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If I Could Do It All Over Again

Masterpost: {x}

Part: 13/16

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: cussing, mentions of rape and date rape drugs

Word Count: 5,148

Dedication: @non-stop-glass for being an amazing beta!

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A/N: uh oh :(

All of the bags Alexander was taking sat by his bedroom door, completely packed and ready to load into his car. They’d been sitting there since Eliza said she was able to go on the trip.

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Shadow Dancing - Valenna

Here’s a short little fic based on a gif I saw. 

“I’m exhausted babe” Jenna says flopping onto their bed when they get back to their cruise suite.

“Me too” he says flopping down next to her and pulling her against his side.

“My feet are throbbing.”

“I told you to wear sneakers.”

“But my outfit…”

“You look so sexy.”

“See, sneakers would have ruined it.”

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Pairing: Donghyuk X Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 5,888

Request: Hello~ can i request a fluffy/angsty jealous Donghyuk scenario? With a happy ending of course! Thanks -anonymous

You felt your dorm room vibrate violently as your roommate opened the door and slammed it shut. Able to tell that she was frustrated, you let out a small sigh and placed your pencil down, deciding that it was probably a good time to take a break from your studies. You knew it would be hard to continue looking through your textbook when your friend would start to vent soon. “So…” you started, turning your swiveling chair to face Mina. “What did Bobby do now?”

Mina planted her face into her pillow and let out an irritated scream before lifting her head back up to look at you. Her eyebrows furrowed, creating some wrinkles on her forehead. You also noticed that her lips twitched a little.

“Nothing, but that’s the problem,” she mumbled, falling back onto her bed as she spoke to you.

“I don’t get it. He’s not doing anything, and it’s a problem?”  You tilted your head in slight confusion.

“Yeah. Hong Yuna’s the real problem.”

“Oh.” You finally comprehended.

You knew Hong Yuna. The two of you barely exchanged words, but you have seen her around the campus a few times, usually talking to boys. She did come off as that type to you, the girl who just happened to always be really flirtatious to any male she came across. You remembered the time when she approached Bobby, and when Mina heard, she was livid. Her and her boyfriend had already argued to each other about the situation before. “I don’t know why she’s around Bobby when she knows that he’s already taken! And you know what Bobby said when I caught them talking to each other?” You didn’t answer before Mina continued. “He said that Yuna was just chatting with him! That she was just trying to be friendly! Um, like, how friendly would lip biting and eyelash batting be?!”

“Very friendly,” you agreed, nodding your head.

“They’re going to a club tonight,” Mina groaned, kicking her feet up in the air in more frustration.


“Yeah. Bobby, Jinhwan, Junhoe, Hanbin, Yunhyeong, Chanwoo and Yuna with some other friends. Don’t worry, Donghyuk isn’t tagging along,” Mina said.

You laughed. “I wasn’t worried whether he would be there or not. Honestly, I would actually like to see him go out often with his friends.”

Mina squinted her eyes and glared at you which made you laugh even harder.

“Are you judging me or something?”

“Um, yeah!” Mina exclaimed. “You have the perfect boyfriend who spends so much time with you, buys gifts for you, does things that you like and is just a freaking gentleman! I’m so surprised that Yuna hasn’t gone for him yet. Honestly, if Yuna and Donghyuk were together, I’d bet you would be just as paranoid like me. Who knows what kind of spell that witch can cast to make him fall for her?”

“I guess we won’t know.” You shrugged. “If you’re so worried about Bobby and Yuna, why don’t you go to the club with them?”

You heard your phone vibrate on your desk, so you got off of Mina’s bed and walked over to check the recent notification. It was a reminder that the time was nine, the time you usually walked over to Donghyuk’s dorm on the weekends to hang out with your boyfriend. You smiled.

“I’m scared that I actually might rip out her hair if I go,” Mina muttered, “though you’re right. If I don’t go, I won’t be able to see what kind of moves that she-devil will try to pull on my man. I should go! I should prove to Bobby that I’m not overreacting, and that she is flirting with him!” Mina leaped out of bed after making her final decision.

You were putting on light jacket while Mina was talking. Though you felt a little guilty that you had stopped listening to her, after hearing her go on about her boyfriend, you were ready to see your own. “That’s great, Mina,” you replied, door already opened. “Go keep your man from being taken! I’m heading out. I’ll probably be back midnight? I’ll text to let you know.”

Donghyuk’s door opened even before you knocked on it. When Donghyuk noticed you standing in the doorway, his eyes widened, and his look of surprise changed into guilt. You glanced at him up and down to see him wearing a dress shirt and pants. His hair was styled up, and you could smell cologne. “Oh, were you heading out?” you asked.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I forgot that we were supposed to be together tonight. The guys suggested I go to the club with them since I’ve been pretty much cooped up in my room all day today.” He sighed, starting to pull his phone out of his pocket. “I’ll call them and cancel right now.”

You hurried to place a hand on his chest, shaking your head while laughing. “No, don’t cancel. You should go! Don’t cancel for me.”

He looked at you as if he was searching for something in your eyes before asking, “Are you sure?”

“You deserve a break.”

“I can spend my break with you.”

“I’m pretty sure the guys really want to spend time with you,” you told him as your hand moved to his hair, feeling the gel that he put in them. “Speaking of the guys, Mina’s mad at Bobby again.”

Donghyuk leaned against the doorway. You studied the way he was dressed once more. How long ago was it since he dressed up? You had to admit, he knew how to clean up well. It looked like he was glowing from his handsomeness. Seeing him get dressed up after being only in casual clothes for so long made your heart race and fall in love with him all over again. “What are we going to do with that couple?” Donghyuk chuckled. He asked you what happened, and you told him.

“She knows Bobby isn’t like that.”

“I know. It’s Yuna who she’s wary about.”

Donghyuk raised a brow as he pulled himself away from the door frame. “Why doesn’t Mina come along then?”

“That’s what I said.” You smiled at how he thought of the same solution as you. “I guess she is going now.”

“You should come with us, too,” Donghyuk suggested with his charming smile. One of his hands reached out for yours and he began to swing it back and forth lightly. You wondered if you were blushing and if he noticed. Not only was he smooth with his words but also his actions, and you were like butter melting in his hands. You shook your head, rejecting his invite reluctantly. “I don’t know. I have so many assignments to work on…”

 “You can work on them tomorrow, (Y/N). Let’s have fun tonight. I want to be with you and the guys. We can get some drinks and dance. I want to dance with you,” he implored, his puppy dog eyes starting to have an effect on you.

“Oh gosh, please don’t, Donghyuk,” you replied shyly as you laughed.

“Please, please, pleaseee.” You felt him squeeze your hand. You knew you had already lost. Your heart was weak against your boyfriend.

“What time are we leaving?” you questioned.

“Nine thirty. That gives you less than half an hour to get ready. I’ll let the guys know you’ll be coming.” Donghyuk eyes gleamed with excitement. He gave you a quick kiss on the cheek before letting go of your hand, letting you return to your dorm. Maybe you did need a break. One night of fun.

“Nice to see that you two ladies could join us,” you heard Jinhwan say to you and Mina as the both of you walked over to the group. “Are we all here now? If so, do we have enough seats?”

It was twelve people. The boys, Mina, you, Hong Yuna and her two other friends that you have seen with Yuna once or twice. “We’ll take two cars,” Yuna said. “The guys can go in Yunhyeong’s car, and the girls will be in mine.”

“Nice, alright. We’ll follow you guys,” Yunhyeong said as he entered his car to start up the engine. Yuna nodded her head and did the same. Everyone started to file into their respective vehicles. You began to head to the backseat of Yuna’s car when you felt a hand moving to your waist to stop you. Turning around, you saw Donghyuk. “You look really pretty, (Y/N),” he said in a low voice, admiring you.

Though half an hour was almost so little time for you to get ready, you had curled your hair so that it would look nicer instead of the messy bun you always wore. You paired your basic white long sleeve crop top with your favorite dark blue jeans and white strap wedges. To be honest, you missed dressing up and going out. Donghyuk complimenting you made you feel more confident and appreciative. “Thank you,” you said as you removed his hand so that you can get in the car. “See you there.”

You closed the door shut and found yourself sitting next to Mina. On Mina’s left was one of Yuna’s friends. “Love your earrings,” Mina told you, observing your yellow tassel earrings.

“You’re looking good, too,” you complimented back. “Are you sure Bobby’s even going to be paying attention to her?” You nudged your head lightly to the driver’s seat where Yuna sat. The car finally moved.

It was a little awkward in the car. Other than introducing yourselves to each other, the ride was quiet. Even when it wasn’t, you stuck to talking with Mina while Yuna and her friends spoke to each other. Thank goodness it was only a fifteen minute ride to get to the club. You were on your phone texting Donghyuk when you heard Yuna speak up. “Hey, do any of you guys know who was the guy in the white dress shirt?”

You set your phone down and started to open your mouth to speak when Mina interrupted you. “That’s (Y/N)’s boyfriend,” she said seriously, emphasizing the word “boyfriend” as if to tell Yuna to not even think about it.

“Oh, really?” Yuna replied, looking at you through the mirror. “What’s his name? I don’t think I’ve seen him before.”

“Kim Donghyuk,” you answered. “He’s a medical major so maybe that’s why you haven’t met him.”

“Kim Donghyuk,” she repeated, and the way she said his name made you quite nervous. It sounded intimate as if she was used to saying his name. You leaned back against the car seat and looked out the window, waiting until you finally arrived.

As soon as Yuna parked her car, you saw Yunhyeong park his car next to hers. All of you stepped out and headed for the long line. You stood next to Donghyuk. His arms quickly wrapped around your waist, and he laid his head on your shoulder. You looked up at him and laughed. “Gosh, you’re quite touchy tonight.”

“Ok, but you just look stunning. I can’t help it. Your lips aren’t helping me, either,” he chuckled. “I didn’t think I’d like that shade of pink so much.”

Your lips were a bright, tinted pink. You had bought the lip tint a few weeks ago while you were shopping with Mina, but you never had the courage to wear it on campus. It made you happy that you could finally use the expensive cosmetic tonight.

Mina was standing in front of you, talking to Hanbin and Junhoe. You kicked her leg playfully to get her attention. “What the heck, (Y/N)?” she asked. “You’re going to ruin my pants.” She quickly dusted the dirt off of her red leather pants.

You rolled your eyes. “Aren’t you here to protect your boyfriend?”

“I am.”

You looked back to see Yuna, her friends, Bobby, Jinhwan, Yuhyeong and Chanwoo in a group talking to each other before you looked back at Mina.

“I am,” she repeated. “She can talk to him all she wants, but once we get in there, she can forget about it.”

“Hey,” Hanbin said, “we’re all here to have fun. Don’t go on starting trouble, Mina.”

You all were next in line to have your IDs checked. After Mina handed her ID, she walked into the club and yelled at Hanbin so that he could hear her clear enough. “No promises!”

The club was really dark, and it was already packed. Colored lights flashed. The music was so loud you could feel its vibration through your body. You soon forgot your worries about your schoolwork, ready to dance the night away.

A waiter lead your group to a table and Jinhwan hurried to order the drinks and snacks. “Drinking games or dancing first?” Jinhwan asked everyone.

Everyone yelled out their answers, and it did not seem like the group had come to a consensus. You, Donghyuk, Yuna, Yunhyeong, Jinhwan and Junhoe wanted to drink first while the rest wanted to dance. “No! (Y/N)!” Mina yelled. “Don’t sit here. Let’s dance please!”

You signaled her an X with your fingers. “Later!” you responded. “You should dance with Bobby first.”

Mina grabbed Bobby’s hand, ready to lead him to the dance floor. Before she did, she turned back to you. “Alright, when we come back and get drunk, you better join me!” You laughed and gave your best friend an “OK” sign.

You looked back to Donghyuk after Mina and the others left, but you found him chatting with Yuna. She was leaning in to listen to him clearly, and you were not able to make out their conversation. Seeing that your boyfriend was occupied, you turned to the other boys. “So, which one of you is the designated driver?” you asked.

“Me,” Yunhyeong answered, raising his hand. “If not, then Donghyuk or Hanbin since they don’t really drink that much, either. What about the girls?”

“I honestly don’t know,” you laughed and looked back at Yuna and Donghyuk. “I would say me, but I don’t think she’ll be okay with me touching her car. We didn’t really decide.”

“You look really pretty, (Y/N)!” Jinhwan said, and Junhoe showed a thumbs up, agreeing with the comment.

You smiled at your friends’ compliments when you felt Donghyuk scoot closer to you. Apparently, he heard them because he replied, “I’m sure you guys can find someone else to flirt with instead on my girlfriend. She’s mine.”

“Donghyuk, you are so protective when it comes to (Y/N). Can we, as her friend, not tell her she looks pretty?” Junhoe asked.

“Not unless you want a beating, no,” Donghyuk joked.

“I actually like getting compliments from them,” you admitted. “It’s nice.”

“Ha,” Junhoe laughed. “Since (Y/N) said that she likes it, I’ll say it whenever I want.”

“Whatever, she’s still my girlfriend,” Donghyuk muttered. When the drinks finally arrived, the people who were on the dance floor returned to the table and took a seat. 

Everyone had to squeeze together since the booth was a little small to fit all twelve people. You noticed that Yuna and Donghyuk were so close to each other but brushed it off once you heard Jinhwan talk about starting the games.

You did not drink much, but you knew how to handle your alcohol. You knew your limit. When you went out with Mina and the guys, you were usually one of the people still sober besides Yunhyeong, Donghyuk or Hanbin. It was fun to drink, but you never wanted yourself to get buzzed in a situation that had the possibility to become dangerous. “Let’s start off easy,” Bobby suggested. “Baskin Robbins 31. I’ll start, and then we’ll go clockwise.” He rubbed his hands together and smirked. “One, two, three.”

Mina was next. “Four, five.”

The game was going to end soon due to the large number of participants. It was Junhoe’s turn. He clapped his hands together. “Thank goodness, it’s not going to be me. Twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five.” The anticipation was building up as you almost reached 31.

“It’s not me, either,” Chanwoo laughed. “Twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight.”

The count went back to Bobby. He calculated the strategy in his head. Figuring out his plan, he looked at Mina who was next to him. “Kim Jiwon!” she yelled.

“Sorry, babe. It’s just a game, right? Twenty-nine, thirty!”

The whole table except for Mina erupted in cheers when they were safe. Mina glared at her boyfriend before she poured the liquor into her shot cup and took a quick gulp. Everyone cheered again as Mina wiped her mouth. “Alright, time to really start this game. I’m gonna make every single one of you unable to walk straight when leaving this club.”

After four rounds of games, you were sure some people were already drunk. You could tell by their stuttering and red face, but you were glad that everyone was having a good time. After the third game, you had stopped in order to get regain soberness before thinking of drinking more. The ones noticeably drunk were Hanbin, both of Yuna’s friends, Donghyuk, Jinhwan and Chanwoo. Yuna sat straight up and grinned. “My turn to pick a game.”

You turned to Donghyuk and brushed his hair out his face. “You okay there?” you asked while smiling. It was rare to see Donghyuk drunk because he did not really drink. You could not help but think he was stressed from his classes.

“I’m more than okay,” he answered, nuzzling his face into your neck. His touch tickled you, and you were laughing now. “(Y/N), you smell so good.”

Yuna cleared her throat. You pushed Donghyuk away from you to see Yuna giving you a look before turning back to the table. “Alright. Let’s play ‘Titantic’ this time.” She began to pour a half glass of beer and then plopped a shot glass inside the beer glass so that it was floating. “Pour as much alcohol as you like in the shot glass. Whoever makes it sink, drinks the whole thing.”

“Finally, this is my type of game,” Mina said as she tied her hair up to stop her hair from touching the sweat forming around the back of her neck.

You were surprised to see the beer glass making its way through the whole table considering how small the shot glass was. It even made it back to Yuna for another round. By then, you could see the shot glass about to reach its limit. Yuna poured just a minuscule amount of liquor in the glass, and it began to bounce up and down. “Oh man! It’s either going to be Donghyuk or (Y/N)!” Chanwoo exclaimed, jumping up and down.

 You sighed and place both hands on your cheeks, nervous. Either Donghyuk was going to lose so that you won’t drink, or he’d really just try and save himself. You were not able to tell as you watched him pick up the bottle of liquor and began to tip it into the shot glass. Everyone watched as your boyfriend carefully pour a tiny, barely any amount of liquor into the shot class. The shot glass sank a little but was still on top of the beer. “Aw, man,” you mumbled, already accepting your loss.

Donghyuk smiled cheekily as he handed the bottle of liquor to you. “Since you’re not that drunk yet.”

Everyone cheered your name as you tried to pour the liquor in. You were right. Even though you poured a small amount into the glass, the shot glass soon sank to the bottom, touching the bottom of the beer glass. “(Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N)! Drink up!”

“I hate all of you.”

You inhaled and then exhaled deeply before picking up the glass. Your lips touched the glass, and you tipped both your head and the glass back, taking gulps of the alcohol. When you were halfway through the drink, you stopped and placed the glass on the table, for your throat was burning. As you tried to regain your sanity, you heard the table boo at you. “You have to drink the whole thing, (Y/N),” Junhoe protested.

“If you don’t finish it, we’ll double the amount,” Bobby said with a smirk.

“Alright. Gosh, I can’t even take a little break?” you complained, rolling your eyes before reaching out for the glass again. You started to bring the glass to your lips once more when you felt a hand pull it away from you. You looked over to see Donghyuk downing the alcohol.

You watched as he cleared the drink within a few seconds and placed the empty glass back on the table. Your heart fluttered while there were objections all around the table. They were telling you that it wasn’t fair and how Donghyuk should not your black knight in shining armor. Bobby was the loudest about it, and even though Mina agreed with him, she also mentioned how Bobby should be doing the same for her instead of making her drink everything. You could not help but look over at Yuna to see her eyes looking at you menacingly. Your eyes furrowed in confusion as soon as she looked away. Ever since you took a seat next to Donghyuk, you felt that she had a bad feeling towards you. At first, it did not bother you, but now you could not help but wonder why she kept giving you looks. You looked at Donghyuk and the back at Yuna who had already averted her eyes. Did she like Donghyuk?

“She likes him,” Mina said as the two of you made your way to the restroom. You looked at her, but she was too busy looking at the mirror and fixing her make-up. “Yuna. I keep seeing her looking at Donghyuk.”

“You noticed it, too, huh?” you asked, sighing.

“I told you. That witch is willing to get anyone she wants. I’m glad that she’s not all over Bobby, but there is no way I’m letting her steal Donghyuk away from you,” she said as she reapplied her red lipstick. “This is last time I’m letting her hang around our friends like a leech. It’s already midnight. I think both you and Donghyuk should go home and rest. You seem tired, too.”

“Yeah, we’ll probably take a taxi home. I’ve never seen him so drunk.”

Both you and Mina walked back to the table to find a few people missing, including Donghyuk and Yuna. “Where is everyone?” you asked.

“Hanbin went to the bathroom. I saw Junhoe somewhere with a girl, probably on the dance floor. Donghyuk and Yuna are also someone dancing,” Bobby told you, taking a sip of his beer.


“Yuna said she was getting drunk and didn’t want to drink anymore. Donghyuk said he wanted to dance with you, but he couldn’t find you. So, the two of them just decided to go together.”

Your skin felt prickly. Bobby took a look at you. “It’s not a big deal, (Y/N). It’s just dancing.”

“Yeah…” you said though your eyes began to search the dance floor for your boyfriend. You then heard a yelp from Bobby, and Mina scolding him. You were not looking at them, but you heard.

“Not a big deal?!” Mina yelled. “What if it was me dancing with someone else?”

“Unless he was making you uncomfortable, you would not mind, right? I trust you not to do anything you would not want me to do, Mina. That’s trust.”

The music sounded louder than before. Your head was banging as much as the sound coming from speakers, and your heart was trying to keep up as you kept searching for Donghyuk. You had enough. You wanted to leave right away. That drink from the “Titanic game” was hitting you hard, and you wanted to find Donghyuk so that you could both get back to the quiet dorms and rest. You wanted to Donghyuk so that Yuna could not do what it was that she was thinking. You needed to find him.

When your eyes finally landed on the familiar figures on the dance floor, your stomach twisted and turned. You were not sure whether you were about to throw up or not. The first second, it seemed like Donghyuk and Yuna were just dancing, hands off of each other. Then, Yuna leaned in to wrap her arms around your boyfriend. Automatically, his hand rested on her waist. She giggled, and leaned in to whisper something in his ear.

Your cheeks were hot. You did not know if it was your anger or your tipsiness, but they were burning. Thinking that you had to act quick, you started to move towards Donghyuk when Yuna acted faster. She leaned in and kissed him, tongue and all. Donghyuk kissed her back. If you did not think you were going to throw up before, you probably were soon. Somewhere behind you, you could still hear Mina and Bobby arguing. Your feet stumbled backwards. Once your back hit the table, you snapped back to reality and turned around, searching for your bag and phone frantically. “Are you leaving, (Y/N)?” Yunhyeong asked, alert as he watched you search. “What about Donghyuk?”

“Can you help pass my bag and phone please?” you breathed, trying to stop your tears from falling. You reached across the table and accidentally knocked a beer glass over, spilling its contents all over. Everyone at the table heard the noise and jumped up from their drunk daze. Mina stopped fighting with Bobby and looked over at you. “(Y/N), are you crying? What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Yunhyeong, my bag and phone,” you pleaded holding your hand out.

Mina looked at the dance floor and found the same scene you had witnessed just a few minutes ago. “Alright, I have had it with this snake!” she yelled out. “I am going to kill her, and no one better stop me. Or else I’m going to kill you, too!” She started to march over to them. You did not want to watch.

Bobby shot up right away to chase after Mina. “Mina!”

Right after Yunhyeong handed your belongings, he nudged Jinhwan and Chanwoo to get up. “Come on. Party’s over. Let’s go,” he said seriously before he looked at you. “(Y/N), let me take you home.”

“It’s okay. I’ll go ahead and go first.”

“You sure?”

You looked back at Donghyuk and Yuna. Mina had pulled the two apart and started to yell at the both of them. Bobby was holding her back to stop her from causing even more serious problems that would have them end up in the police station. You noticed Donghyuk taking a step back before he looked over to where your table to see you. If you took Yunhyeong’s offer, you would be in a car with Donghyuk. Otherwise, you would be in Yuna’s car. You did not want to be in either at all. That was the only thing you were sure of right now.

You left the table, hearing your name being called, but you continued to walk fast. Hanbin bumped into you on his way back to the table, looking as if he sobered up a little. He held you steady, studying you. “(Y/N), what happened?” he asked.

Ignoring him, you continued your way out of the club where the music disappeared, and you could finally clear your head. You stood at the curb, waving your hand for a taxi. Mina was right. You should have been paranoid as she was about Yuna being around Bobby. You should have kept your eyes out for her and her tricks. That did not bother you as much as Donghyuk kissing her back. The tears continued to flow like a broken pipe that needed to be fixed. People around were probably staring at you, but you felt like that was the least of your problems.


Donghyuk breathed hard, trying to catch his breath. He could not remember clearly what had happened except for Mina pulling Yuna off at you and going on a swearing spree. He had looked back to find you when he saw you in tears and running off. That was when he realized he did something wrong. Right when he caught you outside, a taxi pulled up.

“(Y/N)!” he repeated. “Wait!”

You refused to acknowledge his words when you felt him grab your wrist and pull you against his chest. “Let go of me,” you yelled through your tears. Let go! Let go!” Your head and your heart was hurting, and your knees felt weak and you just wanted to get back to your dorm.

“I’m sorry,” Donghyuk apologized over and over again. “She kissed me.”

“You kissed her back.”

“I was drunk.”

You pushed him away from you so hard that he stumbled back a few steps. He was shocked at how strong you were. You shook your head in disbelief. “Yeah, I’m a bit intoxicated, too, but you don’t see me kissing anyone else, Donghyuk! What an excuse.” Tired of arguing, you climbed into your taxi. As you closed the door, Donghyuk hurried to open it back up and slide in next to you. Your eyes widened, and you were about to yell at him to get out when he cut you off and gave the taxi driver the campus’ address. Donghyuk started to call for your attention to talk, but when he figured that you were just going to ignore him, the both of you sat in silence the entire way back.

Even when you were walking back to your room, he followed quietly behind you. You took your key out of your pocket and inserted it in the key hole but then turned around. “This is not your room,” you told him in annoyance.

“Let’s talk.”

“I don’t want to talk to you about anything. What I do want you to do is leave.”

“Well, I’m not leaving until we talk.”

“Good luck with that because once I shut this door in front of your face, I’m going to pretend that you’re not even here.”

Your door clicked, indicating that it was unlocked and you slipped in right away, shutting the door behind you just like you said. You leaned your back against the door and slid down to the floor, your legs given up. “I’ll be out here until you’re ready to talk,” Donghyuk said through the door.

Donghyuk knew you, and you knew him. He knew that you cared about people no matter who they were. Even if they were bad people, you always saw good in them. Mina always told you that it was one of your flaws. Donghyuk thought that it was a commendable trait considering how most people always saw black and white between good and bad. He knew that you were going to open the door for him, later if not soon, and you hated that.

You knew that he was not going to leave. Donghyuk, when he felt that he was at fault for something, would go miles in order to make it up to someone. He did not care what it took because he was determined to make it happen. You remembered the time he argued with Junhoe about a girl who Junhoe was dating. He did not think she was the right girl for him, but Junhoe failed to listen. Later, when Junhoe broke up with the girl, instead of saying “I told you,” Donghyuk took Junhoe out to shop and buy whatever Junhoe wanted. You wanted to scold him so much for buying Junhoe a top that costed near a hundred dollars.

Without realizing, you had leaned your head back to quickly against the door that you bumped your head quite hard. “Ow,” you whined, rubbing the back of your head. You heard a couple of knocks at the door.

“(Y/N)!” Donghyuk called, worried. “Are you okay?!”

“Yeah… I just bumped my head against the door.”

Your mind could not help but find its way back to tonight’s incident, Donghyuk’s and Yuna’s kiss. Yuna was clutching onto his shirt, and her lips got to touch his tender ones. Your hands scratched the carpet floor as you realized that there was someone else now who know what kissing him was like, but it was Donghyuk and that fact alone made you want to forgive him.

He never once had a past where he was unfaithful to his ex-girlfriends. He was drunker than he usually was, and maybe he really was unable to catch up with his tipsiness, causing him to have trouble thinking. You knew that Yuna was foul enough to pull something as bad as stealing someone else’s love, but that was not Donghyuk at all. That’s trust, you remembered Bobby telling Mina before.

“Are you still there?” you quietly asked.

“Of course,” Donghyuk answered, reaffirming his presence.

“Would you kiss her again if she wanted you to?”

“Never. I don’t ever want to see her again. I want to kiss you, only you.”

“I believe you.”

You met with silence, not sure of what your boyfriend was thinking. Instead of waiting for an answer, you pushed yourself off the floor and placed your hand on the doorknob. Slowly, you twisted the knob and pulled the door open to see Donghyuk. His eyes were red from tears. You noticed the tear stains on his cheeks as well, but you felt relief wash over you because he was right in front of you, still completely in love with you.

He rushed into your room and pulled you into a tight hug. “I thought that I was going to lose you tonight,” he whispered, voice shaking. “I thought that I was going to make the biggest mistake in my life and had to let you go.”

“I thought so, too… but I know you won’t ever do it again.”

“I promise, I won’t. I should have never gone and get drunk and partied.”

You pulled him away from you so that you were able to meet his eyes. Your eyes softened, and you couldn’t help but laugh as he wiped away your tears. “Don’t say that. Besides Yuna and her friends tagging along, I saw you have so much fun tonight. That made me so happy. I’m willing to forget about the bad things that happened and just remember the good things.”

“I love you so much,” Donghyuk said, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I love you, too.”

“Can I?” he suddenly asked.

“Can you…?”

“Kiss you.”

You laughed at the unexpected question as you placed your arms around his neck. “You’re my boyfriend.”

Donghyuk took one of his hands and rubbed his neck shyly. “Yeah, I know, but I feel like I should because-”

Before he could finish his explanation, you stood up on your tip-toes and made gentle contact with his lips. He was taken by surprise but then you felt his hand land on your waist again, pulling you closer. You could both still taste the alcohol on each other’s lips, possibly getting drunk again. You felt him smile against the kiss and slip another “I love you” before continuing. If you did get intoxicated again, at least this was the last thing you would remember before tomorrow morning.

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Hello, Is it possible you can please do a direct link for the red bow strap wedges? I know it's been deleted, but you have them. so i was wondering. thanks

Hi! I don’t feel comfortable uploading another creators work publicly (since I really don’t know their TOU) 

Also, since I lost all my cc they are gone :(

10 Platform Heels to Punch Up Any Look

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Can I get the RFA+V accompanying MC through a Halloween Horror Nights attraction? Or just a really scary halloween maze? I think their reactions to her terror would be a mixture of adorable and hilarious.

omg yes yes yes there will be much screaming and running into things it’ll be soooo good

Okay this got way out of hand and turned into a little fic, I hope you like it!

~ ✨ Mod Honey✨

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Confession:  I adore Blackwall, and he’s probably my favourite character, but nothing gives me more childlike glee than taking him to Crestwood to meet the Warden and equipping him with the Wedge of Destiny on the way there. I just picture him standing there while Stroud/Alistair/Loghain is telling us all the dark Warden secrets, nodding along eagerly, smelling like he slept in a stable, with a wheel of cheese strapped to his back.


The weather yesterday was beautiful! So I got to wear this skirt. Not shown are my 5″ black T-strap wedges with silver metal detailing. And me trying to load the scintillation detector in the Atomic and Nuclear Physics Lab while wearing that outfit… When the sample shelf was on the floor in a lead “castle”… While a group of three guys were in the room. THAT was the hardest part of the experiment. Haha

I Do

(AN: Reupload from my old blog)


Do remember that first Sunday night, where you told me you liked me back in highschool?

The rain thundered loudly on the cold October morning.You giggled slightly as Andy  ran through the rain, dragging you by the hand. The rain rolled off your skin, your soaking clothes dripped on to the already muddy ground. Your boots made a splash sound as you jogged to a tree near bye for for shelter. Andy heaved over his knees as he placed a pruny hand on the rough moss covered bark. You giggled as Andy muttered curse words under his breath. “Andy, why did you being me here in the first place?” You asked still giggling. He leaned back against the tree, his fluffy black hair covering his bright blue gaze. A pink tint spread on his cheeks. “Ummm, well I kindasortamaybewantedtosortakindatellyouILikeyou” he finished breathlessly. You didn’t say anything. He sighed “You probably hate me and are only my friend cause you pit-” you crashed your lips to his swiftly. He was shocked but eased into it, you broke away and pressed your forehead to his, noses touching ever so slightly. “I like you too, ya dork” you told him laughing. He smiled. “Would you do me the honor of accepting me as yours?” He asked hopeful withan idiotic grin. “Okay”

I do

Do you remember what happened when you picked me up for our first date?

You played with the hem of your dress, tapping your foot gently on the cherry wood floor. You adjusted the strap of your wedges. Awkwardly pacing around as your dad cocked his BB gun. “Dad, can you please not?” You pleaded. “I have too” he replied. “No you don’t” you retorted. The doorbell made a *Ping*. You rushed to the door your dress flowing behind. You opened it with a woosh. Andy stood there fiddling with a box in his hand. “Hey” you greeted. “Hey, you look r-really p-pretty” he stuttered, blushing. “You look great, now let’s go before my dad comes” you said, eyes scanning for your father. “BYE MOM AND DAD LOVE YOU!” You yelled before grabbing his hand and running for cover. “Wait-” your dad was cut off by the door making a loud thud as closed. Your mom placed a hand on your dad’s shoulder. “You can’t do this forever sweetie, she has to grow up sometime” She smiled. “I know”

I do

Do you remember when we finally graduated?

(Y/N)(Y/L/N) the principal called up. You grinned widely as your heels made a clink while you walked up to the stage. You gently held the degree as you shook the principals hand and made a speech (considering you were valedictorian) and walked off stage. You watched and waited for Andy to get called.   Your grin widened as they called his name. “Andrew Dennis Biersack” he shook the principals hand and cheered while walking off stage. He sat next to you as you waited for the ceremony to finally end.

“Graduates please move your tassels!” All hands moved simealtaneously as you heard cheers from the crowd. You stood up hand and hand with Andy as confetti began to fly. He kissed you roughly. In that moment time stopped. He pulled away, foreheads touching along with noses. “Graduates” he said finally.

I do

Do you remember that night you said to move in with you two years later?

You watched the moon as you and Andy walked hand in hand along the pavement. It was a subtle Monday night in Febuary. We were In The same place where Andy had first told me he liked me. Memories flooded back bringing joy. “Y/n!” Andy called. You snapped your head up to Andy. “Hmm?” You hummed. “Well I was going to ask if you would well you know move on with me?” He implied scratching the back of his neck. Your eyes lit up “I WOULD LOVE TOO!” You yelled arms around his neck. You kissed him softly, tugging at his bottom lip “I love you..” Andy said between kisses. “I love you too, ya dork” you said reminiscing about the past. He chuckled lowly. “Yeah…”

I do

I remember a lot. The late night talks, the fights, the milestones, the firsts, everything. The little things about us, you.How when your flustered you look down and adjust your boots. How you like to run your hand through your black. You do too. You remember my little things. How I like Eskimo kisses, and little pecks on the forehead. How I like to chew on things. How I get obsessive over things I like. But most of all you remember my love for the dark things. Like magic and Vampires, how I adore Halloween. You remember. Just the little things. Like Instagram pictures, kisses, hugs from behind and such. I remember that night you proposed. I remember.

Now I walk down the wedding isles with tears brimming my eyes in a airy black dress and him in    black and red suit. He looks at me intently smiling and then coughing and looking down as if we were teenagers again. The same rush of butterflies filled my stomach as we walked up slowly.

I watched as my father went leaving me at the alter.

“We are gathered here today to being these two people together in marriage. Now they have written there own vows so let’s begin. Y/N?” The man said

“Today is the beginning of a journey. A journey that will hold many more memories. Many obstacles my lay in front but that’s okay. Marriage is a partnership of two people, who grow together. Who go through this journey called life together as two individuals. I am proud to say I will be going through it with you. The journey is far more important than the destination. Our journey here has taught me that. I remember lots of bumps, lots of mistakes. I remember the little things, because that’s what matters most. I remember. I really do. One day this will be a faded memory. But I will remember. I always will.” You finished tears pricking in both your and Andy’s eyes.

“Well I’m not good with words unlike the poet standing before me but here it goes. I didn’t know what love was, I never did know. Until I met Y/N. I always that love was just a feeling. But there is so much more than that. Love is wreck less, Love is blind, love is helpless. You can only learn to love. You can even forget. I never learned, even when I thought I did. The heartbreaks come from thinking you know what love is, you never do until that day. Love is getting butterflies everytime they look at you, even if they’ve looked at you everyday for 5 years. Love is that moment when you fight, you still can stay I love you. Love is knowing and accepting change change that will come in the future. Love is when the smile of this other person can change your mood entirely. Love is wanting to be the reason behind that smile. That is what love is, and Y/n I feel all of those things with you. I truly do love you. I always have. Even if I didn’t know it.” He said smiled, his blues eyes glassy.

“Andy do you take Y/n as your loving bride?” The man asked

“I do”

“Y/n, do you take Andy as your loving husband?” He asked turning to you

“I do”

“I now pronounce you as Husband And Wife, you may kiss the bride!” He said cheerfully

You wrapped your arms around Andy’s neck. You kissed him softly as time began stop. “I kinda sorta maybe love..” Andy chuckled as your foreheads touched along with noses. “I love you too, ya dork” you chuckled back

I always had. I always will and In this moment especially….

I do

3 Outfits to Wear to Your Dream Job Interview

You got this

Finally, you’ve landed your dream job interview! Don’t wait until the last minute to plan what you’re going to wear to your interview, especially if your closet is full of jeans and t-shirts. 

To get the right mix of professional and stylish make sure you seriously consider what kind of work environment you’re going into. Our motto is better to be overdressed than underdressed. Here are 3 outfits that will leave a good first impression without looking boring and frumpy.

1. The Creative Class

Sleeveless Dress

Schoolboy blazer in black

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2. Corporate Climbing

Crepe Tie Neck Blouse

Petite All-Season Stretch One Button Jacket

All-Season Stretch Pencil Skirt

‘Jaden’ Bootie (Women)

3. Startup Life

Piped Utility Blouse

Slim-Fit Cropped Pant

Galleryl Pump with Calf Fur

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TITLE: A common maid


AUTHOR: choc-chip-chick

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a common maid at the palace. You are to take care of Prince Loki, who you secretly have a crush on.


NOTES/WARNINGS: This bit doesn’t seem like it ties into the imagine, but I pinky promise it does! I’d also love feed back so I can, ya know, make the next chapter better :) 


Mountains protrude from the Jotun landscape, filling the vast horizon. A coat of frosted cloudy wind claws its way through the sheets of ice, and only a glimmer of light shimmers through the thick clouds above. These are dangerous lands, the shadows have been known to swallow travellers whole, and towers of ice rise and fall so frequently that a once familiar view can quickly become very alien.

A small figure stumbles over the unforgiving land. She is a jotun child; older than she appears, but so malnourished and overworked that she looks frail and small in her father’s large leather coat. Her coal coloured hair falls in loose messy plaits, and her arctic blue skin had hardened long ago. Despite this hard exterior, the vulnerability of a child is evident in her ruby eyes that water in the biting wind.

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