strappy swimsuit

Understudy [Pt. 4]

You wince at the impact of your back meeting the wall hard. Lin’s hands slammed beside your head and you couldn’t hold back a low whine.

He leaned down and you could see his eyes dark and glazed with lust.

When you opened your mouth to speak, he crashed his lips to yours and shoved his tongue in.

Breaking apart left a trail of saliva from your lips to his.

His hands trailed down your body. The only thing covering you was a black strappy one piece swimsuit. He was wearing loose blue swim trunks and they didn’t exactly help hide the boner he was having.


Pippa pulled you to the rooftop.

“Your vacation seemed to take forever to end. We’re so glad you’re back,” she gushed.

Once arriving at the destination, you were greeted with hugs and kisses from cast members.


You raced into Daveed’s arms. He spun you around before placing you down again.

“Bare chested as ever,” you teased. He flexed his muscles.

“You know you want this.”

Everyone around you guys laughed with a few hollers of “Get some!” and “Get a room!” as typical responses.

You hid your face in Daveed’s chest. Pippa nudged you with a large smile on her face and winked at Daveed.

In the corner of the rooftop, glowering, was Lin. His hair cascading around his shoulders with an arm propped on a knee.

He watched as the other cast members welcomed you with over the top gestures.

You didn’t seem to mind at all, laughing at their optimism.

His eyes roamed your body. A skimpy one piece that flattered your assets covered only by a thin white shawl.

Seeing you again made his heart flutter. But his eyes grew dark when you practically clung onto Daveed.

Like you were lovers.

You turned to look at Lin since his stare was burning holes into your back.

You turned back to Jasmine when you noticed the glaze look return to his eyes. You haven’t seen that for a while.


The sun was starting to set and ,one by one, people headed back down to the dressing room for tonight’s performance.

Daveed and Pippa hung out a bit later with you before they both headed downstairs, Daveed kissing your forehead as he got up.

You moved to lay back down when you noticed Lin. You thought he already left a while ago.

Carefully, you got up and tip toed to where he was laying down, an arm covering his eyes.

You kneeled beside him. You haven’t been this close to him since that day.

You reached a hand out and touched his lips. They parted sightly. Your body moved on its on.

Your lips touched his and the next thing you knew, your back hit a wall.


His hard on pushed into your thigh, causing a groan to escape his lips.

He pulled you closer to him. He hooked an arm under your knee and placed it around his waist.

“No way will I have someone take you away from me,” he growled into your ear.

You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your hips forward to his. He complied with his erection pressing into your clothed crotch.

You kissed and licked his jaw, suppressing moans as Lin ground his hips to yours.

His head fell back as he sped up his humping, allowing you to suck on his neck.

“Especially not my best friend,” her managed between pants. A trail of saliva was running down the side of his mouth and you quickly lapped it up.

His hands squeezed your waist with one final push. His body shuddered when his orgasm hit.

He pulled back, letting your leg fall and you whimpered. He smiled, pulling on the hem of his shorts.

“How does it feel to not be satisfied?” He asked. He pulled down his front just enough to let his still hard member free.

Your mouth watered at the sight. “I’m not liking it,” you admitted.

He took a thumb across your lips. “I didn’t like it either when the love of my life decided to get cozy with a close friend. Because she was jealous of her own best friend.”

He gripped his penis, running his hand up and down its length. “When you only had to come and ask me what my feelings were.”

You licked your lips, growing wet of him masturbating himself. “You could’ve done the same with Daveed.”

He chuckled darkly. “True. I should’ve. But I have what I want in front of me.”

His pumping became faster and breath shallower.

You dropped to your knees and took the tip into your mouth. His hand pressed the back of your head further down as he came into your mouth.

You licked the remanding cum from around your mouth, staring up at him.

“But I believe after this, apologizes would be accepted.” He grabbed onto your shoulders. “And we’ll become officially public today after the show.”

You nodded, pulling him down to capture his lips with your own.


Lin pounded you from behind, his hands grasping every inch of your body as he can. You leaned forward, head pressing into the concrete.

Your moans filled the air with his grunts punctuating every time he slammed into you.

Lin wrapped an arm under your stomach, leaning down to press kisses on your back.

“God, [F/Name].” He breathed out.

You pressed back into him, your own peak about to release. “I-I’m going to-”

“Not yet. Hold on for a bit longer.” He pulled out, rolling you onto your back.

His face was flushed and hair sticking to it. He leaned back onto his elbows.

You understood what he wanted and positioned yourself straddling him. It took strong resistance to not cum when lowering yourself on him.

He let out a disgruntled moan as he filled you completely.

You moved your hips back and forth, up and down as you watched his expressions change with each motion. Biting your lip, you quickly moved into a faster pace.

Lin mouthed incoherent words, his head rolling back as you rode him. You grabbed your breasts, massaging them and shouting “Oh Lin!” over and over again when your G-spot was hit correctly.

He sat up and pressed his lips to yours. A few seconds after, you both moaned as you came.

You pressed your foreheads together as you calm from the orgasm. You didn’t bother removing him from you. You would fill empty and you wanted to relish in being this close to him again.

“That was the best I ever had,” Lin mumbled. He rested his hands on your hips and placed a kiss on your neck.

“Maybe we can duplicate it?” You asked raising an eyebrow with a smirk.

“We have time for another go,” Lin agreed, nuzzling into your chest.

“And maybe invite Daveed this time.” Lin froze and you giggled. You patted his head.

“I was kidding.” He smiled at you.

“Haha. Not really.”