I feel like I am in love with you, and it should be spring. I want the sun throbbing on my head like chords of music. I think of a sun like Beethoven, a wind like Debussy, and bird calls like Stravinsky. But the tempo is all mine.

@amelancholycharm replied to your post: Hmmmm… the Tl:dr of the Beatnick Riot is A bunch…

have always been partial to the 1913 Rite of Spring première myself (apparently, for the french, it’s not an Important Art Event without shouting and a bit of violence…)


really if your premiere can’t inspire shouting and a little light rioting is it even Art, I ask you

also it managed to offend the good ol’  Figaro: 

Henri Quittard, a music critic at French daily Le Figaro, described the debut as an exercise in “puerile barbarity,” suggesting that Stravinsky had been corrupted by Nijinsky and Sergei Diaghilev — the impresario who founded the Ballets Russes and who had already stirred controversy for his company’s erotic interpretation of Claude Debussy’s L’Après-midi d’un faune.

to which I can only say: HAHAHAHAHA. 

(Read more about it here, here, and here! :D) 


Rite of Spring Cup Song

please it’s amazing

Sometimes I like to imagine classical composers with sassy t-shirts

For example











imagine a version of guitar hero for orchestral instruments

some of the song choices could be mozart concertos, vivaldi concertos, the bach partitas, beethoven quartets, tchaikovsky symphonies, etc

and if you play something on easy you could play (for example) the second violin part, if you play something on medium it could be the first violin part, and if you play something on hard you would play the solo violin part

and for the bonus songs you could have some really weird “modern” stuff, like schoenberg or stravinsky or even iannis xenakis because why not

for the venue, you could start out playing at a crappy school recital and then gradually work your way up to some random opera house in germany or carnegie hall

AND IMAGINE THE CHARACTERS YOU COULD PLAY AS. you could have mozart, clara schumann, tchaikovsky, rachmaninoff, chopin, or hilary hahn idk

and you could choose between playing on a toy keyboard or a grand piano, an electric violin or a strad–endless possibilities

it could be fun

The Signs As Classical Composers
  • Aries: Shostakovitch
  • Taurus: Beethoven
  • Gemini: Mozart
  • Cancer: Ravel
  • Leo: Vivaldi
  • Virgo: Bach
  • Libra: Tchaikovsky
  • Scorpio: Stravinsky
  • Sagittarius: Handel
  • Capricorn: Verdi
  • Aquarius: Schubert
  • Pisces: Rachmaninoff