The Stratigraphic Column
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An odd and insubstantial collection of cherik tumblr ficlets!

1. Post-XMA: Erik stays, and decides to build a dream home for himself and Charles
2. Charles gets a dildo stuck up his ass, and Dr. Lehnsherr has to investigate
3. U.S. President Erik Lehnsherr has a crush on his favorite author
4. Best Man Charles gets drunk at Erik’s wedding and confesses his love
5. Erik’s clothes keep mysteriously disappearing

Pyrite suns

Some pretty cool things can happen as a dark and stinky organic rich mud filled with the life forms of rot slowly turns into rock in a multiplicity of processes known under the umbrella term of diagenesis. In the first stage water gets squished out of the pore spaces in between the sediment grains as the weight of further sediment being laid down above compresses it, and it often has dissolved elements such as iron and sulphur in it.

In the boundary zone (if there is one, which is not always the case) between anoxic mud and oxygenated water, a stratigraphic hierarchy of microorganisms are at work, each squeezing energy out of the excretory products of the one above along its own chemical and enzymaytic pathways. As you go deeper into the mud the reactions get progressively more anoxic, and ions that started out oxidised such as sulphates get reduced to sulphide. At that point they join with any iron in the solution to produce pyrite, often with the direct help of archaea, in this case as discs of radial fibrous crystals that grew outwards pushing the surrounding mud/shale away as they expanded.


Image credit: Bijoux et Mineraux

It’s a Geological Life: Spain Edition

Day 3: It was a hella long day… with GEOLOGY

For Stage 1, click here

Stage 2: Cap de Creus to Olot, Volcanism of the Quaternary la Garrotxa Volcanic Field

Here is what I imagine the volcanoes to look like:

Here is what I actually saw:

After the unexpected but not surprising hike, the volcanoes were kind of disappointing. 


The La Garrotxa Volcanic Field forms part of the Catalan Volcanic Zone (north-east Iberian Peninsula), one of the alkaline volcanic provinces of the European rift system. It harbors more than 50 basaltic monogenetic cones that range in age from Middle Pleistocene to the Early Holocene. The Garrotxa Volcanic Fields is made up of cinder and scoria cones, lava flows, tuff rings and maars. The volcanic products are strongly silica-undersaturated to nearly silica-saturated compositions: leucite, basanites, nepheline basanites and alkali olivine basalts. Eruption sequences differ from one cone to another and did not follow a common eruption pattern. The complex eruptive behavior may be related to the differing stratigraphic, structural and hydrogeological characteristics of the substrate below each volcano rather than to any differences in the physicochemistry of the erupting magmas, which are fairly homogeneous throughout the Garrotxa Volcanic Field.

Tectonically, the cones formed between two normal faults, the Amer and Lloria. My professor laughed at the geophysicists that studied the volcanic field because of this picture: 

My professor says the question marks throughout the cross section is a good example on why geophysicist is mostly arm waving (which it is not true). 

After Day 3, my feet had some nice blisters. Stage 3 was driving on our lovely stinky bus to the next hostel in Sort, Lleida.

For Day 2, click here

References:  (Bolos, X., Planaguma, Ll., and Marti, J., 2014. Volcanic stratigraphy of the Quaternary La Garrotxa Volcanic
Field (north-east Iberian Peninsula). Journal of Quaternary Science, 29 (6), 547-560.)

Eruri Fic: Cardamom - chapter 2

This little thing that @birbwin kicked off appears to have sprouted chapters.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 

Thank you so much for everyone who commented on chapter 1!  I had no idea this would be so popular :}

“Shit, you mean you’ve never visited the site?”

Levi is glaring at Erwin incredulously.  They’re sitting at a busy pavement café in the main square not far from the university, surrounded by the din of traffic, the sweet smell of scented tobacco and everywhere the fluid language Erwin is starting to passionately wish he understood.

“Sorry, no, this is my first time in the Middle East,” he apologises amicably.


“Why have I never visited the site or why is this my first time in the Middle East?”

“Same fucking question isn’t it?” Levi snorts. “You’ve worked on this project for how long?  Three, four, years?

“Three on and off.”

“And you’ve never visited the site?  That’s fucked up.”

“I’ve never had the opportunity before,” Erwin replies, hoping his honesty will disarm Levi’s contempt.

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We went to a photobooth tonight and when it offered, for ONLY ONE DOLLAR EXTRA, the chance to also record a 30 second video, I obviously hit “Start” and then hit “Start” again because it was a cheap faulty touchscreen and then this was obviously what we started doing, and then when I got home, still drunk from 2.5 whiskeys, I obviously downloaded this from the email it sent and posted it here, and Caroline will hate me now but I obviously don’t care because this is obviously a beautiful artifact from this Stratigraphical layer of our friendship, obviously.