Sammi’s Masterlist

So, since we’re trying to write regularly, we’ve attempted a masterlist! Each symbol(s) beside each title means something; the meanings to each symbol will be below the masterlist itself. We will be writing more in the coming days and we will try to update said list to the best of our ability. Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback, reblogged or/and liked our writings! The encouragement means more than you know, especially to two newly blossomed fanfiction authors. Feel free to message us, send in asks, requests, imagines, anything! Whatever you’d like to see brought to fruition in writing form, send it in and we will try our damnest to write it! (Please. We [I] need ideas.) <3

Dean Winchester: 

Movie Nights Are Made for Sleeping (~) (When [y/n] and Dean take a night to relax with a good movie, Dean can’t help to admire the woman of his dreams)

Sweet Home Alabama (~) ( When Dean hears some god-awful singing coming from the kitchen, he decides to help the damsel with her vocal skills using his elusive and rarely seen guitar skills. Little did he know that he would walk into that kitchen a troubled man and walk back out with a weight lifted off his shoulders.)

The Soul-Swap Swing  (~) (!)  (When a hunt goes wrong, [y/n] and Dean are thrown into the throes of a powerful spell that leaves them reeling and confused– and not in the right bodies. Will they be able to sort through the confusion of inhabiting different vessels? How will Dean fare with this new position? Will [y/n] finally allow herself to acknowledge the extent of her feelings?)

Starry Skies and Green-Apple Eyes (~)  ([Y/n] and Dean take a small break from the world for a night as they camp out along the sands and rocks of the Western desert.)

The Hunt  (!) (*) (~) (It’s been forty years of a lonely existence since [y/n]’s world has fallen apart, since she was plunged right into the middle of the Supernatural world– and on the wrong side of it. For that period of isolation and agonizing determination to exterminate her own kind, the young-turned-immortal woman has been convinced that she is now incapable of love, or being loved, and that she will meet a bloody end. But when one hunt goes completely sideways, when Fate twists its fingers in her destiny and brings her face-to-face with the Winchesters– the most renowned hunters in the world– will she finally discover something about herself? Or will she truly end in her own blood– going down fighting, and still without the answers she’s been unknowingly searching for for almost half a century…) Part 1 Part 1.5 Part 2 (Part 3 coming sometime soon.)

Witches, Man. (*) ( Dean x Rowena) (A rowdy coven of witches brings together two polar opposites as Rowena and Dean steak out to bring them down. A formal party sets the scene for potions, spells, and fogged bathroom mirrors. Who knows what happened to the pair in that bar– and who knows if they’ll regret the consequences, or if they’ll find a new, unmistakable chemistry.)

Hell If I Know (*) (Demon!Dean x Rowena) ( When Rowena finally traps Dean Winchester, freshly christened as the newest member of the demon family, she finds that there’s a price to pay for the answers she seeks.)

Midnight Quickies (*) (MOC!Dean x Rowena)  (A few drinks turn into a quickie at the local motel when Dean and Rowena meet while he isolates himself for the sake of safety and self-imposed torture.)

Time Traveler’s Vampire Masterlist –  (Dean x OC) (Dean is thrown back into the 1800′s on the command of returned Archangel, Gabriel, in hopes of finding the relic that could lend them a hand in finally defeating Lucifer. Little does he know, Dean finds much, much more than a relic, and the hunter is thrown into a situation that forces him to further reevaluate all that he has ever known.)

Sam Winchester:

Cold Dreams and Cold Showers  (!) (When a nightmare shakes [y/n] out of her sleep, she rushes to find her nightly comfort– only to find that he, too, needs the reassurance.) 

Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roll (Soulless Sam x Reader) (*) ( When [y/n] cools off at a local bar, she meets a rather interesting individual whom immediately snags her attention. After the resulting one-night-stand, [y/n] is brought to a strartling realization.)


Humanity Over Heaven  (*) (A distraught angel finally confronts his feelings after witnessing his fragile mortal nearly succumb to the seriousness of her injuries.)

Angels of a Feather (!) ( When [y/n] stumbles upon an age-old partner on the cold streets of busy Chicago, her past swells up from the depths and drags her back into the fray. Castiel’s grace has been taken, angels have been thrown out of Heaven and she is surrounded by a world in shambles once again.) 

Thank You (*)  (When [y/n] sits down one night to teach an angel how to play Poker, she doesn’t expect to stay in for the evening. But, after one thing leads to another, Castiel and the huntress are spilling secrets that they never thought would see the light of day. Words become actions, and they find solace in each other in ways they never thought they would.)

The Love of an Angel (!) (Their love has been years in the making, but [y/n]’s abrupt demise spells out a rough going for Castiel. Being newly human doesn’t help the situation as the (ex)angel strikes out on his own and suffers in his own self-imposed isolation as he tries to live with these mortal emotions, determined to avenge the only woman he’s ever loved.)


Good Morning Kisses  (Gadreel x Reader) (*) (Despite swallowing her lurking feelings for Sam after so many years, and even as she fights this blossoming attraction to the angel who inhabits his body, [y/n] can’t help but to give in to the urges that have plagued her since the angel first laid eyes on her.)

Find Your Angel (Gabriel x Reader) (*) (!) ( In a world where [y/n] is surrounded by normal people with normal names for their soulmate markings, she is outcast for her abnormal runes. It’s a language nobody’s ever seen, and no one can translate to her who her mate is– until she’s introduced to the hunting life, until she’s introduced to a man mated to an angel. Will she find her own angel?)

Set Her Free (Rowena x Female Reader) (*)(~) ( When Rowena drops by for a surprised, though not unwelcome, visit at the Bunker, [y/n] is finally given the opportunity to face secret feelings and secret gifts. When presented with the opportunity to escape the hunting life and take up her heritage, will she leave the Winchesters, or will she stay?)

Three’s Company (Dean x Reader x Sam) (*) (~) ( It’s been several months since [y/n] has moved in with the Winchester boys and laid a claim to their hearts. But it’s been years since she’s told anyone her secret, and when a night of Uno and whiskey finally takes its tole, she can’t help but to want her boyfriends to know of her secret, too.)

Queens of Nightmares (Rowena x Reader) (*) (The involvement of the British Men of Letters in the U.S. affairs has brought Rowena to the bunker to live with the Winchester family. She finds solace in the youngest of them, the estranged half-sister of the Winchester brothers, [y/n].)

One Last Night (Rowena x Reader) (*) ( When [y/n] finds a mostly-dead Rowena after Lucifer’s attack during the season 12 finale, she lends a helping hand to speed along the process of her tedious healing. The process costs her, though, and when she finally comes to, both witches must face things they didn’t ever think they’d have to face; when they’ve all come between a rock and a hard place, the only safe place is with each other.)

(*): Explicit Smut Theme(s)

(~): Fluff Only 

(!): Angst themes, death, or violence. 

anonymous asked:

How about Killian getting badly injured and Emma worrying about him?

Author’s NoteThe Snow Queen gets a hold of Killian; will Emma be able to get to him in time? (This got sooo angsty.)

cs fic: this frozen heart of mine

The curse starts with his heart; Killian can tell by the look of dismayed satisfaction on the white woman’s face, disturbingly proud of herself for having performed her work so well.

“Those who love the most always seem to die faster,” she muses softly, a strange sort of tenderness in her face. She skims her fingertips down his jaw, taps one against his bottom lip as she studies him with detached curiosity. Her brow furrows, twinged with a peculiar kind of sadness.

“Emma will miss you, Killian Jones.”

Before he slips into darkness, he recalls sunlight, the way it looks as it flutters across Emma’s hair, and he smiles.


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