Last Fosters Monday of the summer.

The whole family celebrating for Brandon! That was so cool to see. So funny them all watching him from the window

Ahh Lena in Stef’s uniform… I’ll take more of that please!

Oh poor Mariana is so stressed. With school and Nick. Ugh I have nothing but love for that poor girl there’s not even any judgement on her taking her brothers pills. She just looks so tired and stressed and poor poor thing.

Wow Matt and Mariana I forgot that was a thing… He is so sweet to her she needs a guy like that. And Wow Sophia making a random showing… What’s the point of her being there? They are pulling out all the old people like oh hey remember them? Yeah these guys are still around..

Jesus will always have my respect because of how protective he is over his sister. He would anything for her. And has many times.

AJ sticking up for Callie in front of Mike. And then to Aron he had a right Callie was wrong to snap at him so much. She did however have every right to snap at Mike the was she did. Hearing him say that stuff about her was rough especially because he’s the “father figure” of the kids in that family. Or at least some kind of family to her. And I would like to point out when Aron left mad Callie chased after him. When AJ left basically breaking up with her… She didn’t chase him.

Jude… Jude Jude Jude…

That was a good Stef and Callie moment I feel like we have been missing out on for this season. Usually we get something sweet from them but lately nothing. It could have been a lot more but it did show how alike they are and how Stef is good at reading Callie.

…. Well now I get the point of Sophia… But umm fuck Callie!! Who gets into cars with strangers now a days. Come on girl use your head!? Where the fuck as it been all season. Brandon got was was coming to him. I’m sorry it sucks but karma baby. Jesus was the big cliff hanger that surprised me! Wasn’t he it before too after the car accident? I mean it’s not greys anatomy so I’m going to assume he will be ok but. Oh man….

I feel like this show just came back now we have to wait again!!

The Players

Here is the list of participants who want to test their skills in the Lost!Sans Event:

The participant and their muse

1) @butterapplego Sai
2) @sugartalesans Skype
3) @reyindee iTunes
4) @little-noko Decans
5) @mokitty6 Kybjz
6) @furgemancs Dipper
7) @ask-amulettale-papyrus Revo
8) @devilishangeldraws Google
9) @creative-universe-wander Kuikku
10) @companioncube-sans Cubey
11) @shadow-fur Indie
12) @itechnokait4005 Kait
13) @animecatstars Marble
14) @silvenarts Datura
15) @re-mixtale Re-Mix!Sans
16) @billsans45 Bill!Sans
17) @ask–sci Sci
18) @alwaysdoodling Meomi
19) @ryssbelle Stratos!Frisk
20) @ladydraconian9 Crystal
21) @the-element-wolf Kiaria
22) @thecutie4ever Cutie
23) @gingerdaile Moonlight
24) @justanartisticgeek KingdomeTale!Sans
25) @turtledoveanimations Res
26) @sakicandygoretale Peach
27) @the-evil-anon1 EA
28) @senpailover666 OCtale!Kistumi
29) @darkphoenix512 Mistral
30) @hexxit Kuro
31) @thatoneboredstudent Prism
32) @sassysansy26 Sassy
33) @ask-hurt-sans Hurt
34) @poketale123 Life!Sans
35) @mypainterevilheart DC!Sans
36) @soulofluminous Yukiko
37) @inkerror Bing!Sans
38) @yuuki-clyde Tamer!Sans
39) @chuubifrog Swinkers
40) @corals-art-and-stuff Song!Sans
41) @lukrio99990 Fang Cooper
42) @twiggywashere Gold
43) @frunoni 9Gag
44) @wertem1 Barny
45) @scxrlctisms Coraline Scarlet
46) @dree-b Dree
47) @demoncatlady Henri
48) @phantom-ghost-girl Hollow!Sans
49) @meep-beep21 Reve
50) @kailuxart Source
51) @chibi-tika Arora
52) @elementtale-au Breeze!Sans
53) @ithinkiamanartist Determination!Sans
54) @zeddthesocialenderman Sanz
55) @0wisdomheart0 Elizabeth
56) @swagponycollector Clock!Sans
57) @ishipinkanderrorundertale Vinley
58) @7goodangel Internet Explorer