straw clutch







Triggered nights lead to:

Feeling like a monster
The overwhelming urge to tear things apart
Raw throat from screaming
Bitten tongues
Wet pillows
Tangled sheets
Desperately clawing at your own skin to *just get it out!*
Swollen eyes
Shadows at the corners of your visions
New scars
Restless nights
Emptiness the following morning
Clutching at straws that tell you who you are
The sinking feeling that:
This will come back again
And again
And again

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can you do rfa + v & saeran react to a flat-chested mc? also i love your blog sm~ ^^

Thank you for the kind words, anon! It always makes me feel better to hear that people like my blog :)

I kept this request predominately SFW, but V has hints of NSFW (not enough to tag this as NSFW though) because of the big news. If it’s not his route, then I’m going to take the excuse that he deserves a ton of love! 

I hope you enjoy this request! And as always, ⭐my requests are open!⭐


·         When he saw you for the first time he didn’t even notice you had a flat chest, he could only stare into your eyes because that calmed his nerves. In fact, he didn’t even notice your chest until your third date, and that was only because you had decided to not wear a baggy sweater for a change.

·         To him, it isn’t a big deal, because it’s just another part of you – besides, there’s many other things he adores about you!

·         The size of your chest doesn’t matter, because so long as you don’t have a chest that’s as hard as a rock when he wants to hug you and rest his head on your chest, he’s super happy! He loves that your chest is squishy, yet he can still hear the sound of your heartbeat.

·         To be honest he probably has nightmares of being smothered by big boobs lol

·         If anyone at his uni says really rude things like “why are you dating a guy?? They can’t be a girl if they don’t have a chest!” he’ll get so mad that you have to drag him away from the assholes. He gets super passionate about defending you and thinks you don’t deserve horrible comments like that.

·         On days when you feel insecure and wish you had a bigger bust, he’s going to point out all the things that make you an awesome person. He isn’t going to leave you, and doesn’t want you to change yourself to please others!


·         Lets just remember the time Echo Girl tried to get him to fondle her DD breasts in this route like wtf

·         He finds out about your chest when he shows you the dress he wants you to wear at the RFA party. He’s confused when you act really uneasy about it, but when you explain that you can’t wear it because you don’t have the right figure, he sets about proving your assumption wrong.

·         “Who said you can’t wear it? I thought of you when I saw it

·         When you tried the dress on and showed him how you looked, he nearly fainted because of how amazing it looked on you. You were owning it! He was so proud that he could tell the world that you were his, wearing a dress that made you looked more beautiful than you already were.

·         He really doesn’t want you to feel insecure and think about changing your breast size just because the majority of his female co-workers are busty. You stood out to him because of how kind and humble you were, not because of the way you looked.

·         In his own words: “Don’t hate the body that I love, okay?”

·         In a way, he’s relieved that you have a small chest because it means most other men won’t look at you with lusty eyes and try to steal you from him.

·         It doesn’t change the fact that he finds it difficult to contain The Beast. The Beast isn’t just released by how your breasts look…


·         Admittedly, you felt insecure in comparison to her. She was beautiful; her hair was silky soft, her skin was supple, her figure was beautiful, and her damn boobs were incredible! You felt less than average in comparison to her.

·         You try everything to make your breasts seem bigger; buying a push-up bra, using cheap silicone cutlets, even stuffing your bra with balled-up socks.

·         When she finds out that you’re doing this, she tells you that you really don’t need to – after all, the size of your bust really doesn’t matter to her. She finds you attractive in many other ways.

·         Deep down, she thinks that you look better than her anyway, so she’s surprised to hear that you would think that.

·         She tells you aaalllll the disadvantages of having bigger boobs, and how she wishes she could have a smaller chest. Also, she hates all the unwanted attention from disgusting perverts.

·         She’ll also warn you that wearing the wrong bra size or stuffing a bra to the brim cannot only ruin your bra, but can also damage your breasts.

·         However, if you’re really insistent that you want to give the illusion of bigger breasts, she gives you tips – contouring your chest, wearing horizontal stripes, and having an upright posture.


·         He literally only notices it when Sarah points out your flat chest, ranting about how you’re so average when she sees you in the flat with Jumin. He notices that when she’s gone, you look upset. When you tell him that some of her words got to you, he tells you that you should ignore her because she was jealous and clutching at straws to try and make him leave you. And she failed.

·         He doesn’t like women who flaunt their bodies for his attention, especially when they make a huge deal about how big their breasts are. He likes you, because not only are you flaunting yourself, you also don’t draw attention to your chest. Also, Elizabeth 3rd approves, so what a bonus.

·         Tbh it was probably never his favourite part of a woman anyway. I think he would only see them as serving a biological purpose and just… really swollen fatty tissue. Because that’s what breasts are fundamentally.

·         If anyone says anything horrible about you, he’ll probably give them some harsh words and a death glare for having the audacity to comment on how you look. If they kept harassing and being horrible to you… he’ll be on the phone to his lawyer.

·         Sometimes you feel bad because even though he buys you gorgeous outfits, you feel like you can’t pull them off. He reminds you that you’ll look amazing in anything he buys you, because it’s you. However, he does note what your fashion preferences are and which parts of your body you’re more confident about so he can buy outfits which can show them off. Even if it’s something ridiculous like your rib cage, and imagine the poor tailor having to come up with something to satisfy his request…

·         If you really want breast enhancement surgery, he’ll pay for it for your happiness, but he reminds you that he loves you the way you are. He fell in love with YOU, not your tits.


·         He finds out some time after Saeran is beginning his recovery. Like one time you’re cooking and he gets really confident and sneaks up on you, then grabbing your boobs and scaring you. And then he’s really confused because they’re barely there. Is your sweater so baggy that it’s hiding them? Then he actually realises that they’re small lol.

·         He really isn’t going to care. You changed him for the better and pretty much saved his brother and the RFA, and you think he’s going to be pissed because of your chest? He’s probably more annoyed that you think he would be offended by something like that.

·         However, he totally understands how you feel, because he has insecurities about his body too. Yet he doesn’t want you to be insecure since he thinks you’re perfect!

·         He’ll remind you of everything he loves about you, highlighting that your breasts aren’t that significant to him.

·         He’s happy though because he can fit them comfortably in his hands, and when you find out you try not to throw the nearest object at him.

·         In your sleep, he probably draws a smiley face on your boobs, with 10/10 emblazoned on them. The 0s are represented by the nipples 😉

·         “Don’t change them, MC! They’re my breast friends!”



·         In all seriousness, he doesn’t care about the size. He finds that they just add to your beauty, even if they’re small! And it relieves him that he won’t accidentally brush against them or anything.

·         His favourite thing to do when you two are intimate is to shower them in kisses. He loves them so much, especially since they’re so soft and squishy.

·         If you feel insecure, he’s going to spend as long as possible pointing out everything he loves about you, and damn does it take a long time. He’ll worship your body when you two are intimate, making sure that you know how much he loves every other part of you, even your spleen.

·         He really wants to do a nude photo shoot, because he wants you to learn to love what he loves. And he’s not going to airbrush or add filters to the photos. He wants you to see you for who you are.

·         However, don’t think he’s totally innocent. He’s still really proud of the time when he said your shirt had braille on it and he ran a hand over your chest, feeling your nipples like braille. You have never been so flustered in your entire life.


·         I mean he’s been in a cult for nearly half his life, so he probably doesn’t care about breasts. He just sees you as the only one who truly understands him, and tbh he probably doesn’t care about your appearance either. It’s your kindness and personality that touches him.

·         Seriously, he has no idea of what cup sizes mean. If you tell him that you xA, he isn’t going to understand.

·         “____, isn’t that some sort of video quality setting…?”

·         Sometimes you get catcalled, and the catcallers always remark how you would be perfect if you had bigger boobs. When he hears them as he walks home with you from the ice cream parlour, he’s LIVID.

·         Like sure, mock him all you want for not looking manly enough or still being in an emo phase, but you? You did nothing to attract that attention and you sure as hell don’t deserve it! It takes all your energy to get him to calm down and leave them alone.

·         Whenever he feels stressed he has a habit of squeezing your breasts like a stress ball. They might be too small to fit in his hands, but it always makes him feel better and you damn horny.

·         You accepted him for all his flaws, so he’s amazed that you think he wouldn’t accept you because of your chest size. He just doesn’t get it.


Gwenllian / Piper  ➵ warrior women

A young woman, Orla’s age, the daughter of a nobleman, a witch in an age when witches were not always the best thing to be. Surrounded by war, and doing her best to stop it.

Piper was not much for housework. She had a very narrow skill set. She drifted toward the bedroom, on her way to have a bath or take a nap or start a war.

Limitless Love

Sorry anon, I can’t find your request but it was something like: Taeyong is your sunbae & you like each other so the boys try to push him to confess. And Mark, in your class, pushes you to confess to Taeyong

Character: Taeyong (NCT)
Word count: 1891
Summary: Sunbae Taeyong can’t help noticing how attractive Mark’s friend is & his friends decide to help him out with that | #fluff #high school!au

Originally posted by nct-rain

Taeyong was a natural born leader, the type of person that his friends relied on and who took control of situations. He was used to hearing worries from his friends, then helping them sort it out. What he was not used to, however,  was being in their position. He did not like to speak about his own issues or go to others for help. But what he soon finds out is that he doesn’t need to. With as close a bond he has formed with his friends, words are no longer needed. They already know when he needs their help.

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Choose Your Mistakes #34

Part thirty-four of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you have questions, and be sure to make your choice below.

You chose to defend Mare. 

Originally posted by erebussociety

Mare was frozen in place. You could see him twitch as he tried to move, but he simply could not convince him limbs to obey him.
You tried to pull him. You tried to lift him. You tried to push him. And all the while the domed shadow laughed as it advanced. You glared back at it. Dark’s mouth was moving, but the laughter came from the body of shadow behind him.
“Run!” Mare hissed through teeth that barely moved.
“I’m not just leaving you,” you insisted, moving to stand where he could see you again. His eyes were wide with fear, the smoke that pooled around them glittering with red and orange flecks.
Dark continued chuckling as he approached. You could feel the deep sound in your bones. You wanted to run, your heart was pounding and you could feel yourself sweating, but you made yourself stay.
How dare you…

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Yay it's open again! thank you! here is my prompt: can you please imagine Claire and Jamie finding out that le Comte is actually Fergus' father and deciding on what to do? thank you again!

Claire heard the carriage arrive and rolled over in bed, half-awake to wait for Jamie to join her. She dozed for a few more minutes before raising her head and looking around for him. Sometimes he was quiet enough to slip in without her noticing, but with the heightened senses of pregnancy, she usually smelled him, especially when he’d been at the brothel with Charles; the combination of tobacco smoke, perfume, and wine had triggered her morning sickness on more than one occasion.

But she didn’t smell him yet either. If he hadn’t come to bed yet, it meant he’d learned something significant and was mulling it over or discussing it with Murtagh.

She slipped from the bed, the floor cool against her bare feet, then reached for her dressing gown just in case Murtagh was with him.

Jamie was alone slouched in a high-backed chair near the fire, staring sightless into its depths; he didn’t make any movement to indicate he heard Claire come up behind him but he must have known because he didn’t flinch when she reached out to squeeze his shoulder. Instead, his hand came up to rest atop hers and gave a light squeeze of acknowledgement.

“Come to bed?” she asked in a whisper.

He shook his head then sat up straighter, looking away from the fire and at her, blinking, dazed.

“What’s wrong? Is it something Charles––”

“No,” he interrupted with a weak smile of reassurance. “No it’s nothing to do wi’ Charles––thank God in Heaven.”

“Then what is it?”

“We were at Maison Elise and one of the lasses there… She mentioned their missing boy, Claudel.”

“Fergus? But why?” Claire took her hand back from Jamie’s shoulder and crossed her arms over her chest. Her belly protruded just far enough to serve as a small shelf on which to rest her forearms.

“The lass only had rumors as to why Madam Elise might be lookin’ for him to come back––rumors to do wi’ his parentage.”

The wary edge in Jamie’s voice sent a shiver through Claire. She reached for the footstool that matched Jamie’s chair and plopped down on it as comfortably as she could.

“Let me guess, he’s the son of some aristocrat and she wants Fergus on hand as leverage so she can blackmail the man,” Claire guessed.

A more genuine smile appeared briefly on Jamie’s face. “Tha’s what I suspect as well,” he nodded turning back to examine the flames in the hearth, his brow furrowing in contemplation once more.

“But Madam Elise’s motives don’t change the fact that you now might know who Fergus’ father is,” Claire continued, her hand drifting to her swollen belly, “And you’re not sure what to tell Fergus…” She felt the child flutter lightly in her womb but the movement still didn’t register against her hand; soon though, Jamie would be able to feel it for himself.

“Something of the sort. I dinna think the man would care did Madam Elise blackmail him or no. She may be too scairt of him to eve think of blackmailin’ him. I can say that I dinna think any good can come of tellin’ wee Fergus or trying to bring the matter to his father’s attention… but that doesna mean Fergus doesna have the right to know and make the choice himself…”

“Who is it?” Claire finally asked.

Jamie sighed deeply. “If the lass is to be believed… St. Germain.”

Claire felt her jaw go slack with shock.

“Aye, tha’ was my reaction too,” he told her.

“We can’t tell Fergus,” Claire insisted quickly. “It’s too dangerous. Besides,” she clutched at straws, “it’s only a bit of gossip, rumor.”

Jamie shrugged. “I’m no sayin’ we ought to let the lad approach the man… but does he no have a right to know? Even if it is just gossip?”

“Do you even know if he wants to know?” Claire countered.

“Wouldn’t you?” he challenged back.

“We need to take more time to think about this,” Claire said, rising and pacing. “There has to be a way to learn what Fergus knows––how he feels about learning such a truth––before we just spring it on him.”

“Aye, Sassenach,” Jamie groaned, pushing himself up out of his chair and crossing to stop her in her tracks by resting his hands on her shoulders. “It’s a matter requires more thought and a bit of sleep besides. I didna mean to burden ye wi’ such a thing.”

She rolled her eyes but rose up on her toes to press a light kiss to his lips.

“Your shoulders bear more than enough burdens for one person. I can stand to share a little of that weight.”

“Thank ye,” he whispered before reaching out and lightly brushed his fingers down the slope of her growing belly.

The fluttering that followed was beginning to feel like more than just a familiar declaration of presence. Claire smiled confident that this child would know from the first who it was; that it would have both her and Jamie to guide it and help it grow.

And whatever they decided to tell Fergus, he would have them too; he was no longer alone.

Maya St. Germaine: The Forgotten One

I am crossing my fingers, legs, arms and toes Maya’s story is further elaborated on. She was a suspicious character who died mysteriously. We ALL know how the dead do not like to stay dead in Rosewood, and this quote was repeated by the cast during recent interviews.

- The day she moved into Alison’s home, Spencer saw someone wearing a blonde wig staring at her from Ali’s old window. We know this was Maya, bc the top Fake Ali was wearing was the top Maya was wearing that day. Even if this was innocent, I’d like it to be explained.

- She was hanging around with Noel Beheaded Serial Killer Khan, and attending the parties along with Cece, Jenna and Holden. She died for knowing too much, but why did she hang around with them in the first place? Why were they so enticing?

- That whole thing was an unexplained rollercoaster.

- The Nate storyline was as useless as those Supermarkets who put peeled oranges into plastic packets. WHAT did it add to the A storyline? Why would Nate kill Maya and why was it even included into the plot? Surely A killing Maya would have better enhanced the story? This is still fishy to me.

- Maya flirted with Emily the moment their eyes met. At this time Emily was still in the closet, dating Ben. Maya did not flirt with the other girls. Either Emily made it super obvious, Maya possesses a strong gaydar, or she already knew.

- Redcoat. This mysterious character was flicked away from the plot by Marlene, explaining it away with Sara and Alison. But Redcoat knew every inch of the DiLaurentis household. Sure, Alison does too. But there were multiple redcoats. Charles could have remembered from his childhood the hiding places and told Sara, or found the blueprints, but the only other person who knew that house was Maya. The blonde wig from S1:E1, and the fact that Redcoat wears gloves, wigs and a mask points to the fact that perhaps Redcoat isn’t a blonde, white girl? I am literally nitpicking here good Lord

If you have any more points you’d like to add, please add a comment and I’ll add it to the list along with a credit to your name! Feel free to also tell me if you think any of my points are actual garbage, which they probably are, because I feel like Edward Scissorhands clutching at straws here.

Barba and The Beast

In retrospect, you may have overreacted. But then when have feelings ever made a person act rationally?

It all started last week when you and Rafael attended one of his fancy functions. It was a gala hosted by the bar association, yet another opportunity for Rafael to network and advance his career. Rafael always asked you to join him, and you tried your best to at least make an appearance because you knew it would help him.

For the most part, you didn’t mind standing at his side as he schmoozed his way around the room, but on this day, he didn’t seem to need your presence, having found several Harvard colleagues, he had drifted away.

Thus, you found myself standing in a corner of the room talking to the esteemed Mrs. Sophia Edwards, a woman that could really only be described as a trophy wife. You were only half listening to Mrs. Edwards’ brainless banter, as in a spate of self-pity, you were imagining your future as a senseless spouse.

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Continuation of #318!!! (not above begging by now ;))



“Guessing?!” Her guts knotted. “I made it clear to you. We had a conversation. You said you understood. You said you would wait.”

“I did wait.”

And then you stopped.” She was breathing hard, her insides fluttering and jittery. “You stopped waiting and now what am I supposed to say to this - this confession? Because it doesn’t feel real to me, it’s never felt real to me.”

“Never felt real?” His anger had a force to it, a rage consuming. “I don’t see how I can make it any more real to you, Beckett.”

“Maybe don’t yell at me.”

A voice cut through their stalemate. Maybe you both don’t yell, yeah? I can hear you over the music.”

Kate’s cheeks burned and she turned her head away. The cab driver was chuckling from the front seat, turning right across traffic in a way that made her American sensibilities roil.

“I wasn’t yelling at you,” Castle said. His voice rough as sandpaper. “I was trying to keep you alive with me.”

The breath was knocked out of her at that. She glanced quickly at him; he still held her hand in his like clutching at straws. Desperate.

“You really…” She swallowed quickly, the urge to be sick rising again. “Makes me panicky, Rick.”

“Well, great.”

“No, not you saying - not that. That day. Mem-memory,” she whispered. “Makes me sick.”

“Lady, you ‘bout to be sick? You look knackered. Hey, mate, you stop yelling at her. I get it’s all a cock-up. But she chunders in my cab and you’re-”

“I’m not sick,” she croaked. “I’m fine. It’s fine. Too sober to throw up.”

“I’ll stop yelling at her.”

She glanced at Castle, the sharp grief on his face as he spoke. His eyes met hers and there was no amusement in them.

None of this was funny. 

“The Langham is up ahead on the left,” the cabbie said, gesturing vaguely.

Kate peered past the car’s frame to see what slick chrome edifice Castle had directed them to, some awful blowout night from his past, but instead-

It was everything London ought to be, grand and regal and stately, a Castle. She stared, feeling once more out of place, out of her league, unable to measure up. 

But her hand was still trapped in his - and-

and so was her heart.


Floriana Lima

Ok here we go. Like us all i am disappointed, very. However, i think we should try and take some positives out of this.

First of all, don’t tweet abuse at Floriana, don’t leave hate on her instagram because that would literally make her not ever want to come back less.

I am also happy for Floriana because it means she has been recognised as an actress and that is wonderful.

I know how you all feel, you have had this as your main like lesbian story and its the first thing you have related to. L word was that for me and it got Axed far too early and it just ruined me so i understand completely where you are all coming from. 

I am trying to see the positives from this, you are probably all not going to like this post but here we go:

Floriana Points:

Main point one - Floriana hasn’t left, she’s decided to go and do another project - from what i know in the film/tv world, this screams, i have been given a big film opportunity i can’t turn down and i need to take some time out of doing the tv show to do this. This could mean that she could be gone for the first half of the season and maybe come back for the end of the season. 

Two - Floriana is like closing on 40, now when you get to 38/39 in film a lot of actresses think, well i’ve done a lot of tv work now, if something comes up i need to take it. Which seems the case in Floriana. She also hasn’t like ever done a really long TV role. It doesn’t mean it will work out, not that i am being a downer on it, but sometimes you take those risks, thats the film world. 

Main points for Supergirl itself. 

One- The last season was EXTREMELY relationship heavy and the one thing i do miss and i am sure everyone misses is the fact most people were single and they were actually getting superhero work done. Maybe this will allow more of that to happen next season. People have said that it is one thing Supergirl has lacked a lot this year is the villains, dealing with aliens, the whole ok we had the Cadmus storyline and then hang on wait…what!? then on wait Lillian is back without Jeremiah in the finale. I think for storyline development it will allow the writers to focus more on opening that up. I do think season 2 has lacked storyline development in the sacrifice of relationships and as much as i adore Sanvers, I am hoping we will get more of this.

Two - We have missed the Danvers sisters this season and maybe we can have that back which i can’t see as a bad thing because people praised that highly in season 1. It was completely and utterly the heart of the show and maybe we will get this back in season 3. 

Three - Andrew hasn’t stated how long she’s bowing out for and like i said, it could be a film opportunity has come back and Maggie will be back in it. it also means like Cat Grant she could go away to do something good - for me the biggest thing for me is that she could accept Alex’s proposal but then say to her. Look Alex, before i do this, i have to resolve the whole deal with my parents because deep down, i want them to know you and she could come back and open her storyline up that way.

Hey i may be clutching at straws but as someone who knows people who work in film and such i am trying to see the positives for it. Maybe actors do this and come back. I think Floriana and know she loves working on this show and knows the fans will be disappointed and i don’t think she won’t ever come back. 


I’m clutching at straws at this point… But this is obviously what happened. Don’t convince me otherwise and I’ll sit in my bubble believing this till Friday… When it will be reinforced that this trailer is an evil misleading piece of devilish torture

Every time this mouth opens
I fear it will never close again.
Need– new, raw. There is a
Fault line stretching farther

Than any cartographer charted.
This is a ship bound for the end
Of the world. We’re destroyed, we
Descend, falling at the speed of fear.

This losing is like breath to me,
Involuntary, a muscle contraction,
Straws I clutch upon, these grains
Of sand slip endlessly through glass.

anonymous asked:

any thoughts on the new comic apparently having am.edot evidence? all ive seen is peri looking very uncomfortable/overall not happy next to ame, and either steven or ame calling her cute

It’s the usual straw-clutching nonsense, basically.

I answered a similar ask about this earlier, but to reiterate: it’s following the show, by which I mean there’s literally no romance whatsoever between them lol.

I mean…

…this is that sisterly dynamic again - Ame (older sister) teasing Peri (younger sister).  Heck, they’re even pretending that Peri’s a literal child here…

And look how happy Peri is to be pushed into doing something that she doesn’t really want to do, only to get laughed at afterwards!  So romantic~ uwu

Apologies for the sarcasm/rippping into this ship - I totally respect people’s right to ship whatever they want (and I have no problem with the majority of A//med/o//t shippers) but I hate the ship itself when it’s being labelled as “romantic”, for so many different reasons that I physically can’t even begin to list them all here :/  Just… no.  Sorry, but no.