WBJune Day Seventeen


Yesterday, I touched a bit on medicine and its role in Veda City. Today, I want to expand on that and explore precisely how and why medicine is different in Veda City, and how that affects the citizens of Veda - both human and metahuman. The main thing to understand about Veda City is that everything is 15-20 years ahead of the outside world, and that spreading that research world wide is a daunting and difficult task that is being done slowly over time. This has led to a great deal of competition in and out of the city, as well as a great deal of arguments across shareholder meetings in many places across North America. Other pharmaceutical companies are trying to break into Veda City’s market, but Straton Pharmaceuticals is a dominating force and the main producer and dispenser of medication in the city. All other pharmaceutical companies that have come into the city have failed, which is why Straton has remained so powerful in the city, and why Straton’s power is spreading not just through North America, but also the rest of the world.

Generalized Health Care

Research centres and hospitals litter Veda City, each with their own purpose and their own specialities. Generalized hospitals deal with all matter of injuries, as do the local health clinics, and take care of humans and metahumans alike. There are a decent number of doctors, surgeons, nurses, EMTs, and researchers in Veda City, which is in part due to its emphasis on the well-being of its citizens, and in part due to its heavily research based nature. Health care - both physical and mental - is covered by both of the VCU* acts, and various specialities, such as HRT, cosmetic surgery, and more, have their coverage determined on a case by case basis. Prescriptions, dental care, and eye care are also covered - although laser eye surgery is more iffy.

Wait times are reasonable in most hospitals, and patients are sent to speciality centres, such as the Cancer Centre, for more specialized problems.

New Medicines & Research

Straton Pharmaceuticals, in cooperation with many of the research centres in Veda City, works toward finding new treatments and new medicines for people in Veda City. The many research centres in the city study metahumans as part of their ongoing push for progress, and many metahuman abilities have been reverse engineered for the betterment of humankind and health care. Many of the medicines in Veda City are much more effective than those outside, and Straton Pharmaceuticals has risen the cure rate of many previously difficult to cure illnesses by up to 15% in some cases.

Research is conducted on animals and human trials are done with fully informed citizens who have signed waivers and are well compensated. Metahuman specific treatments are also an option, as some metahumans have abilities that may not work well with traditional medicine. This can be difficult to work with, and so, in cases where metahuman abilities cannot be overcome, power inhibitor cuffs and/or collars can be placed on metahumans until the procedure is over.

However, it is interesting to note that there are many things - such as piercings and tattoos - which have adapted to metahumans, allowing for quick healers to have tattoos and piercings when they might otherwise not be able to.


Prosthetics are also highly advanced in Veda City, often incorporating electrodes and connectors that tap into the nerves in order to allow full connection between the flesh and prosthetic, and full range of motion in the prosthetic. Prosthetics can look, in shape and size, like the original limb, but many prosthetics are white or silver in colour, due to the metals and plastics that often make-up the prosthetics. While sensors in prosthetics aren’t perfect, they are more advanced than you might think, and many report the return of at least some sensation after some time. More advanced, experimental prosthetics, may have more return, but extensive testing has yet to be done.

Organ Printing & Growth

One of the major problems metahumans face is in organ donation. Metahuman blood is quite different from human blood, and while blood transfusions work both ways, organ donation does not. This is on top of the struggles in the organ donation world to begin with. Straton Pharmaceuticals, in cooperation with several of the research centres and hospitals in the city, has successfully found ways to 3D print organs from a combination of human and pig tissue. Not only this, but reconstructed organs have also started to be grown in laboratories from stem cells, spinal fluid, and tissue samples, allowing for organs a 3D printer cannot handle to be printed as well.

No progress has been made on printing or growing limbs. And it’s doubtful it would ever work, so no research is put toward it.

While organ cloning through growth and printing is becoming more and more of a reality every day, human cloning still eludes the scientists of Veda City. Sure, there are plenty of rumours of dopplegangers walking about the city, but that’s nonsense. There isn’t a research centre in Veda that can actually clone people.

WBJune Day 4


Time for day four! Now, because I’m working on a mostly real world time line, the history of Veda City isn’t all that interesting past about fifty years ago. Even then, the time line doesn’t diverge that much and focuses on a more… optimistic route, than you might expect from a story such as this one.

Fifty Years Ago (1960s)

Due to the increase in the population and growing stressors in the environment, Prime Metahumans begin to appear in the world.

As their presence grows, urban legends whisper of superpowered individuals and their feats.

Professor Abraham Griffon, an esteemed biologist and chemist from Winston-Salem State University, and Doctor Thomas Straton, founder and CEO of Straton Pharmaceuticals, begin to study these sightings.

Forty Years Ago (1970s)

Professor Griffon and Doctor Straton befriend and work alongside many superpowered individuals.

The term “Metahuman” is coined.

Metahumans become public knowledge and discussion picks up at the United Nations about what to do about them.

Thirty Years Ago (1980s)

The presence of Metahumans is widely accepted due to their low power levels and rarity.

The scientific community begins increased study in Metahuman individuals, creating the first form of the Metahuman Activation Curriculum (MAC).

The difference between scientifically activated Metas and randomly activated Metahumans is discovered. The term “Prime Metahumans” is coined.

Straton Pharmaceuticals approaches its 50th anniversary and increases funding for the scientific community.

Veda City is conceived and plans are drawn.

Twenty Years Ago (1990s)

Veda City is built and Professor Abraham Griffon becomes the headmaster of the first Metahuman School in the world: Griffon Academy.

Metahumans and humans from around the globe begin to trickle into Veda City at the promise of control, knowledge, and the ability to become a Metahuman.

The second draft of the Metahuman Activation Curriculum is conceived and put to the test.

VaCorp is founded by Giovanni Vacilli.

Straton Pharmaceuticals moves its main operations to Veda City.

Metahuman populations begin to rise in Veda City, approaching 1% of the 200,000 people.

Ten Years Ago (2000s)

Rapid expansion of Veda City in the early 2000s leads to its population exploding to over 800,000 individuals.

The percentage of Metahumans in the city rises, reaching 5%, but the number of Prime Metahumans largely stagnates.

The third and current form of the Metahuman Activation Curriculum is created.

The level classifications are finalized and enforced, allowing all Metahumans to be measured on an objective power scale.

Research centres spring up across the city in hopes of learning more about Metahumans and their origins.

The first Level 5, Gertrude Grey, is found.

Criminal organizations begin to appear in Veda City, prompting the creation of SOLDIER.

Present (2010s)

Expansion of the city has continued until the population reached 2.3 million people.

The Metahuman Education, Relocation, and Community for Youth program is conceived due to growing reports of Prime Metahumans out in the world.

The number of Metahumans in the city rises once more, reaching 25% (approximately 575,000) of the population.

Due to the high number of Metahumans, the city creates SCOUT.

Studies on Level 5s reveal that the nature of powers at this point is to destabilize over time, destroying inhibitions, control, and even perception of reality. Scientists grow worried.

The number of Level 5s in Veda City reaches 7.

Gertrude Grey is found dead in her home. The first Level 5 is dead.

More criminal organizations appear in the wake of Gertrude’s death, dividing the north of the city with invisible barriers.

Nat Carter arrives in Veda City.

anonymous asked:

Hi!So I finished Kings Rising and I still don't get the sudden change of Laurent's attitude towards Damen in the first 8 chapters or something. Acting all cold,like he doesn't give a damn about Damen. Also he knew who Damen was all along, so why now?

Hey Anon I think this is a common query people have cause I had a very similar question off anon a while ago (which I answered privately).

So let’s see if I can explain my interpretation of those painful chapters (I was suffering so much you have no idea).

I believe that after the battle of Charcy Laurent knew he couldn’t pretend anymore to be oblivious about Damen’s identity. And he knew the consequences to that. Edit: I deleted the cut cause people using the app couldn’t see the rest, sorry if it’s too long.

First of all there would be repercussions amongst the Veritians. Laurent has been consistently defamed by his uncle for years having convinced the court and the council Laurent’s a spoiled, unseasoned, temperamental, disobedient prince unfit to rule, who had inappropriate feelings for his own brother, who has been colluding with the enemy, who’s now taken the Akielon prince to his bed and fights beside him. So Laurent couldn’t give margin to his uncle’s accusations, he had to stay away from Damen in order not to prove his uncle right, he had to make clear he was making a political alliance in order to secure his rightful claim to the throne, not a lovers pact.

Then there’re repercussions regarding the Akielons Damen is trying to win to his cause. As we all know Veritians hate the Akielons and vice versa, they are enemies for decades maybe centuries, so an alliance between both cast out princes is unheard of, before that the best both countries could manage was truce. And Laurent knew the fact that Damen was his slave would be a huge issue, an insult, a crime to the Akielon warriors. So he had to maintain appearances, he couldn’t show they had feelings for each other, he couldn’t let be of public knowledge they had been lovers. 

He had to earn the respect of the Akielons almost as much as he had to earn the respect of his own people, so he couldn’t appear weak, and he couldn’t let Damen to appear weak either. Neither of them could afford for their allies to believe they were coming together because they were being influenced, or because they were blinded by love and their feelings for one another, they couldn’t afford doubt about their intentions to secure their places as kings. And Laurent knew if he didn’t keep his distance Damen could jeopardize everything (picture Damen giving a speech, like the one he did on the trial, but to Nikandros and Makedon and their army, it’d be a disaster).

Imagine what would’ve happened if it had come to light from the beginning Laurent had slept with not only his enemy, but most of all the man who killed his brother. What people would think of him. And what would people think of Damen.

We have a little glimpse of how that would go, remember how difficult it was to get the Akielon allies because of the mere presence of Laurent and the rumor that the princes were lovers? Remember this scene (that I like to call, Laurent the swerve master)?

‘Bannermen of Delpha. By now, you have seen the evidence that Kastor killed the King, our father. You know of his alliance with the usurper, the Regent of Vere. Even now, the Regent has troops stationed in Ios, ready to take Akielos. Tonight, we call for your pledge to fight them alongside us, and alongside our ally, Laurent of Vere.’

 There was an uneasy pause. Makedon and Straton had pledged to him in Ravenel, but that was before his alliance with Laurent. These men were being asked to accept Laurent and Vere at first sight, less than a generation out from the war.

 Barieus stepped forward. ‘I want assurances that Vere does not hold undue influence over Akielos.’

 Undue influence. ‘Speak plainly.’

 ‘They say the Prince of Vere is your lover.’

 ‘Who we take to our bed is not your concern.’

 ‘If our King takes Vere to his bed, it is our concern,’ said Barieus.

 ‘Shall I tell them what really happened between us? They want to know,’ Laurent said.

 ‘Do I have the question clear?’ said Laurent, speaking in Akielon. ‘You are asking if I lay with the man who killed my own brother?’

Laurent wore the slave cuff with utter disregard. He had no owner, the aristocratic arrogance of his posture said that. Laurent had always possessed an essential quality of the untouchable. He cultivated a faultless grace on the reclining couch, his chiselled profile and marble-chip eyes those of a statue. The idea that he would let anyone fuck him was impossible.

 Barieus said, ‘A man would have to be ice-cold to sleep with his brother’s killer.’

‘Then you have your answer,’ said Laurent.

And finally there are repercussions for Damen and Laurent’s relationship. That conversation they had at the tent right after the battle of Charcy is very powerful and encompasses a lot of what Laurent feels. The way he said it was meant to hurt Damen but deep down the content of his words were close to what he felt, especially the doubt and the hurt of being lied to. Also, before then Laurent was the only one, to his knowledge, who knew who Damen really was, so I guess it was easier for him to process his feelings when he was the only one who knew he was sleeping with the man who killed his brother. He probably didn’t understand it either, how he could fall for Damen of all people. It was very confusing and very difficult for him to accept his feelings before, let alone now that everyone would know Damen’s real identity.

Besides, Laurent needs to be in control, he must have the upper hand on every aspect of his life, so he had to have control over this too. He couldn’t let himself get hurt, he couldn’t let Damen dictate the tone of their first real encounter as Laurent and Damianos, he had to let Damen know he knew all along, he had to see Damen’s reaction to the truth, he had to see what would be Damen’s actions from that moment on. Would this change his feelings about Laurent? Would Damen fight for them even with everything that was at stake, even when Laurent himself was pushing him away? Laurent was giving Damen a chance to take a step back and to give up on them.

So I believe at the same time that Laurent was trying to assess his own feelings and Damen’s too, he was also trying to make an alliance between two enemy people to work out. Imagine how confusing that must be, the rollercoaster of emotions he was going through. So his incongruent behavior at the beginning of Kings Rising is very understandable.

I think that once he started to gain everyone’s trust specially Makedon’s, the alliance was secured, Nikandros was almost tolerating him, and he saw Damen’s feelings were true he started to slowly let himself show his feelings too.

Besides, after their encounter with Jokaste when they learned Damen probably had a child that was in danger and being sent to The Regent, Damen needed Laurent, he was hurting so Laurent couldn’t keep his cold stance towards Damen anymore. Laurent realized Damen needed him to be by his side as much as Damen had been beside him this whole time. Which was not an easy thing for Laurent to do, because no matter how many times Damen proved his value and his feelings, their past wouldn’t go away, their history of mutual hate was difficult to leave behind, he had to overcome so much to allow himself to love Damen as Damianos.

So I believe the fact that Damen probably for the first time needed him and he knew he was the only person who could comfort Damen, he was the only person who could help Damen was a huge turning point for Laurent’s behavior.  Because after everything they went through Laurent believed against all logic that Damen loved him and that he loved Damen too, so Laurent would do everything in his power not to let his uncle and Damen’s family hurt him anymore.

Phew, this was long. It’s just that Laurent is so complex and Laurent’s feelings are even more complex and difficult to explain, I felt it was important to have a full perspective of what he was probably feeling throughout that first half of Kings Rising to understand why he was first hostile, than cold, than loving towards Damen. This seemingly contradictory behavior is one of the things I like the most about Laurent, because it shows how complex of a character he is <3

What do you think Anon, my interpretation makes sense to you? If you had a different perception feel free to tell me, I love hearing different opinions.


ok i love the smut in this also im a sucker for aus im so sorry i cannot help writing sexual-tension-filled dialogue

PART ONE  -  masterlist

Michael’s POV:

Michael’s skin prickled as he suited up in the early hours of the morning. He checked his watch - 1:00am - he needed to leave before he ran out of time.

His breathing picked up as he approached the store. The graffiti was still there.

He had worked out that his best way in was through the storeroom, no way was he getting in through the huge front shutters. He followed the small alleyway that led round the back of the building.


The loading docks were shuttered off too. He huffed and punched the brick wall of the supermarket.

He got so carried away with the recognition from The Spider he forgot to hack into the CCTV system and check nothing would be in his way when breaking in.

What the hell was he going to do now.

Y/N’s POV:

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Q sleepily asked, as she picked up the store’s CCTV footage from her phone.

“Look, if he isn’t there we’ll go back to sleep.”

“Yeah but…” The security footage began playing on her screen.

“He’s there.” You whispered, your gaze flitting back and forth from the phone and Q’s shocked face.


“Fuck, come on! I wanna know what his deal is!”

“Can I please just stay here?” Q begged.

“Fine! But be in my ear in case anything goes wrong.”

She groaned and rolled her eyes but didn’t protest.

“Let’s go catch our hornet.” You raised your eyebrow with an evil smirk playing on your lips.

“You scare me sometimes.” Q said lightly, shuffling back into her room.

“You love it.” You shot back, throwing your backpack over your shoulders and giving Q a small wave before slipping out of the flat.

You crept into the deserted car park, flattening your back against the front of the store and then peeking round the corner to where you suspected the other criminal was. However he was nowhere to be found so you tiptoed forward slowly, keeping an eye out for movement. Q was no help in your headset, you assumed she’s fallen asleep. She was never one for late nights. You heard the scuffling of feet and quickly submerged yourself in the shadows, hiding from a tall person who hurried round the corner, muttering to himself.

“Fuck, this wasn’t the plan.”

“Couldn’t get past the shutters huh?” You were surging with confidence, stepping out of the darkness to reveal yourself dramatically to the masked stranger.

“Why are you following me?” The man drew a small penknife on you, prompting you to lazily hold your hands up in surrender, a cocky smirk still on your face.

“Hey man, you started it.”

You watched his arm fall to his side, and could almost hear the cogs in his brain whirring as he put two and two together.

“You’re her? The Spider?”

“The one and only.” You heard a cough in your ear, startling you a bit but you rolled your eyes at Q’s impeccable timing, “Okay… more like a duo.”

“Earpiece?” He gestured to your head.

“Yeah, my wingwoman, Q. She’s the brains, I’m the muscle.” You gestured at him with curled fists, quickly crossing them over your chest as you realised how strange you probably looked.

“Can she cut the CCTV?”

“Can you?” You asked to your headset.

“Done.” Q replied within seconds.

You nodded to the boy in front of you to signal the CCTV was down.

He reached up to the hem of his mask, pulling it off his face and exhaling heavily as he did so. You sucked in your breath as you saw his face. His hair was a brilliant shade of red which contrasted with his pale skin and made his cherry lips pop. His square jaw was dotted with stubble and dark rings lay under his eyes.

“I’m Michael, aka The Hornet. Nice to meet you…”

“Y/N.” You filled in the blank.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” Michael didn’t take his gaze off of you.
A burst of laughter in your ear startled you.

“Okay that’s enough from you.” You snapped at Q, pulling the wire out your ear and shoving it in your pocket.

Michael laughed, “She said something?”

“Yeah,” You glanced up at the security cameras, “Let’s get out of here, I don’t know how long Q will keep the CCTV out. How close is your place?”

“About 5 minutes.”

“Great. Let’s go.”

“You’re inviting yourself round?” Michael laughed.

“Do you have a problem with that?” You raised an eyebrow, a small smile playing on your lips.


Michael fumbled with the keys as he opened the door, pushing it open eventually and motioning to you to stay back as he walked into the dark hallway first. You heard a few beeps and then he stuck his head back around the door, informing you it was safe now.


“I’m a criminal, I don’t want anyone playing me at my own game.”

You shrugged, “Fair enough.”

You made a mental note to talk to Q about security precautions when you got home.

“Your heist on Straton was genius.” Michael cleared his throat before he spoke.

“Thanks.” You flashed him a grin, letting your eyes wander around the living room he had led you into.

Empty pizza boxes and beer bottles littered the room, clearly he wasn’t expecting company. On one of the walls newspaper cutouts were framed, you briefly scanned the headlines:

‘Who is The Hornet?’

‘Criminal Continually Confuses Cops’

You chuckled to yourself, and turned your attention to the other wall which was also adorned with articles. These ones looked familiar though, they were your stories. You gravitated towards them, reliving the heists. You ran your fingers along the letters of one particular robbery that was easily your greatest success.

“How did you manage to crack open the bank safe without setting off any alarms?” Michael said over your shoulder, you had almost forgot he was there.

You whipped around to face him and quickly realising how close you two were.

“It’s a secret.” You whispered, a small smirk playing on your face.

“Tell me.” Michael closed the gap between your bodies, and your mouth fell open as you felt him between your thighs.

“What are you going to do if I don’t? Spank me?” Michael clenched his jaw, “Hmm… Why do I have a feeling you’re into that?” You cocked your head to one side and poked your tongue into your cheek.

“How ‘bout I fuck it out of you?”

You raised your eyebrow at this.

“In that case you’re gonna have to fuck me pretty hard.”

“Consider it done.”

Michael grabbed your face and kissed you roughly, to which you responded by grabbing fistfulls of his shirt and pulling him closer to you, needing more.

“God you taste so good.” You mumbled against Michael’s lips.

He tore his lips away to whisper in your ear, “Smirnoff,” He began to kiss down your neck, “Want some?”

“Always.” You panted, he was sucking on your collarbones in a way that made your legs weak.

He smirked at your state as he walked backwards to the couch and grabbed the neck of a half empty bottle of vodka, twisting the cap off expertly and bringing it to his lips. He offered it to you and you immediately took it, downing a gulp of the foul liquor. Michael laughed at the face you made as you swallowed, taking the bottle from you and taking another swig before discarding it on the low coffee table.

“Uh uh,” You shook your head, dipping past Michael and reaching for the bottle again.

You ran out the room and through an open door which appeared to be his bedroom. You stood on his bed and he watched you take a sip as he leant against the frame of his door.

“You gonna come catch me?” You swung your hips from side to side slowly, taunting the redhead.

“I thought you were the spider?” Michael chuckled, although did start to slowly move towards you, wrapping his strong arms around your hips.

Your breath hitched as you watched him pull up your shirt to expose your stomach and began kissing it. You rolled your head back and sighed as you felt his soft pink lips on your flesh.

His hands slowly unbuttoned your jeans and he began pushing them down your legs, stopping at your knees before pulling your legs out from under you, sending you flying down onto the mattress.

You kicked your jeans off your ankles and giggled as he climbed over you. He kissed your lips and took the bottle from your hands, then proceeded to suck at the vodka that had splashed on your hand and arm.

He took one final sip then placed it on his cluttered bedside table, his eyes never leaving yours.

“You’re wearing too many clothes.” You thought out loud.

Michael immediately responded, almost impatiently. He pushed himself up on his knees, now kneeling with his legs either side of your waist.

He lifted his dark crewneck over his head, exposing his inked arms to you.

“You have tattoos?” You gulped, entranced by patterns and somehow feeling more aroused than you previously were.

“You like them?” Michael was obviously amused at your reaction and began to unbutton his own jeans and push them down his pale legs.

“Panda underwear, really?” You got distracted, giggling at Michael’s boxers, definitely feeling the kick from the Smirnoff.

He poked his tongue out at you playfully but you could have sworn you heard him huff under his breath, “It’s not like I was expecting this.”

The way his lips were pouting made them look full and red, you licked your own as your intoxicated thoughts became filthy. You sat up and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling slightly at his hair, which made him emit a low growl.

“Damn your lips.” You whispered, inches from his face, unable to tear your gaze from them.

You hungrily smashed your mouth on his, swearing to yourself it was taunting you. Michael pinned you down on the bed, his hand trailing down your torso and into your underwear. His touch made you pull away from his lips and moan loudly, giving Michael access to your neck. He sucked harshly on you, making sure to leave dark purple marks whilst rubbing your wetness, you could almost hear his smirk as you failed to control the noises slipping out your mouth. You squealed as Michael suddenly flipped you onto him, his arms holding your waist securely before you decided to grind against the bulge in his boxers. You grinned down at the redhead as it was his turn to moan.

You teasingly dragged your core back and forth over him, loving the control you had over him.

“Get on your hands and knees.” Michael saw you were having a little too much fun on top.

“Excuse me?” You scoffed, feeling the alcohol kicking in as you arched an eyebrow.

“You heard.” Michael sat up, kissing you hard before pushing you over onto your back.

You bit your lip and decided to get your own back a little. Who likes doing what they’re told? You shuffled yourself backwards and leaned your back against the headboard, holding Michael’s gaze as he tried to figure out what you were doing.

He connected the dots pretty fast when he watched your hand snake down your bare torso, toying with the waistband of your underwear. You grinned as you saw how entranced he was, and slid the thin fabric off your legs, throwing it somewhere you were bound to forget in the morning. You sighed and spread your legs provocatively, unable to keep a smile off your face as Michael watched you, transfixed. He cocked his head to one side and stuck his tongue in his cheek, quickly pulling his boxers down his legs.

“Two can play that game,” He watched your mouth open in awe, his confident facade quickly faltering as you dragged two fingers along your wetness, “Tease.” Michael growled, grabbing your hands and pinning them above your head, now inches away from your face.

You smiled coyly, tilting your head up and kissing him, feeling his grip on your wrists relax as you did so.

“Please…” You whined.

You were aching for him, the feeling of bare skin on skin making you desperate for release.

“I think I like it when you beg for me.” Michael breathed in between sweet kisses.

“Michael…!” You kicked out your legs as he grabbed his cock, running the tip through your folds before finally indulging you and pushing inside.

You both groaned as he began slowly thrusting and connected your lips once more. You closed your eyes and let your jaw fall open as Michael peppered your skin with light kisses. He let your hands go and you took his, placing it on your breast. He instinctively squeezed and tweaked your nipple, sending jolts of pleasure through your body.

“Being a criminal isn’t the only bad thing you like doing is it, huh?” Michael panted as he saw how his touch was affecting you.

“You have no idea,” You breath hitched as he hit a sweet spot inside of you, only to pull out, “Michael!?” You protested, squealing again as he flipped you over and pulled your torso off the mattress, holding your back close to his chest by your neck.

“Say ‘Fuck me’.” He demanded, his surge of dominance making you wetter by the second.

You stayed silent, not because you didn’t want him to fuck you; you just didn’t like doing what you were told. You wanted to push Michael’s buttons.

“Say it.” He pulled your head back by your hair, forcing a squeak from your mouth.

“Fuck me,” You mewled, his force turning you on beyond belief and to the point that you wanted to beg for him, “Please, please fuck me!”

You lurched forward as Michael pushed into you again, the new angle causing him to hit your g-spot perfectly with every thrust. Your mouth hung open, uncontrollable moans falling from it as Michael pounded into you relentlessly, his own groans sounding from behind you. Usually you took control, sneering at any partner who tried to win over you, but something about Michael had you aching for him.

“God, you feel so good.” The crack in his voice made you whimper pathetically.

Michael seemed taken aback by your complete and utter surrender and let you fall forward onto the sheets.

“I’m gonna…” Your hair was sticking to your face and your cheek was pressed flush against the mattress, gasping for air.

You were completely under Michael’s spell and he knew it. He delivered a sharp slap to your ass and gripped your hips, pulling you to meet his thrusts which were dramatically increasing in pace.

“You close, princess?”

You struggled to form a coherent reply to his cocky remark as your orgasm loomed. It took all of your effort not to scream as your insides exploded, sending your legs into spasms and your tightly closed eyes releasing to see stars dotting your vision. Quickly after you felt Michael groan too and cum all over your back, his body only held up by his quivering arms before tumbling onto his side. Heavy breathing replaced the sounds of frantic moaning and slapping skin. You turned your head to face the spent boy, grinning as you both tried to catch your breath.

“We made a mess.” You couldn’t fight the smile on your face.

“Come on.” Michael held his hand out to you, his gentle-manliness surprising you.

He led you to his bathroom, pushing both your bodies into the shower and sighing as the hot water drenched your sweaty bodies.

“Tell me,” Michael’s soft whisper startled you a bit as he ran his soapy hands over your arms, “How does someone so beautiful turn to crime as a profession?”

You tensed and tried to answer honestly, “I don’t like predictability.” You shrugged, turning to face him, “How about you?”

Michael shifted, avoiding your gaze but still answering, “My father was a politician. I saw how unfair the system was and decided to never be caught by it. Daddy wasn’t too impressed though… He sure lucked out, having a thief for a kid.”

“Hey,” You cooed, “You’re a great thief.” You took his hand in spite of your joke, giving him a sympathetic glance as he shut the water off.

“You staying over?” Michael tentatively asked once you were wrapped in a towel.

It wasn’t a question, it was a plea.

“You think I could face Q tonight? After this? No way.” You giggled, dressing yourself in a tank top you found folded in a corner of Michael’s room.

“Good,” Michael said under his breath, but you blushed as you heard.

You were about to retort but as you looked over at him he pressed his fingers to his lips, signalling for you to stay silent.

You mouthed ‘What?’ at him but he ignored you, stealthily moving to his window and separating the curtains just enough to see a sliver of morning light stain the carpet.

“Get down.” Michael slowly whispered.

“What is happening?” You demanded, although obliging and crouching behind his bed.

“I may have accidentally hacked the FBI and I think they’ve found me.” Michael guiltily bit his lip, the tiniest hint of a smirk washing over his face.

“Are you for real? Michael!” You tried your hardest to stay quiet, but struggled to keep your own laughter contained.

“It was a boring Wednesday! I’d finished all the episodes of Dragon Ball Z.”

“You’re a train wreck,” You giggled, scrambling to find your phone in an attempt to contact Q, “Wait, shit you said FBI right?” Your memory jogged and you found yourself recalling a late night session with Q.


“Fuck, we hacked them too.” You stared wide-eyed at Michael, a smile forming on your face.

“You have got to be kidding me.” He held his head in his hands, muffling laughter.

“It was only a little bit! Christ, are you sure it’s them?”

“Yes, Jesus and I are very sure that men in black jackets with FBI in bold letters on them are from the fucking FBI.”

You rolled your eyes, making sure Michael knew you didn’t appreciate his sarcasm.

“We need to get out of here. Got any bright ideas?” You began to panic as Q didn’t respond to your texts.

“One,” Michael held out his hand to you, exhilaration in his eyes, “Do you trust me?” He reconsidered his phrasing as you pondered the question for a little bit too long, “Never mind. Run.”

WBJune Day 8

Hierarchy, Power, and Governance

The city of Veda was founded by Abraham Griffon and Thomas Straton, a professor and a doctor intent on studying metahumans and their growing emergence. While the two originally led the city side by side, the political structure of Veda has changed greatly since that time, especially in regards to the distribution of power. In modern Veda, the most powerful figures in the city are: the Mayor, the City Council, the Board of Education, and the Board of Ethics in Medicine and Technology (BEMT).

Elections are held every four years and each person can serve a maximum of four terms, which can be consecutive. The voting age in Veda City is 16 years old, as 75% of the population is under 25, and 70% of the city is under 20. There have been talks about lowering the age to 15, 14, or even 13, to include more of the city, as the current voting age only includes 50% of the population of the city.

City council and board members must be at least twenty-five years of age upon election. The mayor must be at least thirty.

The Mayor

Mayor Cynthia Griffon, the middle child of the late Professor Abraham Griffon, was elected into office for the first time five years ago.

The City Council and the Boards

Ten members - one for each of the distinct districts in the city, minus the ‘storage’ district near the south-eastern corner. They hold meetings monthly in order to keep the city safe, and work toward improving the city and the lives of the citizens as a whole.

Beneath the city council is the Board of Education and the Board of Ethics in Medicine and Technology, each having five members. The former was formed in order to protect the interests and safety of the many students in the city. The latter was formed in order to protect the rights of metas and humans throughout the city, as ethics is an important factor to consider in the city with so many new technologies and advances being studied and tested all the time.

Technically speaking, the Board of Education and the Board of Ethics in Medicine and Technology aren’t part of the City Council, but due to their small size and importance in the city, they are allowed to sit in on the city council meetings and contribute. This means the total number of people in a city council meeting is twenty-two - the mayor, the ten council members, the five Board of Education members, the five Board of EiMT members, and the scribe.

Hunters Life {28}

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Yelling, Character Death

Words: 2,781

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24, Part 25 , Part 26, Part 27

The italics are flashbacks, just a heads up. but anyways….Enjoy!

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WBJune Day Five

Civilization & Architecture

Veda City is a relatively modern city, often beyond what is considered ‘modern’ in some ways. The skyscrapers of Veda are shining white and chrome, with glass being a common feature. While many of these buildings are relatively standard in build, some take on more daring architectural designs, such as skyscrapers with 'twists’ partway up, and the sky bridge which connects the two halves of the Straton Research Facility.

In the more prestigious parts of the city, some of the shining modernism gives way to modernized old-school architecture, with brick buildings with intricate patterns and arched windows pressed together and flush to the streets, which are often decorated in wrought-iron fences and overhanging trees. These areas are few and far between, but they exist as a reminder of those who founded the city, and the diversity that made it possible.

Most people in Veda City live in apartments or in dorms. Full-sized houses are incredibly rare, to the point where old-style two-storey walk up apartments are considered 'houses’ in their own right. This comes partially from the design of the city, partially due to the amount of students in the city (approximately 75% of the city is under 25), and partially due to the density of Veda. Most school aged students - 12 years of age and up, until post-post-secondary education, live in dorms. These dorms are typically one room plus a bathroom, with dining halls being part of the dormitory buildings, typically on the main floor. Most dorms are for two people, typically single gender.

Those who are lucky enough to live in apartments will often live in one bedroom apartments or bachelor apartments with loft beds, galley kitchens, and modern furniture. Those who live outside of the school residencies tend to have larger apartments, with penthouses and two-storey apartments being seen as the epitome of wealth and success. Most residency districts hold the students, with the outer districts holding adults, which only make up 25% of the population.

Researchers, teachers, and scientists may be permitted special apartments in specialized buildings closer to work, which hold only adults and no students. This has led to some level of tension, as professionals want to be close to work and not have to deal with parties or 'ruffian kids’, while students believe they have a right to dorms and apartments close to school.

(Interestingly, the number of meta adults is growing more quickly, in terms of proportion, than meta youths. Though that may be because non-meta adults are more likely to leave the city once they age out of school or graduate.)

In the centre of the city, in Central, is the Gauntlet: a massive stadium, somewhat coliseum, somewhat sport, that is host to all the metahuman athletic competitions in the city, including the Gauntlet Tournament, which takes place every summer.

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“Please, come with me.” - From Straton to Ravasa

Ravasa tilted his head when he heard the unfamiliar voice, a low hum rumbling up from his chest as he turned to look toward the speaker. “Mmm….And why would I do that, stranger?” He returned, chuckling as he stood. He grinned, dark face paint framing his mouth and accentuating the sharp teeth behind them. “What do you need from me on such a nice night?~”