Hey! Just so everyone knows, commissions are still open! here are the prices and some examples.
knees up:
- £10 sketch
- £15 line art
- £20 flat colour
– £30 full colour
- £5 to add another person

full body:

- £15 sketch
- £20 line art
- £25 flat colour
- £35 full colour
- £10 to add another person

(commission for @stratosfire

There is almost no limit to what I will draw for you. Want shipping art? sure. Want shipping art of yourself with a character? sure. Want something horrifically gory? fuck yeah, man.

- no porn (pinups and underwear pics are fine I guess)
- no Furries/Animals because I can’t draw em.
- do insect ppl count in that? depends on how human they look.
- no Mecha for the same reason
- human like robots are chill tho
- I have no morals I’ll draw shipping art of you and honestly anyone.
- as long as it’s not illegal
- so like no underage nsfw stuff or incest
- Gore is A.OK. Just not of real people
- That’s probably it.

If you’re interested, message me on here or email me. My email is and payments will be through Paypal only. The idea would be to be paid in full after an initial sketch is agreed upon unless discussed. If you have any reference images of what you’d like, just go ahead and email them to me cus that’s easier than trying to pm them to me. I’ll send you process pics along the way to make sure you’re happy with it. be mindful that I can be pretty slow but I aim to get the commission done within a week or two. Please specify if you’re okay with your commission being posted on tumblr or my dA. 

That should be all, Thank you for commissioning, or even thinking about it!