strategically placed hats

My MC Christmas List

Dear Santa Duff,

I have been a very good and faithful fangirl this year. I have been patient with this slow-burn business and haven’t complained much. I am not asking for a lot, but if you could get me these things for Christmas, I would be one happy fangirl:

1. Season 5 renewal (An early Christmas gift. Thanks, TNT!)

2. A real Shandy kiss. I’m not asking for much, really, just a kiss that you wouldn’t give your grandmother.

3. Mistletoe. Just hang it somewhere. Andy will know what to do.

4. The dork O'Beckynn family decorating the Christmas tree. (I can’t remember who came up with the family name, but I love it.)

5. Sharon and Andy exchanging gifts.

6. A resolution to the “things left unsaid” and Andy’s letter to Sharon situation.

7. A stuffed kangaroo in a Santa hat strategically placed somewhere.

Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Claus Phillip!!

Katie Rose