Just A Normal Week in Baker Street

A picture based upon a fic based upon my original Tumblr week pic XD For the lovely stravaganza, who write this gorgeous piece of work. Gonna do a pic each day, for my favorite part in each chapter.

My favorite part in this chapter. How John doesn’t even scold or bluster any more, just lets Sherlock pull down his PJs and stare unabashedly at his pants.


I’m reading now Sherlock: Chronicles and I saw something interesting (probabaly someone spotted it and commented on it before, so in that case sorry for being a slowpoke).

On page 263 there’s a caption under the picture that says:

Only in television-making would the throwing of small pieces of coloured paper become an exercise in special effects deployment. The confetti for John and Sarah’s wedding appeared courtesy of Danny Hargreaves and Real SFX.

John and Sarah’s.

It seems that women in John’s life are pretty replaceable even at his wedding.


Just A Normal Week in Baker Street

GUESS WHO JUST WENT HOME AND FOUND HER TABLET :D THIS GIRL! So, without further ado, I present the very late addition to the Baker Street Week series! Could’ve waited till tomorrow, since it will technically be Sunday then, but I figured sooner is better since it’s already a week late XD This was a ton of fun to do, and I LOVE stravaganza for writing this fic for me, and I hope these pictures were enough to show my thanks :D

By the way, my drawing weakness? Kisses. I can draw hardcore gay slashy porn, can’t draw two faces close together kissing :P Odd

Mi piacciono i silenziosi, non i taciturni.
Mi piacciono gli originali, non gli stravaganti. Mi piacciono i coraggiosi, non gli incoscienti.
I protagonisti, non gli spettatori.
I sognatori, non gli utopisti.
I sinceri, non gli adulatori.
Mi piace chi affronta la vita con leggerezza, non con superficialità.
Chi crede in se stesso, non il convinto.
Mi piacciono le belle persone, che è diverso dalle persone belle.
Have you ever read... Stravaganza?

Grab your Talisman and come travel through space and time to visit the exotic (but familiar) cities of Talia - cause you’re now a Stravagante!

Years ago my mom gave me a book I had never heard of, and to be honest, I was skeptical about it (never judge by the cover!) - but as I read it, I realized how cool it was! I’ve really liked it, and once I finished it I noticed it still had so much more to tell us! What a joy when, years later, I accidentally discovered the book was actually the first of a series! So to spread the love of this series, I decided to present it to you! If you haven’t read it yet, then make yourselves confortable — and welcome!

Introduction to the series and its Universe

In Stravaganza, author Mary Hoffman takes us to Talia, some sort of Renaissance Italy in a parallel world. The Stravaganti are a secret group of people living all over Talia who can travel (stravagate) between their country and our London. Yes, it seems the English people can visit more than Hogwarts and Narnia from there. So. UNfair. Anyway, let’s start by the beggining of course:

Stravaganza - City of Masks (book 1 summary)

It all begins when 16 years old English boy Lucien, who has been spending his days on bed for some time now because of cancer, falls asleep holding the peculiar notebook his father just gave him. Lucien awakes in the daylight of Belezza, Talia’s Venice, still wearing his pajamas, with no shadow, and feeling well – as well as he hasn’t been in a long time. He is soon intercepted by a boy, who gets angry with him for spoiling his plan: that day happened to be traditionally a day forbidden to foreigners in Belezza, and the boy, who was actually a girl, had to give up of his disguise so Lucien’s funny clothes wouldn’t call for undesired attention.

Lucien soon realizes his travels to Talia are no dream and as they get more frequent, he soon gets to meet people like Rodolfo, senator of Belezza, a stravagante himself, who takes the boy as his apprentice; The Duquezza (duchess) of Belezza, the elegant and powerful ruler of the city; and ambassador Rinaldo Di Chimichi, member of a powerful, rich family that wants not just to rule over Bellezza, but over Talia itself. Lucien does not know why exactly he is in Talia, but there must be a reason. And the only way to know it is to keep stravagating.

back to the series

Each book presents us a new young English stravagante as protagonist, and with him/her, we get to travel to a different Talian city, visiting buildings and places that reflect their counterparts in our Italy. The cool thing of all this is that this way each book has an unique feeling, as each city has its own traditions and are very different from one another. Talia is not exactly like Italy, whether in its strucute or in its history, but it’s pretty close. Curious and informative notes in the end of each book brings us some explanation from Hoffman about her inspirations and the parallels between Talia and Italy (the parallels are commented by the charcacters themselves through the story too, of course!).

Another cool thing is that the story is not narrated exclusively by the current protagonist of each book, but it follows wherever the action goes: which means although at least half of time is spent with the protagonist, of course, we also get to see what a bunch of other characters are doing, no matter in each side they are (good, bad,or somewhere in between). The books have separate plots but they always link to one another, as a part of a whole, after all they ARE sequels, and the stravaganti know each other - which is awesome, cause this way we can always see characters from previous books (specially cause some are still important to the story).

 So what are you waiting for? Talia awaits you!


fangirl meme: books [3/15]

“The gateway Doctor Dethridge opened is clearly between your England and our Talia, but there is no clear explanation about how the time changes between our two worlds.”

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Just A Normal Week in Baker Street

Third day, time for my favorite chapter out of them all. Just for the fact that John was doing the walk of temptation and torture when he passed all of those stores. Oh yeah, and the extremely erotic wanking. The heterosexual crisis is over!

For only her second time at smut, stravaganza did absolutely amazing. I am extremely jelly. So jelly…. I’M JAM!!!