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I really liked that idea about Aiko being in Cannon! :D Sounds funny!

I started writing that, tbh, and I spat out a little less than 5000 words until I got bored. here, have it. If anyone cares maybe I’ll write more??? And maybe even if no one cares??? Who knows.

It would have been really fucking cool to use Hiraishin seals to bring objects to her instead of traveling to objects. Aiko kept that thought in mind, and not how phenomenally the experiment had failed.

‘Fuck if I know why I ended up where I did. Fucking random. Shouldn’t I have ended up near a seal?’

There was exactly no chance that Aiko had ever left a seal in Mizugakure.

“Bloodline user!”

Especially not, you know, in the reign of Yagura. Who was giving her an unpleasant look, and leaping backwards as his guards moved forward with blood in their eyes.

At least it wasn’t her first time travel mishap. She quickly focused on the important part.

“I was not!” Aiko retorted, ducking under a machete that should have taken off her head. It made a slicing sound when it passed over.

Unfair. What kind of idiot assumed a bloodline was responsible when someone appeared out of the shadows-

Oh. Shit.

She cheesed it, sprinting past the surprised shouts and reflexive projectiles. Aiko went up a building face, scorching the stone facing and accidentally blowing chips off with too much chakra. At least three Mist-nin followed with more grace.

‘Did I just start the Bloodline Purge?’ she wondered in the part of her head that wasn’t going ‘oh shit oh shit oh shit when the hell am I?because history had never been her strong suit.

That would be embarrassing. But at least it wasn’t boring…

Luckily or not, a few days later Aiko managed to track down a newspaper that confirmed she should find a textbook when she went home.

‘So how long do I have to wait until Mei-nee-chan kills Yagura and I can have a friend with an important hat?’

Ugh. Aiko turned the newspaper to the front page to glare accusatively at the date again. The man selling the papers cleared his throat.

“Have a cold?” she asked, not really caring.

‘I’m eleven at this point. Or…’ Aiko looked down to confirm that her body was very much that of an adult, as it should be. ‘Well. One of me is eleven.’

It’d be a while until that shitty situation was resolved in Mizu. Not that it was like, Aiko’s problem or anything. She didn’t care.

Aiko scowled, crumpling the newspaper in disgust and stomping off. 

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