strapless bathing suits

So, @martinez-sim made this amazing edit of the base game strapless bathing suit and as soon as I saw it I knew I needed it in every color and pattern ever. I don’t know why but I am obsessed with this bathing suit. I was not going to include the mesh, but she has since removed the post, but has given me permission to release these recolors. There are some solids for @nicole-simsessed (if you want anything specific let me know! I’ll do more) ! this goes out to @deelitefulsimmer for teaching me how to recolor, testing these out and dealing with all my annoying questions and @whatsitlikeinsimcity for messaging me that she wants these! :) 

Download: Here

He Tells the Fans

“Babe!” Ashton yelled walking outside of the large house onto the pool deck where his girlfriend was currently reading while drinking a glass of iced tea using a brew she had just bought at David’s tea. It was just past three in the afternoon, Ashton and the boys having just returned from another meeting with the management team, not revealing any details to her unless things were finalized. “I have a question for you.”

“Shoot,” she responded closing the book while removing the sunglasses, her body covered in a beautiful strapless one piece bathing suit.

“What are your thoughts on making our relationship public…like telling the fans and everything?” he asked sitting in the lounge next to hers. She closed her book setting it beside her before sitting up, her bottom lip between her teeth as she thought. “Babe?”

“Give me a minute,” she responded thinking through the pros and how the cons were currently outweighing them, not to mention the fact they hadn’t even been dating for a week yet. “Why now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Ash…it hasn’t even been a week yet. Besides, these are your fans. They’re either going to love me, hate me, or hate that I’m with you before stalking me on all forms of social media and relentlessly trying to verbally attack me,” she stated back, Ashton standing up from his chair to sit on the edge of hers.

“I know it hasn’t even been a week yet, but I don’t want to hide you. I want to show you off to the world and go out with you without worrying that I can’t kiss you or hold your hand. I’ve been trying to date you for three weeks now, I don’t want to go a moment where I can’t show you off now that I have you,” he muttered looking down at his lap. She studied his face and how vulnerable he looked in that moment wanting nothing more than to take that away from him. In all honesty, she was terrified. Ashton Irwin, probably one of the sexiest twenty-two years old’s on the planet was not only her boyfriend, but wanted to do everything he possibly could to show her how much he cared, when her ex boyfriend whom she dated for two years didn’t even want to hold her hand around his friends.

She leaned towards him, taking his face in her hand and turning it towards her to press a kiss to his lips softly, only having it returned full force, slipping his tongue in her mouth momentarily. “Go ahead, babe. You can tell them.”

“You are so fucking adorable,” Calum said as he flicked through instagram filters, y/n looking over his shoulder helping him choose.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this,” she said before settling on one.

“I can’t believe you’re letting me. I thought it would be more of a fight to go public with you,” he stated back honestly, which was true, she wasn’t the most confident girl, but he was slowly bringing that out of her, for the better.

“If I can kiss my mans in public, it’s all worth it,” she muttered simply before pressing her lips to his, a smile growing on his face as he deepened the kiss slipping his tongue in her mouth, hand rested on her cheek.

“Your mans?” he questioned with a slight laugh.

“Yes, babe. My mans. Now hurry up and post it so we can go get food. I’m starving and there’s pancakes calling my name.”

Luke Hemmings spotted for forth time in Sydney with mystery girl holding hands. Could this be the guitarist’s new girl?

“We made the front page, again,” y/n, said watching Luke make his way towards her in the coffee shop they usually get coffee in every morning. She held up the magazine with their figures plastered on the front holding hands. He leaned in to kiss her lightly before sitting across from her taking the magazine from her hands, opening it up to the three page article dedicated entirely to them.

“Luke Hemmings, age twenty, has been spending more time at the beach lately than in the studio with his band. Could she be the reason why? Luke and his mystery girl have been seen spending quite some time together from the Good Charlotte concert two weeks ago to a roaming the streets of Sydney hand in hand. Sources confirm this mystery girl, who goes by the name of y/n y/l/n works at one of the surf shacks on the beach near the Hemmings household drawing the attention of the singer,” Luke read out loud giggling slightly.

“Are they always so nosy?”

“Oh, babe, you have no idea,” he said closing the magazine before sipping at his brew, a huge smile on her face. “What?”

“Nothing. Just the fact that I’m drawing the attention of singer Luke Hemmings,” she stated back simply causing him to smile.

“Why don’t we just make our relationship public and stop the rumors?”

“Okay,” she said simply shrugging her shoulders sipping at her cup as well.

“Okay? That’s it?” he asked as she nodded.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s pretty much out there already, why not just confirm it so they can stop talking about it. I’d like to get back to having moments with my mans.”


y/n woke up to her phone exploding with mentions and messages from twitter completely confused.

‘Get your filthy hands off my man’
‘You aren’t even cute, and you think you can date Michal Clifford? Try again.’
‘I can’t believe he’d go for someone like you’
‘Go kill yourself’

“What the actual fuck?” she muttered before seeing a photo of her and Michael on twitter that had been posted on instagram beforehand.

‘Missing my baby girl @y/i/n.’ It was a picture of her rested in Michael’s lap as they played xbox from when they first hung out. Being beyond pissed was an understatement  as she quickly found her boyfriend’s number hitting the call button not really caring what time it was.

“Hey, ba-,”

“Don’t hey babe me, Michael. Why would you fucking do that without asking me? My phone’s blowing up with hate messages from your fans and I’m completely blindsided by all of this. Why couldn’t you fucking ask me first?” she ranted into the phone clearly upset leaving Michael speechless on the other end of the line. he hadn’t really thought about the outcome of making your relationship public, really just wanting to express his love for you.

“I didn’t think about the consequences, babe…I just wanted you to know I missed you,” he whispered into the phone, y/n instantly feeling regret for having yelled at him. Of course he’d never do it on purpose to hurt her. “I’m so sorry…I can take it down.”

“No, don’t do that. I appreciate the gesture, Mikey…it’s just, we come from two separate worlds, you have to remember that, not that it really matters because our relationship’s out there now, but just for future reference, talk to me first, alright?” she asked looking towards her clock seeing it was only four in the morning instantly regretting calling him knowing she must’ve woken him up. “I’m sorry I woke you.”

“My fans woke you, I should be the one apologizing, babe.”


Another small haul. 💕

🛍 Forever 21
-patterned crop top
-patterned shorts

-floral tank

🛍Victoria’s Secret
-Strapless bra
-Bathing suit top

-Revlon Color Stay lip balm
-Revlon Color Stay matte lipstick (2)
-Lash Sensational by maybelline
-Degree deodorant

🤑Total Saved: $150

sugar baby.

Miami was a beautiful place. She had always seen it on her mother and father’s twenty-inch television and occasionally she saw pictures in the newspaper, and she was so excited to actually be spending her summer there before she went away to college in the fall of 1956. She was going to be living a life of sun and fun for three months in Miami and it was something that she was so excited for. She couldn’t thank her cousin enough for allowing her to come and stay with her. Vivian just had this gut instinct that this was going to be the best summer of her life.

                                                          She flattens her dress and makes sure she looks appropriate as she gets out of her uncle’s brand new Cadillac. She smiles when she turns to him, and she sees his award winning smile looking straight back at her. “Alright Vivian, remember to find a telephone and call your cousin if there are any problems. She’ll be at the house all day today, she’s made sure to clear all of her plans so nothing should be coming up. You have fun today, alright?” Vivian smiles at her uncle Robert and nods, before she shuts the door and walks to a store close-by. She needs summer clothes, and she’s going to get them. She’s examining a few strapless bathing suits as she walks around, and even though it’s a one piece, she wonders if that’s a bit risque for a young girl like her. She sighs and pulls it from the rack, holding it to her body in the mirror.