How To Be South By South Best: A Video Guide

I put together this little viral vid with IFC to help you understand some of my insider secrets to taking SXSW next-lev and leveraging the digitools you need to dominate your time in down in Stratlandia. So take a gander and get ready for some serious South By South Strat.

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(Dir. by Andy Schlachtenhaufen)

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My SXSW Keynote Speech, “The Greatest Keynote Speech of All Time”, Which Was Rejected By SXSW

As the de-facto winner of the Whole Internet, it was kind of a foregone conclusion that I would present the final and most important keynote speech to wrap up the entire SXSW Interactive festival. But on account of some very poor foresight and bad strat by the “SXSW Programming Board”, my presentation was accidentally rejected. Luckily, IFC allowed me (per several clauses and stipulations in my deal memo) to present it to Stratlandia. Part one is above, the full presentation is here (and on YouTube). Enjoy, you’re welcome.

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Mashable CEO/Founder Pete Cashmore Stops By Stratlandia For a One-on-One Strat Chat

This was pretty intense. Me and Big Cash talked about being powerful, social media strat, how to turn Mashable into a bigger content farm, our “mutual boy” Mark Zuckerberg, and much more. At the end of it all he gave me his personal “direct access” business card and we formed a deep friendship that will last forever.

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My Epic Strat Chat with “Papa Bear” Gary Vaynerchuk

When I sat down with my longtime hero/mentor Gary Vaynerchuk to talk about social media, I was honestly worried that the IFC Crossroads House might simply crumble under the weight of the massive amounts of strat being generated by the both of us. Luckily, everyone survived, but their minds were completely blown. Part one is above, watch the full interview at IFC.

See all my SXSW interviews and coverage at IFC’s Stratlandia.