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day 6 » relationships/interactions 

∟ luffy + his crew  

okay i was going to write an analysis but let’s be quick: luffy’s relationship with his crew is super important because he even though he has a different relationship with each of them, he treats them all equally and respectfully, which in turn makes their relationships that much more precious. please don’t tell me he values any crew member more than another, because he’s probably die the same way if any of them left. 


10 Days of Anime Openings by Hanakumamii
Day 4: Opening with lively theme
ONE PIECE  [ Kaze o Sagashite || Yaguchi Mari & Straw Hats ]


I just love how Oda makes you question about almost every aspect of Doflamingo character.He states he cares for the family he founded for himself, forgives and protects them, similar to how Luffy and Whitebeard see their crews as their true companions , which kind of felt that it was a set up  to his one good quality to him in Dressrosa

It was even shown in the past how much he cared for the younger family members particularly with both Baby 5 and Law, with him taken in and training a pariah like Law despite the rumours about his illness and protecting him and Baby 5 from other pirates, which almost made me forgot how much of a wonderful bastard he is. 

However, it was also shown how willing he is willing to use them at the same time.  He wanted to use Law anger and bitterness at the world to mould him into becoming his right hand, which he would have done if Corazon had not intervened but was also personally willing  to set up and brainwash Law for the slaughter when he founded out that he ate the ope-ope fruit ( which he was going to give to his supposed beloved brother for the same purposes).

And now recently with Baby 5, who now seems to of had the same treatment as Law.  While he has continued protected and forgiven her for her mistakes he has also  used her very dangerous and increasing completely tragic need for being wanted and needed, due to her abandonment issues, to continue to a state that even after it is stated to her face that her willingness to died and be use has made her into a tool for the family, she not upset at that statement, she actually cries tears of joy at being called a convenient!!

Doflamingo basically does the opposite of what Whitebeard and Luffy has done for his crew. With Luffy removed and helped both Nami and Robins to get over issues of their past and Whitebeard’s crew helping Ace get over his questioning over his life.  Doflamingo, while does seem to have some genuine care for them, will use these issues for his own purposes

blenheims  asked:

Your writing is awesome! Can I request hcs were Usopp Brook Sanji and Tashigi play with their newborn Baby?

Sorry for taking so long with your request-
I hope you like it~


  • He would test out new inventions on his little baby. Like lotion to make their already baby soft skin softer
  • Enjoys playing peekaboo with his baby the most since he loves it that it makes them giggle
  • Will give them blocks to play with and claim his baby is the smartest baby alive all must tremble before baby Usopp the second
  • Whoever Usopp’s s/o is will have to prevent him from actually naming the baby that


  • Will try to make his baby laugh by doing a bunch of ridiculous and silly tricks
  • If his baby were to be intimidated by his appearance since he is a skeleton he will do everything he could to make them like him
  • He and his baby will have matching silly sunglasses and will proceed to show them off to the rest of the straw hat crew
  • When his baby starts to get older he would try and teach them to say the word “panties” as a joke, but to his horror its actually the first word they say


  • His baby would be so spoiled and would have everything a baby could ever want in the world
  • He’d have fun dressing them up in cute clothes and giving them cutsey nicknames
  • Would totally buy his baby a miniature plastic cooking set for them to play with in the kitchen while he cooks
  • Will try to teach his baby to flip off Zoro or refer to Zoro as Moss head as he would find it completely hilarious


  • Everything at her place is absolutely baby proofed and all sharp objects have been removed from wherever the baby is since she is a klutz
  • Would end up having Smoker baby sit for her sometime without really asking and more leaving them with Smoker when she was busy training
  • Would let her baby play with her hair even though they pull really hard she doesn’t mind (as she silently cries)
  • Plays games that are considered to help the babies’ intellect while they’re younger like the puzzle game

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