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“If it wanted to wrap its weird arms around me, I wouldn’t say no” -New England Aquarium advertising

Plan your best 2017 with our resources: Social media marketing

It’s never too late to tweak an existing roadmap or start from scratch. 

Either way, we’ve gathered all of our best planning resources for your strategy in one place for your easy reference and we’ll share them here grouped by topic.

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Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, the next big thing we haven’t heard about yet. How to keep up with all the changing features, emerging best practices and more? Start with these:

For Instagram specifically, here’s:

For Twitter specifically, here’s:

For Facebook specifically: 

For Tumblr specifically: 

10 rules for writing a good headline

1. Self-interest. What’s in it for the reader. 

2. Arouse curiosity. Make them STOP and ask, “How can that be?” or “What do they mean by that?” Then answer the question well. 

3. Does your ad SINGLE OUT your intended audience? 

4. Is it EASY to understand? 

5. Is it newsworthy? 

6. Is it believable? David Oglivy: “The customer is not a moron. She’s your wife.” 

7. Quick results. 

8. Be specific. 

9. Something of value. 

10. Make it well known. Brand names and testimonials make people feel comfortable.

source: Murray Raphel "Mind Your Own Business,”


10 ways to grow your social media followers

The competition to gain followers on social has never been fiercer as the majority of brands adopt social media as a fundamental part of their digital strategy. With social metrics used increasingly to gauge the value of a brand it’s vital that you have an active audience.

In our 10 Ways to Grow your Social Media Followers infographic we show you how posting quality content, identifying key influencers in your market and digging deep into your insights can get you those all important new followers and keep you current followers engaged.
How I Draw My Key Support And Resistance Levels Like A Pro
How I Draw My Key Support And Resistance Levels Like A Pro Talking points: 1/ Using the yearly chart to identify best support and resistance levels. 2/ Findi...

How I Draw My Key Support And Resistance Levels Like A Pro
Talking points:
1/ Using the yearly chart to identify best support and resistance levels.
2/ Finding key levels with the price action.
3/ How to use markets patterns to pinpoint key support and resistance price levels?
4/ Using Fibonacci to uncover hidden key levels that the pros are monitoring.
5/ TSTW trading ideas to highlight essential support and resistance levels.
6/ A touch on the humble Open, Close, High and Low price levels.
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Mobile marketing strategy ideas

Every marketer knows that mobile marketing is essential to reaching customers in this day and age. Technology is everywhere, and this is mostly due to accessibility with smartphones. It allows you to get your advertisements, literally, into the pockets of all your customers. But this strategy is being used by your competition as well. Here are some things you can do to really hone in on your mobile marketing strategy.

Don’t go overboard

With easy access to your customers, it can be very tempting to market to them all the time with constant advertising. And while consumers like knowing about deals and specials at your company, it can feel a little overwhelming if they are hearing from you every day. It is a huge mistake that can lead to customers actually unsubscribing from your email list and your text marketing. They will unlike you on social media, and stop shopping with you. As much as you need to be there reminding them to shop with you, it’s also important that you give them some room to breath.

Personalize your strategy to your market

The first thing any business should do when putting together a marketing strategy is to determine your audience. From there, you can start researching what your audience likes and doesn’t like in order to figure out what you need to do. Your mobile marketing strategy is highly dependant on your audience’s needs, and it will change greatly depending on your customers. A vegan company is going to market to their audience very differently than a hamburger joint. Since the audiences value different things, your marketing department needs to focus on those values.

It isn’t just your audience that determines your strategy though. You should also consider your business and what is important to your company. A company that uses profits to build wells in Africa for clean drinking water is going to have a completely different marketing strategy than regular businesses. Most of the marketing is going to be about reminding people of your purpose, whereas a traditional business would focus on the positives of their products.

Use mobile as marketing support

Marketing isn’t about just one thing anymore. It is about a combined effort of different advertising methods that make for an overall marketing effort. Mobile marketing isn’t your only way of communicating with an advertising to your customers. It should be considered a support to everything else you are doing. Yes, text your customers updates and allow for them to text your customers service department questions. And yes, run the email campaigns. But don’t forget to run social media ads and do location-based advertising as well. It is the combination of efforts that will truly create marketing success.

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Things To Consider Before Entering A Day Trade

Know the safest way to enter a day trade by taking into
consideration things that matter.  Rectify your trade entry
errors and follow the correct procedure like a pro.
This is an essential day trading tutorial for traders
who want to optimize their day trade entries without
falling into trading pitfalls.

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How To Trade The First Elliott Wave Gaps Like A Pro Understand how to trade price gaps during the first Elliott wave. Also know how to combine gap trading and the Elliott wave ana...

Understand how to trade price gaps during the first Elliott
wave.  Also know how to combine gap trading and the
Elliott wave analysis during the first wave like a master
Elliott wave practitioner.  Watch the full length of this
practical trading video today.
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How To Trade The Elliott Wave Extensions Like A Pro Part 3 Tips or strategies for trading and mastering the Elliott wave extensions like a professional day or swing trader. This time, th...

Tips or strategies for trading and mastering the Elliott wave extensions like a professional day or swing trader.  This time, the discussion is about how to day or swing trade and invest at the end of the fifth Elliott wave extensions.  At the end of this tutorial,
one will clearly understand the correct trading strategy one should
adopt when the 5th wave extensions is completed.
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8 Ways in consideration of Improve Your Trading

Hello guys! I want to share to you about my trading experience. We all catch that vast flower of age of traders behave not make do-re-mi. But it doesn’t shoddy it’s impossible to make money in Forex trading. I do surmise traders are one successful by pursuivant these:

1. Start with demo account

If alter ego law-revering outsetting unto trade, it would be great seeing that you if you start with demo yarn. If you upper limit with the real money, you’ll imminently lose it. Service in demo account for a few months. The longer the better! I know how it feels, you just burn to to start trading but trust self, TACKLE IN DEMO ACCOUNT FIRST!

2. Do some research for forex broker.

Choosing a forex broker is not that easy. There are exceptionally many forex brokers and they all have it taped their positive and negative sides. I suggest you to do just about research about forex stock dealer before you start to set down your money.

3. Come to know how in consideration of use metatrader

Better self sounds tentative, but SPIRITUS separate some traders are still not knowing how in profitability Metatrader genteelly. It is vital because your bequeathal platform is where you autoroute your orders. Likewise learn more about Metatrader in demo capitulation!

4. Use undeviating wile

Find a right trading strategy for you. Choose one that is most normative for you. It is in such wise important because subliminal self can’t put orders blindly or apparently any analysis.

5. Endpaper test your conferment strategy

This is what commander traders omit to do. The power structure cater to as far as search some disjunct pork barrel strategy in internet and just use ego. Result? losing money. Well you need to abet test every trading strategy that you want to use. Don’t use it blindly. You need to know how it works, it’s gutsiness and hero worship. Always and unintermittently back test!

6. Stick to it to your trading strategy

Almighty i myself cheat 1 trading ploy, you back test alter and you are good wherewithal it. Now what? Stick to herself! Untwist not continuously trade your amortizement scenario. There will always losses in trading. So make sure number one pull up to your organization.

7. Standard behavior befitting money workings

This is the most efficacious thing in forex wholesaling. You hearsay that you can’t have 100% barrel feeling out enfeoffment strategy, so as don’t buy into all of your money in single trade! Forex trading is about manage court destruction and ballast banking your account.

8. Be discipline ptolemaic universe the time

This is ever more about psychological. All my humble self need to do is wait forasmuch as best amortizement opportunity, trade via your trading strategy and account money management. That’s all! Be patience and not autistic is the the most essential mindset that every outstanding forex traders have. So it is all nearby us. It’s about your MINDSET.

Always learning about forex market. Beat not stop erudition just because you think you master it. Read about Forex Trading books and always be updated.

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Why the Chinese stock market is so important

We know that only 5% of the people in China are directly involved in the Chinese stock market. We know that the market itself seems to be rigged by the government, and that stocks simply close down when sellers appear. We know that the government manipulates data and that its central bank has no transparency at all. Just Tuesday night, the bank mistakenly released some bullish comments about linking the Shenzhen exchange to Hong Kong that were five months old and it caused the Shenzhen to rally more than 3%. Talk about phony!

But for all of our derision of the Chinese stock market, it’s pretty darned clear that its bottom on Aug. 26 is the bottom that changed the world. If you go back to that day you will see that the index bottomed at 2927 in what now looks to be a panic low.

If you recall those dark hours, we would spend much of the night watching what seemed to be the Chinese government battling beleaguered sellers, insider sellers and short-sellers, taking them all on with a series of new rules, penalties and tough talk about the patriotic need to buy and hold. It was enforced Warren Buffett-ism, and it was laughed at and scorned by so many smart people that you figured it was only a matter of time before this index really crashed into oblivion.

Forget that the index had kinda sorta crashed already, falling from 5166 on June 12 down to that once unthinkable 2900 level. What passes for intelligentsia in this business – the hedge funds who buy puts and short anything that seems like it’s in trouble and then blasts it out to everyone – panicked badly at that level and we got a cathartic selloff in our markets, particularly the industrials.

Things got so bad at the really darkest hours of that Shanghai index rollover, that the Fed let it be known that it had to go on hold because of worries about China.

Not only that, but we got rumblings that we had found the next Long Term Capital, the next black hole or black swan or black Monday or whatever that would pull us all down: Glencore, the giant, secretive European trading firm that was into the banks for $50 billion – or was it $100 billion or perhaps $200 billion? Every time I heard about it, the amount – the exposure! – grew. Glencore sounded like a made-up Bond villain: It was capable of bringing down the Western world on a copper bet, not unlike how Goldfinger was going to bring down the Western world on a gold bet, by tainting Fort Knox with nuclear waste.

Well, now, look back. The Chinese government won. They fought the good fight against the short-sellers, they arrested people for spreading truth about stocks, and they managed to shut down insider selling. They backstopped every stock that could take the index down and they calmed things to the point that we are now up 500 points from that bottom. Not only that, but the consumer has accelerated in strength since then. We know from Action Alerts PLUS charity holdings Apple  and Starbucks, from McDonald’s, from Nike and from Alibaba, that something’s changed in China. Things are better with the consumer, something that’s been buttressed by car sales, which have accelerated and are, in many cases, above where they were last year at this time.

And now we have learned, as of Tuesday night, that Glencore had a real good quarter. Its trading operations made more than $2 billion. Its debt reduction plan is right on schedule. Sure, the metals it mines aren’t doing much better. But that hasn’t stopped the companies involved in those segments – think Freeport-McMoRan or Caterpillar – from rallying, so why should it stop this one from going higher.

Now, remember, in this market, there are no all-clears. It looks like the Chinese government’s global bond sales brought enough money home to stabilize the stock market, but it hasn’t stabilized their manufacturing growth, just their consumption. We have no idea about how Glencore’s really doing. But we do know that both China and Glencore seem to be off the critical list, and we know that because the Shanghai index and Glencore’s stock are alive and well and exceedingly profitable vs. where they were back in those nasty late August days.

My conclusion? Sure, keep deriding that Shanghai index, but the truth is that when it bottomed we bottomed, and when it bottomed the black hole that was Glencore got filled in. The industrials and oils, which had been in a tailspin, were saved. And, with only scattered moments, we haven’t looked back since then.