strawberry buds

Pocky Play!

Disclaimer: No NSFW content here

“Doctor, what is this?”

A bright pink carton of chocolate covered sticks lay untouched on Flug’s workbench. “Oh… that’s my snack, s-sir. It’s um… p-pocky sticks…”

Tthe demon inspected the strange snack closer. He read over the package out loud, “ ‘Enjoy a delicious snack of strawberry chocolate covered biscuit sticks! You can even play games with this delightful treat!’ What games is this stupid box speaking of, Doctor?”

“Games? P-Perhaps they m-mean the game where y-you have two people with an s-stick in their mouths. Y-You have to eat as m-much of the s-stick as you can m-manage.”

“We should try this human game.”

Flug glanced from his blueprints with a shocked expression, his gaze never leaving the curious look in Black Hat’s eyes, “Sir?”

“We’re going to play this game, Doctor.”

Black Hat seemed serious about playing this human-made snack game, “Y-Yes, sir.”

Moments later…

Flug flushed at his position, his eyes wide and watching Black Hat grab a stick from the bright box. Currently, he was in BH’s office, sitting on the edge of his desk while his boss sat silently in his chair.

Any normal day, he’d be yelled at and murdered for being sat on his desk…


Flug flinched, “Yes, s-sir?”

Black Hat held the stick between his thumb and index finger, “How do we play this human game?”

“W-Well… one person puts it in their m-mouth and the other has to t-take the other end in their m-mouth.”

Black Hat put one end, the biscuit end, in his mouth between his teeth. “D-Don’t chew it though. Not yet anyway. Y-You start chewing to eat as m-much as you can but the s-stick has to s-stay in your m-mouth.”

The boss kept his face emotionless as his scientist took the other end between his lips, raising his bag above his nose with a finger. Neither made a move for the first few seconds, awkwardly leaning towards one another.

Finally, however, Black Hat began taking in more of the pocky stick, chewing on the bit in his mouth as he pushed forward to take more.

Flug followed his lead, pushing the stick as far as he could into his mouth before letting his tongue melt the chocolate and biscuit.

Flug smiled, enjoying the flavor of strawberry against his taste buds. He delightfully closed his eyes and tilted his head before his nose could nuzzle against the other’s cheek.

Black Hat noticed the doctor’s movements and copied him, finding it easier now to get more of the stick. When they had equally met in the middle, he felt something brush against his lips and froze up.

Uncertainty was drawn across his face and he furrowed his brows in confusion, pressing forward against it. He heard a squeak and pulled away, swallowing the treat in melting on his tongue before responding, “What is it, Doctor?”

Flug pulled his bag back down and furiously shook his head. Before Black Hat could question him anymore, he noticed a quick screech from behind him. Flug looked over his shoulder, Demencia’s mouth opened to the floor with shock as she watched the two of them.


The lizard girl let out an exasperated noise before taking off, leaving both of them confused. “Ready for round two, Doctor?”

“Y-You want to play another round?”

“I think it was fun. Besides, Doctor, it was a draw.” Black Hat smirked, seeing the doctor flush before nodding slowly and grabbing the box from beside him.

“Y-Yes, sir.”