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“The President seems to change his mind based on any information that is new to him - which seems to be almost any information. That is genuinely worrying.”

stuff I appreciate on “Yuri on Ice”
  • Yuri is a character that struggles with his weight, and he is a professional athlete. This isn’t a one time comment or information from an interview, it is an actual character trait and something as simple as showing what Yuri eats maintains this consistently.
  • Yuri had a bit of a crush on Yuko when they were children, but the fact they never got together doesn’t mean they are no longer friends; they care for each other, for each other’s families, root for each other and are always happy when the other is happy
  • on top of that Yuko is married to Takeshi, and Takeshi is a good friend of Yuri’s as well. The Nishigori marriage are easily Yuri’s closest friends in Japan and their daughters are fans of him too.
  • Yuri doesn’t get on Yurio’s level whenever Yurio is mean to him, the only time Yuri competes against Yurio is on the rink when they are skating cause they are both professional skaters. Yuri, an adult, does not fight a teenager but doesn’t let him win either.
  • Yuri’s friends support Yurio as well. Even if Yurio is still pissed at Viktor, Yurio does communicate with Yuko and her family and doesn’t treat them badly for being Yuri’s friends.
  • this may seem like a small thing but, the main pairing in this show is made out of two adults. Yes it may not seem like much but if this was any type of Yaoi, a literal child would wind up portrayed as the one having a romance with his coach.
  • Yuri’s problems are stated as being psychological. Mental and emotional issues affect your life and it is ok to portray that.
  • Yuri’s previous coach still talks to him and is proud of him, same as his ballet teacher. Just because you changed careers or are trying something new, that doesn’t mean that all the people you knew before are gone from your life.
  • Yurio is not used to loosing, but upon loosing to someone else that he looked down on he changed strategies and stepped up his game.
  • Yuri is not afraid to be selfish anymore. People praise selflessness, but that shouldn’t come in the way of not moving forward. Yes you can want someone else’s affection, you deserve to win at what you are working on, you deserve to feel important and to not let others tell you otherwise.
  • you can be an adult and still decide to do something new with your life
  • Yuri’s parents don’t know anything about his career besides “he got a good rank we guess”. I actually relate to this a lot cause no one in my family has the same career as me, not even distant cousins, so there’s only so much of what I do that they can actually understand.
  • that said, just because they don’t get it, this doesn’t mean they don’t support it. Sometimes all your parents know to do with what you like is tell you “sure go ahead” and that’s a form of encouragement. They found a dance teacher for Yuri and let him ice skate (which is probably not cheap) and they always watch his competitions.
  • this is an international competition. And we have people from at least 3 continents representing that. A character from Thailand? can’t remember seeing that elsewhere, a dude from Switzerland? Azerbaijan too? the Chinese boy is not a kung fu stereotype? and the American one is Latino?!?!? yes please
  • Yuri is one of those people who downplay themselves so much, that they can’t imagine other people thinking that they are amazing. But yes, you are amazing, someone thinks so, and it is ok to not fully believe that yourself at first, but don’t discourage others from looking up to you as they have their reasons for doing so.
Manipulating brain activity to boost confidence

Self-confidence is an essential quality to succeed in the world, such as in business environments, politics or many other aspects of our everyday life. Furthermore, confidence is an important aspect in mental illnesses such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease, where the condition is often further complicated by patients thinking negatively of their own capacities. Recent advances in neuroscience have highlighted the plasticity of the brain, indicating it is malleable even later in life.

The international team developed a state-of-the-art method to read and then amplify a high confidence state using a new technique called ‘Decoded Neurofeedback’. This technique used brain scanning to monitor and detect the occurrence of specific complex patterns of activity corresponding to high confidence states, while participants performed a simple perceptual task. In the training sessions, whenever the pattern of high confidence was detected, participants received a small monetary reward. This experiment allowed researchers to directly boost one’s own confidence unconsciously, i.e. participants were unaware that such manipulation took place. Importantly, the effect could be reversed, as confidence could also be decreased.

Dr. Mitsuo Kawato, Director of the Computational Neuroscience Laboratories at ATR, Kyoto, and one of the authors on the study, has pioneered this state-of-the-art technology. He explained the process:

“How is confidence represented in the brain? Although this is a very complex question, we used approaches drawn from artificial intelligence (AI) to find specific patterns in the brain that could reliably tell us when a participant was in a high or low confidence state. The core challenge was then to use this information in real-time, to make the occurrence of a confident state more likely to happen in the future”.

Dr. Aurelio Cortese, of the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Kyoto, led the research:

“Surprisingly, by continuously pairing the occurrence of the highly confident state with a reward - a small amount of money - in real-time, we were able to do just that: when participants had to rate their confidence in the perceptual task at the end of the training, their were consistently more confident”.

Dr. Hakwan Lau, Associate Professor in the UCLA Psychology Department, was the senior author on the study and an expert in confidence and metacognition:

“Crucially, in this study confidence was measured quantitatively via rigorous psychophysics, making sure the effects were not just a change of mood or simple reporting strategy. Such changes in confidence took place even though the participants performed the relevant task at the same performance level”.

The sample size was relatively small (17 people), but is in line with basic science investigations of similar kinds. The team is currently working on the development of potential new clinical treatment for patients with various psychiatric conditions.

“confession: I find it surprising that so many people hate the live action remakes and yet they always make so much money that of course it makes sense for the company to keep doing them; if they truly began to fail at the box office then it would make sense to change the strategy, but the business won’t change if it keeps making profit. I don’t know why people pretend to be surprised that more are coming.”

Shea Moisture Outrage...

It’s a bit more complicated than meets the eye. So allow me to tell you, in a nice calm way, why some people are outrage in the best way possible… a list with very brief lines. 

1) Ownership

Bain Capital (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) is a minority owner of Sundial, the owner of Shea Moisture and Nubian Heritage. So, it’s still a Black-owned company. While Bain Capital didn’t acquire the company, you can’t help but wondered if there’s some influence there.

2) Changes in marketing strategy.

When Bain Capital started holding shares, this is when their marketing strategy started to change. First, they were trying to “break free” from the ethnic section of the beauty aisle. Some people were concerned about the brand changing to accommodate a wider audience instead. They didn’t take the time to clear up misconceptions of this.

3) Changes in the formula.

One of the bigger issues that Shea Moisture seem to underplay were possible changes within their products. This may or may not be true. However, smaller blog reports issues with their products and the rumors just took a life of their own.

4) Major brands are starting to diversify and make product lines for Black women, while Shea Moisture started to do the opposite. 

Maybe it’s because of the growing backlash. Maybe it’s because they finally start to notice. Who knows? But the non-Black companies were starting to create lines that can cater to Black women and started using them in their promotions, while Shea Moisture began to include women of lighter tones. So, now, there’s started to become a hint of erasure.

5) The last straw: No darker women featured in the new campaign push.

And now we’re here. The ultimate reason why the “blacklash”. A new campaign that has racial undertones about “hair hate”. Plus, with no darker women in it? Not exactly a good push.

See, this outrage wasn’t created in a vacuum. It was smaller steps that were noticed and it should have been addressed. 

Honestly, there are more people who don’t really mind the White models, or even what the campaign is trying to push. They don’t care if Non-Black people were using the products. What they care about is the perceived message that the company was neglecting the customers who stood by them and helped them out the most; Black women who the product was made for in the first place. 

They were offended by was probably a lot of rumors that the company never took the time to address, what seem to be an erasure of Black women in general and it’s pretty much a smack in the face.

In the age of social media and niche marketing (especially the rise of hair care tutorials and the stars behind it), you think that the company would have a PR rep to talk to people and address concerns, testing out messages before putting up this type of risk. 

Now, they did SOME outreach, but it was in an indirect way and probably not the best way to do things.

So, if you think it’s because of a couple White faces… it’s not. While some people think it’s an overreaction, I understand why that reaction is there. It’s a trust factor, one that can take years to repair. 

There is more to it than this, which I’m sure some people are going to bring up. So, hang tight for those reblogs.

TL;DR - The outrage is mostly about the erasure of Black women, especially of the darker type and the misconception of the original idea behind the ad, not just the inclusion of White models, which is actually a minor point. There were problems with the way they handled advertising and marketing way before it got to this point. 

Updated - 11:21 AM: Typo. I said “ethic” when I meant to say “ethnic”. 


What To Do When It’s Not Working

Someone asked me how can I be so sure that what I’m doing will “work out”? I didn’t understand the question, what does it mean for something to “work out”? Nothing in life “works out”, things have their natural flow and we need to keep evolving with them. 

The only constant in this life is change and if we don’t adapt to these changes - we will become extinct. Just because something is “working out” now - doesn’t mean it will stay this way forever. 

You need to be willing to adapt to changes as they occur in your journey and you do this by releasing attachment to your idea of how things “should go”. Detachment is not that you don’t care about things - it’s that you don’t care when things don’t go the way you planned and this gives you the ability to adapt your approach and try again.

If things don’t “work out” for you - adjust the strategy you’re using, don’t change the goal. Similar to football (or soccer if you’re not from the UK) when a team is losing - they don’t say: “we’re going to quit and take up basketball”. They adjust their game plan, make substitutions and come out swinging (or kicking) in the second half of the game.

This is the way I encourage you to think about your goal - if you feel as though you’re not making progress, it could be time to assess your game plan and evaluate how well it’s working out for you. Do this instead of considering whether or not this goal is going to “work out” or not.

If you need to make some changes don’t judge yourself - this is a journey and will not be a linear path, hence why so few people actually achieve their goals. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to take a long time - but in the end it will be worth it.

The climb will be difficult, but the view from the top will be worth it.

Peace & positive vibes.

it’s hard right now and ive been stuck on this level. for a while i cleared levels so easily but im stuck in this limbo now. it’s hard. I keep trying but I can’t do it.

but I’ve got a new party; you who have my back and love me with your whole heart, you who listen and make sure i am okay. there are new items in my bag that might make things easier. new armor and new weapons will come.

and i am learning every time. i remember much from my last fight and although the strategy has changed, i do remember. I remember that the fight is worth it to see the next stage.

sometimes I lose and I fall down. i take a step back and reassess. i try to figure out what’s not working. i consult others; they give me suggestions. they help me. while I’m down they help me back up.

i have been fighting for so long but no boss has taken me. even through every impossible challenge, I am here. even with my bare fists, on my own I have continued and conquered.

so i keep trying. and trying. and I fall down but I always get up.

new things wait after every battle. i am ready to find them.


First Look: The BMW M760Li xDrive

With the new BMW M760Li xDrive, the freshly launched new BMW 7 Series is gaining a prestigious flagship model. Headlined by its exceptional refinement and supreme power delivery at all times, the 12-cylinder petrol engine with M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology under the bonnet reinforces the new car’s range-topping status. The boldly dynamic driving characteristics of the BMW M760Li xDrive combine with superior ride comfort to make a compelling statement & set a new benchmark in the luxury sedan segment.

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Jim, Bones

Summary: Bones is discovering in what ways Jim is different after having died, and in what ways he’s still the same.

A/N: This is my first Star Trek fic on here, and I can only hope you’ll like it! Thank you to @heartsalotofstuff for reading it and assuring me I hadn’t just thrown together a bunch of bullshit.

Words: 2 013

Dying, albeit briefly, had changed Jim. Bones could tell. When it came to Jim, Bones could always tell.

It was a painful realization, he had to admit. It had been bad enough to see his best friend lie there, as if frozen, with no pulse to find despite how much Bones tried. It had been bad enough to believe he would live the rest of his life without him. It had all been bad enough. But to think they would come out of this unscathed was wistful thinking.

Jim was different. He wasn’t the only one, of course. They had all changed a little bit. Spock seemed more distant. Scotty more emotional. Uhura became softer. Sulu all but danced around the Captain. Chekov was more quiet than ever, as if unsure of what to say. And Bones? Well, let’s just say that he panicked as soon as the kid was out of his sight. Jim called him overprotective, but Bones didn’t care. He wouldn’t be able to lose him again.

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anonymous asked:

i've never really understood why 1d's team would want to make it seem as though zarry hate/won't associate with 1d. like is it profitable in any way?

This goes back to the basics of the relationship between 1DHQ and 1D.

They’re not friends and 1DHQ isn’t looking out for 1D’s best interests or even trying to get optimal profits.  

That last one is because optimal profits would require developing the band and planning for the long term and 1DHQ never intended on doing that.  They were using a formula where they expected the band to be popular for only a few years.  While riding out those years, they set Harry up to be the break out solo artist so that they could launch him and continue making money even after the band wasn’t profitable anymore.

That was the plan anyway.  They didn’t expect Harry to be the sweet, loyal person that he is and they didn’t expect 1D’s popularity to last longer than the original 5 year plan.  They burned their bridges with 1D, so they don’t have the option of changing strategies now, especially since the original contract is up (or almost up??).  All they can do is minimize damage by sabotaging 1D and try to salvage what remaining profits they can.

The reasons Harry and Zayn are portrayed as at odds with the band are:


  • they planned for Harry to leave the band to go solo, having his image be distant from the band helps set that up, it also makes the narrative between being in the band and leaving the band look more believable
  • 1DHQ didn’t want Harry and Louis to be noticeably gay because they were worried about losing sales in the US, so they closeted them and eventually separated them, keeping Harry away from everyone looks less weird than those 2 being the only ones separate


  • Zayn “quitting” was supposed to be short term originally, so the feud aspect wasn’t nearly as heavy handed at first, as the time period stretched out further, the feud kept getting pushed over and over and that reinforced the narrative more than it otherwise would have been
  • Zayn being at odds with 1D is a marketing strategy for solo Zayn, I would wager one he never agreed with, it’s a way to separate him from the band, make him look cooler, and make him look more credible


  • it’s pure image sabotage in some ways since 1DHQ didn’t hold onto their biggest act after the original contracts, if 1D looks like a rude, ungrateful train wreck all around, then 1DHQ looks like a victim/martyr instead of the perpetrator
  • it’s also in 1DHQ’s interest to detract from 1D’s worth as much as possible since 1D will be competing with their clients in the future
  • 1DHQ aren’t nice people, so 1D refusing to lie down and play dead could very well have inspired a petty personal vendetta on 1DHQ’s side
Daiya no Ace Act II  Chapter 72: Ban Lifted

When we read the title, we couldn’t help but wonder which ban exactly is lifted?

Oh, this one?

Oh, we should be worried now that Mima gets serious? (now the Saiyan flame is no longer exclusive to Seidou huh?)

N    O    P    E

It’s THIS one.


How could I forget that Eijun has that in his repertoire????

So I dig into the past chapters and find these panels.

It is the pitch that Eijun has wanted badly to practice with Miyuki but Furuya got him instead. The mention of number 11 and splitter are in different pages, so I didn’t make the connection that those are the same pitch. It also seems that it’s likely the pitch that cause a walk or a dead ball. It is only after @robottoranger pointed it out (thanks!) that I figure out the dead ball in on the picture is unlikely for splitter since the pitch only drops, it should be another pitch that does. Her guess is that the cutter, which is possible, but I think it can be any inside pitch to that particular spot that is too close to the body/head. No other spot could affect Eijun that badly. Eijun must’ve had a flashback to that one pitch, and yet he persevered.

The splitter is one of the later numbers. Pitches numbered above 7 are those Eijun’s struggling with. The first mention of splitter is far before the semifinal to Spring tournament and since then Eijun should have practiced intensively with Miyuki, especially with him starting in Hakuryuu’s match, and yet this pitch is banned. It could only mean that this pitch is so unstable and unreliable that Miyuki feels the need to ban it, probably :D. Either way this pitch is going to be tough for Eijun. If he manages to throw this pitch, enough to keep Mima down, it’ll be a boost to Eijun’s confidence and discontinued ban on the pitch so he can perfect it. If not, hopefully Eijun can pick himself up and keep pitching as well as he has (interestingly, the team he’s trying that pitch out is also known for its mobility, so… second time’s the charm?… or third?). Fingers crossed?

Other highlights in this chapter:

I’d never get bored for Eijun gaining the recognition (and wariness) he deserves. So far he manages to shut down the batting lineup with no runs and only five hits. That’s really, really amazing. He’s definitely no Furuya, Hakuryuu is aware of it but they give Eijun his due nonetheless. I’ve got the feeling this is gonna be the norm the more Eijun pitches in official matches.  ٩(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

I find it fascinating that we see more of Miyuki and Eijun’s consideration when they are pitching. Initially I thought that it’s because Eijun’s starting to use more of his head and making his own judgment, but then I realize it’s only part of the reason, it’s because now Miyuki has more pitches to work with. Before he only has one or two options in a certain situation, he now has more pitches to choose from. At the same time, it also serves to show well Eijun and Miyuki understand each other, not once Miyuki has to call for a time-out to talk with Eijun on the mound, which is an interesting contrast to Furuya who is in need of constant reminder.

… I feel like that in this particular match, Terajima-sensei keeps driving the point home that right now Eijun’s the better pitcher than Furuya. While I am happy for Eijun’s finally getting the spotlight, it feels rather excessive. But then again, we haven’t really seen the extent of Eijun’s numbers so… it is a showcase of Eijun’s skill and ability. After this match, we probably won’t see as much, and hopefully more on Furuya’s recovery. (I don’t want to see Furuya end like this. I want to see these two rivals to compete with each other at the top of their game dammit. Rivalry with other team is common, but rivalry within the team? Gimme that!)

My fave scenes from this chapter:

Kuramiyu, of course. And Harusawa. Eijun’s panicked face and declaration and Haruichi’s flabbergasted reaction. Honestly, Eijun… don’t change.

BTW, we haven’t seen the effect of the changed strategy for the offense. Next chapter?

Just a reminder that it’s only Darren who has had pics with his alleged  ‘SO’ on the Flash set.   I don’t see Grant, Melissa or Carlos parading their non famous partners about for pap shots.

There’s only one reason for TP to be there and we all know what that is.  His team needs to continually prove he is straight and she demands considerable attention as her part of the deal. Unfortunately stunts like this just prove that this relationship is fake.

…I really would have thought their image strategy would have changed by now because it’s not working for him or his fans.

mordimortfag  asked:

Can i request a scenario for Koga,Subaru,Hinata and Ritsu,Trying to make their S/O who have a stoic face all the time laugh?

i hope i did your request justice and that you’ll like it !!! i have to say this was pretty challenging to write ! as i don’t have a stoic face at all, my writing is filled with the characters displaying emotion and all haha… but this was fun to write regardless, and that s/o certainly makes for a nice match with those four boys ♥ - mod mademoiselle 

Koga :

It’s not that your boyfriend minds you’re pretty stoic most of the time, really. But even he can realize that sometimes, there’s a certain something lacking. Especially when he makes jokes.

Well, it’s not like it happens a lot, and maybe it’s for the best… But today, he decided to joke at Rei’s expense, probably to get revenge from him… Someone is pissed because yesterday’s training was way too rough !

“… and yeah right at that moment, I told’im ‘Yeah but that’s because you’re a fuckin’ loser, that’s why’ ! Man, ya should’ve been there, ‘twas the best !” Koga starts howling in laughter, even slapping his knee. You just smile, the corners of your mouth barely twitching, to show him you’re not thinking little of his “joke”, even though the quality is…. debatable at best. Once he’s finally done wiping the occasional tear from under his eyes, they fall right on your unamused face. And all traces of happiness immediately vanish from his.

“Hey, what’s wrong with ya ? It was hilarious, really. Can’t ya tell ?” Oh, no. Here he goes again. He’s going to take it personally, and you just know it. You hurry and try to fix the situation as well as you can.

“It was, really ! I found it funny too.” Your boyfriend’s eyes squint suspiciously, as if he was trying to determine whether you were honest or not.

“Then why didn’t ya laugh ? My jokes are not fun enough for ya, huh ?” You vigorously shake your head, taking his hand to show him you didn’t mean to offend him.

“Come on, you know it’s just how my face is, Koga !” His eyes squint even more, now reduced to two narrow golden slits.

“Well, now that ya say it… ‘ts true, I don’t see ya laugh a lot.” You’re already nodding in relief, when his face suddenly breaks into a wolfish grin. That boy wears his emotions on his face, and you can see clear as day he just thought of something.

“Damn, that’s actually true, ya never laugh ! Don’t ya worry, the great me will tell ya some of the best jokes yer ever gonna hear !” Oh, no. Not that. You barely manage to refrain a hearty groan, but he’s not listening to you anymore.
The next half hour is spent in painful agony, with you curled up on the couch, eyes resolutely fixed on his while he tells joke after joke. At first they were just average, but now they’ve gone into “pretty bad” territory. You usually don’t smile when you actually hear something funny, what is he expecting from those ? He takes it as a challenge though, and with every failed joke he comes back with twice as much determination and another, even worse joke. 

At some point, you must have started to frown because he changes strategies. “Hey, ya don’t like these either ? What the fuck, are ya a robot or something ? Well, never mind, I have something even better.” And then they come. The puns. Honestly, if they were any good you’d have forced a laugh to be free from this torture. But no, they’re absolutely terrible, and they’re not even terrible enough that the failed attempt would be comical…. Besides he doesn’t even remember the puns : he gets confused with phrases, makes up puns of his own, horrifically butchers words… This is a tragedy. 

You wish this pain could stop soon but of course Koga starts getting frustrated at his failed attempts. His face is getting redder and redder from the built-in frustration, he’s moving around a lot, flailing his arms widely, cursing louder with each butchered pun, his eyebrows are so tightly knitted and his mouth so contorted it almost looks like he’s making a face at you… and the best is, you’ve never, ever seen him like that before ! You can’t help it and let out a little laugh. He’s looking ridiculous !

He stops dead in his track, right in the middle of another awful joke. His mouth is hanging wide open and the look he throws you makes you laugh again. Now he looks like a dumbstruck fish ! Of course, with each passing second of him not understanding why you’re suddenly laughing, your laugh gets louder until your cheeks hurt and you’re almost crying. It’s too bad he can’t see himself, because Koga apparently has a natural talent to make faces !
Once your bout of nervous laughter is over, you’re out of breath and still smiling, while your boyfriend just frowns at you. You almost snort when you realize he’s looking both confused and smug, the two emotions threatening to overpower each other at any moment.

“Uh, I don’t really get it, but yeah, I mean, the important thing is that ya actually laughed.” He grins happily, holding out his arms to you and you rush to hug him before you know it.

“Thanks for doing that for me. That was pretty sweet of you.” He just groans in response, clearly not liking the “sweet” part. But he still holds you closer, a small, self-satisfied smile on his lips.

Today he got to see one more part of you he didn’t know about, and he’s absolutely in love with it.

Subaru :

If there’s one thing Subaru loves, it’s joking around. Besides, he can usually get some nice reactions out of his impromptu audience ! … Except from you. Of course, he gets quite pouty every single time.

“See, you’re doing it again ! You didn’t laugh !” Your boyfriend crosses his arms, cheeks huffing in protest. You smile awkwardly, patting his back to apologize. You were caught up in a storm of his jokes after class, and you’re still sitting at your desk, right next to his, because he refuses to admit his defeat !

“I don’t do it on purpose, you know… I think you’re pretty funny, really ! I just… don’t naturally smile when I hear jokes ?” Subaru gets back on track almost instantly, smiling proudly and sticking his hands on his hips.

“Weeell, that’s obviously because you haven’t been hearing the right kind of jokes ! But that’s fine, because I’m an expert, you know ?” He looks so self-confident saying that ! You can’t help but cross your arms, your eyes twinkling with amusement.

“Is that so ? Then go ahead and try, you’ll see I’m not lying !” Subaru can clearly see the little light dancing in your eyes, but it’s definitely not enough !

“Then get ready… There !” Subaru’s suddenly making the weirdest face you’ve ever seen, and you can feel the corners of your lips slightly tugging upwards. That’s all he’s getting from you…

“See ? I didn’t even smile !” you say triumphantly, and he groans, admitting his defeat. You’re about to say it’s just how you are, but he’s already going back at it, face contorted in a crazy way. Except this time, he’s coming right at you. Before you know it, he’s trying to force your lips into a smile with his fingers and you try your best to keep him away.

“H-Hey ! That’s cheating !” You try to push him away, but he won’t stop looking at you insistently with that weird face, inching closer and closer to yours… You barely let out the beginning of a giggle, but it’s already too late. He’s letting you go, a victorious smile on his lips.

“Now you did laugh ! I won ! I won~” You groan, your face immediately coming back to its usual serious expression.

“You didn’t. That’s not enough, I need to actually laugh.” Subaru rolls his eyes, but you won’t budge. Hey, that was part of the bet ! He sits on his desk, pouting a little and fiddling with his uniform’s tie. Seems like he’s finally given up… You’re about to just change subjects when he starts unbuttoning his shirt, letting you peek at his well-defined chest. He definitely trains more than he lets on… You hurry and look away though, feeling a hint of a blush coming.

“Wh-What are you doing ?” He doesn’t answer and just removes his shirt entirely with a mischievous little grin. When you see him reaching for a sharpie, you’re left staring in confusion… until he draws eyes above his navel. And a face. And hair. And ears. Soon enough you’re literally watching him perform ventriloquism with his own belly.

“I heard you won’t even laugh for your boyfriend ?” Subaru croaks out, looking at you expectantly. You feel the beginning of a laugh form in your throat but try to ignore it.

“What’s with the weird voice ?” He quickly brushes away your question, eyes rolling in feigned exasperation.

“It’s part of the character !” He quickly takes on the weird voice again, contracting his muscles to make the face drawn on his belly “move”. “Look at me and lauuuugh ! I’m absolutely ridiculooouuus ! Besides Subaru’s feeling a little chilly and the teachers might come in and see him shirtleeess !” The corner of your lips are starting to tremble… You try to ignore him, but he just keeps adding nonsensical lines in that weird voice while the terribly drawn face on his stomach stares at you, black eyes empty and unmoving. And there’s also the thought of Kunugi-sensei’s disappointed face if he comes in to see Subaru dancing around shirtless with that face drawn on his stomach… Before you know it, you’re laughing and Subaru’s hugging you tight, laughing brightly too.

“See ? See ?! You did it ! You laughed !” He peppers your face with kisses and you try to escape, when suddenly you hear someone opening the classroom’s door. Keito’s bespectacled and quite unamused face is peeking into the classroom, and he’s staring at the two of you.

“I hope you have a good explanation for that, Akehoshi.”

Hinata :

As Hinata’s pretty mischievous, you’re often the subject of his teasing. Today was no exception. You were focused on a book, sat in the couch, and he just came to rest his head on your lap, gently pushing the book away. His eyes were glinting suspiciously, and you knew he was up to something…

“Hey, do you want to listen to a joke ?” You threw him an amused look, but the rest of your face remained stoic. You started petting his hair though, in a gesture that was familiar to both of you.

“Do you want my honest answer ?” you retorted.  He grinned devilishly.

“No, I just want to tell you my joke.” Well, at least he was being honest… Your fingers were gently stroking his hair and cheek, and he leaned into the touch.

“Then why would you ask if you can ?” Hinata hummed mysteriously at your question, eyes twinkling.

“Right back at you ! Why would you ask ? You could have just said no.” You sigh, but he knows you’re actually amused and not annoyed at his antics.

“Because I don’t like you thinking your jokes are bad when really, my face is just very stoic.” He immediately straightens up, straddling your lap to come and hug you gently. Maybe he sensed you were being serious, as his happy grin slowly fades, replaced by a concerned look. One of his hands cups your cheek, and if anything, he looks… relieved ?

“I’m so happy you worry about me… You’re so kind…” Your boyfriend hides his face in your neck, as he usually does when he gets embarrassed. Your hand is already stroking his back to comfort him when you hear his muffled voice.

“No really, you’re so kind… that I’d almost feel guilty~” Before you can say or do anything, his fingers are at your sides, tickling you furiously. You let out a surprised little noise before to struggle against him, trying to get him away from you. But he won’t budge : he risked everything for that one occasion and he’s determined to make the most of it ! With his usual grin, he’s busy tickling all the places that might be sensitive on your body : your tummy, sides, neck…
You try to fight back as well as you can but, well, it’s pretty hard when he’s there straddling you ! And he’s definitely stronger than you expected too ! Soon enough, you’re giving up already and letting him torture you. Laughter pours out of your lips, like bubbles, and he can’t help but watch you in awe. Little did you know he’s thinking about how adorable you look when you laugh…

Oh, but he doesn’t stare at you for long. Because you want revenge now. He actually squeals when you start tickling his sides too and jerks back, breaking into laughter. Before you know it, he’s fumbling in your lap while you’re tickling him to death, laughing hysterically and begging you to stop. You don’t slow down before your honor is dutifully defended and he received his fair share of tickles too. Maybe it’s a good thing you slowed down now, your boyfriend’s eyes are getting all teary… except he really doesn’t want to stop and he’s back at it again, fingers worming their way under your clothes to tickle you again.

The tickle battle doesn’t stop until the two of you are laying on the couch, exhausted, Hinata on top of you. He starts to move around and you throw him a threatening glare, but he just chuckles and raises his hands to show he’s surrendered already and he was just trying to get in a more comfortable position. Once his breath finally recovers, Hinata whispers teasingly “See, that’s what happens when you don’t want to give up and just laugh for me !”

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll get right back at you should you ever plan a sneak attack like that again.” Your boyfriend chuckles at your response, eyeing you with some newfound respect.

“I have to admit you weren’t too bad with your fingers, if you see what I mean.” He gives you a quick little wink and you roll your eyes, prompting him to laugh again. Really, he loves teasing you. It doesn’t matter if you laugh or not : you’re still you, and it just so happens that you’re his favorite target. And judging by his mischievous little grin, he’s not about to stop anytime soon…

Ritsu :

The sun is still high in the sky, but the blinds in Ritsu’s room are half-closed regardless. He’s lying in bed, close to you, and trying to nap. Meanwhile, you’re busy reading. You came to love these lazy afternoons spent with your boyfriend. They’re so nice and quiet…

Except that today, Ritsu’s not sleeping. Actually, he’s staring at you from somewhere underneath his blanket. Maybe he’s trying to be subtle, but he’s staring so intently that you can feel his eyes almost burning your skin.

“What’s wrong, Ritsu ?” He slowly emerges from under the blanket, looking more thoughtful than tired.

“Y’know, I was wondering… why do you never laugh ?” You pause a moment. Someone else might have smiled, but you don’t. Your eyes are warm when you turn them to your boyfriend’s face, though.

“It’s just how my face is, I guess… Why do you ask that, all of a sudden ?” Ritsu just shrugs in response, but he’s still observing you, seemingly deep in thought.

“Nothing in particular. I was just wondering if I’d ever seen you laughing.” And with that, he goes back under the blanket to curl up, seemingly already moving on from that conversation. Which gets you pretty amused.

“Aren’t you going to try and make me laugh ?” He doesn’t answer immediately, instead shuffling under his blanket. Then the top of his face peers from under it, looking at you. His eyes are undecipherable.

“I don’t know… It’s tiring, y’know. Besides, if you have a stoic face, you can’t really help it.” He shrugs, but still carefully observes your face and reactions. You wonder if he has truly given up on it…

“Are you going to give up just like that ?” He doesn’t answer your teasing, still staring at you from under the blanket. Eventually, you get used to it and go back to what you were reading. Only for him to raise from under his blanket again, draped in it like in a cape and hands held out to you as if they were paws with bared fangs…

“Boo.” His face is as stoic as ever, and yours remains blank too. Then…

“Were you… trying to surprise me ?” you ask. His head tilts to the side.

“Well, no. I just wanted to make you laugh.” You barely even smile, not that he’d notice anyway. That’s one of the perks of having a stoic face !

“You know, people generally do that when they’re trying to scare someone. Besides… What’s with those ?” You point to his hands, still outstretched to you. They make you think of cat’s paws… He looks like he’s ready to attack ! He just confusedly looks down at his hands, then slowly puts them back under the blanket where they belong.

“I don’t know… I just wanted to imitate a ghost, I guess.” He looks so tired and stoic under that blanket of his, he’d almost look funny enough for you to smile… Sensing you’re not amused enough to laugh, your boyfriend just plops onto the bed again, hiding under the huge blanket. You watch him in amusement a few moments before to get back to your book.

Before you know it, his face has emerged from the blanket’s depths again and he’s peeking at you. Only this time, you didn’t notice him and you slightly jump up in surprise when he suddenly calls out to you again.

“Hey… Wanna hear something ?” He doesn’t elaborate on his suggestion, instead opting to stare at you blankly. You have to fight one tiny smile back, but you manage to make your face just as stoic as his.

“I guess I’m about to hear it.” You absolutely weren’t ready for what he was about to say.

“Why did the chicken cross the road ?” You’re left staring at him in dumbstruck silence for a moment.

“Did you… Did you just try to make a joke ?” you laugh, watching as your boyfriend’s face peeks out from under the blanket and as his eyes light up with a victorious little twinkle. Then you realize it. You just laughed a bit, didn’t you ?

“There you go. Good thing I tried my good old joke.” Ritsu went back to snuggling with his pillow, but he’s looking strangely pleased now. And you can only roll your eyes.

“It wasn’t that good, you know. It’s just that you don’t seem like the type to try and crack jokes so… it was a bit funny.” Your boyfriend just shakes his head with a smug little smile.

“Just admit your defeat. I made you laugh, I won. That’s it.” You’re about to playfully argue, but then he graces you with one little laugh of his own and you can only stare at him, eyes wide. It’s not often that you get to see him laugh… That’s probably what he feels like too, now that you think about it. But as he comes to snuggle against you again, you just close your eyes and let all thoughts slip away, replaced by your boyfriend’s warmth.

anonymous asked:

Aaah this blog is so interesting! Thank you so much for writing it, and keeping it so active! You've talked a lot about eliminating fillers from your speech, or consciously changing the way you talk and act. How exactly have you gone about doing that? What have you done and what were your strategies and techniques?

Strategies to changing your behaviors

1. Make a resolve to change. You need to be hard on yourself to change something that you’ve been doing habitually and unconsciously. Just thinking “yea…it’d be nice to change” is not enough. It has to be a real resolve that you’re determine to achieve.

2. Observe yourself and write down everything you want to change. To change your habits, you must be consciously aware of them first. Don’t follow common advice because everyone is different. With speech fillers, I naturally don’t say “um” and “ah,” but I say “like” and “yea…” a lot. I have also done this with my tone of voice, my speaking pace, the way I walk, my facial expressions, etc.

3. Catch yourself and mentally ‘punish’ yourself every time you do these things. When I let out an unnecessary “like”, I’d go “urg…I did that again! Can’t do that again.” Be serious. No one else is gonna help you on this every single time. Laughing it off when you make a mistake doesn’t help.

4. Look for a mentor or someone to model from. If you see someone who has the characteristics that you want, observe them. It can be someone you know, a celebrity, or even a fictional character. You think Taylor Swift has a graceful walk? Study how she does it. That could mean watching 50 videos of her walking, noting how she places her feet, the length of her stride, her posture, her speed, her weight shift, her attitude, etc.


ps. Thank you :D

ESFJ: Quark, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”

ESFJ – the Provider, the Facilitator, the Caretaker

DS9 enjoys making its characters outcasts from their home cultures. As the self-professed keeper of Ferengi tradition, Quark has the farthest to fall when he loses everything and becomes a failure in his people’s eyes. It’s then that he discovers that he’s made friends among the misfits on the station—the hew-mons and other non-Ferengi he’s disdained, but still served as their faithful bartender.

Dominant Function: (Fe) Extraverted Feeling, “The Garden Fountain”

Quark could also be called, “the Host, the Negotiator, the Party-Planner.” His bar is the hub of DS9’s civilian population, arguably as important as Ops itself. When Sisko convinces/blackmails him to stay and keep the place open after the Occupation, the community on the station comes back to life.

Despite their ongoing combative relationship, Quark feels actual affection for Odo, and always tries to goad the constable into admitting the same. He likes messing with Odo’s composure using Fe in the same way Odo likes to frustrate his life using Te. They have it out one day while stranded on a mountain together, and Quark assures Odo he meant every hateful word—and the feeling is mutual.

Quark’s materialism isn’t driven just by personal desire, but by the need to be seen as a successful Ferengi. His culture says that acquiring profit by any means necessary is the goal of life, and Quark aspires to this standard. When he fails, he’s embarrassed. When his family fails him, or bucks the values they were raised with, Quark tries to shame and bully them back into line.

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