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First Time’s the Charm

Title: First Time’s the Charm

Characters: Ike Evans x You/Reader

Synopsis: Ike finally gives in to the idea of hiring a high-class escort to keep him company for a night.

Warnings: NSFW, smut, slight daddy kink

Note: Huge thanks to @a-girl-interupted for giving me this idea! Also, this will have one or two more parts because I can’t get enough of how daddy Ike is. Can I get an amen???

Ever since Molly succumbed to cancer, Ike made it a point to focus on their children and his work. It’s been years since her passing and he’s never dated a single woman. Hell, he’s never looked at another woman. It’s not that he wasn’t interested in finding love again, but losing his wife was something that he was sure he wouldn’t be able to get over.

“That’s because you haven’t met the right one yet.” Victor said, turning his bar stool towards Ike who merely chuckled.

“Molly was the right one, I believe she still is.” he defended and took a quick swig from his whiskey.

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Roy: I need sex, Sonia.
Sonia: And I need sleep, Roy. You know, maybe you could take care of things yourself instead of barging in here in the middle of the night and- 
Roy: It’s okay, hon. I didn’t come in here to pester you. I know you’re not into dick, I get it. I just wanted to tell you in the spirit of being honest and open that I’m just going to duck out and see a female acquaintance for an hour or so.
Sonia: What are you talking about? Who?
Roy: Nobody important. Just a fuck buddy. You know honey, I’ve been thinking that maybe you’re right, and a marriage can have more than two people in it and be able to survive. Flourish, even. Well? Aren’t you impressed by my new found maturity and broad-mindedness? I dunno. You don’t look very impressed.
Sonia is wide-awake now and struggling to sit up. She is wearing a strapless pink and black corset thing that Roy thinks makes her look like a pinup girl from the 50s. Damn.
Sonia: Can’t you grab your laptop and go look at some pornography or something like a normal married man?
Roy: I’m not a normal married man, am I? For a start, I’m married to a woman who for years was in denial about being sexually attracted to other women. Whatever. This is about me. I need human interaction. I need hugs. I need to feel warm skin next to mine. I need to be kissed, for fuck’s sake. You’re alright, you probably enjoyed all those things with Genevieve today. In the meantime I’m left high and dry in the guest bedroom. Anyway, I’d better get going. I’ll probably only be an hour or so. 
He turns towards the door. One step, two step, three-
Sonia: Roy. Don’t…ugh.
Roy: Don’t what, hon?
Sonia: GOD. I don’t know how you always manage to manipulate me. You know what I’m going to say.
Roy: Can I still hear you say it?
Sonia: Fine. Don’t go, Roy. Stay. There, I said it. Are you happy now?
Roy: If you’re happy, I’m happy, hon. Happy wife, happy life. Isn’t that what they say?

bubblesage  asked:

Alice smiled walking into the bar. She wore a tight red dress.

Luce was sitting at the bar with a tight black strapless corset dress on that left little to the imagination. Her hair hung in waves down her back and she had on black boots. Her lips were a wine red and she smiled at the attention, mostly male, she was getting. She loved messing with them, but so far, it wasn’t the attention she wanted.

She was about to give up when she saw the beauty walk in with the tight red dress. She smiled, her fangs glittering in he low light.