/N: How about bridal shop AU? What happens when Tony spots a beautiful bride to be sitting on the dirty New York sidewalk? 

This is my submission for @yourtropegirl alternative coffee shop AU challenge.

Warnings: None cause I’ve never done anything wrong in my life. Tony will back me up on that.

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Straw Berry - the hybrid of a strawberry and wood, with prevailing properties of a strawberry.
doesn’t  have a gender, but looks like a girl. The tail is a lush strawberry bush, that abundantly fructifies in the summer, and the strawberry from it is the tastiest in Equestria. That strawberry grows up very fast btw.
Straw Berry eats when she buried into the ground, and she sleeps in the basin with wet ground, in which she also buried (c u t e).
She likes when someone scratching her back and belly.
Berry is very quiet and silent, but she’s friends with bees and other insects that usually flown to her flowering tail.

Thorns and Swords Prologue

((G/t, SFW, fluff, wlw, possible angst))

Long ago, in a time of great mystery, where tales of dragons, goblins, unicorns, magical spells, and curses ran amuck, before today’s technology… There is one tale yet to be told. A tale of two kingdoms at the brink of war…

The kingdom of Febienne and the kingdom of Pètaleur. Two neighboring kingdoms, both with a queen leading them.

The kingdom of Febienne is led by Queen Gladiolus, a young woman in her mid-twenties, twenty-six years old. A kind and sympathetic ruler renowned by her people to be understanding and generous, but also calm and level-headed.

The kingdom of Pètaleur is led by Queen Rose, another young woman, also in her mid-twenties, twenty-four years old. A sugary-sweet, integrous woman who is resolute in achieving what her people need, she is beloved by her people.

But. There was one issue.

The kingdom of Pètaleur was housed in a vast area filled with many harmful and dangerous flora. Especially rosebushes. The entire kingdom was surrounded by vast amounts of rosebushes that were centuries old. There were also many fruit-bearing plants such as blueberry bushes, strawberry bushes, apple trees, and much more. These were harvested by the kingdom’s residents, but despite this, there was not enough food for the kingdom in the past few years.

As such, many of the civilians in the kingdom turned to their beloved ruler for guidance. Unfortunately, she had nothing to offer. She would give them rations from the royal stores, but as such gave away her own supply of food. Soon, when they came to her for help, they were soon greeted with the reality that not only were the civilians running out of food, but the queen had no food either.

Panic spread. What if their queen were to starve? There was no one to take the throne in her place, she had no spouse, offspring, or parents. A band of citizens ventured out of the safe walls of the roses to find more food. Riding mounts, they left the kingdom to find food. They traveled through grasslands until they parted the reeds and found… a swampland. Marshes spread far beyond where they stood. Sentries were sent out to search the marsh and beyond for a possible food source.

They found another kingdom that they had not been aware of. A few sentries had to rest their mounts. They observed the residents of the kingdom and were soon enraged. Mages tampered with the weather, directing vital rain clouds to merely rinse their laundry, harvested produce, and even their buildings! Precious water that had been missing from their crops was being used for trivial uses such as this!

In a vigilante act of vengeance for their kingdom, families, and queen, they took some of this harvested food, and tried to act unnoticed, but were quickly spotted. They fled with the food and they were chased, but they got away unscathed. They reported back with news of what had happened and the food supplies, shocking the other adventurers. They quickly reported back to their queen, who was shocked and angered.

This is where our tale begins…

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“ don’t you think you’re a little old to be using cheesy pick-up lines? ” DAMN DO THIS WITH PETER AHA

A/N: I really loved writing this, you saved me, i love this I’m proud. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it!

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Peter had been on your back all week, shooting you with pick up lines which were…. Well, some flattering others seemed like he had the youngest lost boy tell him what to say. You were already attracted to him and part of you was aching to just jump him. But you couldn’t help milk to situation a little more, it was just too funny how hard he was trying. 

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to be loved, and to be in love III

part 1  part 2

Morning did come, and the heat of the summer certainly arrived as well. You woke up, stretching your arms out above your head before dropping them back down to your sides. You stared at the wood ceiling for some time, not ready to go out and face the day. Or face Pan, a voice in your head whispered. You closed your eyes again in exasperation. Just go along your usual day. Pan won’t probably even remember last night. You rolled your eyes at the thought.

You pulled yourself out from the warm covers, heading towards the bathroom to bathe. One of the many downsides of living in Neverland was everything was so god damn old fashioned. No showers, only baths. There was hardly any electricity, so you could kiss light with a flick of a switch goodbye. There was nothing modern about Neverland but at the same time… that’s what gave it its charm. You had no social media to worry about, no stressful home life, no school. You were brought to Neverland because your life was a train wreck, and Pan had explained to you that the him and Lost Boys were now your family.

The tub was now filled after being wrapped up in your thoughts for so long, so you undressed and sunk down in the warm water. You leaned your head back and stretched your legs out while washing yourself with citrus soap. After a while of relaxing, your fingertips had shriveled up and the bath water had grown lukewarm. You were just about to re-fill up the water for another hour of lounging when your quiet was interrupted with a loud knock on the door.

You jumped, splashing water outside the bathtub. Your heart beat quickened as you called out a meek, “Who’s there?”

“It’s me, love. Let me in.” Followed by the doorknob jingling.

You drained the water and scrambled out of the tub at the same time, all the while listening to bangs on the door followed by a “Open up, (Y/N)!”

“I’m… - I’m not decent right now!” You ran into the only other room of the cabin with a flimsy towel covering your body. Throwing your dresser doors open, you tried to find another one of your light summer dresses in a hurry. With a loud crash, the door flew open.

Pan stands in the doorway with a odd look on his face, breathing heavily. His eyes looked you up and down, his breath catching in his throat as he realized you actually weren’t decent. You see him look you up and down as your cheeks flame up with heat, obviously not use to standing half nude in front boys, much less Peter Pan.

“Is there a reason you exploded my front door down?” You said turning around back to the bathroom.

Pan strolled in like he owned the place (he technically did but that’s not the point) and made himself comfortable by sitting on your bed. You reemerged from the bathroom, clothed this time, and look at Pan. The weird look he had on his face seconds ago was now replaced with one of arrogance.

“That was a nice sight to see bright and early.” He said with a chuckle.

“It’s almost 1 pm.” You deadpanned, ignoring his crude remark. He waved your comment off with his hand.

“That’s not what I’m here to discuss. I want to talk about what happened last night.” You encouraged him to speak with a raise of your eyebrow.

“Look, I…” he sighed, “I wanted to check in after what happened last night. Are we … good?”

“…Are we good? I was stuck next to you the whole night like a dog on a leash.”

“Don’t over exaggerate. You were happy I gave you the chance to sit by me at all.” He said with an eye roll.

You’re mouth dropped in protest, “Are you playing some kind of game here? ‘Cause if you are I don’t want to play. ”

“Not a game, just merely having some fun with you’s all. Nothing serious.” He said, running a hand through his windblown hair.

A hurt expression fell over your face. Pan was only playing around with you? When this whole time, you thought he felt the same way about you as you did to him.

You covered up your feelings with a weak roll of your eyes.

“I have work to do today, so would you mind seeing yourself out?” He smirked and looked down, well knowing you didn’t have any work because he didn’t assign you any.

“So be it. I’ll be seeing you later, (Y/N).” Before he could say more, you plucked the wicker basket from the shelf and walked out the door before Pan could see you tearing up. You didn’t really know where you’d were going, but soon settled for the flower fields you were in yesterday.

Pan sat on your bed for a few more minutes after you left. He eventually stood up and decided to go after you with a huff. This is not how he planned to tell you, he came here to apologize but it backfired as soon as you started to stand up for yourself. My island, my rules. No one disobeys me, he thought smugly.

But it seems that the girl he loves did exactly that.

You ran the path you knew so well, the endless flower fields quickly coming to sight. You stumble into one of the rows upon rows of sunflowers, stepping carefully around roots and sticks. After your beating heart had calmed down, you looked up at all the bright yellow petals. The fields seemed to go on forever, you’re sure nobody would come looking for you in here, much less find you.

 You don’t exactly remember how long you’ve been strolling through the fields; Neverland seems to have that effect on people. Pan has been on your mind since getting here, from his dumb smirking face to the words he spoke to you that bruised your heart. Why would he say that to you? Was it because you were the only girl on the godforsaken island, he thought he could play you?

He’s just like every boy back home. Neverland changes nothing.

Rustling in the bushes brought you out of your thoughts. Pan tripped out of the from the strawberry bushes, spouting out curses before he regained balance and his eyes landed on you.

“Bloody hell! I’ve been running all around here like a damn fool trying to find you (Y/N)! You can’t run off like that!”

You furrowed your eyebrows in anger. “Since I’m the one stuck on this island, I think can do whatever I want! I don’t have to follow your rules.”

“My rules are what brought you to this island in the first place! I’m pretty sure you do have to follow those, love.” He sneered.

You balled your fists up in anger. You stood up, and did what you seem to do best; run away. Pan groaned and started sprinting after you. He chased you through the fields, dodging rocks and uplifted roots. Pan’s continuous yells and insults did nothing but spur you on to get away from him.

“Stop chasing me!” You wheezed, the pain in your side burning from running so hard. “Leave me alone!”

“No!” Pan yelled back. After gaining distance on you, he grabs your arm sending a jolt of pain through your shoulder. You yelped in suprise as your legs all tangled together, both of you falling on the ground in a heap.

You and Pan groan in pain, his added weight falling on top of you didn’t do anything to help the fall. Both your chests breathed heavily against each other, the adrenaline from your chase game wearing off and leaving nothing but sore legs. Pan looked down at you, his nose centimeters from touching your own. You stared back, half enjoying him on top of you and half wondering why he hasn’t pulled off yet. Pan leaned in slowly, his forehead resting on yours. “I’m in love with you (Y/N). You’re not a game to me.” Your cheeks reddened and your head turned to avoid his eyes. They were so bright, it was nothing like the boy back at the cabin telling you you were only a game to be played. His hands cradled your jaw, turning your face back to his own. “Don’t get shy on me now, I know you love me back.” He whispered. His eyes closed and before you could respond he leaned back down to lock your mouths together. His lips were soft yet assuring against your own making you reach up and circle your arms around his shoulders .

The kiss was light and gentle which contradicted the image Pan put on, making you laugh against his mouth. He broke apart to look back down you. “Don’t laugh, I’m trying to kiss you.” You grinned and he smiled back, finally lifting himself off of you and holding his hand out to help you up.

“I love you too.”

“I knew you did, it was plain as day.” He snickered, making you mumble out a light, whatever.

Hand in hand, you walked back to camp, not before Pan plucks a wildflower off its stem and tucks it behind your ear.

Heal me, baby (M - Jimin)


Word Count: 3,318 words

Request:  sinful Sunday request, for when Jimin fakes being sick, and his gf knows he’s faking it, so she decides to dress up as a nurse, and ‘look after’ him and all that

Teasing little

It was dawn, the early sun rays hitting your face and you wished to sleep more. You opened your eyes, seeing Jimin still fast asleep and his ruby lips in a perfect pout. His chest was steadily rising and falling, you smiling at how peaceful he looked. You softly stroked his bleached strands, constantly complimenting him for how pretty his hair looked. His hair messily hooded his eyes until you noticed his jade eyes staring back at you.

“Having fun there, baby?”

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An Exception (Gally x Reader) (Request)

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Anonymous: Hello! I was reading the fandoms lists, and Emiri said they could do The Maze runner- which I am thrilled about. I’d really love to see something with Gally x reader if you had the time, x 

 Word Count: 772

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Percabeth, strawberry fight

It is the first summer in a long while that Percy is not called upon to fulfill some crazy quest to save the world, and to be honest, it is freeing. He doesn’t have to worry about killing monsters or bargaining with power-hungry gods or making sure his friends are safe; he doesn’t have to fight for his life; he doesn’t have to fight at all. All that’s required of him is that he wakes up, does a little teaching in the arena, lies around on the beach, and picks some strawberries.

He goofs around with Grover. He plays pranks with Travis and Connor. He builds sandcastles with Rachel. He holds Annabeth’s hand, and spars with her in the arena, and leads their team with her in Capture the Flag. Clarisse and Jason and Piper are off on their quest, and Percy can sit and do nothing, if that’s what he wants.

It’s the most amazing summer of his life.

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Mine Would Be You

Summary: After a hunt goes wrong the reader finds herself in a dark place. Full of regret and despair she disappears with out a trace. After three weeks of working on her old grandparents house in Mississippi she gets a call from her best friend and old flame Dean Winchester.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of death, blood, violence, lots of angst, self loathing and of course smut.

Word Count:  8282 (Holy Crap.)

AN: This is based off of two songs, Mine Would Be You covered by Julia Sheer and I Got You by Leona Lewis. I was not at all anticipating this story to be this long!

It had been a long hard month of hunting, and the last hunt went terribly wrong. You were hunting a changeling in Nebraska, but by the time you figured out where it was you were too late. You killed the monster, but not before it chewed down on a little boys jugular vein. You sat there on the cold floor of a basement staring into his lifeless eyes. You save the rest of them, but you couldn’t save him. As much as you tried to deny it, him dying in front of you fucked you up.

You began to question what the point of hunting was. Sure you saved some people, but a lot of the time you lost more people than you saved. You had to take time to figure out what you wanted to do, whether to continue hunting or to retire and give up on the life you grew up in.

So you drove down to Tupelo, Mississippi to your grandparents house. They left it to you, it was the only home you’d known and had to go back to. Both of them had died a few years back, and the house needed some work. As soon as you pulled up the dirt driveway you wasted no time on getting started on some of the repairs. It was was going to be a lot of work, but it was going to keep your mind off of things.

Days passed and those days turned into weeks. You spent most of your days hammering, painting, and cleaning away as the house came together. Before you knew it the house looked brand new on the inside. The wooden floors were polished and shined, wood was sitting by the fireplace. The kitchen was stocked,   deep cleaned and ready to be used for the first time in ten years. All it needed was some furniture and it would finally be a home again. Your home, for the first time in your life you had a home.

You found yourself lost in your own world. Your phone would  ring and you ignored all the calls, doing your best to forget about hunting. To forget about the life that you’ve lived for so long. All you wanted to do was to finish fixing up the house. Before you knew it almost a month had past and you found yourself wanting to paint your room.You were so into painting it a warm peach color that when your phone rang  for the first time in a week it startled you. You stood on you ladder staring at it hoping the ringing would stop. It just kept ringing and ringing until you finally gave in picking it up for the first time since you arrived in Mississippi.

“This is Y/N,” you held the phone between your ear and shoulder as you continued to paint, “what’s up?”

“Hey sweetheart.” your breath caught in your throat as you dropped your paint brush on the plastic sheet beneath your feet, “Sweetheart are you there?” Dean Winchester’s voice was coming through the phone. You held the phone closer to your ear, smiling wide. Dean was an amazing brother, hunter, and overall man. You sat on the edge of the bed closing your eyes imagining the olive green eyed hunter.

“Hi Dean,” you whispered, “it’s good to hear your voice.”

He exhaled softly as if he’d been holding it in waiting for your reply, “God it’s really good to hear your voice sweetheart.” you swallowed hard laying back against the bed, “I got a call from Kristen that you went MIA. Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I just…I uh…” you ran a hand down your face fighting back tears, the memories of your last hunt flooding back, “I needed to get away for awhile.”

“Where are you?”

“Dean I’m fin-”

“You’re not fine Y/N/N, I know you better than you know yourself.”your heart skipped a beat, what were you suppose to say to that? “Where are you I’m on my way.” Reluctantly You gave him the address and you said goodbye.

You stared at the ceiling heart racing, Dean Winchester was on his way to see you. Your cheeks burned as you thought about the last time you saw him. It started off as a simple salt and burn case. Once you both finished burning the bones, you ended up having some beers at a bar. The two of you were buzzed and one thing led to another and soon enough you were slammed against the Impala with Dean’s tongue in your mouth.

That had to be one of the best nights of your life. You had mind blowing, sweet, slow sex with the Dean Winchester. It was surprisingly sweet and gentle not at all what you expected from the older Winchester. He took his time, making sure you got the attention you needed unlike a lot of other guys. His cupped your face in his hands kissing you as he finally took you. After the two of you had finished he held you in his arms as you drifted asleep.

It really was the most amazing sex you’d ever had in your life.  

Even the morning after was amazing. He didn’t run off while you slept, he waited till you were up to take off. He kissed you softly as you stood in front of the Impala and promised he would see you soon. Of course with the two of you being hunters it made things difficult. Both of you were working different cases across the country it seemed. It had been seven months since you last heard from him. You were nervous yet excited all at the same time, because Dean was on his way to see you.

It was about five hours later when you heard the Impala rumbling. You jumped nearly losing your balance as you stared at the sleek black car from the top of the roof to the porch. You looked down at yourself biting down on your bottom lip. You weren’t anticipating him to get here so fast, and your black tank top was covered in white and peach paint. You moved down the roof, stting on the edge of the roof dangling your feet you watched as Dean got out of the car.

He stood tall looking around at the green grass and blackberry and strawberry bushes surrounding the area. He was wearing his typical green button down overshirt, the sleeves neatly rolled up to his elbows. Underneath that was his tight, well fitting black shirt, and of course he was wearing denim jeans. He looked up his green eyes locking on you, looking you up and down taking you in. His tongue wetted his bottom lip before he took it between his teeth biting it.

“Hey Dean,” you waved as he walked towards the house looking up at you, “long time no see handsome.” He chuckled looking down for a moment before up at you.

“Y/N…you look amazing sweetheart.”

“Liar.” you gave him your best smile, “I’m covered in paint and dirt.” he smirked lifting his eyebrows up.

“Well it never looked so good,” he smiled warmly opening his arms, “get that sweet ass down here and give me a hug already will ya?”

You climbed down the ladder and found yourself running towards him. Like something took over your body, you couldn’t control your actions. Flinging yourself into his arms you buried your head in his chest wrapping your arms around him. His arms wrapped around you as well holding you close to his body, just holding you there not saying anything. It was just what you needed, you hadn’t seen another human since the hunt.

You finally found the strength to pull away from his embrace. His eyes looked you over before his hand trailed up your arm before resting his palm of his hand against your cheek. His calloused thumb brushing against your cheek gently. Dean pressed his forehead against your and smiled, licking his bottom lip.

“Everyone was so worried about you. Kristen said you took off after a change-”

“Are you thirsty?” changing the subject you pulled yourself away from him completely, “I got some homemade lemonade and sweet tea inside.”  

Dean seemed to be taken by surprise at your sudden change of subject. He stood there for second processing what had just happened, before he followed you into the house. No matter where you walked, you felt his gaze on you. You did your best to ignore it, you tried to make small talk as you pulled out the pitchers from the fridge.

“Y/N,” you stopped just before placing the pitchers on the counter, “ you do realize I’m not a kid right? Why don’t we break out the beer instead? Hell I can even order us a pizza my treat.” You looked into his eyes, just for a brief second before staring at the pitchers in front of you. He was trying to get you comfortable, trying to somehow get you to bring up the hunt. He’s going to tell you that it wasn’t your fault, that it happens in this line of work. He’s going to say that he’s lost some people to and that it’s normal.

“Dean I know Kristen probably called you to check on me. Because she’s worried that I’m not returning her calls after my last hunt.” you trailed your finger over the smooth flat surface of the pitcher, “ but if I wanted to talk about it, I would call her and talk about it myself. I don’t want to talk about the hunt I’m trying to forget about it. So please if you’re going to bring it up you can go because I don’t want to talk about it.” Your body began to tremble giving into your emotions that were running through your body.

“You’re right, I am here partially because Kristen called me. But Sweetheart I’m also here because I’ve been dying to see you. Kristen calling me just gave me a valid excuse to come running to see you. She’s worried about you, I was worried about you Hell I still am.” Dean walked towards you, closing the very small gap between the two of you, “but if you don’t want to talk about it, I’m not gonna force you to talk about it. I’m here because I wanted to see you, and if you want to talk about it in the next few days I’ll be here, I’ll always be here.” He towered over you placing the palm of his hand against your cheek again, “I got you, whenever you’re ready to talk, I’m here for you always remember that.”

Dean had a way with words he knew exactly what to say and how to say it. You found yourself trembling under his touch fighting the urge to spill your guts out to him. How was this man making you feel like this? How could he just look at you I make you want to tell him your deepest darkest secrets? What was it that made Dean Winchester make you feel so weak?

Trailing your hands up his chest you grab handfuls of his black shirt resting your forehead against his broad well sculpted chest. “ Dean, it was my fa-” water began to well in your eyes, threatening to spill out. “I uh-I have a few beers, if you have the pizza I’ll set up the table.” You looked up at him your Y/E/C shined slightly as you wiped at the corner of your eyes. You could tell by the way he was looking at you he knew you were in OK. But he didn’t push you to talk, he of all people knew what it was like to have something heavy on your chest.

“I’ll order the pizza, you get those beers ready OK?” All you could you was not as he had it out of the kitchen back to the living room with his phone in hand.

Not long after that you both sat on the couch sipping on your beers eating pizza. You listen to Dean talk about his most recent hunts with Sam. He talked about his friend Cas and the bunker they were currently living at. He kept the conversation going taking breaks now and then for if you wanted to jump in but you didn’t want to. You were perfectly content I’m listening to Dean talk. It was so mesmerizing the way his tongue would dart out across as plump pink lips. That way he would laugh at his own jokes, just him talking made you the happiest girl on earth.

One pizza in four beers later you found yourself cuddling next to the hunter. The two of you were trying to figure out what to talk about next, to not let the conversation fall into awkward silence, “I’ve been talking all night, I think it’s about time that I got some dirt on you.”

“Huh what are you talking about? You know a lot about me Dean.”

“Yeah I know the basic stuff, I want to know the juicy stuff.” You raised an eyebrow looking up at him before chuckling softly, “I’m being dead serious right now.”

Sitting up you sat crisscross applesauce right in front of Dean, “What kind of juicy stuff are we talking about here?”

“Simple stuff, think of it like a game of truth or dare only it’s all truth no dares.” shrugging taking a sip of your beer as you looked directly into his eyes smirking.

“OK hit me with your best shot Winchester.”

He grinned biting his bottom lip sitting up straight facing you,”How old were you when you first lost your virginity?”

“Seriously?” You raised an eyebrow, “what are we in middle school?”

“Just answer the question will ya.”

“Fine I was seventeen, we did it in the basement at my dad’s house. And let me tell you it wasn’t that great. The asshole didn’t know what he was doing and it hurt like a son of a bitch.” Dean threw his head back laughing, “Oh you think it’s funny hot shot? You try having a guy rip your hymen, when you’re not even wet enough for a penis to be inside you.” Dean laughed harder looking at you with tears in his eyes.

“How does guy not know how to have sex? Was he from Mars or something?”

You found yourself giggling as the elder Winchester regained his composure, “OK big guy it’s my turn to ask you a question.”

“Go ahead and shoot sweetheart, I’m an open book.”

“What’s the craziest thing you ever did?” Dean furrowed his brow scoffing at you.


“Answer the question Winchester.”

“I’m a freaking hunter! Everything about my life is crazy Y/N/N.”

“Okay, what’s the craziest non-hunting thing you’ve ever done.”

“Oh Go-” he ran a hand over his face looking at you, “now I’m really going to have to think about this.” You sat back smirking at him waiting for his answer, “It was the fourth of July of 1996.” He stared at the beer bottle in his hand reminiscing at the memory, “Sammy and I we’re setting off fireworks in the field and we burned down. I think that has to be one of the craziest things I ever did that didn’t have to do with hunting.” His eyes left his beer bottle and met yours, “OK my turn now,” you took a drink of your beer motioning your hands towards you, “What’s the worst hangover you’ve ever had?”

“That’s easy when I turn twenty one my mother got me shitface drunk. I swore to myself the next morning that I would never get drunk again. You should know that Winchester, you’ve only seen me a buzzed and tipsy.” He puckered his lips slightly thinking before nodding in agreement, “ OK my turn!”

Three more beers later, the two of you were laughing so hard you were crying. Dean was holding his stomach slamming his leg against the wooden floor as he tried to look at you but he couldn’t bare to do it. You just finished telling him how you thought it would be appropriate to go to school wearing nothing but your jeans and training bra when you were in the fifth grade. Your cheeks were flushed cheer stream down your cheeks as you left with him. God you missed talking to people. You missed Dean like crazy, you were so glad he showed up.

“ OK, OK I think I’m good now,” he wiped his eyes looking at you with the biggest smile on his face,” OK my turn now.”

You nearly choked on your beer looking at him in shock, “How the Hell is it your turn again? I just told you the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me!”

“You told me that on your own free will, you interrupted my story remember. So technically it’s my turn to ask you a question now.” You were too tipsy to care so you just shrugged waiting for him ask his question, “What’s the one regret you can’t work through?”

You looked at him biting down on your bottom lip as hard as you could. You should’ve known he would’ve tried to smuggle the reason for you running off into this game. This was Dean for you, he wanted to know what was going on and he wasn’t gonna stop until he figured it out.

“You are one sneaky son of a bitch you know that? You get me tipsy i in hopes that I’m going to spill my guts out to you. I should’ve seen it coming.”

“Hey I didn’t tell you to tell me about the hunt, I told you to tell me the one regret you can’t work through. And obviously from the way that you’re acting right now that hunt is your one regret isn’t it?”

You ran your hands through your hair dangling your feet off the edge of the couch. You could feel him staring at you waiting for you to answer his question, “Yes it is OK, I regret everything about that damn hunt OK? I told you I don’t want to talk about it Dean.” you stood up picking up the empty beer bottles storming into your kitchen.

“Holding it in isn’t going to make you feel any better.” Dean grabbed you by the arm turning you to face him. “Trust me I would hold things in, I’ve tried to bear the pain by myself. And you know what, it only eats at you and continues to eat at you until you can’t bare it anymore.” He grabbed you by the chin forcing you to look at him, “Talk to me Y/N, please it’ll make you feel better sweetheart.”

And that was all that it took, “It was my fault OK, the kid died because of me. It’s my fault because I didn’t get there fast enough. By the time that I got there the changeling was making a meal out of him. Dean I fucked up big time, that kids death is on my hands.” Tears streamed down your cheeks as you pulled at you hair struggling to speak, “His blood is on my hands, he died because I fucked up. He was no older than ten Dean, he’s never going to be kissed, never going to get married.” Your whole body began to tremble as your gripped onto the counter for support, “Instead he’s dead in the ground because I couldn’t figure out where it was hiding.”

You about collapsed on the ground as the emotions took over. Instead of hitting the ground Dean caught you in his arms slowly easing you to the ground with him. You were gripping his shirt crying into his chest, struggling to breathe as you thought of the little boy dying in your arms. Dean’s arms wrapped around you tight as he rested his chin on top of your head. You cried and cried for what seemed like an eternity, not once did he say anything to you. He just let you cry and didnt bitch about it once.

Once you cried until you couldn’t cry no more you pulled away sniffing. You rubbed both your eyes looking away quickly biting the inside of your cheek. You really hated crying in front of people, so doing it in front of Dean made you want to crawl in a hole and never come out. You were about ready to get up and take off to your room until he cupped your face in both of his hands.

“Hey it’s okay,” his thumbs gently stroked your cheeks, “it’s okay to cry, especially after the horror you went through.” His lips curled into a soft smile, “it’s bad enough watching a grown person die, someone you could have saved…but to watch a kid die?” He pressed a kiss on your forehead, letting them linger there before pulling away to look you directly in the eye, “ Christ Y/N I’m so sorry you had to go through that sweetheart. I understand why you left without telling anyone.”

“I should have gotten there sooner Dean, If I did that kid would still be alive today.”

“You aren’t the first hunter to have someone die on them during a hunt. Sam and I have lost a lot of people during hunts, more than I would like but that’s what happens when you’re a hunter, you win some or lose some. All that matter is that you save four other kids, you lost one sure but four kids are alive today because of you.” You opened your mouth to speak again but he quickly silenced you with a kiss on the lips, it was a brief kiss as he pulled right away, “And don’t you dare try to go and tell me that it was different because it was a kid. You’re also not the first hunter to lose a kid during a hunt Y/N/N,”

You didn’t know what to say, all you knew is that he made you feel a little bit better. He was right once again like always, you weren’t the first hunter to lose someone. You knew it came with this line of work, I guess deep down you never wished for a kid to go through the horrors that were lurking out there in the world.

“So it’s your turn to ask a question sweetheart.” He grinned flashing his teeth looking into your eyes. You were thankful for him changing the subject, you took a deep breath smiling back rubbing your eyes one more time.

“What’s the hands down best sex you’ve ever had?”

“That’s easy,” he leaned in inches away from your lips, “mine would be you.” He closed the gap between the two of you kissing you gently. Your eyes widened for a split second but you closed them slowly kissing back. Your lips moving against his as he lifted you up sitting you in his lap. “Mine is always going to be you Y/N.” He whispered against your lips before licking your bottom lip with his tongue.

You gladly open your mouth to him, allowing his tongue to slip into your mouth. Both your tongues moved against each other massaging one another fighting for dominance. Soft moans began trailing out of your mouth and into his. You ran your hands up his back and over his shoulders desperately trying to pull him closer towards your body. He picked up on what you wanted, he stood up holding you by the bottom of your thighs. You wrapped your legs around his waist, already feeling his erection through your clothed core.

“Dean,” and as he pulled his mouth away from yours, “ah, Dean.” You moan softly as he trailed wet open mouthed kisses down your jawline and neck.

“Bedroom?” he asked against your neck gently sucking on it until he left a red mark.

You arched your back slightly as he left more marks against your skin, “Upstairs first door to the left.” moans trickled out of your mouth as Dean growled against your skin. He turned a little too fast and slammed your head into the refrigerator, “Ow!” you yelled through a laugh as he blindly continued to walk around searching for the stairs. “Left, there you go.” you laughed as he finally pulled away from you neck smirking as he bolted up the stairs.

“You didn’t  believe I could find it did you?” he growled in your ear nipping at your earlobe with his teeth, “Oh Y/N sweetheart it’s sad that you have so little faith in me.”

“It’s not that I don’t have faith in you Dean. I just think…that you’re thinking more with this head,” you rocked against the bulge in his jeans winning a gasp from him, “rather than this head.” you flicked at his forehead smiling seductively at him.

Dean threw you on the bed and shook his head smirking, “I’ll have you know I am thinking with my upstairs brain Y/N/N.” looking at him skeptically you scooted up further on the bed watching him, “Because if I was thinking with my downstairs brain,” he bit down on his lip as he grabbed you by the ankles, “We wouldn’t have even made it upstairs.” he pulled you closer towards the edge of the bed.

“Oh yeah?” letting out a breathless sigh you licked your bottom lip. His eyes were dark, full of lust as he slowly got down on his knees.

“Yeah,” he placed a kiss on both of your ankles, “I would have had you bent over that island in the center of your kitchen.” you hummed in response heat pooling at the center of your core, “There would be no foreplay just my cock in that tight sweet pussy of yours.” he trailed kisses up your legs before he unbuttoned the top of your denim jeans, “But as tempting as that sounded, I would much rather enjoy an appetizer before I enjoy the main course.” He yanks your denim jeans down your legs before tossing them on the floor, “Fuck Y/N,” he pushed your legs open and groans staring at your clothed center, “your panties are soaked.”

Slowly he begins making his way to your center. He leaves a trails of kisses up both sides of you legs before he trails his talented tongue down the apex of your thigh. He’s barely even touched you and already you’re a withering mess under his touch. You’re thrashing as he kiss the top of your clothed mound, his fingers curling under the waistband of your underwear. You had imagined for the last seven months Dean’s fingers as your own. Teasing you, bringing you to the edge of an orgasm, but your fingers failed in comparison to his.

Dean pulled your panties down letting them pool between your ankles. He eyes darted towards you soaking wet center before he looked up at you. Your cheeks were flushed as he smirked settling himself between your legs. You kicked your panties off as he lifted your legs, placing them over his shoulders. You waited for the first lick, or kiss but nothing could have prepared you for his finger sliding between your folds and inside of you.

“Fuck,” you gasped out throwing your head back against the bed, “Dean,” you moaned bucking your hips against his finger, craving more contact, “more please I need more.”

“God you feel so good Y/N,” he groaned pumping his finger in time with your rocking, ‘you feel even better than I remember.” His plump lips placed a kiss against your clit, “I bet you taste even better too.” And with that he drug his flattened tongue across your folds causing your to buck your hips harder.

“Oh my God Dean!” he licked again, this time slower than before, “fuuck.” you whimpered grabbing a fist full of the comforter. Dean continued to finger you as he slowly licked up and down your folds. He was going painfully slow, trying to build you up to an orgasm as slow as he could. It was pure torture, “Dean please.”

“Please what sweetheart?” he asked pulling his mouth away from your soaking center, his finger still curling inside of you, “You need to tell me exactly what you want.”

‘You’re making me beg?”

“Hell yeah I’m making you beg.”

“Please Dean I need more, I need another finger.” Dean smirked dipping his head between your legs taking your clit between his lips sucking on it. You arched your back gasping as he shoved another finger inside of you pumping them quickly, “Holy fuck!” you weren’t going to last long, and you were perfectly content with that.

Dean quickened the pace, flicking his tongue over you sensitive bundle of nerves. Bucking your hips against his face you gripped the short strands of his dirty blonde hair. You were gasping and moaning loudly as you tugged at his hair trying to pull him closer and you neared your orgasm. Dean curled his two fingers inside of your and moved them in a ‘come hither’ motion against your g-spot. Before you knew it you were on the brink of a mind blowing orgasm.

“D-Dean I’m gonna, I’m gonna c-co-!” Dean looked up at you as he slammed his fingers into your g-spot as he sucked on your clit as hard as he could. “FUCK!” you screamed gritting your teeth as you attempted to close your thighs and push Dean’s head away due to the sensitivity of your pussy. Your efforts however failed as Dean continued to move and tongue inside of you, working your through the orgasm.

Once the wave after wave of pleasure coursed through your body, you laid limp against the mattress. Your breathing was coming out in pants and desperate gulps of air as you tried to calm your breathing down. The bed shifted slightly, and you opened your eyes to see Dean smirking down at you. His chin glistened slightly with the trace of your orgasm, and his eyes were still dark and hungry with lust.

“You tasted so good sweetheart, it was a wonderful appetizer.” he leaned down kissing you softly his tongue sliding into your mouth as he pulled on top of him. You moaned tasting yourself on his tongue as he massaged your with it. He finally managed to pull away his hands sliding underneath your shirt causing you to shiver in response, “But I think I’m ready for the main course now.”

He pulled your shirt off over your head tossing it to the floor, “I’m not ready yet, I need an appetizer myself.” you pulled his shirt off throwing it across the room, “You expect me to just skip right to the main course, Dean I thought you knew me better than that?” you licked your lips before leaning down trailing kisses down his jaw and neck.

“Shit,” he groaned as you rocked your hips against his hips, your hands reaching down to unbuckle his jeans. “Y/N you don’t have to do this.”

“Mmm yes I do,” you trailed kisses over his anti-possession tattoo, “I always return the favor Dean, you know that.” his breathing caught in his throat as you dragged your tongue over his chest and down his abs. You stopped just above his jeans looking up at him once more before pulling his jeans off.

You sat on your knees in front of the man you found yourself falling more and more in love with.  All that was separating the two of your from one another’s naked bodies was his boxers and your bra.  You pulled your bra off and winked at him as you slowly drug his boxers down, causing his erection to sprang free. Your mouth watered at the sight of it, think and hard pre cum leaking from the head of his cock. You couldn’t think of anything else but getting his velvety smooth cock in your mouth.

Gently grabbing his cock you stroked it up and down winning a groan from Dean as he rested his head against the pillows. Licking your lips you stroked him a bit faster, causing Dean to growl loudly as his cock twitched under your touch. You leaned over cupping your hair behind your ear as you took the head of his cock in your mouth moaning around him. Dean gasped and bucked his hips sliding more of his thick cock inside of your mouth.

You looked up at him though your eyelashes as you hollowed your cheeks sucking on the tip hard, “Oh God,” Dean groaned through gritted teeth, as you began bobbing your head up and down, “sweetheart God Y/N that feels so good.” You moaned around him as he reached down tangling his fingers in your Y/H/C hair. He pushed your head down further making you take more of him in your mouth, “You look so fucking hot like that, my cock sliding in and out of the pretty little mouth of yours.”

Dean praising you turned you on even more. Heat pooled between your legs as you desperately sucked harder to get him off. Dean Winchester was like a drug, once you got a taste of him you wanted more. You trailed your tongue over the slit of his cock before twirling it around the head softly and slowly.

“Okay!” he growled pulling away from your mouth panting roughly, “Fuck sweetheart are you trying to make me come?”

“Isn’t that obvious Dean? I want you to come in my mouth…right. . here.” you opened your mouth to him slowly sticking your tongue out.

“Son of a bitch,” he groaned shoving you back against the bed, pinning your wrist above your head, “I forgot how dirty you can be, God I’ve missed you.” he pushed your legs apart with his knee settling himself there, “And as much as I would like to come in your mouth, I would much rather come inside of you.”

Dean leaned forward kissing you softly as his hands rested on your hips. And before you knew it he was pushing the tip of his cock past your slickened folds and inside of you. Your lips parted slightly as you inhaled sharply feeling him stretch you open with his thick member. Dean pressed his forehead against yours as he continued to slide himself completely inside of you. The two of you panted lips inches from one another as Dean slowly began rolling his hips.

“Dean,” you gasped tilting your head back, allowing him to trail kisses and nibbles along you sensitive heated flesh, “that feels so good.” he chuckled against your skin pulling away to look into your eyes.

“Baby you haven’t felt good yet.” he slashed a toothy grin before thrusting deeper inside you, “I’m going to make you feel so good sweetheart you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

Your clamped down on him smirking as he growled in pleasure, “I’m holding you to that than Dean, I’m going to be very disappointing if I can wa-holy fuck!” Dean silenced you by slamming into you fast and hard, not giving you the opportunity to finish what you were even going to say.

“Stop talking and start moaning,” he growled softly into your ear, ‘I wanna watch’ya lose control.”

“Make me then.” you leaned up taking his bottom lip between your teeth nibbling on it.

The two of you moved together, finding a rhythm that got the both of you hot and bothered. Your legs wrapped around his waist heels digging into his ass desperately trying to pull him deeper inside of you. His hands kneaded and massaged your breasts, twisting your right nipple between his thumb and index finger. He took your left nipple in his mouth and sucked on the sensitive bud until it stood at attention for him. All the while his cock plunged in and out of your pussy, causing you to gasp and scream his name so loud you were pretty sure the next town over could here you blissful screams of pleasure.

Dean’s fingers tangled in your hair as he slammed his lips on yours. He moaned and growled into the kiss, rocking his hips a bit faster but they were still gentle a sweet, “Y/N/N fuck babe you God-” he nipped at your bottom lip, “I’ve missed you so much.” he pulled away looking down at you stilling his hips for a brief moment. You stared at him chest heaving, the two of you were covered in a thin layer of sweat sheened off the two off you in the moonlight, “You’re so beautiful,” he stroked your cheek as he rolled his hips softly, “so sweet, and loving.” he thrusted deeper gripping your hips, ‘Fuck sweetheart,” he thrusted faster growling as he tilted his head back, “I love you.” Your cheeks burned even more as you looked at Dean in shock. He grunted closing his eyes tight as he shoved himself deeper inside of you causing you to scream in pleasure. “Y/N I’m falling in love you.” he looked down at you biting down on his lip.

“Dean,” your heart was racing as you staring into his green eyes, “I-I…” you reached up stroking his stubbled cheek, “I’m falling in love with you too.”

“Oh thank God,” he pulled you up resting you in his lap as he kissed you eagerly, “I’ve wanted to tell you for so long.” he kissed your cheeks as he thrusted up inside of you lazily, “From the moment I first saw you I knew I was in trouble.”

“Dean,” you exhaled as you rocked against him, “I knew I was when I, fuck first saw you smile.” he pressed his lips against yours smiling.

“All I could about was you these last seven months, your sneaking into my dreams.” he grabbed your hips making you rock them faster, ‘And I haven’t dreamed of someone like that in such a long time.” he slammed into you in time with your hips.

“Dean I missed you so much.” you moaned there was the familiar tightening in your abdomen, “I’m getting close.” you whispered against his lips.

He smirked nodding, “I can feel you clamping down on me,” he bit down on his lip slamming you on to the bed, “I wanna feel you come all over my cock.”

Lifting your legs over his shoulders and he slammed into you. You breath caught in your throat as you gripped his forearms digging your nails into his skin. He winced slightly but quickened the pace, the head of his cock brushing against your g-spot with each thrust. Your body was on fire as you arched your back toes curling as he brought you closer and closer to the edge of your orgasam. One of Dean’s hands left your hip and trailed down your lower stomach, his eyes focused on you full of pure lust. His fingers began trailing quick circles around your clit, sending you over the edge.

“I’m coming! Dean oh fuck!” your back arching off the mattress as you came all over his cock, moaning like a pornstar, “Yes right there!” you slammed your head back as Dean thrusted faster inside of you chasing his own orgasm.

“Y/N I’m gon-gonna come!” He growled thrusting as deep as he could spilling himself inside of you, “Y/N!” He growled burying his face in the crook of your neck biting down on it as he continued to thrust milking his cock inside of you.

Both of your bodies trembled against each other as you came down from orgasmic bliss. He took deep breathes as he trailed kisses along your neck and shoulder. You legs continued to shake as he wrapped his arms around you brushing your hair back out of your face.

“It’s okay I got you sweetheart.” your body began to relax, “There you go, get some sleep.” he chuckled against the top of your head, ‘We both need it.” resting your head on his chest you grinned as he wrapped his arm around your waist holding you close to his body. The two of you fell asleep soundly and safely inside each others arms.


“Ow,” you groaned shifting slightly in your rocking chair on the front porch. You’d woken up about four in the morning and couldn’t fall back asleep. So instead of waking Dean up you found yourself making a pot of coffee and sitting on the front porch waiting for the sunrise. Rubbing your lower back you grinned taking a sip of coffee. Your whole body was sore, but it was the good kind of sore.

The front door opened, you turned a little too fast and winced. Dean walked outside wearing the same clothes he was yesterday, his cellphone in his hand. He followed your gaze towards the phone before he shoved it in his back pocket.

“That was Sammy,” he looked out towards the horizon frowning, “he uh…has a lead on the angel we’ve been looking for.” rubbing the back of his neck he avoided your gaze, “I told you about him before, you know Metatron.”

Your heart sank as you stared into the coffee mug, ‘Oh…right the dick who casted all the angels out of heaven right?”

“That’s him, Sam said Cas is with him and they need some backup.” he kneeled down next to your rocking chair, “I need to go and help them sweetheart.” You looked down at him, he had a sincerae look on his face.

“Not a problem,” you got up and motion your head towards the Impala, “I’ll see you in another seven months for the next time you need a good fuck right?” You were about to storm into the house but Dean grabbed your wrist yanking you back towards him.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You think I’m that stupid!?” pulling your wrist away you shoved him away from you, “I’m not your typical bimbo waitress Dean!” you were fighting back tears, “You drive all the way here, get laid, and the next morning you’re running off to chase a ‘case’ what the Hell am I supposed to think!?”

Dean grabbed both your arms holding you still, forcing you to look at him, “Everything I said last night was true okay! I am…” he licked his bottom lip, “I am in love with you Y/N/N, you’re not just a one night stand! We gotta find Metatron, he’s dangerous baby…and I wasn’t just going to leave without talking to you.”

“Oh cut the bullshit Dean!”

“I want you to come with me!” he yelled taking you by surprise, “Come with me sweetheart, we got plenty of room at the bunker…” he leaned forward pressing his lips against yours, “Me, you, and Sammy the three of us could make one Hell of a hunting team.”

“I don’t wanna hunt Dean! I’m here for a God damn reason!”

“How many times do I need to tell you it wasn’t your fault!?”

“I don’t wanna talk about this Dean!”

“It’ll be different hunting with Sam and I! You’ve been hunting alone since you were seventeen.” He pulled you into his arms holding you tight, “You don’t have to be alone!”

Closing your eyes tight you fought against the temptation of riding off into the sunrise in the Impala.  Sure you loved Dean, but you weren’t ready to go back to hunting. And honesty you weren’t sure if you were ever going to go back to the life you life before. There is always so much pain, suffering, and death. There was hardly any light living hunter’s life there was only darkness.

You tilted you head down pulling away from Dean’s grasp, “Your brother and Cas need you.” You looked straight ahead into the house, “ you need to go you need to help them Dean.” you walked inside shutting the screen door, “ have a safe drive, and be safe on your hunt.” crossing your arms over your chest he looked up at the ceiling fighting back the tears that dared to come out.

“Sweetheart,” he sighed softly placing his hand over the screen door, “please don’t shut me out too.” When you didn’t answer he huffed, “you know that game we were playing last night, the last question I asked you?” You turned your head slightly listening to him speak, “I asked you what was the one regret you could work through. Do you want to know what my most recent regret is?” And just like before you said nothing, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I also have a lot of Gretz that I have to live day in and day out with. But right now, right in this moment the biggest regret not convincing you to come with me. Not taking you back to a family that would love you relentlessly.”  You place a hand over your heart waiting for Dean to continue, “Mine would be you.”

He didn’t say anything else, the only thing that filled the silence was the sound of his heavy boots against the wooden steps of your porch. Your heart was racing you weren’t sure what to do now. You heart and mind were telling you do do different things. You heart was screaming for you to run outside and stop him, beg him to take you with khim. All the while your head was telling you if you did that you’d be putting yourself in the position you were in a few weeks ago. You felt so weak, useless, and broken…you never wanted to feel like that again.

But less than twenty four hours ago you were a total mess. You were content with being alone, not having contact with anyone. You were desperate to forget about hunting…the life you grew up in. You were perfectly okay with your decision until he called. You were okay with being alone until you saw him pull into the driveway. You were fine with rotting away in this small house until you spent the night with Dean. His arms wrapped around you holding you close.

What the Hell were you thinking!? Dean was there for you helping you out of the dark hole you dug for yourself. You were ready to throw in the towel completely until he showed up. He was trying to bring you back, give you a way back into the hunting life without doing it alone. He wasn’t going to let you be alone, he loved you…he wanted you to come with him to the buker! And you fucking just let him leave!

The Impala rumbled to life outside of the house, bringing you back to reality. You turned, you hair flying around you as you watched the black beauty take off down the dirt road. You opened the door, and before you knew what was happening you were running. You ran as fast as you could feet flying as you padded against the dirt road screaming for Dean to stop. The taillights to the Impala were fading in the distance as tears streamed down your cheeks.

“Dean!” You screamed waving your arms above your head, “DEAN!!” You screamed at the top of your lungs, pushing yourself to the limits your legs carrying you as fast as they could, “DEAN PLEASE!”

You ran until you couldn’t see the Impala anymore. Once it was out of sight you collapsed onto your knees gasping for air. You wheezed fighting back wails of pain as you cupped your hands in your face. This was definitely going to be the one regret you couldn’t work through. How could you let the one love of your life slip into to the distance. All because you were being childish and stubborn!?

“DEAN!” you screamed to the sky crying loudly.

A familiar rumbling filled your ears, you looked up seeing the Impala parked in few feet away from you. You scrambled to your feet panting as the driver’s door opened, Dean stepping out staring at you himself panting. You took a deep breath before the two of you bolted towards each other. You slammed into his chest as his arms wrapped around you holding you against his body.

“Dean, I’m so sorry…I-” he cut you off slamming his lips on yours.

“No need to apologize, I know it must have looked sketchy me leaving right after that amazing night.” He brushed his thumb against your bottom lip grinning, “So what do you say we get out of here and hunt down an angel.”

For the first time in almost a month you hadn’t been more sure of something in your entire life, “Let’s do it!” He took you back to the house, helped you pack up the few belongings you had before you locked the front door to your grandparents house.

Straightening your black leather jacket you glanced back at the house once more. It looked brand new and not like the rotten dump it had been when you first arrived. The house took you mind off of things, and had been the stepping stone to your new journey as a hunter alongside the Winchester’s. You smiled wide before opening the passenger side to the Impala sliding inside.

“You ready?”

“I’m ready for anything.” Dean smirked and sped off down the dirt road leaving the house of regrets behind you.

Top of the World Prices

Here in Barrow, it’s literally the most northern city in the United States. it takes a bit to ship or fly things here as there are no roads leading to town. Because of this, goods cost a bit more than most of us might be used to. For instance, a gallon of milk costs $10.49

Here’s a few more cost examples below:

58 fl. oz. (1.75L) of orange juice costs $12.79

a 12-pack of Coke costs $12.95

a 1 lb 8 oz (686 g) tin of coffee costs $17.99

a 65 fl oz (1.89 L) container of grapefruit juice costs $10.99

a container of strawberries is $9.99, blueberries are $7.99

a head of iceberg lettuce is $5.49

a single 5.3 oz (150 g) Chobani Greek yogurt is $2.49

lean ground beef is $6.69 per pound

a loaf of bread is on sale for $5

a 9 oz (255 g) bag of Cheetos costs $8.33

a dozen donuts are $10.49