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  • Alkaloids - Secrets of Life - T. Aniszewski (Elsevier, 2007) WW.pdf 6.9 MB
  • Andrew Weil - From Chocolate to Morphine - Mind-Altering Drugs HQ (1993).djvu 21 MB
  • Andrews - The Book Of Grass - An Anthology on Indian Hemp.pdf 1 MB
  • Blewett - Handbook for the Therapeutic Use of LSD-25 (1959).pdf 358.8 KB
  • Bright Star’s MDMA Synthesis for the First Time Chemist.pdf 33.4 KB
  • D.M. Turner - The Essential Psychedelic Guide.pdf 549.6 KB
  • DEA Microgram Analysis Manual - LSD Blotter Pictures 1987.pdf 4.9 MB
  • Eisner - Remembrances of LSD Therapy Past [bad font].pdf 454.7 KB
  • Fester - Practical LSD Manufacture (1995).pdf 449.1 KB
  • Furst - Hallucinogens and Culture (Chandler&Sharp, 1976).pdf 1.3 MB
  • Greg Green - The Cannabis Growers Bible.pdf 8.2 MB
  • Grof - LSD Psychotherapy (Hunter House, 1977).pdf 7.1 MB
  • Grubber - Growing the Hallucinogens [html].pdf 660 KB
  • Herer - The Emperor Wears No Clothes.pdf 843.5 KB
  • Hofmann - LSD - My Problem Child.pdf 712.1 KB
  • Hofmann - The Discovery of LSD [html].pdf 371.5 KB
  • Holland - Ecstasy - The Complete Guide (Park Street, 2001).pdf 8.2 MB
  • Huxley - The Doors Of Perception.pdf 257.7 KB
  • Inglis - The Forbidden Game - A Social History of Drugs [html].pdf 505.2 KB
  • Jay Stevens - Storming Heaven - LSD & The American Dream (Perennial, 1988).pdf 1.5 MB
  • LSD - A Documentary Report (Audio Rarity from the Sixties) / LSD - Side 1 - The Scene.mp3 20.1 MB
  • LSD - A Documentary Report (Audio Rarity from the Sixties) / LSD - Side 2 - The Trip.mp3 22.4 MB
  • LSD - A Documentary Report (Audio Rarity from the Sixties) / LSD - back cover.jpg 2.3 MB
  • LSD - A Documentary Report (Audio Rarity from the Sixties) / LSD - front cover.jpg 2.2 MB
  • LSD - A Documentary Report (Audio Rarity from the Sixties) / LSD - inside cover.jpg 4.3 MB
  • Leary,Metzner - The Psychedelic Experience.pdf 182.3 KB
  • Lee,Shlain - Acid Dreams - The Complete Social History of LSD (Grove, 1985).pdf 1.3 MB
  • Nichols - Hallucinogens.pdf 834.7 KB
  • Saunders - E for Ecstasy [html, MDMA].pdf 545.3 KB
  • Schultes - Hallucinogenic Plants - A Golden Guide [bad html].pdf 5.2 MB
  • Schultes,Hofmann - Plants of the Gods (Healing Arts, 2001).pdf 25.9 MB
  • Shulgin - Future Drugs.pdf 82.2 KB
  • Shulgin - PIHKAL - Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved [part 2 only].pdf 6.8 MB
  • Shulgin - TIHKAL - Tryptamines I Have Known And Loved [part 2 only].pdf 896.6 KB
  • Smith - Psychedelic Chemistry 2e HTML.rar 89.6 KB
  • Stafford - Psychedelics Encyclopedia 3e HQ v2.djvu 15.1 MB
  • Strassman - DMT - The Spirit Molecule (Park Street, 2001).pdf 2.3 MB
  • Tendler,May - The Brotherhood of Eternal Love (Panther, 1984) [social history of LSD].pdf 711.2 KB
  • Wasson - The Road to Eleusis.pdf 143.5 KB
  • - lsd.synthesis.html 90.1 KB 

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it was discovered by stanislav grof’s work with regression, and published in the holotropic mind, that being in the healthy womb is like an endless OBE. he also found, through his patients regressions, that the birth itself was a multi-stage journey. i wont generalize it because the book goes into depth about the classifying the experiences, and what it means for the individual and society alike.

dr. rick strassman, in dmt the spirit molecule, writes that the birth process is so intense that dmt is released in the brain. both of these authors agreed that there is a reason for this incredible effort. one being that the contractions pushing in on the baby, toughen it for life.

joseph cambell explained that we are all heroic in some way for going through this. it is the first journey, but not the last- life is a journey, and birth is among the first adventures!


I find it interesting to brainstorm about how a science fiction show could be scientifically accurate. I am currently watching the show “Awake” and it’s concept fascinates me. For those unfamiliar with the show, basically the protagonist (Michael Britton) was involved in a car wreck that killed his wife/son. He now lives in two realities, in one his wife is alive and in the other his son is alive. Every time he goes to sleep he wakes up in the other reality.

I am not sure if the show will ever resolve the science of the show but the idea of alternate realities and somewhat freely moving between them is incredibly interesting to me. One of the way this could be resolved in modern understanding of reality depends on two premises: our “souls” are not attached to our bodies and alternate universes exist that can be navigated between. It seems that the tragedy of the car wreck caused either neurological or psychological damage that has opened up the doorway for his “soul” (consciousness, identity, whatever…) to move across universes.

For this to be possible his soul must exist in a realm outside of the body, much like a video game player playing World of Warcraft. In fact, technology advancing to the point where we can control bodies in the physical realm via remote is not really science fiction at all. Everyday people control what they see and hear from miles away from the actual location of the event. It is within the realm of possibility that you could control a robot (or body) by remote and advanced virtual reality system from almost anywhere. Basically, The Matrix and Battlestar: Galactica touch on the issue of identity’s connection to the body and reality in a similar way as Awake.

What makes Awake different than The Matrix though is that both realities appear to be equally “real”. Somewhere within the physical realm is a switch that enables the soul to move among universes. Rick Strassman would likely say this switch exists in the pineal gland of the brain where DMT is controlled, while Rene Descartes would agree for different reasons.

Anyway, the show is fascinating and it is a fun concept to think about.

5 Facts about DMT (Dimethyltryptamine)
DMT, short for Dimethyltryptamine, is a compound secreted by the pineal gland of the human brain. The structure of DMT resembles that of neurotransmitters themselves, thereby allowing to break the brain-blood barrier and act as a powerful hallucinogenic drug. The effects of DMT on the human consciousness are indeed dramatic. The answers to the fundamental questions of life and death can be arrived at by tapping the consciousness that is awakened by DMT. Let us try and understand the role of DMT and its relevance to the eternity of life and the concept of enlightenment. Here are some facts.  Fact 1: DMT and its existence in life forms: DMT is a compound that is present in all living forms, both plants and animals alike. A compound linked to spirituality by science itself, DMT has found application across cultures, its usage going back to the most ancient of times. Its importance is particularly articulated by the Shamaic culture and corresponding practices. DMT has played a critical role in influencing the evolution of the human mind and this is an entrenched fact in the world of spirituality. Fact 2: The pineal gland’s protection: DMT is secreted by the pineal gland. This gland saw no constructive use to the body’s functioning, according to medical science. But, quite ironic is the fact that the pineal gland is one of the most protected areas in the human brain. Why is it so? Well, let’s read ahead and figure out. Fact 3: Science and DMT: Science, especially medical science, is of the understanding that DMT is synthesised by our body many a time and the synthesis peaks from 3 am to 4 am. We are cognizant of the fact that the hour between 3 to 4 in the morning is strikingly profound as far as religion goes. Moreover, DMT is identified to be released during the time of death and during near death experiences. Notably, the experiences as depicted by people have been intense. Fact 4: DMT is the spirit molecule: It is referred to as the God particle. It makes scientists wonder why this compound exists in such abundance in nature. Even quantum physics has thrown light on the fact that DMT’s relevance to understanding life and death is supreme indeed. Fact 5: DMT and the eternity of life: As humans, it is natural that we fear death. The fact that it is inevitable springs and instills more fear. There is sound proof that if we are able to tap the energy of the spirit molecule, our sync with the universe and the universal consciousness will become colossally profound. This would manifest in humans reaching a higher level of consciousness, a level that is above the fear of death and the many shackles we’ve imposed upon ourselves. DMT is the road to eternity - an occurrence that sees the individual consciousness sync with the universal consciousness of the universe. Basically, DMT is the road to unlocking ourselves, getting answers to the fundamental questions of life and death and attaining a state of supreme bliss, a state of unsurpassed enlightenment.

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