strawberries n green tea

How’ve You Been?

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of addiction, dad writing. A few curse words here n there.

A/N: This is a continuation to He Lost Her. Read it Here! I wrote this a few hours ago but tumblr hates me and crashed on me so I had to start over dammit. Enjoy:)

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It’s been weeks since you and Sebastian had your little fight.

4 weeks, 2 hours, and 36 minutes to be precise.

You stayed at your friend’s house while Sebastian occupied the shared apartment you and him once stayed in together. They were kind enough to let you use the guest bedroom they had, and you were grateful for that. You often thought about him, about the fight you both had. You didn’t know if it was just a break or if you two had officially decided to cut the relationship, since you were never clear with your words that night.

That night. Oh god, that night.

You wished it never happened. You wished you weren’t so nosy and over protective, but you wondered why he continued his bad habits. Smoking and drinking, staying up late at night, sometimes never coming home, being so secretive. You blamed yourself for loving him that much. Maybe he really was preparing for his upcoming role, you weren’t sure. Why did he want to stay out? Was he getting bored of you? No. Your relationship with each other was one of the happiest relationships yet. But all relationships start out like that. You get fed this happy life until God decides to tear it down by adding a hole in the road. Your relationship was filled with laughter, cuddles, and a hell of a lot of traveling, thanks to him. Maybe he had gone out because you started to act like more of a mother than a significant other. Maybe it was because-

“(Y/N)?” a voice called, knocking on the door twice before finally opening it. Your friend peered in the doorway, leaning against the white frame. “You up, girlie?” they asked. You sat up from your lovely rendezvous with the ceiling.

“Yeah, just about.” you replied. You slung your legs over the side of the bed as your friend sat on the bedroom drawer.

“You know, it’s been weeks since you’ve been out of the house.” They said, resting their hand on your shoulder.

“Hey, not true.” you said. “I took the trash out last Tuesday!”

Your friend laughed. “No, crazy. I mean like out, out. You know, outside in the city? Outside as in other than around my house?”

You slouched. They were right. You hadn’t been anywhere but the side of her house, or the pool.

“Come with me to the store today.” They invited before getting up. Your friend looked at you as if they were waiting for an answer. “You have no choice, anyway.”

You sighed in defeat. “Fine. I’m only going because we don’t have any food in this place, and because I need more food to accompany me while I watch that NCIS show you always talk about.” You said, getting up to go get ready.

You heard your friend laugh. “I’ll wait for you outside.” You heard them call out before they closed the bedroom door.

“Okay, we got oreos, goldfish, rice crisps, popcorn, a hell of a lot of chocolate… Oh, and chips ahoy.” Your friend spoke as the two of you walked down the aisle, you being the one to push the cart. “The only healthy stuff we have in this cart are mangoes and strawberries. Wow, (Y/N).” They laughed.

You smiled as you put green tea kitkats in the cart. “So? What’s the fun in healthy food? Besides, we can always make chocolate covered strawberries.”

Your friend sighed as they stopped walking. I’m gonna go get some vegetables and more fruits. Stay here, and don’t put any more junk in the cart!” They spoke as they walked away, leaving you next to the frozen aisle of the store. You slipped some pizza rolls into the cart anyway.

The two of you walked out of the grocery store, loading the plastic bags in the trunk. “Hey, (Y/N)? Can you take the cart to the little cart dispensary…thing?” they asked as they closed the trunk of the car. You nodded, pushing the cart, trying to find the place where they put all of the store’s carts. It was across the parking lot. Dammit, why did we park so far?

You were crossing the parking lot, leaning your elbows on the handles. You didn’t notice a car coming towards your way, going just above the speed limit. That all changed when the car stopped in a sudden halt, alerting you with an ear piercing sound.

“Watch where you’re going, asshole!” You yelled, hitting the car’s bumper with your hand before resuming your walk. You heard the car’s door slammed shut when you reached all of the carts. All of them aligned in a line.

“(Y/N)?” You heard a voice call from behind you. You knew that voice anywhere.

You turned around to meet a pair of blue eyes staring back at you, the same car that almost hit you behind him.


“Oh god I didn’t know that was you!” He exclaimed. “I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking. Are you hurt?” He said, panic taking over his voice.

You returned the cart back to where all of the others were and met face to face with him. He looked better, aside from the face that he had bloodshot eyes. Probably from crying, drinking, or both. He gained a little weight, probably took another role, beefing himself up a bit. One thing he was good at was being able to change his appearance in a matter of days. The man could look like 5 different people in just a few pictures.

“No, no. It’s fine. I’m not injured” You said. “I mean, if you really wanted to hit me with your car, you should’ve said something sooner. I would’ve obliged.” You joked. He gave you a warm smile, adjusting the black cap that rested on his head.

“So, how’ve you been?” He asked. “I didn’t miss out on anything special, did I?”

You shook your head. Nothing really happened to you in the span of four weeks. “Nothing, really. I mean I just finished watching Stranger Things - great show by the way, you should give it a go.” You spoke. “Oh and I’ve been staying with my friend, so I’m in good hands.”

He slowly nodded, watching you as you spoke about what you did, capturing all of your emotions and how your eyes light up when you mention something you liked. He really missed you and wondered if you missed him as well.

“How about you? I see you’re looking better.” You smiled.

“Oh, yeah i’ve been alright. can’t say I’ve been great, but I-I’m alright.” He replied, putting his hands in his jean pockets, adjusting the blue crewneck he wore. “I quit smoking, too.”

You almost missed it. Almost. You’re eyes lit up with sadness and excitement, if that was entirely possible. “That’s awesome, Sebastian! I’m so happy for you!” You jumped.

“Thanks..I’ve had a few drinks here and there but it wasn’t like before.” He sounded ashamed in himself as he finished his sentence. You nodded. The two of you stood there in an awkward but comfortable silence, your feet rocking back and forth wondering what you should say next as he awkwardly stared at the floor.

“You know,  I-I really miss you, (Y/N). These last few weeks were so lonely and quiet without you around and I just..I don’t know. I know this isn’t the right time to say this, but i wanna start over.” He let out, still staring at the floor. You opened and closed your mouth, but didn’t know what to say. You apparently took too long to reply, so he spoke up.

“I mean, if you really want to. I’m not forcing you to give me a second chance. We could always-“

“No, Seb. I miss you too.” you replied. “It’s just you seem more stable without me than when i was with you. I mean, your habits are slowly going away.”

“I guess it was because I had a reason to quit. When you walked out that door, it was like half of my soul left me. You always popped up into my mind whenever I tried picking up that damn packet.” He let out, looking you in the eye. “And I’m sorry for not giving you the attention you deserved that week. That fucking role that I got just got to my head.”

“I know. And I should’ve been more understanding and less controlling.” You sighed. “Look, if we wanna give this another try, just please be more upfront with me and please just don’t keep secrets from me. I wanna be there to help you.”

He nodded. “Absolutely.” A bright smile appeared on his face. He was about to respond again but your phone went off. Fuck. You forgot you had someone else waiting for you across the parking lot.

“Dammit.” You breathed. “I’m sorry about that.” You said, declining the call.

“It’s fine.” Sebastian said. “Look, how about we talk more some other time? I can take you around the city like what we use to do?”

You smiled. “Asking me out on a date already?”

“Couldn’t help it.” He said. You began to walk away before he lightly tugged your elbow, pulling you close to him again. He searched your eyes for a decline, but found none. Confidence was in his system now as he built up the courage to pull you in a sweet kiss. Wrapping his arms around your waist tightly, you had your hands on his chest as you kissed back before pulling away from him.

“You’re still an asshole.” You breathed.

“I know, but you’re still going on that date with me.” He said. You laughed at him as you began to walk to the opposite side of the parking lot.

You opened the door to the passenger’s seat, sighing and smiling in content.

“Where the hell were you?!” Your friend shouted. “I just told you to put the damn cart back where we got it but you had to take a detour!”  They said. You laughed as they started driving.

Your friend noticed your sudden change in demeanor as you were just smiling uncontrollably.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, (Y/N), but why are you so happy?” They asked.

“Just excited to watch NCIS, that’s all.” You smiled.

Little did they know that you had just made up with your boyfriend, said a few sorry’s and exchanged a few “It was my fault’s” before you two planned a date.

[TRANS] SHINee for Cancam August Issue

Q: Favorite SHINee’s japanese song?
O: Keeping love again
J: 321
K: Moon river waltz
M: Moon river waltz
T: Colors of the season

Q: Favorite ice cream flavor?
O: Strawberry
J: Strawberry
K: chocolate n green tea
M: cookies n crem
T: walnut? Creamy?

Q: Favorite scent?
O: wood scent
J: musk scent
K: oriental scent
M: sweet scent
T: cupcake scent

Q: What would u eat after concert?
O: ofc meat
J: water
K: bacon
M: rice
T: meat

Q: Thing that should always include in the refrigerator?
O: Gochujanh sauce
J: water
K: water
M: Sport drink
T: milk

Q. Thing you collected?
O: airplane tickets
J: candle
K: phone case
M: soccer shoes
T: nothing

Q: Song that could raise the mood(?) during concert?
O: Everybody
J: Everybody
K: Everybody
M: Everybody
T: Picasso

Q: What do you do before going to bed?
O: prepare for tomorrow’s schedule
J: listen to music
K: take a bath
M: listen to music
T: eat a lot

Tr: 2minaddict