historyofashitpost  asked:

What are some other thrift shop blogs that you personally follow?

I love this question cause it gives me an opportunity to show off some super cool people!

Well, as my previous shout outs have demonstrated @gameofboards is a blog I really enjoy and get a lot of reblog material from.

I just recently got into @bizarrecrapinthriftstores and I really like the stuff they’re doing.

My goal of the moment is to become mutuals with @shiftythrifting.

@97centdreams always finds a lot of great intact items that I am only slightly radiating waves of pure jealousy because of.

@niftythriftythings is always a bright spot in my day when they show up on my dash.

@thriftstoreoddities has a great blog and is super nice, by my understanding through brief interaction.

If you like doll collecting or collection hunters, @my-resuced-treasures does some super cool stuff with Monster High and others.

@thrifterror has great collection of fun statues and such, and I am honored to say my strawbeary post is among them.

And even though they are not techinically thrift store blogs, a big part of my resources is bootlegs, so @bootlegheaven and @knockoffs-and-bootlegs (who was the person kind enough to support the creation of this weird fever dream you all enjoy ironically or unironically.)

SO, that’s some of my favorites, there are some that were either mysteriously abducted by either aliens or government agents, and thus do not post as frequently as they once had, but these are the wonderful blogs I see on a daily basis! Everyone be sure to check them out if you haven’t already, I guarantee at least half of them aren’t shadow monsters that feed on attention and human hair, and also bleed gasoline.


Come join the @skypetalteahouse, @succulent-tart, and @thetirisfaltheatretroupe as we bring to you Fire Fest!

When: Saturday, June 18th, 2016. Ceremonies begin at 5pm Wymrest Accord server!

Where: Mar’at (Uldum) slightly west of Ramkahen. (48,39)

What: An evening of celebration and entertainment, in anticipation of the upcoming Midsummer Fire Festival! Come enjoy performances by the TTT, the Succulent Tarts, and food, drink, and live music supplied by the Skypetal Teahouse. Make sure to wear your ‘hottest’ outfit to take place in the costume contest, with gold prizes to be won!

Contact Feilei, Atos, Vythalia, Gabbrialla, or Strawbeary in-game with any questions or an invite to the calendar event, or reblog with your character name to be invited! Hope to see you there!

I need a friend.

I’m actually living lonely life. I want to go out. Be with friends. I’m in a new place. I don’t have people to trust except immediate family. I don’t have friends here. Everything is different. I like being alone. And I do like to hang out with friends. Especially the ones who has the same interest as me. But they’re not into the same things. I have best friends as well as people who I treat as sisters. And I’m grateful for their friendship. I don’t have close friends here.

I actually want to cry. Right now, I don’t have a home. I go back and fort between 3 different places. It’s really difficult. I just want to stay in one place. I don’t want to bother my family and their friends. I feel like an burden to everybody taking care of me right now. Don’t get me wrong. I chose to live here, I chose this life. And I have to stand by it. Can I just have someone? A friend. An ally. Someone who understands. 

 so, I’ve had this idea sitting around for months and months but only am just now finally churning out polished results. these little guys are my anomals (animals, nom nom nom, etc.), punny little food-based creatures. Someday I want to make plushies of some of them and so on.

the ones pictured above are
alpacookie, the cookie alpaca
toucandy, the candy toucah
biscat, the empire biscuit kitty cat
puppizza, the pizza pup
cinnabunny, the cinnamon bun… bun.
and strawbeary, the strawberry bear 

enjoy! :) There will be MUCH more to come, I’ve got tons more to share!

also available for view on my deviantart (adorability) =)