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Bitten - Part One (Pack Mom)

The air was cold and crisp. The full moon shined bright illuminating the path deep within the forest, the wind howled into the night, rustling the leaves on the trees that stood tall and proud sheltering the path below. The sound of a wolf’s howl echoed in the distance as a large black shadow dashed up the path as the creature growled followed by the cry of a small child that was clutched in its grasp. Beacon Hills protector, true alpha Scott McCall was in pursuit along with his human best friend, Stiles Stilinksi who followed behind him in his blue hand-me-down jeep, its headlights lighting the way. ‘’Scott, Scott the bridge ahead! It’s out! I can’t make it across!’’, the human yelled to his best friend as he braked hard before it inched closer to the dark abyss ahead. ‘’I have to keep going! There’s a kid!’’ Scott yelled as he took a head start jumping over the dark bridgeless abyss reaching the other side crouched on all fours in the perfect true alpha stance and continued to chase after the terrifying creature. From a distance, Scott could only make out its’ jet black shadowy figure but the closer he got he could see that its skin was almost equivalent to that of a snake as it glistened against the light of the moon. ‘’STOP!’’ the true alpha yelled at the black shadowy creature as he flashed his fiery red orbs at the supernatural creature that clutched the small crying child in its claws. He cornered the creature ready to attack but it just hissed and growled in response, its’ bright purple eyes glowing bright as it looked down at the true alpha. ‘’Help!’’ the young boy cried out reaching towards the true alpha trying to escape from the creature but it held the child in its grasp refusing to let the boy go regardless of how much he struggled. ‘’The human child belongs to me now. He is my sacrifice’’ the creature hissed as it spoke staring down at the true alpha. ‘’I can’t let you take him!’’ Scott yelled slowly inching closer. ‘’And why not, Scott McCall – true alpha of Beacon Hills’’, the creature responded tilting it’s head looking at Scott curiously as it waited for an answer. ‘’Because he’s not human…’’ the true alpha spoke before lunging towards the creature in surprise causing it to drop the child backing away as he let out an alpha’s roar. The small child also cried out in fright as the true alpha scooped him up looking at the bare skin on his upper before clamping his teeth into the child’s arm holding him close giving him the bite. The child cried out in pain, tears running down his face. ‘’I’m so sorry,’’ Scott whispered to the child trying to calm him down but the young boy just cried out in pain. It wasn’t long until gun shots were heard in the distance and Chris Argent appeared hand in hand with two black pistols as he shot at the terrifying unknown creature who cried out in pain after being hit and ran deeper into the forest as its hissing and growling echoed through the night. Stiles, appeared from behind the hunter who was now one of their trusted allies and ran to his best friend and saw him cradling the child in his arms. ‘’Scott, get out of there!’’ Argent yelled still firing shots into the forest. The true alpha looked up giving him an appreciative nod. ‘’Go. Now.’’ Argent instructed as he past Scott and followed behind the creature loading his pistols for a second round. ‘’Scott, are you ok? Who is this? What happened?’’ the human bombarded him with questions as he looked over at his best friend searching for any obvious injuries. ‘’I’ll explain everything but first we need to get to my place,’’ the true alpha replied. ‘’Who is the kid?!’’ Stiles asked him. ‘’I don’t know. Look, I’ll explain everything later but we have to go. Now!’’, the true alpha responded authoritatively at his best friend and he headed up the path to the jeep that stood in the distance. ‘’So you’re kidnapping him?!’’ Stiles yelled back in confusion. ‘’Look I don’t have a choice, I had to give him the bite,’’ He told him. ‘’Oh my god’’, Stiles responded his palm pressed against his forehead in dismay as he followed behind his best friend holding the child. The boy couldn’t have been older 3 maybe 4. He had short sand coloured hair, crystalline baby blue eyes, he was dressed in a grey t-shirt with a white print of a race car paired with navy blue pants and grey sneakers and strapped to his back was a very light red backpack. The boys got to Stiles’ jeep and the human sped as fast as his jeep would take him arriving at the McCall house within 15 minutes. Scott silently thanked his mom for being at work doing a double shift at the hospital tonight knowing that she would not have let him heard the last it if she had seen him smuggling the young blue eyed boy into the house up to his room. He raced up the stairs into his room and put the young boy down on his bed. ‘’I wanna go home,’’ the young boy spoke rubbing his eyes with his fist tiredly as he took off his backpack and held it in his arms hugging it close. ‘’…’m ti’ed.’’ He added trying not to fall asleep as he leaned against the pillows on the bed. ‘’You will, just not yet, kid’’. Stiles told the young boy. ‘’No, wanna go now’’, the young boy argued trying to get down from the bed. ‘’I said no!’’ Stiles yelled back in frustration causing the young boy to scoot away from him in fright as he sat at the corner of his bed scared as he hugged his legs trying to make himself small. ‘’Hey, it’s ok. We’re not going to hurt you,’’ Scott tried to comfort him but the young boy was already crying at this point. The true alpha tried to reach over to him but the blue eyed boy cried out in fright and yelled at the older teens curling away into the big pillow away as he began to cry harder. ‘’What’re we going to do, Scott?!’’, Stiles asked panicking slightly as he began pacing the room. ‘’We have to call Y/N and Derek,’’ Scott replied placing a comforting hand on his best friend’s shoulder. ‘’What? No, we can’t.’’ Stiles replied shaking his head knowing the older couple would not be pleased. ‘’We have to, we don’t have a choice. He won’t come near us. Besides, Y/N will know what to do, she’s great with kids and Derek’s had more supernatural experience than me, he’ll have some answers too.’’ Scott nodded as he reassured his best friend as he picked up the phone to dial Y/N’s number. She was not going to like this.

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The Signs as Classmates

Aries: The classmate that confuses Gym Class with the Olympics

Taurus: The classmate that can’t find group partners but once they do, end up doing the whole project on their own

Gemini: The classmate that is actually there to learn, probably in the top of their grade

Cancer: The classmate thats artwork always gets hung up

Leo: The classmate who… Wait… Did they even show up to class?

Virgo: The classmate who seems to always be joking with teachers
/laughs at your jokes when no one else hears them

Libra: The classmate who is doodling hearts and their crushes name into their notebook

Scorpio: The classmate who thinks they’re class president or the teacher

Sagittarius: The classmate that’s constantly snacking and has a ton of friends who they make beats with on the desks

Capricorn: That kid who wears the same hoodie everyday and has Velcro straps for their sneakers, they tend to scare you a bit or make you uncomfortable

Aquarius: The classmate who’s the class fuckboy ( or fuckgirl )

Pisces: The classmate who is constantly talking, they either make the class laugh the whole time or annoy them

Title : Teachers and New Schools   
Author : Peasantaries 

 Viktor stops just short of colliding into Yuuri and instead he claps his hands, jumping up and down on the same spot. “Yuuri, Yuuri, Yuuri!” He chants, dancing around.

 Yuuri giggles, all his nerves disappearing, because if Viktor is this happy to see him, then that must mean he won’t get tired of being with Yuuri all day, and maybe everything will be fine.


Yuuri is moved to a new school, but it’s okay, because Viktor is there.


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Part 6 of the these paths, that keep crossing series